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Oleg Boyko

( Chairman of the Board National Credit Bank ``)

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Biography Oleg Boyko
Date of Birth: September 28, 1964 Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree of engineer Forums ".

Commercial activities Oleg Boyko began with buying aktsinirovannyh bakeries and vegetable stores, where now and then housed stores "Albee-Diplomat.
In 1988. organized the delivery of U.S. computers, office equipment and electrical. He has held the post of chairman of the Association of Business Cooperation "Convent".
Organized Bank Moskovia.

In 1991. registered bank "Industry-service" (Late, the bank was transformed into a branch of the N 1 bank "National Credit"). Soon the bank together with the "Convent" and the American firm established a joint venture Interkoys ".

In the same year, Oleg Boiko organized JSC "Albee" with an authorized capital of 20 million rubles
In 1993, Mr.. formed the bank "National Credit.
In June 1994,. Boyko became chairman of the executive committee of the Democratic Choice of Russia, but in January 1995 he resigned because of disagreement with the position of the DDA in relation to the fighting in Chechnya.

In early 1996, Mr.. Oleg Boiko, according to media, was actually removed from the leadership of the bank. A few months almost completely replaced the bank's management. The Supervisory Board was headed by the head of the National Sports Fund, Boris Fyodorov. Duties of the Chairman of the Board began to play Alexei Kozlov.

However, according to official figures for June 1996, chairman of the bank is still Boiko, who is on vacation.

In fact the same, according to Boris Fyodorov, Boyko has in the bank "advice".

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  • And the oligarchs and carp - you unfortunately just products of our time: alas, not even producers: they themselves think.. :. Carp! Oligarchs! it is time to shift the focus from their guests on other people! is the essence of your life on Earth? In the competition? Who will catch on the hook? Ridiculous:! Madness of looking! stupid judges! Because your time is running out! hurry to live and do good! "How long have you been not heroes! perhaps once you wanted them to be, . to rank a whole eclipse: but you have chosen the path and time so inexorably. Price of victory road! power of money and career but what a loss of privacy:,
    . Being under the gun, or aim: hunter or mining?, . protected or under a voluntary custody, . role of buyer or seller of love? What role you satisfied? you like or tolerate a certain amount of money against whom and with whom 'buddies'? true, . already tired of these questions:,
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    . it nonconvertible and even carp and the oligarchs still understand sooner or later, this simple truth. Because the truth is in contrast to the truth, one. it does not require proof: The proportions of broken. Careers at the expense of privacy: .. Not everyone can go to such a sacrifice for the sake of money or knowingly: this is only a consequence of, and the reasons laid down in another.. Carp! And tycoons! You both need each other! by its very nature - you are part of each other. For all of you, residents of one aquarium, remember! Aquarium - it is far from the ocean, . everything in nature is interconnected! love each other! "And most important: do not despair! all diseases are curable, . To do this, just need a timely diagnosis and correct choice Specialist, . which will recommend an appropriate course of treatment you! and of course, . LOVE! After all, it is unconditional! Main find the desire and time to become free (healthy energy) A Walk to Remember = become first free themselves! Strongly recommended to start treatment to listen to the song 'under the guise of a plush rug, , , , . ',
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  • Stop frame: What is your true inner intention?? Tread on the same rake? How much are you willing to give up the intention to get it? In this case, replace its internal intention intention to give and you get, . from which in his time unwittingly refused! Try to regain a foothold in Himself,
    . In other words, Become a master of his destiny! "The key to this in time to wake up: after all, the reality is, . that creating any structure, . man himself becomes a slave of this structure. In fact, in the structure of man loses himself and becomes aware, . who he is and what he wants. If you do not control their thoughts and actions, . ie your personal assets are managed by other, . means, . respectively, your body also is not subject you to entirely. So people become prisoners of their games, . and therefore the circumstances,
    . But the purpose and meaning of life of any creature is in the Office of reality! Owning real person owns his body! Is important: that the key to happiness of your life have always been in your hands. Then do not have to slip out and break the lives of yourself and others! For an honest man enters the house only through the main entrance, remember: A man's will - it is free energy that is Love!
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  • Recommendations of the expert: "The basis of any healing process in the human body, . a conscious acceptance of responsibility for your own thoughts, . feelings, . course of action. Naturally, . this is the most difficult, . since it is usually associated with such liability concerns and fears within the man himself. Acceptance of responsibility - the most important part of any recovery for the individual, . and for society as a whole,
    . Without this, returning imbalance, and the disease usually manifests itself in new forms. Just disappear temporarily external symptoms of the disease, and the source of the problem remains in the same place, within man himself. The result is self-deception, as well as the source of the disease does not disappear. "Franklin Sills. Summary: Always changing the part of the human body (society), which directed the attention of human. How exactly will change this part of, . depends only on the targeted, . positive thoughts, . Action, . and purity of mind a particular person or a particular society. It is important to remember: Each of us is only part of a larger whole organism,
    . Health of each of us and society as a whole!
