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Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)

( Actress)

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Biography Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)
Patricia Arquette was born on April 8, 1968, Mr.. in Chicago, Illinois, in a family where the profession of an actor was hereditary, like the family silver. Grandfather Patricia Cliff Arquette - pop humorist - amused America 50-x in the role of Charlie Weaver in the TV "The RCA Victor Show". Father - Lewis Arquette - has played in 22 television series and 56 films, of which the most famous "Scream 2", "Sleep with me", "Tango and Cash". Half of the films - horror films and detective stories, where Lewis was represented by military, police and other officials of the solid. Acting career chosen brothers Patricia - Alexis, Richmond and David, as well as the older sister Rosanna, a teenager who ran away to Hollywood and gets into the movies and on television. Patricia followed the example of Rosanna - left home at age 16 and went to California to try himself as litsedeyki.

. At first, Patricia Arquette gets roles in the films for teenagers and horror serials, . such, . as "very clever" (1986) Dimitri Logothetis, . where she serves as a bold and vulnerable teenager named Noliko, . or third part of the legendary "Nightmare on Elm Street" (1987),
. Arquette plays a girl, Christine, who along with other children dream terrible maniac Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), a disfigured face, in a striped jacket and gloves with long blades. Dreams come true, Krueger - a reality. Christine fights with Kruger, effectively pounding his feet on the face, punched below the belt and very loud scream. Winning infanticide helps her holy water and friends, over the corpse of one of them crying bitterly Arquette, child-like twisting his mouth.

In 1991. Arquette offered simultaneously two main roles. In a televised Diane Keaton movie "Wild Flower" she played a deaf girl, . which two resourceful adolescents help to find a place in society, . and the directorial debut of actor Sean Penn, Indian runner "Arquette reincarnated in the nervous girlfriend veteran of the Vietnam War, . who returns home and wants to start a new life,
. Despite the apparent antipathetic his character, . actress still managed to brighten up a dark intonation of the film and the audience sympathy for the girl, . which sees pals egotsentrike knight without fear and reproach, . while others consider it a trivial failure.,

. Soaring career Arquette was the work in the film by Tony Scott on the script of Quentin Tarantino's "True Romance" (1993)
. Her heroine Alabama - aspiring call girl, fall in love with the first of his client, the same restless soul in the performance of Christian Slater. Trying to sell the stolen batch of heroin, they get into the epicenter of severe gang showdown. For the role of Alabama Arquette received the "MTV Movie Award" as best actress of the year.

Cast potential Arquette fully revealed in the David Lynch movie "Lost Highway" (1996), where she was the heroine of "forks", taking the guise that defenseless brunette, the blonde fatal. Unlike "true love" in the picture Lynch Arquette looks absolutely quiet, melancholic and even inhibited. This, as well as her style of play in a neo-noir Goodbye, Lover "suggesting that it is expressive only when required by the role.

In 1999. Arquette several updated its image actresses, removable mostly in independent productions, appearing in a mystery novel by Rupert Wainwright "Stigmata". This time she had the role of an American hairdresser, an atheist, the skin is suddenly begin to act as the "stigma" - the wounds that appear are usually the religious fanatics and bleeding in places where Christ has nails sticking out devyatidyuymovye. Catholic priest, played by Gabriel Byrne tries to find out what was going on, and eventually came to the conclusion that the girl was possessed by the devil. Thanks to the huge number of theological absurdities and complete lack of irony in his movie-makers into a religious kitsch, where Byrne and Arquette could only bulge eyes twitch and scream scream.

Arquette met the nephew of the director of his favorite movie. At nephew wearing silver trousers, he drifted from garlic, and he immediately told Patricia that someday he would marry her even. It is not known whether punched Patricia Nahal slap in the face, but some time they spun a novel, then decided to stay "just friends". Then each suffered on business. But in 1995. Patricia - still has a happy (if slightly eccentric), the wife of Nicolas Cage. As he obeschal.V 2000 g.on filed for divorce from her because of "insurmountable differences"

. Filmography:
. 1986 - "very clever" (Pretty Smart)
. 1987 - "A Nightmare on Elm Street-3" (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors)
. 1987 - "Daddy" (Daddy)
. 1988 - "Far North" (Far North)
. 1989 - "Uncle Buck" (Uncle Buck)
. 1991 - "Prayer of scooters" (Prayer of the Rollerboys)
. 1991 - "Indian runner" (The Indian Runner)
. 1991 - "Wild Flower" (Wildflower)
. 1992 - "In a captivity of trouble" (Trouble Bound)
. 1992 - "Inside the monkey Zetterlenda" (Inside Monkey Zetterland)
. 1993 - "Ethan Frome" (Ethan Frome)
. 1993 - "True Romance" (True Romance)
. 1994 - "The sacred bond of marriage" (Holy Matrimony)
. 1994 - "Ed Wood" (Ed Wood)
. 1995 - "Far from the Rangoon" (Beyond Rangoon)
. 1996 - "Secret Agent" (The Secret Agent)
. 1997 - "Lost Highway" (Lost Highway)
. 1998 - "Nightwatch" (Nightwatch)
. 1999 - "Stigmata" (Stigmata)
. 1999 - "Goodbye Lover" (Goodbye Lover)
. 2000 - "Human Nature" (Human Nature)


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  • Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)
  • Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)

Photos of Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)
Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)

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Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia), photo, biography
Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia), photo, biography Patricia Arquette (ARQUETTE Patricia)  Actress, photo, biography
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