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Vinton Cerf (Vinton CERF)

( The developer of technology and Internet development.)

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Biography Vinton Cerf (Vinton CERF)
photo Vinton Cerf (Vinton CERF)
(genus. June 23, 1943)
500 years ago, there were printing presses. Their invention was a breakthrough of the Renaissance, making reading and, accordingly, training is widely available. Developing Vinton Cerf, the protocol TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) enabled hundreds of thousands of servers to communicate with each other and ensures unprecedented flow of information, millions of people. And today, Vinton Cerf, who in the 1970's developed the legendary record with his partner, Robert Kahn, continues to work on improving the technology. He was fascinated by the project to build the interplanetary internet system.
Who knows all about the Internet
Having existed 25 years, today IP, according to Cerf, 'stands at the head of all things' in the field of communications. Cerf, even predicts that by 2010 all data traffic is likely to be 'packed' in the TCP / IP.
. In December 1997, President Bill Clinton awarded the National Medal of the United States for the development of technology Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn - for the beginning and development of the Internet.
. Only facts
. Vinton Cerf was born June 23, 1943
. New Cerf interested in information technology in school. A friend of his father gave the boy the opportunity to get acquainted with SAGE, computing machine for electronic valves. Then the technical capacity of the machine impressed Winton. Several years later, he and his best friend, Steve Crocker, already programmed on a computer input device on punch cards in the University of California. At that time he worked in the laboratory of Professor Lena Kleinrock and participated in the development of protocols for ARRANET. There Vinton first met Robert Kahn.
Cerf began his research activities at precisely the time when it was put into circulation (since 1969) and widely used technology of packet data. The emergence of ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet, at the origins of which stood Cerf, allowed the various research centers, government agencies and universities to share information.
. In late 1972, after graduating from university, Cerf, like most of his' brothers' the shop '- the inventors in the field of computer technology, he went to Stanford, entered the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
. Here again met Cerf and Robert Kahn. In 1973, they together developed the underlying concept of the Internet and on the results of their work have prepared all necessary documentation. The papers were presented in the same year the International Working Group on Networks (INWG).
During the 1974 Surf with students and colleagues he worked at Stanford over the more detailed elaboration of the concept of protocols described by scientists in the documents for 1974. Parallel Cerf and Kahn confidently approached the creation of TCP. In December 1974, has its first complete draft TCP. Throughout 1975, various research centers conducted a trial run protocol. Continuing to do this job in 1976, Cerf was appointed program manager at Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). At the new place, he was responsible for carrying out programs to develop technology packet data and research on internetwork communications.
Since the beginning of a multihomed open architecture entered a new stage in the work on protocols. One of the most important discoveries was the office internet protocol (IP) of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which initially combines the functions of both. Actually, as a result of work on the scheme came to light a single set of protocols - TCP / IP. You and I, yes we are with you
In 1965, the head of a group of hearing aid introduced Vinton Cerf with his future wife - Sigrid. A year later they were married. The fact is that Cerf suffered partial hearing loss, and Sigrid - almost deaf. Early on in communication with surf Sigrid invited him to the Museum of Art in Los Angeles to show a new friend his favorite pictures. Perhaps it was a reaction to the Winton Paintings Sigrid demonstrated that her future husband - an engineer-Philistine (Philistine). And for many years Sigrid trying to teach her husband to appreciate art, just as he appreciates science.
It seems that the efforts Sigrid at least partially not in vain. Vinton Cerf, collecting stamps, coins, wine, and enjoys reading science fiction. Last for decades is a literary passion Winton, before it was 'The Wizard of Oz'. Even Vinton collects sculptures, drawings alligators and crocodiles, loves going to the theater. Prefers classical music: Wagner, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart.
We Winton and Sigrid two sons - David and Bennett. The boys picked up the talents of both parents, and their work is related to the introduction of computer technology in film and video production
Sigrid lost her hearing at age 3 years. Several years ago, underwent surgery to implant the implant and now, after more than 30 years of marriage, she communicates with her husband on the phone.
. During his long career as Vinton Cerf was the head of many companies, has received numerous awards and became a member of a large number of different companies and organizations
. And another of his appointment took place recently: November 16, Vinton was appointed chairman of the Internet Corporation for purposes of names and Numbers (ICANN). He was succeeded by no less than legendary personality - Esther Dyson.
Esther Dyson has been on the board of ICANN since October 1998. Previously (1974-1977) Esther worked as an analyst for the securities markets, and a reporter for Forbes magazine. Dyson is chairman of EDventure Holdings, is working on new markets and with young companies
. The development took 10 years
. By 1978, all those who participated in the development of the Internet, came to the conclusion that it is time to use the network at larger scales: the general view, it is time to complete the transition from the initial protocol ARRANET NCP to TCP / IP
