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Paul Getty

( richest man of his age)

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Biography Paul Getty
This skinny Yankees with cold blue eyes could easily go down in history as the richest man of his age - because he had more hot oil dollars, than in any of the Rockefeller. However, the world remember him for another reason. Paul Getty until his death he believed that his puny body leased powerful guest.
Mysterious creature that took possession of Paul Getty, made him keep the oil war in cold blood to destroy rivals and hunt for hundreds of women. It destroyed his life and has made a proud American in the most miserable rich man on the planet.
As often happens, was born that possessed by the passions of people in the family of the Puritans, who are used to keep a lid on their feelings. Irishman George Getty and his wife Sarah, daughter of Scottish immigrants, strictly followed the canons of the Methodist Church and believed that the Christian observance of the commandments of God rewards the rich. The accident forced the devout Irish commit dangerous for a Christian act: a decade after the death of his daughter, whom claimed came down in 1890 in the Midwest typhus epidemic, he began to seek solace in the occult sciences. George spent the evening at a seance, calling the spirits and imploring them facilitated the birth of an heir. Once out of the mouth entered a trance medium, he finally heard the news so long awaited. A certain spirit, to say about myself is that in life he was invested with the imperial power in ancient Rome, has promised that within two years in the Getty family, a son.
The prophecy was fulfilled exactly. By Christmas 1892 has been born a boy, whom the parents gave the name of Jean-Paul. The future founder of the oil empire grew small, weak and ugly. Later he would remember that a child felt lonely, and deprived of parental warmth. Sarah Getty adored her son, but tried to contain the feelings, afraid to spoil it, and not allowed to talk with their peers, in order to avoid bad influence. Strict upbringing and many taboos played with Paul a bad joke: in the end of his stormy temper burst out, like steam from under the lid of a boiling cauldron. George was rarely home because he was busy with business - starting with the insurance business, he soon succumbed to a fever came over Oklahoma oil and tirelessly shook the magical liquid is steadily increasing its capital. In 1906, George W. Getty was a millionaire. Drawing attention to the last grown-up son, he was surprised to find that he long ago should not puritanical principles adopted in the family, and his own at the heart of Papa George horror. The day when he was fourteen, Paul proudly announced that the long lost innocence. At seventeen, he dropped out and plunged into the night life, now and then leading into the house of questionable girls. My father did not know what to think: at times it seemed to him that he sees before him is not his son, Paul, and quite another, stranger. This "other" was a resourceful, cunning and downright obsessed with sex. Find an explanation occurred to change his son George W. Getty was unable to ...
It all began with a statue of Caesar Trajan Hadrian August. Her image Paul saw in the textbook - and immediately seized the boy's strange, inexplicable feeling, the nature of which he was able to understand much later. Many years later, he will experience the same sensation, which would call "severe attack of deja vu," when would pick up a piece of marble statues repulsed. And then Paul struck a surprising similarity between the person of the mighty ruler of his own. The boy, whose teacher was called a walking encyclopedia, already knew something about reincarnation - the transmigration of souls. Gradually he began to feel that he looks at the world through the eyes of the Roman dictator, and hears his formidable voice. This voice terribly annoying, but resist his orders was impossible.
Unexpectedly himself Paul seduced two school girlfriends. But the restless spirit, "who was sitting inside, was not satisfied: he demanded more and more new victims. And only after reading all the books on Roman history, who could find in the school library, Paul knew what it was: Caesar, Adrian, one of the greatest rulers of ancient Rome, was known for his inordinate lust.
. After Getty's death stunned the descendants found in his famous black notebook, several hundred women's names, written in a column in alphabetical order
. And next to each name - address. Paul Getty took possession of the most beautiful woman on the planet - a film actress, a millionaire, the Duchess, seduced juvenile girls and traveled brothels ... They say he is seriously going to bring the number of mistresses in his Don Juan list to four - according to legend, this is the number of concubines was Caesar Hadrian.
To maintain sexual battle of this magnitude, need the money. Only they can give a young man with the look and ethos of the bat that the battle-seasoned Roman emperor used to take power. And Paul Getty began to create their own empire. He fanatically sought to achieve success, shaking his oil relentlessly - from under a thick layer of orange dust Texas, from under the snow-white sands of Arabia ... Conducted endless oil war, fighting for the black gold from the rest of the world - and won, capturing all the new spheres of influence.