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  • What disgusting terms: What are all liar-around-one Jackals, . Hyenas, . Braggart. But, . Who did it hurt and basely did, . Or just quietly watched from ambush, . Get everything back doubly or Triple. Firing repeatedly, . You pointed at me - you get back volleys of fire! "And all the Ta Накроет Together Explosive Wave. And remember, you Together all our names. You are all to a deal with the insidious Satan: Did they hit you in trouble with the Black Soul. many times you wake up from the nightmare of the night and remember, . as 'difficult' were you to help us. I believe in the hour of reckoning! and believed Always! Pray and Prepare you-in Schedules, . Lord!,
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  • The main thing: 'Life - an eternity in miniature. "Therefore, remember: What actually lives Anyone whose life-source of life for many. And the simple truth of life is not to live, and that to feel, you live. Early and late in each of us will come to understand the following truths: 1.Zla in principle, no. Simply Darkness is the absence of light, and pain and evil in its essence, the absence of Good. 2. Any idea, thought, which appears in someone's head, is available to all - and at the same time. This means that each person is really able to think globally. Therefore it is important to realize that each of us is an integral part of a vast universe, which is why our future depends on each of us! 3. To fully understand the above, I will quote the words of Einstein, who once said that 'We can not solve problems at the same level of consciousness in which they arise. To resolve this issue, a real man to rise. 'Finally, . Wish us, . The world around us to flourish for the benefit of us all, . small and large, . that the world as well as millions of years ago, pleased us with its sunrise and sunset, . Births and Love, . Beauty and Power, all those, . that just called life! Hurry to live: do good, . Fill my life with the light of joy and love, is thriving! Recommend everyone read this poem for the children! "To fly and we all grew up. 'Do not grow in the garden sausage Bagel with poppy shoe and a portfolio of growing tomatoes, peas and radishes, and they do not freeze in a blizzard But in winter, ,
    . Telescope. Contrabass. If light thoughts. And strong wings suddenly cease to grow with us: Our heart is immediately gripped Boredom with Green Tosca, . If Thoughts prokisnut and Wings obvisnut, . as rags in the depths of the sea. So let us click on the pedals and will not yawn on the rocks, so thoughts grew wings and flew to fly and we all grew!,
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  • Ad impossibilia nemo obligatur Ad libitum: Aetate fruere, mobili cursu fugit
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  • "Each soul enters with a mission. We all have a mission to perform." - Edgar Cayce
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  • Idea - it is energy. Energy has consciousness. Our life manages Thought.'s A good idea to do good, . Bad-bad, our body is a bridge, . connects our soul and our spirit, . therefore strength of the bridge is determined by our discretion. hindquarters embodies the energy of will or willpower,
    . Will, as is known, determines the result. In the back of our body is our Spine. The backbone symbolizes our attitudes and our principles! No one vertebra is not damaged for no reason. A cause of any disease is a Locking Energies of Love. . In the spinal canal is main energy channel, . from which energy moves in the side channels and onward to other organs of our body! If you slow down the flow energy of love, . that everything in life starts to go awry! After all the bad things in life stems from a lack of love within us,
    . Initially, all we are educated from primary particles of energy of love, so Man and His Health-The essence of the energy of love. Our body knows well their responsibilities: Our Spirit, through him, finds his life Wisdom Across a deep sincere forgiveness of self and others we are driving a flow of love, . thus liberating our body from negative energy and information, . accumulated over the years. Forgiveness-the only liberating force in the universe. Forgiveness is a desire to love, . ie the desire to communicate clearly! Sincere communication is the connecting bridge of love for prudence. Sometimes life is a process of teaching through the Poor,
    . Man is born again and again to Learn. But it is through the Energy of Love Man is able to convert all accumulated in Bad Good, . thereby correct the errors committed, . transforming their life experience into wisdom! fact, . that the greatest treasure for a man - his life-Wisdom! for each person to choose their way of life is free and holy! But it is important to remember, . that lies at the basis of thought, . and his thoughts should always be proportionate The act,
    . After Thought - is energy, which has Consciousness. Therefore, on the Quality of our thoughts depend on our actions, . and the consequences, . they have for themselves. But the ability to properly listen to your own thoughts enables us to Allow even the most difficult and dangerous living situations! For Life is a constant movement, . Development, . Discovering Wisdom! Who put the goal of the movement on the vital road, . He himself embodies Movement In reality: He, . Who says the Movement for the Happiness - really happy! This is the true Vital Wisdom! Love, . Happiness and wisdom and positive thoughts in the coming New 2008!,
  • robin good for Oleg Boyko
  • 'No man lived a real life, if he had not been cleared Love Women. Reinforced by her courage and guides its discretion. ' "Glory Woman" or "And it's all about her' (folk art): 'Various women go about the world. '' Just two words - on this. '' Firstly, there are women - fish and birds. '' There is a hare and sweeties. Pyshki and matches. '' Dragons and snakes. And thousands of cats. '' (Here the cry of the crowd: "read the entire list!") '' There is a woman quietly. There is a woman at ease. " 'There is a woman "Field" and the woman Volvo. '' There is a woman-plasma. Woman ice. '' She-blade. Woman-iodine. '' There are women virgins and women rams. '' There are women-where-you? and women-here-we! '' That woman Finn. That Woman Polka. '' That woman-fig-you! and woman how much? '' Two worlds, two poles: Woman-hop '' And the lio?
    '' Alluring girl-brigantine '' And the woman-where-you-stagger-beast? '' There is a woman-story. There is a woman-line. '' And just the end of everything - Woman-to-point. '' '' No two identical women in the world. '' We had an insight into this subject. '' Soft and pliable Women dumplings. '' Yammer Woman-Trotsky. '' Always predictable Woman-echo. '' And in the seventy-feminine woman eha. '' Do Women women - a simple nature. '' A Woman-bullet - as usual, stupid. '' All the time varies Woman-sine. '' And there are also pluses for women minus. '' Do Women Worms - a huge heart. '' The soul of the latch - the woman-door. '' Beautiful for Women - willow catkins. '' Do Women tables - lovely legs. '' Strong intuition Woman Globa. '' Strong constitution Woman buns. '' Crimson lips - at vamp. '' Pestsov coat - a woman-you-would. '' In the bowers conversation - a woman-iamb. '' But the sweetness of victory - a woman-stamp. '' '' Women behaving differently. '' We've been something from them all navidalisya. '' At dawn, we will raise the Woman-morning, '' And in the evening - Woman Kamasutra. '' From the snow from the rain, hail from shielding '' Strong Woman Ruberoid. '' A woman will deprive all at once mind-rum. '' In the place put us woman-bromo. '' Let us make us crumbs Woman-bun. '' By puck naschelkaet Woman-stick. '' Warm up bones Woman-south. '' A woman without a trace engulf us-hatch. '' That woman, a candle burns with passion. '' Erases diligently Woman eraser. '' That Woman-shirt somewhere faded. '' A woman once why we changed? '' What do you want the woman-doesn't-leave-it? '' Where pricked women ski? '' How long will incite us to deeds '' Summoning, . greedy Women sponges? '' '' Stuck, . like in the jungle, . in the words of impassable, . '' We praise all women - good and different! '' Note on behalf of all men: '' You - all, . we need for all eternity! '' That is: my mom, . spouse, . girlfriend, . '' Medicine, . airbag, . dream, . Qomolangma, . '' An oasis in the desert and the raft in the ocean, . '' Potatoes in a saucepan, . mushrooms in the meadow, . '' Worries about the private thoughts of the eternal, . '' Chapel on the Red and the stars in the Milky,
    . '' You say, and corporals, and poets: '' In the winter and summer, all the thoughts - about it. '' That is: cool, . Though difficult, . '' All things to woman-to-space, . '' Decompress grasp woman-fig '' And the woman-to win the highest-league, . '' In bed with a woman put a book -, . '' All the money put on the woman-chip, . '' And the greatest happiness - to jump up in the night '' Caring about women Tamagotchi '',
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  • in the Context of prudence: "The destiny of man running through prudence and moral virtues. After all, the virtue of making the right purpose, and prudence makes proper means to achieve it." Aristotle
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  • All of us and our planet Star Happy New Year! Wishing you true wisdom for all of us in the New Year! "Thoughts in a word: 1.Vysshaya Wisdom is knowledge-by himself. 2.Sledovatelno, . True wisdom of this is the Science of Happiness! 3.Odnako, . enough simply to possess Wisdom, . It is important to skillfully use the software-knowledge in his own life, . always remembering, . that the heart of a wise man, . than his intellect. We can not change others better we leave them alone. better themselves will live in happiness and harmony with Himself. And knowing love simply Essence, . - Our Purpose: Only Only Everyone has a path-way of the terrestrial expression. We must simply live in Dobre, . Without changing the essence of life: and taken other in Himself, . Learning to see better. All the opportunities in life to change: Main-Stay only himself. We must simply learn to live: And to value yourself and all living things! All opportunities in life to change .... True, . Time is very fleeting. The main thing is why Valuing this to us with greater happiness: It is important every day to love and be reflected in their favorite again!,
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  • 'Death and taxes and childbirth ARE INEVITABLE. There's never any convenient time for any of them.' - Margaret Mitchell UNIRVERSAL PICTURES PRESENTS 'MEET JOE BLACK' PRODUCED BY CITY LIGHT FILM.
