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Chokan Mustafa

( prominent public figure, member of the Muslim faction of Russia's State Duma. Creator of the organization of `unity` Turkestan.)

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Biography Chokan Mustafa
photo Chokan Mustafa
Mustafa Chokan was born Jan. 7, 1890, Mr.. in place Aulie-Tarango, the Syr-Darya region of Kyzyl-Orda region. Originally from kipchaks. Santa Mustafa earned the title "Datca" that equates it to the sultans. His father, Csoka, 1836 born, died in 1916, was once the parish and respected as recognized by the people biy, Judge. On the maternal side he is descended from the Kazakh khans who ruled Khiva. He received a fair thing for the family tradition and education.
By this time, the tsarist government by force of arms is fully established in the region of imperial rule, declaring the territory adjacent to Russia Russian Turkestan. When Mustafa was 8 years old, there was a revolt under the leadership of Imam Madeleine, which included Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz. The uprising was brutally suppressed. At the direction of Nicholas II, all the lands of the rebels, including wintering, as well as all the best lands were handed over to Russian settlers. That is why, having given to Mustafa Muslim home-schooling, parents determine its Tashkent to the Russian school, where he learns the Kerensky. Already in school, he unites a fellow who gave a vow to be Muslims and not to depart from the faith. Brilliantly finished high school, Ciocana entered Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University, a student develops his political identity as a Democrat, is clearly aware of the political situation in Russia in general and in Turkestan. Taking an active part in social activities, . he communicates, . particularly, . with a prominent figure in the royal administration Gubaydulloy Shangirhanovym, . who cares about attracting young Kazakhs for university, . tried his best to alleviate their plight,
. As is known, the Kazakhs as "wild" in the III and IV of the State Dumas did not get the deputy representative, and therefore can act only through the so-called Muslim faction of the European part of Russia. Despite his youth, Mustafa was a genuine soul orgkomissii in this fraction. Through her, he was able to present the State Duma now the bloody suppression of the uprising troops 1916. When in February, 1917. established a provisional government, Mustafa Chokan contributed to the appointment of Commissioner in the Steppe Region Alikhan Bukeyhanova in Turkestan - Muhamedjan Tynyshbaev. But even before the February Revolution, he conceived the idea of "Turkestan Union", for which he leaves in 1916. in Kazan, and creates an organization called Turkistan Unity ". Its leadership includes five people, which was the undisputed leader Mustafa. December 27, 1917, Mr.. all political currents and parties gathered at Vseturkestansky Congress, announced the creation of Kokand autonomy by electing its first president Tynyshpaeva, and after his resignation unanimously Chokaeva. The documents adopted by the Congress, declared the need to establish economic relations with Russia on the basis of equality and mutual interests.
. But Kokand was defenseless against the attack of the Bolsheviks in all parameters: a shortage of arms, military personnel, international support
After capturing the city began rampant carnage, violence against women, looting, executions without trial, the destruction of "unnecessary witnesses". Only through the courage and dedication of fellow Chokan he manages to break out of this bloody mess. In Baku, Batumi, Istanbul, Mustafa gets to Paris and settles in it. While living in Paris, Ciocana developed the hard work to unite all Muslims in exile, is making every effort in order to open the eyes of the West to the true state of affairs. He played an indispensable role in society "Friendship of Peoples of the Caucasus, . Turkestan and Ukraine ", . communicated with the Socialists and with prominent political figures, . everywhere systematically developed his concept of political unification of the Turkic peoples to gain their freedom, . independence and the possibility of civilized development,
. In London, Paris and Warsaw, he performed with the reports and explained and exposed the repressive nature of the imperial policy of the Bolsheviks in 1924. He publishes "Yash Turkestan", spreading it in London, in English, in Germany, French and Polish in Warsaw. His article is still striking and profound analysis of the severity of the question. Bolsheviks, and especially Stalin feared the penetration of his ideas and, . not to mention his name, . mowed at the root of any independently thinking intellectuals as "pan", . "panislamistov", . giving these terms a kind of sinister sounding, . as well as the term "nationalism",
. In fact, he proclaimed the idea of regional, linguistic, historical and related to the ethnic unity of the union of peoples, that in our time developing on different levels. Lenin and the Bolsheviks were also initially used the term "Islam" to refer to the region, culture, life, tradition and common political history.
As far as the Bolshevik tradition and gravitated gravitates so far in understanding the work of Mustafa Chokaeva can be judged from the fact that it is not stopped speculation about a possible connection with the so-called Mustafa "Turkistan Legion". This is the version that "worked" the KGB, not devoid of any factual basis. In fact, we know only what the Germans after the encirclement of Paris was arrested Chokaeva, then sent to Berlin. He was then to wait on him with von Mende and Vali Kayumov, was sent to study the situation of prisoners of war in Poland and Ukraine. During this visit, Mustafa has made an effort to alleviate the situation of immigrants from the East in the sense of life and their devices to work. Bitten fever, Ciocana was treated at a hospital, where he died on Dec. 27, 1941, Mr.. Announcement of the establishment of "Turkistan Legion" was followed in April 1942, t. e. Almost four months after the death of Mustafa Chokaeva. It is believed that he was poisoned by order of Rosenberg, that perhaps took part in the Vali-Qayyum, who became "the khan" Turkistan Legion ". One can only guess, . as the Germans wanted to use political authority Chokaeva for their own purposes, . how much they trusted him (or how he had not met their expectations), . any inner motives could be at Chokaeva for some union or a diplomatic agreement with the Germans (or none exist),
. It should be borne in mind only one and most important: since 1920, . Living in France, . Mustafa Chokan as a politician, . in exile, . earned him the impeccable reputation as a man, . personality, . a great scientist, . Economist, . sociologist, . Publicist, . journalist,
. And all the speculation around his name - only a belated attempt to cast aspersions on the memory of this outstanding figure of the region, designated by the Council as Central Asia and Kazakhstan. It is impossible to say this is better than Professor A. Shulgin, who knew Chokaeva. "Mustafa was a great bi-statesman, an outstanding writer and journalist. Remaining faithful to its traditions, he had in themselves all that valuable, human, what can and must connect people of diverse and seemingly incomprehensible to each other peoples'. =

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Chokan Mustafa, photo, biography
Chokan Mustafa, photo, biography Chokan Mustafa  prominent public figure, member of the Muslim faction of Russia's State Duma. Creator of the organization of `unity` Turkestan., photo, biography
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