Getty stole their victims slowly and carefully. Competitors did not immediately notice that the deadly danger from a tiny office, located on the third floor of a Parisian hotel "George V". In this study Paul spent day and night, sometimes even forgetting about food. Without leaving his office for months - on the phone to buy concessions, negotiated over the phone on tax benefits from the sultans and kings. By phone is ordered for a few hours of girls with Place Pigalle. Just a few hours of sex - and he is again ready for an oil war ... Ready to lead his army of sales agents, brokers and geologists, an entire fleet of tankers ...
For twenty years, he swallowed half of his competitors. And curiously, that every time the victim was several times larger predator. Yes, Paul Getty was able to digest the tasty morsels of any size.
. In 1939, he tore and swallowed a huge concern "Tide Water Oil" - former owners of this company for a long time, even had no idea about the existence of Paul Getty and his small firm of Getty Oil, with a capital of one and a half million dollars
. A quarter-century, he wins over the once all-powerful Standard Oil, owned by the Rockefeller clan. By the mid-60's annual profit of Getty Oil reached fantastic proportions. It is estimated that the magazine "Fortune", in those years, the Getty daily increased its capital by half a million dollars.
The British know hated him for what he bought on the cheap bankrupt estates of aristocrats. "J. Paul Getty devours the corpses of bankrupt and unhappy people," - once remarked Lord Beaverbrook, and was partly right. Its English name Sutton Place Paul Getty bought the bankrupt Duke Sazerlendskogo on predatory price - just 600 thousand pounds. Such money oil tycoon in the years to earn in two days ...
His trophies became not only swallowed the oil companies, and bought houses for a pittance, but also beautiful women. The biggest victory of his life believed Getty affair with Marie Tessa, great-niece of someone from the Russian Grand Dukes. Eccentric blonde overemphasized its relationship with the Romanovs, . and her many fans really were inclined to find in the character of this lady's typically Russian royal features - reckless courage, . refined gentility and penchant for drunken adventures.,
. They met at a society reception from the Duke Glostershirskih
. Tessa Marie shone in the circle of young admirers. Getty recently celebrated its fifty-five. For a while he intently watched her from a far corner of the palace halls. Then he quickly rose from the couch, rapid step approached, introduced himself, said. Within hours seminude Marie Tessa already adorn the interior of the boudoir in the castle belonged to the Getty Sutton Place. Later, she acknowledged interviewers that the famous tycoon, struck her with his cold intellect, tenacity and a fantastic ice storage. "Oh, you think: he gave me the speech by heart, Lincoln!" - Admired Marie. For oil Emperor relationship with Marie Tessa was a real triumph. Just think, a relative of the Russian Tsars - in his bed!
However, he forgot it, just as all other. Paul Getty was rapidly losing interest in their living trophies. None of his five wives, was unable to stay with Paul more than three years. Increasingly, behind him said: "Mr. Getty is seriously ill. He can not love the women and their children ". A strange disease ... Her symptoms were always the same. As soon as another husband announced he was pregnant, Paul ceased to feel any sense, but irritation, and to her, and to the unborn child. Even those who knew Paul Getty, it seemed inexplicable. They did not know that the Emperor Hadrian fiercely hated all of whom saw their successors, and died childless ...
. As the grandson of oil magnate Jean Paul Getty was kidnapped Third Calabrian mafia, the old Getty refused to pay them two million dollars ransom
. Just getting to nearly cut off the boy's ear, he agreed to hand over money. And it seems a long time to regret it. Until the end of his life he was convinced that the kidnapping of his grandson was a trick by 16-year old kid and his crafty mama to get the old Paul fork ... When the mutilated boy was released from captivity, the Getty has refused to talk to him on the phone. Soon granddaughter died from AIDS, he had not even sent her parents a sympathetic telegram.
. The fate of troubled children and grandchildren of Paul is much less than the future of a noble spirit, "dwelled" in his own body: Getty panic was afraid that after his death, the Roman emperor will be forced to move to a dishonorable shell
. Suddenly it will be frail body of a Chinese rickshaw or, worse, long-tailed baboon ... "Sexual activity is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation - he read in one of the books. - As for the remaining eight, they are insignificant ". The old Getty perceived sex as a drug. It is known that he was making love to an advanced age, carefully selecting partners. Already on the ninth decade dragged into bed his secretary ..
Purple toga formidable ruler of Rome over the years grown on to him tightly. His idol is donated huge sums to build monuments and museums, he built himself one of the most luxurious villas of the time in the Roman suburb Tibur (now Tivoli). Getty, in turn, a small fortune invested in works of art. His first purchase was a precious landscape van Goyen, who liked to Paul, simply because chalet in the picture resembled sweet heart haylofts native Oklahoma. The next acquisition was "Portrait of a merchant Martin Lutena" painted the great Rembrandt. It is possible that in the time of purchase, the Getty is not quite imagine what a Rembrandt. He drew cheapness - it was in 1940, and the former owner of the picture, frightened by the approach of the Nazis Dutch Jew, lost her only $ 65 thousand.