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  • Our greatest illusion is that we have limitations! After The human body is a structure governed by the rhythms and vibrations, which are set by the Space-Elysées. There is a law of the Universe, . according to which the events of our lives is directly dependent on our intention, . in which we put Our focused Thought! Our intention is Our Strength, . which serves us, . To change, . Choose, . To form, . Update and organize our lives! Power of our intentions can be changed not only the nature, . Fate, . but also to rebuild the entire physical body,
    . Man! Under the action of our intention is formed Information Field, . that is, our conscious desire, . which in turn develops into concrete actions and shapes our reality. So, . Our reality depends on the purity of our consciousness,
    . That is, work on our own consciousness directly affects the range of our energy Emissions! Thus, . expanding our consciousness we evolve and has a positive impact on others and the world in general! After all, the world is interconnected: Every day we perform an act, . which carry the information of our past and influence the formation of our future,
    . Meeting our past and our future is in the present. It is very important to live consciously Today and now, . remembering that everything in life there is a divine order! Sooner or later We are aware, . that transforming their inner world, . expand your mind We will encourage, . that our outer world gave us pleasure! After all, when the source of our intention is to our hearts, . The intention of such a huge force and contributes highest manifestation of human personality. In this case, we are in resonance with the universe and, . and with his divine destiny. The laws of the universe are universal: Cosmic energy is inexhaustible, . Do not limit your relationship with the universe!,
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  • 'After a fire, water and copper pipes, and looking death in the face, do not eventually go back to square one! " Sapientia Ars vivendi Putanda est: Per Aspera ad Astra.
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  • Mothers. A Tribute. "Everyone has the image of women, . perceived by mothers. This is determined, . Will Man Read Women in general, . or despise them, . or in general treat them indifferently. "I heard the God made Mothers As he Cant be Everywhere, . And Children always What their Mothers are! I heard as well a Kiss from Mother Made a Painter, . And Touch of Mother's Hand Takes All the Pain Away. The Mother's Heart is Always Full of Great Forgiveness! Her Love Makes People Strong And Fills Us with the Biggest Wish. She Keeps Us Safe When All the World is Crashed Around Us, . When There is No Light Inside to Go to the End,
    . She Gives us Will and Fills us With her Magic Power. And Warm Us Up in Cold and Nasty Nights, . She is a Guardian Angel During Stormy Weather She is a Guiding Light, . Which Never Switching Off! I Heard the God Made Mothers As he Cant be Everywhere And Children like Her Anchors to This Life!,
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  • "What would the world be without women? What would be Adam without Eve? Leonardo without Mona Lisa? A spermatozoid without an Ovule? Calcutta without mother Teresa? Crepes without Suzette? Caesar without Cleopatra? Oedipus without his Mother? Jokes without Blondes? Clyde without Bonnie? The French republic without Marianne? The sky without me? "What a celebration March 8 without Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg! all lovely woman on the planet Earth want to earthly happiness and heavenly love! Joy, . Rapture and the Beautiful spring mood!,
  • robin good for Oleg Boyko
  • Read! Enjoy the Smart Humor and Socratic Irony! Choose the Suitable Economic Model from the Following List of Economical Models for Your Business and Life or Better Invent Your own New ONE:. Case study: Economic Models explained with Cows - 2007 update / SOCIALISM You have 2 cows,
    . You give one to your neighbor. COMMUNISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk. FASCISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk. NAZISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and shoots you. BUREAUCRATISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, and then throws the milk away. TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income. AN AMERICAN CORPORATION You have two cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. Later, you hire a consultant to analyze why the cow has dropped dead. ENRON VENTURE CAPITALISM You have two cows. You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, . using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, . then execute a debt / equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back, . with a tax exemption for five cows,
    . The milk rights of the six cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all seven cows back to your listed company. The annual report says the company owns eight cows, with an option on one more. You sell one cow to buy a new president of the United States, leaving you with nine cows. No balance sheet provided with the release. The public then buys your bull. A FRENCH CORPORATION You have two cows. You go on strike, organize a riot, and block the roads, because you want three cows. A JAPANESE CORPORATION You have two cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called 'Cowkimon' and market it worldwide. A GERMAN CORPORATION You have two cows. You re-engineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves. AN ITALIAN CORPORATION You have two cows, but you don't know where they are. You decide to have lunch. A RUSSIAN CORPORATION You have two cows. You count them and learn you have five cows. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows. You count them again and learn you have 2 cows. You stop counting cows and open another bottle of vodka. A SWISS CORPORATION You have 5000 cows. None of them belong to you. You charge the owners for storing them. A CHINESE CORPORATION You have two cows. You have 300 people milking them. You claim that you have full employment, and high bovine productivity. You arrest the newsman who reported the real situation. AN INDIAN CORPORATION You have two cows. You worship them. A BRITISH CORPORATION You have two cows. Both are mad. AN IRAQI CORPORATION Everyone thinks you have lots of cows. You tell them that you have none. No-one believes you, so they bomb the sh1t out of you and invade your country. You still have no cows, but at least now you are a Democracy. AN AUSTRALIAN CORPORATION You have two cows. The one on the left looks very attractive
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  • 'FOR KNOWING WHERE TO TAP!' Money is a Symbol of Our Confidence in Our Product, . Our Service and Ourselves. ' The More Confidence We have in Ourselves and / or Our Product or Service: the More We will be Able to Charge for it. '' INTERESTING STORY TO READ! Enjoy it! '' 'In days gone by, . there was a Wealthy Man who had a Wonderful Steamship but as it is the Way with Expensive Things it was Prone to Breaking Down,
