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James Cameron

( One of the most famous and `Cash` American directors, an Oscar winner ``; master of a fantasy)

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Biography James Cameron
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James Cameron was born in 1954 in Canada. Began as a master of special effects and production designer at the studio of Roger Corman "New World", . where he worked on such films, . as "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980, . directed by Jimmy Murakami), . "Android" (1982, . rezhissr Aaron Lipstadt) and some other, . including "Escape from New York" (1981, . directed by John Carpenter), . for which the studio "New World" preparing special effects.,
. Cameron's debut film as director was shot in the Italian film "Piranha 2: The Spawning (1981), but this film turned out to be a through and no newcomer has not brought laurels
. But Cameron's second film, "Terminator" (1984), thriller, beat with travel time and the killer cyborgs, made a big impression on the audience and now belongs to the absolute classic sci-fi film. The success of this low-budget tape allowed Cameron and his then wife, Gale Anne Hurd, . who was his constant creative partner and producer of several of his films, . an offer to make a movie "Aliens" (1986), . continuation of the famous strip Ridley Scott's Alien "(1979),
. The sequel was a huge success, and Cameron has complete freedom in carrying out their future plans.
. Cameron's next film, . "The Abyss" (1989), . became the most expensive of a series of fantastic films on underwater theme, . was released in late 80-ies ( "Deep Star-6", . "Leviathan"), . but, . Despite its scope, . at the box office was malouspeshen,
. Cameron thought that this happened because of interference by leaders of the studio "20th Century Fox", was necessary to reduce the film more than half an hour, because of what the picture began to seem uneven and eclectic. In 1992, he released a video and film distribution in a limited three-hour director's cut of the film, which really looks much more graceful and impressive. Although, . that in the late 80's divorced Cameron Gale Anne Hurd (to marry the director Kathryn Bigelow), . They have put together another movie - a fantastic action movie "Terminator 2: Doomsday", . become at that time budget record, . in the end - and highest grossing film in 1991,
. As in the first "Terminator" sequel in the main role played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger played the title role in Cameron's next film - a comedy spy action movie "True Lies" (1994), a remake of French director ribbons Claude Zidi's "total surveillance" (1991). Although this film was in the top ten highest-grossing films of the year, he still has not brought those dividends, which, apparently, counted studio.
. The last to date Cameron film - shot at the crossroads of genre film-catastrophe and melodrama "Titanic" (1997), . the most expensive film in cinema history (cost - nearly $ 280 million), . but also the most profit-making film of all time (1, . 8 billion dollars from the film distribution worldwide),
. The film became the second (after a large-scale historical drama by William Wyler in 1959 "Ben Hur") film in history, which earned 11 Oscar - including nominations for "Best Film of the Year and Best Director."
. In the early 90-ies Cameron divorced Bigelow and became friends with actress Linda Hamilton, who played the main character in both "Terminator"
. Hamilton bore him a daughter, and in September 1997, they finally formalized their marriage. However, less than a year, as they separated, and divorced in 1999, already formally. June 4, 2000 Cameron married Suzy Amis.
Currently Cameron is working on a project the movie "True Lies 2", which is scheduled for release in 2002, and produced a fantastic TV series "Dark Angel" (2000). Attempts proyuserov Andrew Vine and Mario Kassar to bring Cameron to the filming of "Terminator 3" failed.

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James Cameron, photo, biography
James Cameron, photo, biography James Cameron  One of the most famous and `Cash` American directors, an Oscar winner ``; master of a fantasy, photo, biography
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