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Yarihanov Khozh-Ahmed

( Minister of Science and Education in the government of Aslan Maskhadov.)

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Biography Yarihanov Khozh-Ahmed
Candidate of Technical Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in 1981.
He was an assistant professor in the Grozny Petroleum Institute im.M.D.Millionschikova. Specialty - researcher parameters of power supply systems of oil refineries.
By nepotverzhdennym data, since 1991. before 1995. was head of the department of higher education institutions (education minister) in the government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
In May 1995, Mr.. Yarihanov traveled to St. Petersburg, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government Dudayev (data representative of the Chechen Republic in Moscow), where he met with Anatoly Sobchak, and Yury Kravtsov and discussed with them the conditions for peace talks. Yarihanov described the proposal Sobchak and Kravtsova as "a very concrete plan" on which you can work. There he also said that the Chechen side agrees to act on the "St. Petersburg's plan" and hoped that it would lead to concrete results - in contrast to the negotiations under the auspices of the OSCE, which "broke down because of the unwillingness to them by Russia".
July 20, 1995 Yarihanov replaced Usman Imaeva at peace talks due to illness Imaeva.
Later - August 2 - Johar Dudayev Usman Imaeva removed from the leadership of the Chechen delegation and was appointed by Khozh-Ahmed Yarihanova.
August 25, 1995 Yarihanov stated that "delay in the Russians discuss the political block of questions leads to a split in the Chechen society". According to, . Russia party deliberately delaying the process of discussing the political block of questions, . "and at this time, the Government of National Revival led by Salambek Khajiev and the Committee of National Accord, led by Umar Avturhanovym preparing for their elections on Nov. 5",
August 30, 1995 Yarihanov said that Dudayev's government intends to stop the preparations for the forthcoming October elections in Chechnya.
September 26, 1995 Khozh-Ahmed Yarihanov rejected a proposal by Russia to discuss the issue of elections and economic reconstruction of Chechnya, saying that "subject only to discuss issues related to Russia's aggression".
October 30, 1995, Mr.. according to the RIA-Novosti, Khozh-Ahmed Yarihanov appealed to the OSCE to provide the Chechen side the opportunity to speak with information on developments in the region in the organization's headquarters in Vienna. In a statement Yarihanova to the chairman of the OSCE, Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs of Hungary expressed fears that "the European Community is not enough informed about the true state of things" in the republic. The same document states that "the recently established Supreme Council and the Government of National Reconstruction in Chechnya are ordinary puppet entities".
November 8, 1995 Yarihanov accused the OSCE mission in Grozny in passivity and silence about the massive violations of human rights in the republic ". Yarihanov noted that if the mission will continue to remain silent on these issues, Ichkeria will be forced to abandon the mediation of the OSCE ". In his view, the world community through the inaction OSCE misled. On the same day Yarihanov said that "the elections in Chechnya on Dec. 17 will not be". According Yarihanova, prior to the election campaign "should appear certainty as to the status of Chechnya". He expressed the view that the solution to this problem impeding the federal government to break off negotiations on cluster policy issues.
November 17, 1995 Yarihanov said that Moscow's intention to hold presidential elections in Chechnya imply the rejection by Russia to negotiate with Dudayev's supporters. He noted, . that the issue of elections to local authorities was to be discussed within the block of political issues, . but "if Yeltsin and Lobov, . without consulting with us, . decided, . that the election of the head of the republic must be implemented now, . This means their complete rejection of further negotiations ",
In 1995-1996. Yarihanov was authorized representative of Dudayev and chief negotiator with Russia. After the death of Dudayev's other successor, but they became Zelihman Yandarbiyev.
Autumn 1997. He behalf Junco signed an agreement on transit of Azeri oil through Chechnya, was a supporter of good relations with Russia.
In October 1997, Mr.. Yarihanov resigned.
In 1999 he was Minister of Science and Education in the government of Aslan Maskhadov.
Political views, the position
October 28, 1995 Khozh-Ahmed Yarihanov said that if an immediate presidential elections were held, it "would have won Dudayev with a 80-90% advantage over other candidates". "Dudayev's regime is accused of crime, . yes, . crime, we had, . but not more, . than in Russia after the collapse of the USSR, . besides, . main gangs Ruslan Labazanov and Beslan Gantemirov, . now known, . financed from Moscow ", . - Said Yarihanov,
. "The main thing we have achieved over these 4 years, this is what laid the foundations of Chechen statehood".
October 30, 1995 Yarihanov expressed the view that "the best solution to the problem of guarantees would be the presence in the conflict zone of international observers and peacekeepers of UN forces".
November 1, 1995 Yarihanov stated that "the opinion of Anatoly Kulikov - this is not the opinion of the Government of Russia, and Kulikov decide whether to continue negotiations with Dudayev's supporters". Such was the reaction to the statement Yarihanova Kulikova, in which he called "cease all negotiations with the regime of Dudayev".
November 10, 1995 Khozh-Ahmed Yarihanov negatively assessed the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Shakhrai in the preparation of a draft treaty on the delimitation of powers between Russia and the Chechen Republic. He expressed the view that Sergei Shakhrai "so far from the problems of the republic, that his intention in the shadow of Moscow officials to solve the problem of Chechnya can only be harmful". According to the Yarihanova, Shakhrai "long discredited in Chechnya as a politician". Regarding separation of powers between Russia and Chechnya, Yarihanov stressed that "all powers that are necessary to the Chechen people, the people took himself, and he Shakhrai in this matter will not ask"
. "If it were not for Sergei Shakhrai, we would have signed such a contract for another 4 years ago" - said Yarihanov, expressing confidence that "Dudayev side shahraevsky option contract would not sign"
. According to the newspaper "Today" (August 3, 1995): "Khozh-Ahmed Yarihanov managed to produce Russian colleagues to negotiate an impression of" rights, certainly clever, but uncompromising. "

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Yarihanov Khozh-Ahmed, photo, biography
Yarihanov Khozh-Ahmed, photo, biography Yarihanov Khozh-Ahmed  Minister of Science and Education in the government of Aslan Maskhadov., photo, biography
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