    . One Day after a Particularly Difficult Journey to Foreign Land the Engine Failed and No One Could Get it Going Again. ' One by One, Every Mechanic and Engineer in the Land was Summoned to Try to Fix the Engine and One by One They Failed. Finally, Word Came to the Wealthy Man of a Wise Old Shipmaker Who Might be Able to Help but at Hefty Price. Th e Wealthy Man Agreed at once. ' Soon, an Old man Who looked as if He have must been fixing Ships for Hundred Years arrived. He carried a Large Bag of Tools and Immediately Went to Work. He Inspected the Large Network of Pipes leading To and From the Engine Very Carefully Occasionally placing His Hand upon the Pipes to Test for Warmth. ' Finally, the Old Shipmaker Reached into His Bag and Pulled Out a Small Hammer. He Gently Tapped against one of the Pipes. ' Instantly, . the Sound of Steam Rushing through the Pipes Could be Heard and the Engine launched into Life as the Shipmaker Carefully put His Hammer Away. ' When the Wealthy Man asked the Shipmaker what He Owed Him, . The Bill Came to over TEN THOUSAND POUNDS-a Princely Sum in Those Days. ' 'WHAT? '-the Wealthy Owner Exclaimed: Outraged.' "You Hardly Did Anything at All! Justify Your Bill or I will Have You Thrown into Jail" 'The Old Shipmaker Began to Scrawl Smth onto a Ragged Piece of Paper He pulled from His Pocket.' The Wealthy Man Smiled as He Read it and Apologized to the Shipmaker for His Rude Behavior. ' THIS IS WHAT IT SAID: '' FOR TAPPING WITH A HAMMER: POUND 1; 'FOR KNOWING WHERE TO TAP: POUNDS 9999.' '' 'PS:' "Life is so Simple Really! Think Through What People Want, . Invite Them to Get it from You, . and When They Show up, . Bill'em! "STUART WILDE,
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  • Pay Attention to What You Read: 'The Growing and Dying of the Moon Reminds Us of Our Ignorance, . which Comes and Goes; but When the MOON is Full, . It is as If the ETERNAL LIGHT of THE GREAT SPIRIT were Upon the Whole World '(Black Elk). After You have finished Reading It, . You Will Know the Reason It was Published Here,
    . Here Goes: People come into Your Life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME. When You know Which One it is, You will Know What to Do for That Person .................... 1. When Someone is in Your Life for a REASON, it is Usually to Meet a Need You have Expressed. They have Come to Assist You through a Difficulty, to Provide You with Guidance and Support, to Aid You Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually. They May Seem like a Godsend and They Are. They are There for the REASON You Need Them to Be. Then, Without Any Wrongdoing on Your Part or at an Inconvenient Time, This Person will Say or Do Something to Bring the Relationship to an End. Sometimes They Die. Sometimes They Walk Away. Sometimes They Act Up and Force You to Take a Stand. What You Must Realize is that Your Need has been Met, Your Desire Fulfilled, Their Work is Done. The Prayer You Sent Up has been Answered and Now it is Time to Move On. 2. Some People Come into Your Life for a SEASON, Because Your Turn has Come to Share, Grow or Learn. They Bring You an Experience of Peace or Make You Laugh. They May Teach You Something You have Never Done. They Usually Give You an Unbelievable Amount of Joy. Believe it, It is Real. But Only for a SEASON. 3.LIFETIME Relationships Teach You Lifetime Lessons, Things You Must Build Upon in Order to Have a Solid Emotional Foundation. Your Job is to Accept the Lesson, Love the Person and Put What You have Learned to Use in All Other Relationships and Areas of Your Life. It is Said that Love is Blind But Friendship is Defiantly Clairvoyant. RESUME: 'Rejoice Evermore. Pray without Ceasing. As Prayer is the Key to the Morning and the Bolt of the Evening. Don't Forget: In Everything GIVE Thanks! '(THESSALONIANS)
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  • Cultivate Self-Awareness: What Decisions are Made or Not Made are Matter of Free Will, of Choice. The Less Awakened will Make Decisions Based on the Mind and All its Fears and Prejudices. The More Awakened will Make the Decisions Based on Love. Unawakened means that He or She Does not See the Life CLEARLY, is Not Aware of the Many Levels of Existence. My Best Recommendations: 1.See the Movie: 'AWAKE' (Greenestreet films 2007) 2.Trust First of All Yourself! 3. Be Self-Aware!
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  • In Keeping with Call to Self-awareness:; Einstein once pronounced:. 'Self-awareness is the Knowing and Understanding of Our Relationship to the Results We experience in Life!' As Actually to Be Self aware means to be Conscious that You are the Cause of all that's Happening to You and No One else. The Self (big "S") is the Source of a Person's Uniqueness. Being Aware of Your Self as an Entity separate from Your Body, the Material Universe, from Other Persons and Other Personalities that are Not You. It's having an Unshakable Certainty on Who You are, and What You are Capable Doing. People Who have "Self-awareness" and Listen to their True Self when They make Important Decisions, Become very Successful and Happy in Life! Of course, It Does take Quite a Bit of Practice in order to Connect with One's True Self. But Around here, however, we don't look backwards very long. Being self Aware, We keep moving Forward, opening up New Doors and creating New Amazing Things! Motto (resume): 'SO: LETS Keeping Moving Forward!'
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  • ITHACA Going to Ithaca, pray that the path was long, full of discovery, joy, adventure. Do not fear nor Cyclopes, nor Laestrygonians, do not fear the angry Poseidon. Remember: you do not stolkneshsya with them, as long as you're willing soul and lofty thought, as long as the sublime excitement owns you and nourishes the heart. Neither Cyclops, or Laestrygonians nor angry Poseidon can not stop you - if only you the most at heart, they do not nest, if your soul does not force them to be. Pray that the path was long, with lots of summer days, when, trembling with joy and anticipation at the dawn you will sail the first time in unfamiliar harbors. Medley at Phoenician markets, . pushed into the little shops, . probe tissue, . Amber, . nacre, . Corals, . Gizmos, . made of ebony, . bought spices and ointments, . ointments, and spices of all sorts; Sojourn in the cities of Egypt, . Learn, . all the time learn from those, . who has knowledge,
    . Always remember about Ithaca - because this is the purpose of your trip. Do not try to reduce it. It is better to give contrast stretch him for years to reach the islands in the age enriched experience of traveling, not expecting any miracles from Ithaca. Ithaca you set in motion. Were it not for her, you had not set off. More she can not give anything. Even the most miserable you So do not be deceived. Veteran, who had seen any, you can easily guess that this means Ithaca.
