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Stanislav Terekhov

( President Russia Sovereign Party (PRD))

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Biography Stanislav Terekhov

Birth 28 August 1955, Mr.. In 1976. graduated from the Leningrad Higher Military Political School of Defense
1987 - 1990 he. - Study in the Higher Political Academy. Lenin (WPA)
In adjunction, Faculty of Law of the WPA. Lenin (in 1992. Rename in the Humanitarian Academy of the RF Armed Forces) entered in 1990. November 13, 1992, Mr.. expelled from the adjunction with the rank of lieutenant colonel on the orders of Defense Minister Pavel Grachev. April 1, 1993, Mr.. Military Court of the Moscow military garrison, restored the Humanitarian Academy. September 23, 1993, Mr.. vov was certified by order Deputy Defense Minister Valery Mironov. January 18, 1995, Mr.. The Moscow District Military Court reinstated Academy.
Since 1972, Mr.. - In the Soviet Army.
Since 1975. - Member of the CPSU.
In 1976. graduated from the Leningrad Higher Military Political School of Defense.
In 1976. - 1987. served in the Trans-Baikal Military District.
In 1987. joined the faculty of Combined Arms Military-Political Academy (VPA), Lenin, graduated in 1990. Honors.
In 1990. ran for the deputies of Russia in the single-member district of Moscow.
In February 1992, Mr.. at the Inaugural Conference of the Union officers was elected chairman.
November 13, 1992, Mr.. order of Defense Minister Pavel Grachev, "for a service gap" dismissed from the army.
April 1, 1993, Mr.. Military Court of the Moscow military garrison, decided to restore Terekhova in the Armed Forces.
21-23 September 1993, after a decree by President Boris Yeltsin to disband the Supreme Council, participated in the defense of the White House. September 23 Group Terekhova made an unsuccessful attempt to take the staff of the unified armed forces of the CIS. Arrested.
September 23, 1993, Mr.. Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General Valery Mironov signed a new order of dismissal Terekhova from the ranks of the armed forces.
February 27, 1994, Mr.. Terekhov released from the detention facility Lefortovo in connection with a change in preventive measures ".
April 16-17, 1993. at the I Congress of Russia Power Party (PRD), Terekhov was elected its chairman.
January 18, 1995, Mr.. The Moscow District Military Court declared illegal the decision of the Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General. Mironov, 23 September 1993. and restored Colonel Stanislav Terekhov on active military service.
In August 1995, Mr.. chief military prosecutor of Russia was closed a criminal case against Stanislav Terekhov, associated with the armed attack on the headquarters of Allied CIS September 23, 1993.
In December 1995, Mr.. elections in Gos.Dumu 6-th convocation was registered candidate in single-mandate district in Moscow. Election lost.
In March 1996, Mr.. RF Central Election Commission registered initiative group to nominate Stanislav Terekhov's candidate for president of Russia from the "Union of Officers". In April, Terekhov, withdrew his candidacy and urged his voters to vote, Gennady Zyuganov.
May 16, 1996, Mr.. The Moscow City Election Commission has decided to register a candidate for the post of vice-mayor of Moscow, Stanislav Terekhov. Mayoral Terekhov lost.

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  • Kirill for Stanislav Terekhov
  • Hello Stanislav Mordovia G. Kovylkino. Please report conducted rained more yunarmeyskie fees Young Guard. Sincerely Kiril
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    Stanislav Terekhov, photo, biography
    Stanislav Terekhov, photo, biography Stanislav Terekhov  President Russia Sovereign Party (PRD), photo, biography
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