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Tim Berners-Lee

( Father of the World Wide Web)

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Biography Tim Berners-Lee
photo Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee (Tim Berners-Lee) was born in the right place at the right time. That is, in good old England, in the middle of the twentieth century. Another ten years before the birth of Tim's American Vannevar Bush (Vannevar Bush) revealed to the world a new word - "hypertext", and another American, Harry Truman (Garry Truman) ordered the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Future "father of the World Wide Web for the first time without errors written the word" mother ", . when large original, . eccentric scientist Ted Nelson (Ted Nelson), . proposed a "documentary universe", . linking all the texts, . produced by mankind to the light, . cross references,
. Then, in the early sixties, the academic audience is not led to anything but a condescending smile. Twelve years old, Tim was identified by parents in a private London Emanuel School. One of the hundreds of thousands of British schoolchildren svetlogolovyh just started to get acquainted with the exact sciences, . when all the Americans used in Vietnam scientifically sound method of "scorched earth", . but at home confirmed the beginning of work on military projects ARPA Net.,
. In 1976, a young scientist, Sir Berners-Lee, graduated with honors from King's College at Oxford University with a degree Physics
. Ibid with him days earlier, there was a sad incident: he was denied access to the computer laboratory of nuclear physics, because in overtime slothful student ... playing with toys that have no relation to science. This traditional for the great minds of computer history (remember, with a young Bill Gates happened about the same thing) pushed nelenivogo youth to design their own personal computer. Domestic product cost in Tim funny at the time the money: 5 pounds for an old TV, 13 - for chip decoder, plus two scholarships - Used for M6800 microprocessor. The similarity of the keyboard was made from a broken calculator, thrown in the wastebasket wasteful master. Performance "on snot" monster was solemnly hoisted a room in the hostel. This terrible beast deserves a monument of gratitude of millions "polzateley" on the Internet.
After college, Berners-Lee a few years, jumping from place to place. For two years he banged on the keys in the firm Plessey Communications, is available in English markets telecommunications equipment. Even a year he passed, developing multi-tasking operating system and drivers for peripherals in the company DG Nash Ltd. But bored and escaped to the mainland. The British Isles one genius was less.
In the summer of 80-year Tim finds a job as a consultant on software development in the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN. The contract was signed just six months. The mountain air in the vicinity of Geneva is refreshing for our hero. Work glued, and he makes a decision - to stay in these parts.
It was then for their own needs, he wrote a small program "Enquire" (in Russian it can be translated as "Supplemental" or "Notebook"). The program, in fact, showed a now familiar hypertext database. Drafts of lines of code that nemudrenoy programmki - place in the museum, because it is in her future was embodied the concept of the World Wide Web. (By the way, not the time to really create a non-virtual museum virtual universe - InternetN That room Tim Berners-Lee: a pair of stools, a heap of scrap and random lists of drafts, hanging from the ceiling on strings Wide Web).
. Nearly three years went from Monsieur Berners-Lee to obtain permanent residence in the walls of CERN
. Tough tradition of Swiss hospitality. Yes, and restless nature Tim does not allow him to sit for long in one place. He then suddenly took up a completely fantastic searchlights, then vayal fundamental soft in the office of John Poole (John Poole). By 1984, his attention entirely on the problem of processing and delivery of research results in real time, so long worrying CERN. Here's the handy programm named "Enquire". At the new stage of development, it already had not only to support arbitrary hypertext links, making it easier to search the database, but to become a multi-user, platform-independent system. Berners-Lee set to work.
