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Dulatov World-Yakub (Mirzhakip)

( Distinguished poet, writer, essayist, educator-educator, one of the leaders of the party `Alash horde`.)

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Biography Dulatov World-Yakub (Mirzhakip)
(November 25, 1885 - October 5, 1935)
. Dulatov Mirzhakyp (World-Jakub) - poet, writer, essayist, educator and teacher, went along with Bukeyhanovym and Baitursynova into that top three, which marked a milestone revival of national consciousness of Kazakhs in the XX century
He was born Nov. 25, 1885 in the village Sarykopa Kustanai Region. In his brief description of his childhood, wrote: "come from the Middle Horde, kind Argyn, 2-year-old lost his mother, 12 years old - father. When I was 8 years old, my father gave me training aul mullah, a man very ignorant. I do not remember how long he studied with him, only know that in addition to learning Arabic prayers learned nothing ". Then he spent two years studying in a rural school in the Russian and Kazakh languages, two years - in the Russian-Kazakh school and received the title of a rural school teacher. The first experience of poetry was published in the first issue of the Kazakh newspaper "Serko" (released just two rooms) in St. Petersburg. The first collection of poems "Oyan, Kazakh" was published in 1909, soon broke up and was republished in 1911. Title of the book served as a manifesto calling for the people of that generation of intellectuals beginning of XX century. One of the leading instigators of which Mirzhakyp Dulatov is on the right. "In 1911 the collection" Oyan, Cossack "was confiscated, as noted by the author himself, the General Directorate of Press. Smagulov Sadvokasov in the preface to the book "Youth of Kazakhstan" (1928) wrote: "In the beginning of this century, there are early followers of Abai. They can be ranked by living A. Baitursynov, M. Dulatova, M. Jumabayeva. The first novel in the Kazakh language, entitled "Bakytsyz Zhamal" ( "Unfortunate Zhamal") was released in 1910. Sponsored by the above-mentioned M. Dulatov. The novel describes the life of the oppressed Kazakh women to be sold as a thing for a bride-price and was a huge success, bringing unprecedented glory to the author.
. In 1914 at the initiative Turkologist VV Gordlevskogo as prominent representatives of Kazakh literature were introduced into circulation the names of Abai and Mirzhakypa in East Collection in honor of AI
. Veselovskiy ". A second collection of poems Dulatova entitled "Azamat" published in 1913 in Orenburg, it had placed several translations of Russian poets. How would an epigraph to him was a few lines on the cover of the book:
In various places I unenviable tree
No it luxurious fruit.
But the whole and from the root of these parts I.
Alash! (Countryman, my!).
The fruits of my - your.
Attached great importance to Dulatov newspaper "Kazakh" plays the role of socio-political publications and existed until October 1918. Life and work Baitursynova he devotes later (1922) essay. Actively collaborated in 1911 Mirzhakyp in the first Kazakh magazine, which appeared to his stories and poems. In 1915 he published a collection of poems under the heading "Thermo". After the revolution Dulatov works in various editions, continues to write, planning a book on the history of the Kazakh people. In 1928 he was arrested, in prison for two years, then was exiled to the Solovetsky camp, where he died Oct. 5, 1935. Still alive, four grandchildren (Dinar, Nurdan, Jannat, Erlan), children of his daughter, Gulnar, a doctor by profession.
Life and work Mirzhakypa Dulatova closely associated with the party Alash and the Government Alash Horde. Thinking people, and among the first Mirzhakyp, could not remain aloof from the process of colonization, when the edge of the crowded but the will of the royal administration more than 1.5 million. persons who were transferred to the best land. To exit from this situation, they felt the need to get rid of barbarism, ignorance, complacency and obedience, to awaken in people the desire for education, science, enterprise. Here they were successors of the Enlightenment in the XIX.
Kazakh soundly asleep.
Burn in the fire because, if not shown pryti,
All the people moved forward,
Only our people are rolling back,
Trying not to make at least a step forward.
These lines Mirzhakyp prefaced his collection "Oyan, Cossack". "Kazakh people got completely dependent on Russia, he is absolutely no rights. Levies and taxes collected from him, do not go to his needs. Tsarist government was ready to expose the genocide of the Kazakhs - writes Dulatov - as descendants of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane ".
Decision dated July 3, 1907 Kazakhs were denied the right to participate in the Duma than completely undermines the very possibility of self -. In the article "The Law of 3 July and the Kazakhs' Dulatov criticized the decision as unfair. If the decision of the Kazakh issues will not be involved deputies from the Kazakhs, then no matter how erudite and eloquent deputies, acting on these cases, no competent decision can not be. The experience of the two Dumas refuted arguments that Kazakhs "dark" because the Kazakh MPs they showed their education, good knowledge of the needs of the people. Not a mockery of common sense is a situation where for the Kazakh people they serve, said Dulatov who hate or despise the Kazakhs. But the Kazakhs themselves are fragmented, a sum strife, and because of this subject to any influence from outside, crawled before any Russian petty officials and police officials, accustomed to toadying, bribery. A royal government not only did not think about educating people, the awakening of his mind, but on the contrary, those who own funds seeking to open a school, persecuted, imprisoned. In the cramped conditions reduce rangeland Kazakhs, says Mirzhakyp, is left with no choice but to take up farming
. In 1916, he, . and A. Baytursinuli and A. Bukeikhanov opposed the king's decree on the recruitment of Kazakhs in front of, . which, . they thought could bring people, . who is already on the brink of extinction, . until the present famine, . because he would lose the most productive part of society,
. Mirzhakip was the creator of the first in the history of the people in the famine relief fund
. Dulatov participated in the development of policy documents of the Party Alash and government Alash Horde "together with A. Baitursynov, . which, . essentially, . starting from the precepts of humanism and democracy, . they developed the rule of law: the equality of all citizens irrespective of religion, . blood, . sex before the law, . trial of all disputed cases,
. General political structure of a reformed Russia was conceived as a democratic federal republic headed by the president chosen by the Duma.
While in prison for interrogation in 1929. in response to the accusation of "nationalism", he explained: "We want our middle name belonged to us". Mirzhakyp sharply opposed the reform of the Arabic alphabet, considering the language of reform of the nation to break the connection with a written history of the people, which will begin losing their native language, the alienation of the people from their own history. He keenly felt the hypocrisy of the then declarations of alleged "state status" of the Kazakh language and tried his best to defend the rights of the Kazakh language and religion.
Even before the kangaroo court he had not bowed his head and said in his last official word: "For the future of his people, I must do everything possible. If I am mistaken, then together with the people. Sooner or later the truth will prevail.

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Dulatov World-Yakub (Mirzhakip), photo, biography
Dulatov World-Yakub (Mirzhakip), photo, biography Dulatov World-Yakub (Mirzhakip)  Distinguished poet, writer, essayist, educator-educator, one of the leaders of the party `Alash horde`., photo, biography
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