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  • What Goes Up Must Come Down. For as Long as We Remain in this Universe, That's True. The Law of Gravity is Immutable. It Does not just Apply to Physical Objects, but as well to Emotional Conditions and Psychological States. And even Economic Cycles. Elsewhere in Time and Space, it May be a Different Story. Whats Good is That to You? Well, It Depends on Whether Anything in Your Life is 'Out of This World'! Resume: Reach for Highest, the Wisest - the Most Enlightened and the Most Inspiring Idea. That's how You will Break Free of Situation that Keeps Making You Feel as if You are Riding a Rollercoaster! By Choosing This Way You could Complete the Process That's Eventually Leads to YOUR Joyous Liberation. Trust Universe-and Yourself!
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  • all Annie! Why show interest to other people's secrets, if nothing better to do, it is better to Catch a movie. At least usefully spend the time and bring at least some profit theater! recommendations for viewing (all of Annie), two of the best movie of 'Batman: the beginning. " + Batman: The Dark Knight. " where all the answers to our secrets. What's the secret? Yes the secret is simply no! LITTLE SONG Donkeys from the cartoon 'big secret for a small company' Words S,
    . Moritz's no secret that friends do not grow in the garden, do not sell and can not buy friends. And so I ran all the way with a gramophone its magic in the cart. It is no secret that friends - it is an honor and courage, this loyalty, courage and honor. And the courage and honor - a knight and sword swallowers all swords never let them eat! "It's no secret that friends skipping gets away, do not want to sit on a chain. They can not make for any of gingerbread from idleness and boredom baldet. It's no secret that friends in the clouds love to fly away on the wings and without. But the rush to us, if we offended, to help us catch even from heaven. Chorus: Under the sad moo, under the cheerful growl, under the friendly neigh is born big secret for a small, small a company for a modest company, such a huge secret.
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  • you have nothing else to do than write songs about me?
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  • You already discharged from the mad house?
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  • Appeal to each of us and humanity in general! In the human psyche has three main components: 1. Intellect, . ie the ability to solve logical problems. 2.Volya, . ie the desire to achieve their purposes. 3.Chuvstva. But the main thing - Intuition. For many of our ideas come to us through Intuition! arming Intuition, . We take the information from the present moment and projecting it into the Future, . to represent all the possible consequences of our actions. Hence, the moral awareness of 'right' and 'wrong'! It therefore, . instead, . Postfactum to understand: We did right or wrong, . We develop in himself prediction of possible scenarios, . our lives, . in a particular society, . in the whole world! By definition, . Intuition involves understanding of the relationship between past and future. After all, experience is always preceded to mental Process, . The birth of judgments and decision-making. All great discoveries and intelligent decisions made by people, . a good-hearted and light feelings ahead of Thought and that trust your instincts. Our fate - is not by accident, . a subject of our choice,
    . This applies to every individual and society. Ability to choose-precious from the properties of our Mind. Let us now correctly use the unique feature of this Mind and Choose Peace! Weapon, . Power, . Money, . Laws - is simply a tool, . which is in the hands of humanity! Let's send them to the Building and Development, . rather than destruction and conflict,
    . We all understand, . After all, that in any conflict (war) there is no winner - there is only the smallest victims! We all understand, . that in any conflict there is someone, . Who Always Earn: Is it reasonable and civilized Writing Ability to develop this script events? After all, pain and suffering are always equal for all people on earth,
    . Is it not enough tears in the world today?? All thoughts are always coming from the heart, since every thought, before becoming Thought, was someone's sense of. Know the sense of makes a person striker Fear! That feeling of fear, . Fear of loss of something or revelations Pushes Man, . Sometimes a whole society to crime, . to conflicts and wars (including, . Globally) Any Fear Blocks positive energy-the energy of love and creativity, . the energy of goodwill and thoughts! Fear creates aggression and desire to take revenge! Summary: So in life is worth only to the Play, . Whose speech is subject to Thoughts, . Filled with true wisdom and goodness. Unfortunately, . is such a simple man of truth and the entire international community to grasp the total Later! With sincere wishes of good and haze, . Smart choices and wise decisions taken timely! Each one of us and humanity in general!,
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  • A cautionary tale: 'Entries destiny of Man on the Seventh Body Can not Erase. But they can complement or Repair. As married (married) person in any day may divorce for the sake of his self-development, and strong-willed soul always has the opportunity to shoot an engagement ring Karma and again become independent and Inspired. It is appropriate to recall a story like this: in the old days one Persian king, having heard about the exploits of Moses, sent to him his court painter, a portrait of this great man. Servant to perform the commission and returned to the canvas to Tirana. The Lord rewarded Pictoris Jug Gold and called his Magus, The one to the warm portrait with the help of science physiognomy identified all Your character of Moses and his fate. Magus bowed and spoke to the Emperor, he sees the image the violent and greedy, angry and vain, proud and cowardly. Immediately Seer recounted the tragic fate of the Jewish leaders. Have passed some time and it happened that the two met at the Lord of the Tsar's Feast. On the third day feasts Persian Lord Moses confessed that he intended execution of his Maga for Incorrect prediction of the nature and fate of King of the Jews by His portraits. But Moses replied that Magus should have been thanking even better than Painter, because all his predictions were correct. And if you Whom and executed for Living Beyond Fate - So only the leader of the people of Judah. In his youth, Moses had all the hallmarks of selfish enumerated Magician. From the priests of Memphis he sadly learned that it is prescribed by fate in a nightmarish Future. Moses through the power of will to take to melt Its Lead 'I' in the Golden Features of Ideal. Many years of work on oneself in the Sinai desert was not in vain. It was he, Moses, 'I'm sorry' in that the fate of him was not fulfilled, and Personality traits reversed. This cautionary tale was presented one sensitives twenty years ago. While the story I was so impressed that I immediately started Log off pernicious roots of his ego. And this sweaty work does not stop still. But now of myself, I may add that when a large man's spiritual growth, He is not only the character, not only prescribed burns fate, but also beyond recognition rebuilt the entire physical body. A person younger, wrinkles disappear, at times, even grow new hair and teeth. The body became thinner skull and fingers are extended. On Earth, there has been no Deed Higher than self-conquest. All the great generals and famous scientists is nothing compared to this hero. But alas, the winner of Destiny has no way of tell from his old portraits and photographs of .......'
