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Valeria Novodvorskaya Ilinichna

( Leader of the Party 'Democratic Union of Russia `.)

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Biography Valeria Novodvorskaya Ilinichna

Date of Birth 17 May 1950, Mr.. g. Baranovichi, Belarus. Russia Citizen.
In the summer of 1992. Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia Novodvorskaya granted Georgian citizenship (while appointing her his adviser for Human Rights).
Prior to the first arrest, she studied at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Maurice Teresa (french department), specializing in translator and teacher.
In 1977. graduated from the evening faculty of foreign languages of the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute. Krupskaya.
Fluent in French and English. Reads in German, Italian, Latin and Greek languages.
Assistant deputy Konstantin Borovoy in Gos.Dume 6 Convocation.
Zhurnalist.Ekspert Party of Economic Freedom. He lectures on the history, ideology, art and history of religion in the evening a private high school.
In 19 years, organized an underground student group, which discussed the need to overthrow the communist regime through armed insurrection.
In 1969. arrested. Charged with Article 70 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR - the anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda.
Since June 1970. February 1972. was treated in a special hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, paranoid personality development ".
Since 1972, Mr.. involved in printing and distribution of samizdat.
In 1973-1975. worked as a teacher in a children's sanatorium.
From 1975-1990. worked as a translator of medical literature 2-nd Moscow Medical Institute.
In 1977-1978. attempted to establish an underground political party to fight the CPSU.
October 28, 1978, Mr.. was among the founders of the Free Interprofessional association of workers "(SMOT). All subsequent years of existence SMOT Novodvorskaya been persecuted - provide short periods in psychiatric hospitals, systematically called in for questioning for members SMOT, it has repeatedly been searched.
In 1978, 1985, 1986. Novodvorskii tried for dissident activities.
In 1984-86 he. moved closer to members of the pacifist group "Trust".
In May 1988. participated in the establishment of the party "Democratic Union" (DS).
Was the organizer of a number of unsanctioned rallies, participating in that from 1987 to May 1991. detained by police and administrative arrests for a total of 17 times.
In September 1990, Mr.. accused of publicly insulting the honor and dignity of the President of the USSR and of insulting the national flag.
In May 1991, Mr.. against Novodvorskaya was prosecuted for advocating the violent overthrow of the state or social system. Released August 23, 1991, Mr.. in connection with the changing situation in the country ".
In late 1992. Novodvorskaya and some members of the DC created the organization "Democratic Union of Russia" (JEM).
In September 1993, Mr.. after the decree of President Boris Yeltsin's dissolution of the Armed Forces was the first who supported this edict. Organize rallies in support of President.
In October 1993. participated in the founding congress of the block Russia's Choice. Going to run in Ivanovo, but did not manage to collect the required number of signatures.
March 19, 1994, Mr.. Krasnopresnenskaya Prosecutor's Office began an audit of Valeria Novodvorskaya on articles 71 and 74 of the Criminal Code (civil war propaganda and incitement of ethnic hatred).
In June 1994,. participated in the founding congress of the "Democratic Choice of Russia".
January 27, 1995, Mr.. the Procurator General was prosecuted (N229120) because Novodvorskaya articles published in the newspaper "New Vision" in 1993-1994. August 8, 1995, Mr.. Prosecutor's Office Central District of Moscow case was filed because of her actions of crime.
August 14, 1995, Mr.. The Moscow city prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against another Novodvorskaya. The occasion served as a leaflet written Novodvorskaya to picket JEM April 8. The case was referred to the Ostankino prosecutor's office, which is not found in the leaflet of the offense.
In December 1995, Mr.. elections to the Duma convocation 5 Novodvorskaya entered in the electoral list of the Party of Economic Freedom. In addition, Novodvorskaya registered in single-mandate constituency N192 Moscow. Election lost.
March 11, 1996, Mr.. Moscow city prosecutor's office reversed the decision of the Central District of Moscow prosecutor's office dated August 8, 1995. to dismiss the case (N229120) against Novodvorskaya. The case was referred for re-investigation to the prosecutor of the North-East district of Moscow. April 10, 1996, Mr.. Valeria Novodvorskaya was charged under article 74 of the first, part of the 1-st (intentional acts aimed at inciting national hatred).
Spring 1996. before the presidential elections of Russia supported the candidacy of Grigory Yavlinsky. After the first round of elections, along with the Democratic Union of Russia, invited the leader of Yabloko "immediately and unconditionally give their supporters to vote for Boris Yeltsin".
October 22, 1996, Mr.. The Moscow City Court sent the case for further investigation N229120, recommending that the investigation found "with other performances Novodvorskaya.


. Dossier on Novodvorskii VI

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Valeria Novodvorskaya Ilinichna, photo, biography
Valeria Novodvorskaya Ilinichna, photo, biography Valeria Novodvorskaya Ilinichna  Leader of the Party 'Democratic Union of Russia `., photo, biography
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