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Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh)

( Actress)

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Biography Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh)
Date of Birth: 05/02/1962

Jennifer Jason Leigh was born in Los Angeles. Father - actor Vic Morrow, mother - screenwriter Barbara Turner. His parents divorced in 1964, Jennifer lived with her mother. In 1982 his father was killed while filming "zone of twilight: movie", bequeathed the entire estate to his sister, Jennifer Currie. Stepfather, television director Reza Bodii keen on photography and made her his favorite model '. From early childhood, she decided to become an actress, but her mother was against the show business, at least until the girl was 17. As soon as the precious age began, as she began to make its way to the movies.

Having role in the film "Eyes of a stranger" (1981), she dropped out of school - for six weeks before receiving a certificate. More Jennifer never studied, more precisely - she always learned from life. To play the role of sexual addiction schoolgirls in the film "Hot denechki school Ridzhmont" (1982), . got a job in the snack bar, . to play a journalist in "Dolores Claiborne" (1995), . few weeks spent in the editorial Esquire, . and when playing a phone sex operator in "short installation" (1993), . went to the appropriate agency,
. In general, for the role, which she liked, she was ready for anything. Being a fan of the book Hubert Selby's "Last Exit to Brooklyn", . She repainted in a platinum blonde, . violently attacked the director Uli Edel, . agreed to withdraw free, . to make cosmetic surgery breast augmentation, . ready to crop up and shoot as many takes in the scene of gang rape,
. (Fees paid to it yet, but the operation was not required, but it had to recover 10 kg). Prostitute Tralyalya, . fell in love with a soldier who had gone on and consciously Group sex, . to return to my old life, . shocked America, . and the actress began to receive many proposals, . from which she chose non-profit projects, . rejecting, . incidentally, . title role in "Pretty Woman.",

. A shy and closed, Jennifer as a sponge absorbs all new, all that is needed for the role
. "Really, it lives only when he plays," says director Paul Verhoeven, who she starred in the movie "Flesh and Blood", playing a medieval aristocrat. - And between the roles of her life is boring, uninteresting and banal ". She hates parties, gatherings of people, loves to play with the dogs and go to the movies, has no exotic hobby. She has a reputation as the most fearless actresses, which has brilliant technique, but almost all of its roles is too scandalous or marginal, to win her an Oscar, although "Short installation" it was awarded a Golden Globe. In preparation for filming in the biographical tape "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle" (1994), it is many months of studying film with voice-known writer.

. One of her favorite roles - in "Georgia" on the script of her mother, . where she played giftless nevrotichku (here she had to lose 10kg), in fact, the history of the rivalry of two sisters - a talented singer and mediocrity Jennifer invented itself, . using motifs from his own life, . Only turning the real situation.,

. Apparently, . closest to itself - inventor of computer games Allegra Geller of David Cronenberg sci-fi thriller "eXistenZ" (1999), . which is also so obsessed with work, . it loses control over reality, . changing along with its characters and is ready to connect your game suspension through bio-port in the spine.,

. Some time boyfriend, Jennifer was the actor Eric Stoltz, with whom she is meeting today - a mystery, because she does not want to leave his personal life into the furnace advertising

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Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh), photo, biography
Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh), photo, biography Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh)  Actress, photo, biography
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