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Sharansky, Natan (Anatoly)

( Soviet human rights activist, a Soviet dissident, a prominent political figure in Israel.)

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Biography Sharansky, Natan (Anatoly)
January 20, 1948. the family of journalist. After graduating from high school in 1966. Anatoly was accepted to study at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. In the summer of 1972. graduated, then worked at the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas.
After the failure in 1973. departure to Israel, motivated by the authorities secrecy, Sharansky was one of the leaders of the Soviet Jewish refuseniks. Sharansky has paid attention not only for Jewish refuseniks. He dealt with problems of the Germans, . wishing to travel to Germany, . fluent Ukrainian language, . translated appeals Ukrainian dissidents, . translated press conference Sakharov for English-speaking journalists, . helped Christians-Pentecostals, . engaged in other human rights issues a wide range,
Later, Sharansky writes: "... an expression of solidarity with those who suffer side by side and together with you, it was for me a continuation of the natural inner freedom, which I felt, became a Zionist". In May 1976. Professor S. Orlov announced the formation of the Implementation Support Unit of the Helsinki Accords (Helsinki group), whose purpose was to monitor the observance of human rights in the USSR. Creation of this group was confirmed Helsinki Declaration, signed by several human rights activists, among them, and Anatoly Sharansky, who took an active part in formulating the document. He proposed a permanent seminar on the theme: "State of Human Rights in Russia".
The logical end of human rights activities Sharansky in the Soviet Union became his arrest on 15 March 1977. He was charged with treason in the form of espionage and assistance in carrying out hostile activities against the Soviet Union, as well as anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda. Those charges threatened to shoot Sharansky. From the moment of arrest (March 1977) and before the trial (July 1978) Sharansky was in Lefortovo prison in Moscow. During the trial, Sharansky has rejected all the allegations against him and showed them the absurdity. July 14, 1978, Mr.. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.
As a result of political changes in the USSR and international pressure in February 1986. Sharansky was released and immediately deported from the USSR. Sharansky's wife - Natalia (Avital), which shortly before his arrest, he combined Jewish religious marriage, all nine years of his imprisonment was active campaign for his release.
In the West, Sharansky has not stopped its activities in defense of freedom of emigration. In December 1987, the eve of the Soviet-American summit, he organized in Washington, the largest protest march. In 1989. U.S. President P. Reagan awarded him the Medal of Freedom. In Israel, Sharansky has created the Zionist Forum - public organizations dealing with absorption (the arrangement, vzhivanie) immigrants from the Soviet Union. In July 1995, Mr.. He announced the creation of a new political movement of immigrants from the former Soviet Union - Yisrael ba-Aliya (in Russian - "Israel to make Aliyah", or "Israel is on the rise"). In the parliamentary elections in May 1996. Sharansky's party won 7 seats in the Knesset and joined the government coalition, and he became the Minister of Industry and Trade of Israel. MK 15 th convocation of the party Yisrael ba-Aliya. The government of Ehud Barak in July 1999, the Minister of Internal Affairs.
He left the Cabinet in protest against the negotiations on the status of Jerusalem. Natan Sharansky says he will not compromise on the status of Jerusalem.
Currently, Natan Sharansky is a member of the Knesset, the leader of the Yisrael ba-Aliya, which brings together mostly from the former Soviet Union and defends their interests. At the same time, Sharansky is co Russo-Israeli committee on trade and economic cooperation
. The Soviet period in the life of Natan Sharansky
. Activities Natan Sharansky in Israel <
. br> Photo Gallery Natan Sharansky


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    Sharansky, Natan (Anatoly), photo, biography
    Sharansky, Natan (Anatoly), photo, biography Sharansky, Natan (Anatoly)  Soviet human rights activist, a Soviet dissident, a prominent political figure in Israel., photo, biography
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