. Analysts secular magazines and just visit the Getty did not miss a chance to make fun of the aesthetic taste of the master Sutton Place
. "He chooses canvases by the principle of color matching wallpaper" - is at the Los Angeles taymc "end of the sixties. Paul Getty did not care about the poor reviews scribbler - he knew that management does not color wallpaper, but ... price. He bought only what was sold for a knockdown price - usually at the bankrupts and drunken aristocrats sold heirlooms.
However, the only thing that really interested - it Marbles. Mr. Getty felt an inexplicable attraction to him: he acquired the ancient Roman statues in parts by different owners, as if collected from disparate parts of marble "Transformers". In the late 60's bought from Lord Lansdouna fragment Roman statue of Hercules - a fragment of the torso with a shoulder. Suddenly ... Old Getty trembled - it seemed as if he saw this Hercules in a past life. He immediately called back to Lord Lansdounu and asked where it was found this sculpture. A Lord made curdle poor old man - he stood a few minutes in silence, clutching the phone to your ear. It turns out that the statue was found during excavations of an ancient palace of Villa dei Papiri, buried under a layer of volcanic ash after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD пЁпЎпЄя?. (this eruption was fatal not only for luxury villas, but also for the two cities - Pompeii and Herculaneum). Now Paul Getty seemed that he found an explanation as to why a marble Hercules struck him as an old friend - in fact on the Villa dei Papiri, according to historians, a few years spent a great Roman emperor Trajan, Adrian August ...
. Fragment of ancient statues made unexplained effect
. The old man dropped everything and went to Italy - where archeologists have discovered a layer of ash under the ruins of the palace. And again it seemed to him that he suffered an attack of deja vu. "I've been here in a past life" - recorded a billionaire in his diary. He was ordered to make detailed drawings of the building - the septuagenarian American had already been completely at the mercy of crazy ideas. He decided to build a replica of Malibu Villa dei Papiri. And set to work with the energy of the young fanatic. By order of the Getty Tivoli were specially brought in 16 tons of gold travertine stone (it is from this stone was built by Trajan's villa in Tivoli). Oil millions, seemed unable to turn back the clock - the sun once again turn green gardens of the ancient palace of luxury, splashing fountains and glistening waterfalls ...
. So private home in Malibu, the Getty has become a unique museum, the repository of precious paintings, sculptures and antiques
. Paradox is that the owner of this luxurious estate never saw it with my own eyes. Paul Getty supervised the construction of London - over the ocean. He was not destined to visit the updated Villa dei Papiri. The fact that he - old age - could no longer endure the transatlantic voyages. But to fly in panic fear.
By the end of his life began to pursue the fears and inexplicable mania. According to the servants, wicked spirit Adriana completely subdued the old man's psyche and now mocked him. First, Paul has surrounded himself with lions. Lions ... noble royal predators ... only they can protect - the inner voice whispered to him. Love of predators was accompanied by bouts of misanthropic rage towards children and servants. Getty acquired a live lion named Nero. And put on the desk top working office stuffed lion cub ...
Having learned from somewhere that Adrian Caesar died in his bed, he had removed from his room bed and spent the night sitting in an armchair and wrapped in a blanket. In his later years his face, disfigured unsuccessful plastic surgery (the third), like a mask of the ancient Greek tragedian. Or not: on the death mask of the Roman Emperor. He sat motionless for hours in a chair with eyes closed. On his knees, asleep, cuddly cub Nero ...
Paul Getty died in his sleep. Great new time Don Juan had slain prostate cancer. The coffin was sent by plane from England to California. And immediately after the death of the shadow of that strange man that put lives on the altar of service to his own delusions, hung over his successors.
It all started with a will. The reading of the document bombshell. Four sons and fourteen grandchildren Paul Getty for a long time could not understand of what happened: the old man is practically deprived of the inheritance of their relatives. Sons, Paul received a pittance. Faithful servant - Chief Security Officer, masseur, a doctor and the permanent secretary - a little more. All of their billions Getty bequeathed ... Museum in Malibu.
It was a desperate attempt to break into immortality. Like the Emperor Hadrian, who immortalized his name building a renewed Roman Pantheon, the old Getty tried to put all their energy dollars in one giant leap for eternal glory. Villa in Malibu overnight become the richest museum in the history of mankind (today experts estimate its active funds in two and a half billion dollars). Children newfound benefactor of such a clear demonstration of love for the art put on the brink of bankruptcy. But it turned out, was only the first act of the Getty family tragedy. Was followed by the second and third.
