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Igor Terekhov

( Photographer)

Comments for Igor Terekhov
Biography Igor Terekhov

. Photographer Igor Terekhov reminds imp of korobchonki - nice, . trusting imp with Italian beard, . soft resin gray curls and laughing eyes, . like that, . which fooled in Pushkin's "Tale of the Priest ..." bounder Balda his revolting peasants astute and purely idiotic ruse,
. Comrades of the basement photo studio, "Comrade," where in the darkness adjustment Igor matured, so they called him. Too tempting - down pat on the head with an adult wonder-child: our little devil you. Moreover, he is not offended. But it neobidchivost and naivety for the first acquaintance, do not reach these strings.

Actually it is a very proud man who knows his worth and not worn it. Balde a worker can not afford not too tough.
Terekhov believes in the hypothesis that nedovoploschennye talents of other nations and epochs are moving in from other times and nations the most inexplicable way, for no social, genetic and other material causes. Somewhere in Mordovia, for example, may be born a real Van Gogh, and in Belgium, for example ... etc.. To himself, this hypothesis fits the best way. Among the long-predavnih ancestors Terekhova for some lines of famous diviner of the human skull Lumbroso, . but this has no effect on his work (except for a few animal skulls photos), . If we consider the social environment, . foreseeable origin and other "roots", . they are to any creative work did not have,
. And now do not have. Terekhov jumped into our world from somewhere on the side from the outside, as the devil from korobchonki. It is best to present it in a beret with a feather, jacket, velvet pants and shoes with buckles, somewhere in the sixteenth-century Genoa. In Tula of the twentieth (yes even though the twenty-first) century, it is clearly not out of business. Who needs these strange fotopolotna with broken dolls, . germinating fresh flowers, . horned typewriters, . shipastymi military caps, . floating on a string of plastic fish, . fossil skulls and other exhibits of world-historical landfills, . inexplicably come alive, and only a very cozy, . meaningful, . talking about the company? What is all this idea? What did he mean by that?,

. You be disappointed if you try to ask about this Terekhova
. Theoretician can not say that this book is not even a man can not (do not want to?) Comfort you in an integrated dinner something conceptual, non-objective, transcendent. This just succeed creators of literary and artistic riddles, where there is nothing transcendent. I am sure that Terekhovskaya work have special meaning, and it is known to the author as God's gift, but verbal dissection of his vulgarize. Therefore Terekhov seems tongue-tied when forced to talk about his work.

. Now take all those unspeakable objects that make up the composition Terekhova, mix them well, scatter around the room and thickly sprinkle with cigarette ash
. You will find yourself in the same underworld, where he pops up every time you do not expect - in his two-room studio Khrushchev. As it is in this Bedlam, when one works at night? As he was not terribly among models of this nightmarish world of chaos? How do you manage to organize, to animate, animate all this rubbish?

. From what he was doing pictures? Move the focus, and your sensible world instantly disintegrate in the trash madness
. This may each Balda, especially if the world is not his. Move the desired focus on someone else's pile of human trash, and she sings sweetly, come to life, to comprehend something new, welcome, happy friends. In Terekhova laid the trick.
The rest is irrelevant.

Oleg Khafizov, September 1999

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Igor Terekhov, photo, biography
Igor Terekhov, photo, biography Igor Terekhov  Photographer, photo, biography
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