Far more important, that the case took just Berners-Lee. Anyone else probably would have dropped his hands, so skeptical was the attitude of senior colleagues in this venture. In those days (mid 80's) idea of a convenient user interface was very vague. Nobody believe that "pure" scientist approach the hypertext database and dare delete my white hands on the keyboard. In addition, the expectation of load on the screen display a page of hypertext render themselves even white-haired elders, not to mention the very Tim and his students. It was at last bore the brunt of unraveling the threads of the texts and the knots of cross-references. Among the particularly noteworthy Kailliagu Robert (Robert Cailliau), a very cheerful and witty man, sometimes referred to as his "right hand" creator "World Wide Web". After the arrival of Robert "WWW" was completely decorated in a separate project. And then things moved faster. Americans have simplified the name to Kailliagu Cayo, I once even collided with the assertion that the Web created by Chinese and Japanese Cayo Lee
"The meaning of a universal information space today --
three-letter "W". And in the original - certainly green.
Each letter and number has a certain color. "W" - only
green and no more "- Robert Kailliagu.
In autumn 1990, the CERN had to use the first "web-server and web browser, written personally by Mr. Berners-Lee in the NeXTStep environment. Convenience realized utopia called "documented the universe" it became clear to all. In the summer of 91-year project "WWW", conquered the scientific world of Europe, crossed the ocean and joined the American project "Internet". There is a parallel world of newborn abbreviations: URL, HTTP, HTML. The outbreak was the struggle between Europe and America for a new information technology comes to naught with the move by Tim Berners-Lee to the United States. In 1994, he provided a chair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the same time, Tim Berners-Lee led an international consortium W3C, performing the role of the House Standards of the World Wide Web.
Life of Sir Berners-Lee is covered with a veil of mystery. But there is nothing feigned. Simply he does not seek to be a popular figure and believes, like every Englishman, his suburban villa in a sense fortress. In this private area access by journalists commissioned. And Tim and his wife, Miss Nancy Carlson (Nancy Carlson), can not stand when shoved his nose in their family affairs. Yes, they have two children, yes, they are happy in marriage. For further information please contact a lawyer. Why such chopornostN normal protective reaction, promoting the fact that Tim still finds itself in a certain sense, an immigrant. (Remember, he lives in the United States just eight years old). By his own admission, he never became a "hundred-percent Americans," and hardly ever they will. The scale of the American continent are depressing for Europeans, especially in the islander.
"Berners-Lee - the invisible hero of the Internet. Any
. another area for the achievement of this magnitude it is certainly
. would be awarded the Nobel Prize "- Eric Schmidt (Eric
. Schmidt), inventor of Java, one of the leaders Sun
. Microsystems.
. Tim peculiar self-deprecating humor
. Once, before a huge audience he had to cope with unexpected computer. "Do I have stood here before you, if it is so worked as nadoN" - said he would like to side, even after how to deal with the problem.
He rattled on in English at an incredible rate, almost as fast as thought, or maybe even faster. Keep up with his thought quite impossible. Sometimes he interrupts this flow (if covers off) and, after the words "so, what I ostanovilsyaN", the text continues to crumble, as from a cornucopia. During the retreat, many employees of the Swiss CERN, spoke to him only in French, hoping thereby to reduce the pace of dialogue.
. It looked like the first web-browser
. "He never tried to translate their inventions into money
. equivalent
. It's just not his way of existence ". - Vinton
Cerf (Vinton Cerf), one of the pioneers of the Internet, the vice-president
MCI Communications.
In recent years, Tim Berners-Lee was awarded dozens of the most prestigious prizes, but not fabulous wealth amassed. Moreover, in a sense, he is opposed to the commercialization of the World Wide Web. It is as if the part looks at neshutochnye battle between Microsoft and Netscape, checking weapons of the opposing sides in conventionality. This is about the same as if at the final of the world football championship attended the inventor of the ball. Do you think that would bother him more, the outcome of the match or the fate of an expensive leather heart izdeliyaN Web - the flesh of his flesh. In one interview he said that "almost physically suffering from vsepogrebayuschego debris Networks. Internet Magazine once wrote "The network is similar to the new Wild West, to the needy in their sheriff". All this is. Only an intelligent, affable Tim ill-suited to the role of stern teacher. Yes, and no one could afford to drive to the curb, and whatever-else framework of the World Wide Web. It lives its own life. Weaves intricate patterns and self-destruct. Born and die, thanks to the Creator.

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