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  • Life as Otrazhenie.MUDRYE WISHES FROM THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN: 'Go in Harmony. Go to Beauty. Neither leave in the dark, . No glory. Search Rainbow, . Which is seen in a puddle, . Since any negative thing has in Himself Positive, . and vice versa. be sensible in their choice and in their intentions. Listen to your heart. Follow rhythm of my dreams. "Life is boomerang and return to Thee That, . What you sent into the universe! ",
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  • Clearly, the global financial crisis is an important topic for today for each of us in the world, but crises in general are typical human existence. Add the following ongoing inference: 'If Someone could Capitalize on Panic CAN become Billionaire:' There are various crises, . example, . Transitional age, . that is, age (male and female) that is human, . are independent of the political system and religion! any crisis - like a next stage maturation of the organism (the Company) or new, . more higher (mature) stage of our evolutionary development of Man (the Company)! Everything is an integral part of the process called LIFE! It is important how we respond to all, . Happening to us: In fact, 'Life is ALWAYS Saving Opportunity! " Since life - a succession of (or rather sinusoid) ups and downs, . as well as our reactions to all, . Happening to us! It means to live not only change, . but Remain oneself, So, . on key crisis stages of adolescence Men (smiling): "MEN IN 20 YEARS-PLAYBOY. man of 30 years-PLAYMAN. man of 50 years-PLAY OFF. MEN IN 70LET - GAME OVER. 'In conclusion I wish to remind all of us next : "Cheerfulness is not only a sign of health, . but also the most effective means, . Saves us from disease. '(Smiles) So I wish all of us more life-Lyubiya and Living joyfully in each day!,
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  • Well! After fishing on the lake if You go to Rome, I'll show it to you because once you had shown me Moscow, but the matches in the eye will not insert before the meeting Helly
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  • We stand at the threshold of a new year. The period ends with the Old Energy Dinamiki.Vperedi awaits us Age spiritual illumination and Discoveries. Undoubtedly, there would be many. And, of course, each of us, they will have their own! Clearly, much will become more apparent, and seeming Massive clear, simple and real. I hope we all come to the understanding of simple human truth: 'Each of us - Archer, which aims at yourself! " Therefore, we ourselves are the source of our ups and downs, successes and failures, victories or defeats. Therefore, in our thoughts about any event is always present our co-participation in. A small history as a postscript: 'Someone came to the door and rang the Beloved.'s Voice asked:' Who is that? 'He replied:' Ya is' The voice said: 'There is no place for me and for you', . and the door closed. After a year of solitude and deprivation he rang again. The voice inside asked: 'Who's there? "The man replied:' You '. And He opened the door:.' Conclusion: Good to be Seeker, . but: .. Sooner or later we will find true love: and then life makes sense!. because the soul of man does not develop with the killing of Desire, . but with the rise to a higher level of Manifestation now entering the New Year, . means, . New Revolution in the Co-knowledge each of us and humanity in general! Let it be filled with PEACE, . UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE! All: My mission robin good (A) executed on this,
    . Thank you all!
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  • Sooner or later, Star Co-unifying with other stars and in heaven there is new co-star. Star moves to a new vibrational level co-star, . where CO is the prefix defining new unique events: Co-creation Miracles, . Co-building of a new idea through the harmonious co-chetaniyu Science and Philosophy, . Co-Touch with Secret World-building, . apex of which will be fruitful co-operation of two new star systems,
    . That is our new and positive vibrations and their frequency are beginning to shape our new reality! Simple Wisdom Stars is, . idea that the Cosmic Love as Energy Development Framework Evolution, . is a completely different way of seeing the World - is the way of synthesis of individual and group based Freedom substantial increase in co-knowledge and comprehension of the depth of the individual psyche, . and scope of the Public Under-consciousness,
    . After, . being in good terms with himself and the world around, . We are broadcasting Harmonious Radiation in the world around us, . and our positive attitude (our positive vibrations) to create our unique habitats! Accordingly, . is the frequency of our positive vibrations through us change the world for the better,
    . However, sometimes, in order to understand the root essence of all sent to us tests, sometimes they must go through many difficulties, conflicts, crises and deprivation. And only after the fact, we understand why, we were given certain events. After all, in one way or another all Life Testing and Crises do most of us still wiser, . Intact, . Deep, . Sensitive, . Thankful, . Perspicacious and Life-resistant: any losses teach us an ability to rejoice, . Everything, . that we already have at the moment,
    . . Thanks to all the crisis points in our lives we regain Ability Awareness of the vital importance of simple human values: Joy Birthday, . Gift of Love, . Availability of healthy and happy children! Joy is a special wisdom, . It is more perfect, . than knowledge, . because not everyone in the process on-Knowledge rejoices, . but whoever rejoices, . on the need for this by-knows! Joy gives us not the, . What surrounds us, . and our relationship to the! In connection with this recall again the words Einstein: 'The joy of seeing and understanding is the most wonderful gift of nature! " I want us all so much joy, . how we ourselves can myself wish! Merry Christmas one and all of us!,
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  • IT "S BETTER to make the world SMILE at WHAT YOU SAY than LAUGH at WHAT YOU DO! ENJOY and SMILE at the Helpful Zen-sayings (SMILE is free THERAPY for EVERYBODY): 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow. In fact, just bugger off and leave me alone. 2. Sex is like air. It's not important unless you aren't getting any. 3. No one is listening until you fart. 4. Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else. 5. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 6. If you think nobody cares whether you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of mortgage payments. 7. Before you criticise someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 8. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 9. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 10. If you lend someone? 20 and never see that person again, it was probably well worth it. 11. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. 12. Good judgement comes from bad experience, and most of that comes from bad judgement. 13. There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works. 14. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. Resume: REALIZE that TRUE HAPPINESS lies within YOU. Waste NO TIME and EFFORT searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world OUTSIDE. REMEMBER that there is NO HAPPINESS IN HAVING or IN GETTING, but only IN GIVING. Reach out share, SMILE, hug. HAPPINESS is a PERFUME you cannot pour ON OTHERS without getting a few drops ON YOURSELF. DON "T CRY because its over - SMILE because it ALL HAPPENED!
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  • Always admired those oligarch! In my opinion, better than he did not. And in general, smart man!