The elder son, George, until recently a prosperous businessman, owner of golf clubs and thoroughbred horses, fast ruined alcoholism. Raised in constant fear of the omnipotent and scornful father, he committed suicide, taking a dozen pills sleeping pills and drinking a glass of Kentucky bourbon. And to top it plunged a fork into the stomach for hot. "He killed your own father!" - Tears yelling to reporters late wife.
The second son of the ghetto - Ronald, born of the marriage with a blonde German girl Feeney Helmle, grew away from his father and always believed that he hates him. "Even after his death, his father, like a ghost, unseen, took part in my life," - admitted Ronaldo in an interview. From the wealthy owner of a California hotel chain Radisson Manhattan Beach, he became a citizen of South Africa, a beggar, wandering on the Bantustans in a mobile house on wheels. Late father just did not finish it, leaving Ronaldo bequest ... only your own blog with contemptuous remarks about his son, occurring almost on every page.
The third offspring of oil Emperor - Paul Getty, Jr. - went down in history as the "golden hippies from Morocco". For a long time he carousing and acted impudently at her villa with a strange African Arab-French name of the Palais de Zahir - Palazzo passion. This villa in the outskirts of Marrakech has become a den for the tens of wandering hippies: here in the late sixties in the culinary cream cakes added to hashish and staged lengthy sessions of group sex under the southern stars. According to friends Getty Jr., he was trying to "beat" dad in a sweet hobby of breaking women's hearts - say that the billionaire's son managed to drag in his own bed Brigitte Bardot. However, the drug "Idyll" in Moroccan palace collapsed overnight: Getty Jr. was forced to go to the clinic, where he was diagnosed with diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and a whole bunch of chronic venereal disease.
. The youngest of the sons of the old Getty - Gordon - suffered from family misfortunes, to a lesser extent
. Perhaps because during the life of his father preferred to communicate with him as sparingly as possible. However, and it touched the heavy paw of destiny: failed to open all the hopes of Gordon's own opera. To some extent, he relied on the funds that he relied on his father's legacy - and miscalculated.
Fate grandchildren also formed tragically. Eldest son, Paul Jr., Jean-Paul Getty Third, after returning from the basement, where he hid the kidnappers, mobsters, was forced to spend rest of my days with a plastic prosthesis instead of the ear. His mind was severely damaged forever: he could not believe that the mother's grandfather had refused to pay ransom for his release. Soon he became addicted to whiskey and drugs. Giant dose of heroin has plunged him into deep coma, which lasted for several weeks. Jean-Paul came to the blind and paralyzed.
. A few years later his beloved sister, Eileen, had just married the son of actress Elizabeth Taylor, died of AIDS.
. All this has made the younger grandchildren, Mark Getty, think seriously about the secret "tribal curse"
. Mark has carefully studied the history of other wealthy families of America and came to the conclusion: the tragedy of pursuing only those clans, where relatives hated each other. Mark has even written a few articles on this subject, as a positive example, he mentioned the Rockefeller family. "The house the Rockefellers peaceful, because there had heard of Christ's commandment to love one's neighbor - written by Mark Getty. - And in the Getty House, however, about the commandments, no one knew, but they were all too aware of the caprices of Hadrian Caesar ... "This conclusion does not help the unfortunate family - the scourge continued. The powerful spell that deprived him well, has lost its force only after it expired on the centenary of the birth of Paul Getty.
By the mid-90's Heaven, it seems, took pity on the descendants of the oil Emperor. Emaciated and bent, Paul Getty Jr., finally cured of drug addiction and even carried away cricket on the advice of his old friend Mick Jagger. Gordon Getty fortune, bought a Boeing and a mansion in California. In impoverished Ronald arisen hope - his daughter, as if by agreement, married millionaire. Even at home paralyzed Getty third case went smoothly: the son of poor disabled - Balthasar - began a successful career in Hollywood, starring in the movie "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves.
. The offspring of the Getty, has long incensed, began to go and see each other at home ...
. There is only one place on earth, where none of them likes to come - this is an old ancestral estate in Malibu
. Here, in the main hall of the museum installed a marble bust of the late owner, made during his lifetime. Long straight nose, thin lips clenched ... Sculpted by order of the old man stressed the similarity of the original with the ancient statues of the Roman Caesar, Adrian. And now everyone who is familiar with the history of this strange billionaire, the marble statue is one and the same question: is not looking for a new home irrepressible spirit of the Roman imperatoraN

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