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( Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia to the United Mexican States)

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Date of Birth: August 19, 1929. g. Moscow. In 1951, Mr.. Graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). In 1951-1954. He did his graduate MGIMO.Vladeet English, French, German, Italian. Italian gold medal "For ppopagandu ideas pepestpoyki. PhD in History. MP State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia. Member of the Commission on International Affairs. Member of Commission legislative proposals of the President of Russia.
From 1954-1956. worked as editor of "New Era".
In 1956-1959 he. - Senior Researcher, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, USSR Academy of Sciences.
In 1959-1963 he. - Editor of the journal Problems of Peace and Socialism "(Czechoslovakia, Prague).
Since 1963, Mr.. - Head of the sector, the department in various humanitarian institutions in the USSR, the last post - head of department of the Institute for International Economics and Political Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences.
Since 1990. - Deputy of Russia Fedepatsii.
In 1991-1992. was a member of the editorial board of the DWP body "Democratic newspaper.
In March 1992, Mr.. elected instead of appointed ambassador to the United States Vladimir Lukin, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations.
In June 1992, Mr.. entered into a non-governmental Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.
In March 1994,. appointed ambassador of Russia to Mexico.
Presidential Decree of 24 May 1994. N1014 was appointed Ambassador of Russia in the United Mexican States.
Political views, position:
Widespread fame in 1984. after publication in the journal "Problems of History" article about the New Economic Policy (NEP), which argued that socialism, like capitalism, crises are inherent. Article raznosnoy been criticized in the journal of the CPSU Central Committee "Komm Unisto".
One of the first made in the open press, the pages of the newspaper Moscow News, called for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. He played for the right of Nagorno Karabakh to self-determination.
In April 1992, Mr.. Ambartsumov expressed harsh criticism was signed in Chisinau, the foreign ministers of Russia, Moldova and Romania, the agreement to resolve the situation in the Dniester region in connection with the fact that the negotiations were not present Pridnya of Ministers.
Often criticized the Foreign Ministry, insisted that Sun should play a greater role in determining foreign policy and in personnel appointments in the Foreign Ministry.
In late 1992. moderated the tone of criticism, spoke about Sun contacting the Committee on Foreign Affairs with the Ministry and that this led to some adjustments to the foreign policy. Nevertheless, said that the MFA has no integrity Noah concept of foreign policy and that Russia should be more responsive to their own geopolitical interests.
In addition, repeatedly emphasized that the collapse of the Soviet Union was ill-conceived move and that it should seek to re-establish a confederation of states of the former Soviet Union
. Speaking at the VII Congress of People's Deputies of Russia with a report on the framework agreements between Russia and the United States on safe storage, . transportation and destruction of nuclear materials, . supported in principle, their conclusion, . but sharply criticized the process of their vyrabo Weave and signing, . Considering that it contradicts the constitutional norms,
. He expressed the same view that the agreements prepared very casually, which led to the ambiguity of many formulations. Correct this situation, he suggested, by an exchange of diplomatic notes mi, explanation of certain provisions of agreements.
At the same VII Congress voted against the inclusion in the agenda the issue of no confidence against the Government of Gaydar.
Considers that is not absolute principle of inviolability of borders, in particular, for situations when it comes to boundaries within the decaying states.
He believes that by participating in the settlement of conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, Russia should avoid unilateral action by the international anti-Serb community.
Supported the amendment to the Constitution, establishing the inability to expropriate private property without the consent of its owner.
Not supported proposals to ban the sale of land to foreigners and foreign legal entities.
In foreign policy, would act as "enlightened patriot," devoid of ideological "Anti-West", but firmly defend national interests.
Not included in any significant political factions and, despite the formal membership in the DWP, not willing to actively participate in the domestic political struggle.
In September 1993, agreed with President Yeltsin's decree dissolving parliament and termination of powers of deputies.
Parties, public organizations: Until 1991. - Member of the CPSU.
In 1990. elected people's deputy of Russia from 53 Tushino territorial district (Moscow). He was a member of the Committee of the Supreme Council for inter-republic relations, regional policy and cooperation, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the Sun Intern odnym Affairs and External Economic Relations.
He was a member of the faction "Democratic Russia" (DR) (1990-1991.), And since 1990. - The Joint Parliamentary faction of the Social-Democratic and Republican parties in Russia.
In May 1992, Mr.. entered the non-factional group "Reform". Autumn became a member of the group set up by the "reform" of the new faction "Consent for the sake of progress" (coordinator - Viktor Sheinis).
Faction in favor of strict adherence to constitutional provisions for the creation of broad parliamentary association in support of deep economic reforms. Stayed there for long.
He was among the founders of November 20, 1992, Mr.. new parliamentary group "Rodina" (leaders - Oleg Rumyantsev, Vladimir Morokin), which aims to "protect the geostrategic interests of Russia and federalism," which was released in spring of 1993.
At YII Congress of People's Deputies of Russia became a member of Sun rotation. Since 1991. - Member of the Democratic Party of Russia (DPR, "party Travkina"). Special activity in it does not show.
In 1991-1992. was a member of the editorial board of the DWP body "Democratic newspaper.
Since 1990. - Member of the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Gazette.
Since April 1992. - Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of the Supreme Council of Russia.
He was a member of the established July 22, 1992, Mr.. Public Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (together with S. Stankevich, G. Yavlinsky, A. Wolski, S. Yushenkov)
Since February 1993. - Member of the Presidential Advisory Council.
In September 1993, Mr.. resigned as chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations.
In December 1993, Mr.. was elected to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia from the electoral bloc "Yavlinsky-Boldyrev-Lukin". Powers terminated before 8 п?я?п?я? 94 g. in connection with the civil service.
He was a member of the Council Rossiyskogo socio-political center, which also included Sergei Stankevich (Chairman), Oleg Bogomolov, Stanislav Govorukhin, Alexander Tsipko, Sergei Shakhrai A. Sharonov.
Member of the founders of Moscow News.
Since 1990. - Member of the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Gazette.
In 1991-1992. was a member of the editorial board of "Democratic newspaper.
Since 1989. is a member club of the Moscow intelligentsia "Moscow Tribune".
In August 1992, Mr.. along with M. Bocharov, OV Rumyantsev, C. Govorukhin, Y. Vlasov and the other was the founder of the International Russian Club, which has declared its desire to not become a political party to influence the political and economic life of Russia.

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