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RADU Salman

( Organizer illegal armed group of terrorists)

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Biography RADU Salman

Birth 13 February 1967, Mr.. In an interview with the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets "(January 10, 1996) Raduyev said that he had" behind the higher economic education, postgraduate, and almost finished the Ph.D. ".
A "Novaya Gazeta" (September 22, 1997), he stated that "he graduated from the Institute of National Economy in Rostov."

After school he worked in construction teams Gudermes gortorga.
Then he was drafted into the ranks of the Soviet armed forces, where he joined the Communist Party.
He was a member of the Chechen-Ingush regional committee of Komsomol.
He graduated from the Institute of National Economy in Rostov-na-Donu.
In June 1992, Mr.. was appointed prefect g.Gudermesa.
At the same time headed the militia "presidential Berets, supporting Chechen President Dudayev's. From the "taking" was formed 6 th Battalion Dudayev forces, known as the "Borz" ( "Wolf"), part of the south-western front (special task force was disbanded in June 1997).
In 1995. engaged in acts of sabotage on the railway in the Gudermes.
April 1996, Mr.. - June 1997. - Commander of the armed unit of the Army of General Dudayev ".
In December 1995, Mr.. running for the post of governor g.Gudermesa. December 14 Gudermes was captured militants Raduyev.
January 9, 1996, Mr.. - Under the leadership Raduyev was captured by the city hospital in the Dagestani town of Kizlyar. January 10, hundreds of hostages the militants fled the city. On the border with Chechnya convoy was stopped by warning fire of the federal forces, the militants entrenched in the Pervomaisky. 15-18 January, a storm the village of Russia's troops. Some of the militants and Radu escaped from the encirclement.
March 3, 1996, Mr.. media reports about the death of Raduyev.
In June 1996, Mr.. turned out that he was only badly injured.
In 1996 - 1997 the. Raduyev has repeatedly claimed responsibility for having committed terrorist acts in Russia and to make threats against Russia.
In April, July and October 1997. to Raduev been assassinated. As a result of the latter, he was badly injured.
August 2, 1997, Mr.. initiative Raduyev was created military-patriotic union "Soldiers of Freedom" (Honorary Chairman - Degi Dudayev). The basis of the organization was headed Raduyev movement path Johar ".
In 1999, Raduyev planned a series of diversions in the Russian regions, especially in regard to nuclear facilities, which established a mobile team of up to 15 people
. Since November 1999 the formation Raduyev actively participated in the battles against the Joint Grouping of federal forces.
. March 13, 2000 Raduyev was detained in Chechnya, was taken to Moscow and placed in jail Lefortovo.
. In August 2000 the criminal case Raduyev transferred from the FSB in the General Directorate of the Prosecutor General of Russia in North Caucasus
In October 2000, was carried out forensic psychiatric examination, according to which Raduyev found sane
. April 26, 2001 PGO Russia has a full list of articles of the Criminal Code, . which charged Salman Raduyev: terrorism, . kidnapping and hostage-taking, . murder with extreme cruelty, . organization of an illegal armed group and participate in the, . banditry.,
. Case of Salman Raduyev
. The origin, marital status
. Life Path
. Political views, the position
. Personal qualities, characteristics
. More
. Citations (NSN)


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RADU Salman, photo, biography
RADU Salman, photo, biography RADU Salman  Organizer illegal armed group of terrorists, photo, biography
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