. Clearly, not all at once gladly accepted this innovation: technology, developers have spent considerable effort in persuading people to accept change. In mid-1982 even included the following action: on one day ARRANET was denied the opportunity to work with anything other than IP-protocol packets. Naturally, this caused a huge scare (for example, can receive mail only those who have already worked with TCP / IP). However, the full demonstration of 'subordination' NCP will of the technicians was not convincing, so that such an action had to repeat once again: the autumn of 1982 NCP was denied the support already for 2 days. Finally, in January 1983, NCR was banned in ARRANET, and was replaced by TCP / IP. Full transition to TCP / IP was completed in a few months - by the end of 1983.
Actually, on the implementation of TCP / IP Cerf mission as a scientist concluded. By his own admission Winton, it 'until 1984, saw commercial potential in new technologies'. And in 1984, was founded by Cisco Systems, which saw Cerf force capable of removing more and commercial benefits from the use of his brainchild.
In 1982, Cerf left ARPA and started working at MCI. There, from 1982 to 1986 he headed the design MCI Mail - the first commercial e-mail service connected to the Internet. And in general, Cerf more forces gave the development of technologies for the Internet. He first became a member of the Council to establish the architecture of the Internet, and then - its chairman. Over time, work with the Internet became interesting Cerf and as a researcher, developer, and as a businessman. In the early 1990's Cerf worked for the Corporation for National Research (CNRI), where he was engaged, including, and the setting up of funds for various scientific enterprises. In addition, Cerf had the idea to create "an organization that could curb the ever-increasing worldwide interest in the Internet '. Cerf consulted with some people the Internet community, and here at the 1991 annual conference of the INET, held in Copenhagen, was announced a plan to create the Internet Society. In 1992, the Society was established and started its work. In the period from 1992 to 1995, Cerf was the president of the Society, and since 1999 chairman of the board of directors.
. In 1994, the magazine 'People' named Vinton Cerf, one of the most interesting people '25 'years
. Despite the fact that Vinton Cerf was at the very beginnings of the Internet, in the beginning of his career he could not suggest what the results will result in the existence of the Network and its use by man
. Here are the achievements in the Internet and its use was surprised Cerf, . by his own admission, . most of all: the desire of millions of people to share their information via the WWW, . increased use of the Internet elderly and young children, . and the constant emergence of new prospects for business,
. Cerf is striking and rapid adaptation to the Internet use of children and young people, who consider it 'their network' - with room for dialogue, music sites and pages.
. It is estimated that Vinton Cerf, to date, the number of networks around the world, and that connection is the Internet, more than 200 thousand and the number of computers connected to the web, ranging from 60 to 200 million
. Since the invention of TCP / IP came to light hundreds of new protocols, providing a huge amount of work a variety of programs and applications. More important than the various technical development and achievement Cerf believes the creation of WWW. This Web-based application consumes about 75% of network traffic, while the share of e-mail is spent only about 15%. However, the emergence of web video could again change the statistics. But because of the 6 billion people inhabiting the earth, only about 200 million have access to the Internet, Vinton Cerf sees for himself and his colleagues vast field of activity.
Book yourself a new address: yourname.mars
The main focus in today's work in the area of the Internet Vint Cerf assigns of the idea of the interplanetary Internet. Some time ago, Cerf started thinking about the expansion of the network to other planets, and soon discovered that the separation of NASA worked on the same problem. As a result, engineers Space Agency and several networking companies are trying to adapt the architecture of the Internet for space communications. For two years, NASA and the leading authority in the area of network development are working together to expand the boundaries of the functioning of the Internet and its release in the coming years to other worlds. Financing of the works carried out by NASA and the sources of the project budget next generation Internet (NGI).
But their way into the universe blocks irresistible speed of light. Between Earth and Mars 34.6 million miles. Even with the speed of light radio signals pass through this distance in 3 minutes. And since the distance between Mars and Earth is constantly changing, the time to overcome may take up to 20 minutes. It is obvious that the device of the Internet, with its constant interaction networks and the exchange of packets too 'unwieldy' to the celestial spheres.
. Without dwelling on the description of the possible schemes for the organization of an interplanetary Internet, . one question to try to answer all the same should be: why break away from the renowned engineer ZemliN According to Cerf, . interplanetary Internet will provide a continuous connection with the cosmos, . that will reduce costs and increase the width of the bands (frequencies),
. In the future, Cerf sees the possibility of introducing a future interplanetary system of our earth's Network. Standardization of methods of communication in space with various robots, space travel and research apparatus will help improve the conduct of space research. According to the calculations of Cerf and his colleagues, to create a complete basic scheme of the interplanetary Internet will go from 20 to 40 years. But scientists expect that the first InterNetwork for the two planets - Earth and Mars - there will be no later than 2010.

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Vinton Cerf (Vinton CERF), photo, biography
Vinton Cerf (Vinton CERF), photo, biography Vinton Cerf (Vinton CERF)  The developer of technology and Internet development., photo, biography
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