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  • According to the Zohar RAINBOW - is an energy field that appears when the space is activated by the energy of the court. Its purpose - to repel an attack and help protect us from misfortune. that's why I want to wish all the lovely women TODAY planet appears Rainbow in their lives, it is very symbolic, especially now that the so-called regular "male" crisis. because the word 'crisis' is a male etymology, . and, . Regrettably, . all male crises, . whether age, . financial, . stock, . System, . structural, . local and global, . reflected in direct proportion to women in all spheres of life! That's why I want to remind all, . that after the rain, . which identifies a purification, . and in the sky, . and in life is always a rainbow,
    . Lovely woman! feel the emergence RAINBOW IN YOUR LIFE! And let all her colors fill your life with its divine Gamma! Let each color creates a unique response within, . their distinctive ringing, . their distinctive palette of feelings, . feelings and desires! and reflects all the new color harmonies and sounds inside you, . let this is your special palette will fill you with the light of joy, . warm earthly happiness and eternal flame of love! after all that has color, respectively, has the taste and sound,
    . and vice versa! feel the color of a kiss: the taste of lemon or cherry? color as the note has its own sound, creating his new painting and the melody of love! ! every color and sound has its own vibration, and they resonate at a certain time. Remember, . = rainbow bridge connecting the earthly and spiritual! Be rich materially and spiritually, this is not mutually exclusive, . and mutually reinforcing concepts! lovely women! Remember crises, . men, . come and go! Indeed, the force, women in love! Life seems better, . if sometimes the rain, . but then the sun shines much brighter! and after the rain, . usually, . the sky and in the life of a rainbow! Feel free to make a wish and remember, . the future belongs to those, . who believe in the dreams of her beauty, how important, . the eyes were burning: It is always a light inside us: We are looking for Rainbow in the Sky, . But it is inside our hearts! "In conclusion, a little etymology: 'Krizis'-noun husband. Kind; Love and Soul - feminine nouns, . as Mother Nature herself! Happy Holiday, . dear and beloved woman! happiness and rainbows every day!,
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  • Small tasty addition to the requirements: Sweeten your life! Know, . How to cheer yourself up? win-win situation: CHOCOLATE! because botanical, . of which produce this product, . THEOBRAMBA CACAO, . translated from Latin means 'food of the gods',
    . In Japan, for example, there is the custom of Giri Choco, which translates as 'the duty of chocolate'. Create your own ceremony, , . what, . others felt,
    . you can not. " again the holiday of spring and love you, dear women!
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  • Opinion on the comments of Anna bereskal. Praise the men must, . so this is a literate-speed! certainly, . your words, . as a balm to the soul, . affected the Boiko, . especially in the context of International Women's Day! And you, . ANNA, . certainly, . be congratulated, . You now enter a list of its regular 'top hundred'! especially given, . that the majority of male scales are very amenable to flattery,
    . they love to please, and they, alas, is very dependent on the views of others and their partners. hence their mistakes and failures, as well as the environment often takes this to the natural human weakness as an effective tool. sure, and they also realize! a little etymology: 'Posh' from the French chicard (dude, dude), so much as a compliment to Mr. Boyko, in this case is difficult to say. Yet surely, this epithet is more suited to the description of his costume or interior parts. but you, Anna, know best how accurately reflect data epithets his human qualities. the more you write 'always': we must understand that you know him long enough and comprehensively, to boldly make such allegations on the Internet. THERE IS A LOT BUT: still correct to admire a woman, . ANNA, . and its natural charm to preserve the necessary balance in nature, . not vice versa! but still your remarks, . certainly, . pleasant, . though everything in life is relative and there is only downside: de veras?,
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  • So: a queen: "Who is she??, , , , , . "Feel the Difference:" Maids are dreaming of a good Fairy, . Princess - forget the charming prince, . Queen does not dream, . and operate. serva believe, . that miracles happen, . the princess they do happen, . QUEEN doing them yourself. Maid weak, . but seem to be strong, . PRINCESS strong, . but seem weak, . QUEEN cost without a mask. The maid comes in advance, . PRINCESS are late, . The Queen arrived on time. SUZHANKI all blame themselves, . Princess other, . QUEEN draw conclusions. The maid did not know how to win, . PRINCESS not know how to play, . Queen does not compete. Maid dragons are not interested, . PRINCESS dragons eat, . the Queen dragons are friends. Because the maid dragons are not interested in, . PRINCESS their fear, . and the Queen of just tame. serva, . even pretty, . consider themselves to be ugly, . PRINCESS, . even ugly, . consider themselves beauties, . QUEEN make their own appearance. The maid can not see, . Princess can not ignore, . QUEEN impossible not to notice, . When it is needed. Maid submissive, . PRINCESS willful, . QUEEN with dignity, just discipline. Maid want to get praise, . PRINCESS - attention, . QUEEN - experience. Toppled maid humiliation, . PRINCESS avenge them, . QUEEN humiliate possible. Loved maid, . PRINCESS allow themselves to love, . Queen does not think - who wins. Maid all understand and tolerate, . PRINCESS understand only, . they want, . QUEEN understand everything and go. The maid can not claim, . PRINCESS can not wait, . QUEEN know, . that everything has its time. The maid did not want to grow up, . PRINCESS not want to grow old, . QUEEN ageless. Serva see the world in black, . Princess in Pink, . QUEEN studying accept the world as, . What it is - colored. The maidens easily, . the princess is difficult, . with the Queen at least, . INTERESTING. Hard to be a servant, . PRINCESS be easily, . BE QUEEN, . at least, . It makes sense ............." FINAL SUMMARY: HARD TO BE QUEEN, . BUT REMAIN THE QUEEN IN ALL SITUATIONS - This is the true art! ",
  • ARCO DE VITA for Oleg Boyko
  • To know the Eternal - means, . gain can again see clearly. VERY WISE MAN SHOULD BE ETERNAL LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, . Fill your life with LOVE, . He put himself behind OTHER, . Thus, . SAM RENDERED AHEAD OF PEOPLE.,
  • Qu-2e-n for Oleg Boyko
  • Continuation of the 'art of being queen' 'rights or freedom, or not. The concept of freedom completely. In the end, can not be moderately dead, moderately in love or moderately free. The question always arises - all or nothing '(Duchess of Devonshire film' the duchess ') freedom and moderation' - one of the first slogans of the Whig. This motto has challenged the Duchess during a political dinner discussions. One and the same woman, . two faces of one life history. Being a queen in her palace, . but in his personal life does not have rights, even a small pawn, . not be able to take a step away from the hated wall,
    . Sand castle with walls crumbled. The golden cage, from which no exit. I love you, but forever locked. A strong woman, who was not born in time. No time-wise and free: She liked many, but not like her own husband. Admired by many, but not many people unaware of her personal tragedy that lies behind the high life, a beautiful facade of a respectable aristocratic party capable of not only the confidence to wear hats, but also the confidence to lead political discussions. Few knew, . what is really going on in her soul. Who knows?, . whom we were in a past life?? ! the profound inter-connection with our past, we keep in our DNA??, . we use the experience of previous lives in the present life, . and what script given to us to live in this life: why some stories are repeated, . and the only change is the era and external decorations: 'Who is named in honor of tea' earl grey '? 'this and more you learn, . watching the film 'Duchess' (film recommended by absolutely everyone).,
