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Walt Disney

( American film director, artist, producer.)

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Disney (Disney) Walt (05. 12. 1901 - 15. 12. 1966), American film director, artist, producer. Real name - Walter Elayos.
Since 1919, draws advertising slides. However I. Ayverksom produces a series of animated films, comic books, is trying to create his own firm, but fails. After moving to Hollywood in 1923, produces a series of 'Alice in animation' with his brother R. Disney and Y. Ayverksom. In 1927 begins a new series - 'Oswald - happy bunny', and a year later, produces a sound cartoon 'The steamer Willie', which first appeared Mickey Mouse. Continuing the series of tapes about Mickey Mouse, Disney began work on a new cycle of 'Funny Symphony'. The first scene of the series 'Skeleton Dance' is extremely popular (decision to subordinate the movement rhythm of pre-recorded music was an unusually successful). One of the characters in the next issue short-tempered loudmouth, quiz and a loser, Donald duckling won an even greater love of the public than Mickey Mouse. Being a great artist, he finds the Disney themes and subjects, offers the appearance of characters, comes up with original and funny tricks, which is built around action. In fact, Disney uses the principles ekstsentriady M. Sennett, where the foundation of success are the comedy mask characters, visually unique gegi and the rapid rhythm. In 1932, Disney received a special award Oscar for his Mickey Mouse (at the same time in the first set up a separate category of animated pictures was marked by the film 'Flowers and Trees' - all Disney received 12 Oscar for short films). A year later transferred to the production of tri-color film, the first to use a system developed in the United States 'Technicolor' and improved technologies for the production of hand-drawn animation. The most famous of 'Naц?ve symphonies' becomes a ribbon 'Three Little Pigs' (1933, bonus 'Oscar'), whose success is due, among other things, the sociological factor - an appeal to optimism during the Great Depression. Previously, other mastering sound and color, Disney rejects their naturalistic use: colors and sounds are changed in accordance with the plot twists and the mood of the characters.
. In the second half of the 30-ies Disney, whose studio has grown into a powerful factory films, realizes the dream of a full-length animation
. In 1938 goes 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, a special award 'Oscar', the Grand Prix International Film Festival in Venice). Was found in the 'Naц?ve symphonies' principle humanizing tale characters, . interpreted in the spirit of the representations of the average American, . brought here to perfection, . a clear dramaturgy, . expressive music and 'game' participants animated action makes this a true masterpiece painting,
. Follow-up of Disney such as: 'Pinocchio' (Pinocchio, . 1939), 'Fantasia' (Fantasia, . 1940), . special diploma Oscar for sound, 'Dumbo' (Dumbo, . 1941, . prize at the Cannes International Film Festival-47) enjoyed less success, . although the 'Fantasy' Disney is experimenting with sound, . color and image, . trying to transfer music to the lines and color, . subordinating picture musical context.,
. Among the films produced by Disney in the future, stands poetic film adaptation of the book F
. Salten 'Bambi' (Bambi, 1942). Most of his new paintings repeat findings 30-ies, . and Disney is quite natural in the 40-s passes to the production of documentary films from the life of Nature (awarded 10 'Oscars'), . tries to combine film and animation, . opens in 1955, children's amusement park 'Disneyland' in Los Angeles, . creates special programs for TV,
. Received on the Oscar ceremony in 1942 prize producer Ervinga G. Tцєllberg. In 1953, the jury at Cannes International Film Festival created a Disney special honors for his contribution to cinema. Traditional animation masters developed on his studio, which continues to produce feature films, with great success throughout the world.

. StranitsaU.Disneya in "universal encyclopedia" on megaportals "Cyril and Methodius"
. Biography, picture. <
br> American cartoonist, father of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and more than 200 characters.

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Walt Disney, photo, biography
Walt Disney, photo, biography Walt Disney  American film director, artist, producer., photo, biography
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