  • quid est veritas? for Oleg Boyko
  • Looking at things,,,, can not compel a person to grow process. But enough to make a real difference in their lives so that all around us people are aware of this, since the energy We are very strongly connected with other people, especially those which the favorite. this Parable "coffee beans" 'comes to the Father and the young girl said - - Father, . I'm tired, . I had such a hard life, . such difficulties and problems, . I always swim against the tide, . I have no more strength: what should I do? father instead of an answer set on fire with 3 identical pots with water, . one threw carrots, . another laid egg, . and the third poured coffee beans,
    . After a while he pulled out of the water the carrots and egg and poured into a cup of coffee from 3 pots. - What has changed? - He asked his daughter. - Egg and carrots cooked, . a coffee bean dissolved in the water - she said. - No, . daughter, . is only a superficial view of things,
    . Look - hard carrots, visiting in boiling water, become soft and pliable. Fragile and liquid egg became hard. Outwardly, they have not changed, they just changed their structure under the influence of the same adversity - boiling water. So people, . strong external, . can paste up and become weaklings there, . where the fragile and delicate, only harden and mature: - A coffee? - Asked daughter - Oh! This is interesting! Coffee beans completely dissolved in the new hostile environment and changed it - Hot water turned into a magnificent flavor drink,
    . There are special people, . which do not change in the circumstances - they betray themselves Circumstances and turn them into something new and wonderful, . benefiting and knowledge of the situation .. 'Summary: This is our role in the evolutionary process, . and we must himself Honor for this:. and enjoy the great taste of flavored coffee!,
  • arco de vita for Oleg Boyko
  • Invisible Helpers ": Always remember that surrounds us whole Angelic Layer - this is our Invisible Helpers. We just do not forget In time, ask for their support, to ask with all my heart. You can forget about your request?? , but believe that your invisible helpers began her performance. Do not change their sincere desire and dreams, or confusing his assistants! Mentally, we ask our Invisible helpers, especially in difficult moments of life. After Thought as an arrow pierces the soul material Illusions, . imposed by physical limitations and makes possible the high achievements! about this parable: 'The man turned to the angel: - Want, . I'll show you your life? - I, . - The man said. Angel lifted him above the earth and man saw his life and two pairs of traces, . coming next. - Who is next to me? - It's me, . - Said the angel,
    . - I go with you all your life. - And why sometimes there is only one pair of traces? - And this most difficult periods in Your Life, . - Said the angel. - And what, . You threw me in the most difficult moments? How could you leave me? - A man asked indignantly. - No, . that I carried you, . - The angel answered quietly,
    . Summary: Just remember about your invisible friend! "And then your Angel will continue to accompany and assist you in everything!
  • Quid est veritas? for Oleg Boyko
  • Hurry up to touch the Eternal: We invite everyone to the final performance of grade 11 "Concert by the sea. My favorite disaster "The performance is full of action, harmonies and depth of reflection. After all, theater is a fine art to reflect. therefore, one author writes a play, actors play the other, and viewers see the third! Come to the show 22.06 at 19:00 and 20.06 at 16 hours! themselves and all will see! It is important because not only know but feel! (All details klass-center.ru)!
  • arco de vita for Oleg Boyko
  • polarity within us: In life there are two basic principles which in oriental philosophy called the yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Ripple energy between these two polarities generates Dance of Life. Feminine (female) home within us, as in men, as in women, responsible for such aspects of personality as sensitivity, intuition, sensitivity. Muskulinnoe (male) began to appear in force, the ability to concentrate, ready for action. The imbalance of male and female energies within each of us in society, in the world as a whole gives the nature of the conflict within us. The better we feel the polarity of his own personality (of society), the more we are consciously aware of existing polarity in the world. In fact, and civil and international conflicts are internal conflicts, massive projection of a particular society, the family, as well as each individual. For external conflict is always a reflection of internal. For example, in the third world feminninoe (women's) home is stronger than in developed countries. residents of these countries listen to intuition, . maintaining close liaison with the Earth and Spirit: But in the less technologically advanced, . they lack in fact a male perspective, . inducement to go to the outside world and fight their way - as a result of their conquering and exploiting the native male energy - the dominant culture, . called, . developed countries,
    . ZATO Industrial nations, developed countries, suffer from a lack of good communication with Earth and Spirit. THEIR WAY OF DETERMINED mind-body. If we identify ourselves with only one of the polarities, then life will certainly spur us on to another. And often life does so through relationships (social, . personal business), or the crises and conflicts, . including the world. All of this leads us to Simple understand the true nature of things: LIFE IS FULL OF POLARITY, . But the world need balance,
    . It is therefore important to strike a balance in the world between 'muskulinnym beginning', . oriented to the Discovery, . Conquest and division and 'feminine', . a focus on the merger, . Spirituality and unity in all spheres of life. Summary: in any case, sooner or later life would lead us from the excesses and help establish a balance between polarities: male and female energy,
    . because in order to fully show the kind of energy is necessary to consider its polarity, . that is to take the unity of opposites: 'The truly wise the, . Who takes own stupidity, . as Truly Silenus only the, . Who is aware of its weakness and vulnerability. 'PS,
    . By establishing a balance between male and female side within each of us (our society), . thus we really are helping establish equilibrium in the world! see how it happens in the movie: 'On the other side of the bed' (De l'autre côté du lit) This light French comedy about, . how easy it is sometimes close to us to understand human, . if this is really really want: it is enough (at least temporarily) to switch social roles,
    . The film is recommended to view all social strata, as well as brings humor and a positive. And allows 'lie on the other side of the bed' and look at all the other polar point of view::. I wish all of us to balance the existing polarity in all spheres of our lives and our world!
  • mo (re)-mental-no for Oleg Boyko
  • Wise Wishes from Chuang-tzu: 'The purpose of our fishing nets - to catch fish, . and when the fish are caught, . We forget about the web. The purpose of our traps for rabbits - Catching rabbits. When the rabbits are caught, . We forget about the trap. The purpose of Words-to communicate ideas. When Eden Understood, . We forget the words. The main thing now find man, . Who has forgotten words - From Him to me and wanted to talk. "Be well-Words-enny in all, . What Would Your Heart! Try to see the world in a grain of sand, . Sky in the Wild Flower, . Eternity in your hand and Eternity in an hour: for, as stated in the Book of Job: 'Put the intention,
    . and it consists of thee, and thy ways over the Light will shine! " Be happy!
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