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NAVARRO Juan Villalonga (Juan Villalonga NAVARRO)

( Head, Telefonica)

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Biography NAVARRO Juan Villalonga (Juan Villalonga NAVARRO)
(genus. April 8, 1953)
For four months in Spain's largest companies - Telefonica - the new head. However, a fundamentally new achievements Spanish telecoms giant has not heard anything. The roots of all the current success Telefonica were laid in its first chairman - Juan Villalonga Navarro (Juan Villalonga Navarro).
. Bullfight on the business scene
. As a private (only partially government-owned) company Telefonica there are only four years, . and it should be noted, . that throughout this time, events in and around Telefonica occurred entirely in the spirit of old Europe, . and just at the southern part,
. And in Europe, especially in the homeland bullfighters, the laws of life and business are different from the typical American.
. And while some American publications write about, . that many successful managers of European companies with their achievements are obliged to, . that the learned or started to work in the United States, . history of business in the Old World rather than the business and the original calculation is based on human relations.,
. Sincere, friendly and responsive, to friends Villalonga - just Juanito
. He tells good jokes, quotes the ancient poets, like a rich feast, operates 15 hours a day, fluently speaks English. Villalonga believes the Internet "the most important technological invention in the history of mankind."
Juan Villalonga was appointed chairman of Telefonica, the main telephone operator in Spain, in spring 1996. This post made Villalonga one of the most influential people in the country. In July 2000, Villalonga was removed from the leadership of Telefonica and led them at the time of Terra Lycos. The reason for resignation was accused of using her position in the distribution of securities within the company. At this point, Villalonga has made increasing the value of Telefonica five times, . make it the main telecom operator in Latin America, . through the purchase included in the composition of its broadcasting, . television and cable companies in the Europe, . Africa and the United States, . create an Internet portal Terra Networks, . which today is among the largest "dot com", . bought for her U.S. portal Lycos.,
. Thanks to the efforts Villalonga today Telefonica is the leading provider of communications services among Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking population
. Worldwide, the company employs about 41 million lines of wire communications, it serves more than 20 million mobile phone subscribers. In Spain, these figures are 20 and 11 million respectively. Division Telefonica transmits voice and data, as the company takes part in European auction for a license to provide third-generation wireless
. Not just Juanito
. Villalonga was born April 8, 1953 in Madrid
. He graduated from the Department of Economics and Law at the prestigious University Deustino, and received a Master of Economics at the Institute of Higher Management Economics in Barcelona. After training Villalonga for nine years worked with the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., With offices located in the United States, Portugal, Italy and Spain. Then Villalonga was executive director of First Boston business bank in Spain. Next employer Villalonga, Bankers Trust, is trying to use its good valuable links, Juan Villalonga in political and business circles in Madrid. By the way, the business vein may have passed to Juan from his cousin, the founder of the Spanish Banso Central.
Since childhood Villalonga was a friend of the current Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar. Plus, Villalonga is the godfather of his youngest son Aznar - Alonso. It was Spanish Prime Minister gave him the opportunity to take the post of head derived from the state control Telefonica. Then, many felt that this appointment, the Spanish government wanted to get at the head of Telefonica person, followers of the state, a compliant and obedient. However, Villalonga quickly demonstrated that has its own ideas about the work of Telefonica, and his tenure as the head of Spain's phone giant, was marked by a number of bold steps.
. He strengthened, and so quite a strong position the company in Latin America, where Telefonica controls much of the telecommunications industry of the Latin American region
. After the laws of the European Union made it mandatory for the liberalization of national markets for telephony, Telefonica lost its lucrative monopoly position. Then Villalonga paid much attention to the conservation leadership Telefonica in the new conditions arising in the Spanish market competition.
In 1995, Spain began to work the first private cellular operator - Airtel. Gradually, one after another began to appear other operators and fixed line telephony.
. And finally, another test was successfully passed Villalonga, when in late 2000 over the company in danger of losing the monopoly in providing local telephone
. The essence of the developed Villalonga saving strategy was to reduce the dependence of companies on the Spanish market by expanding in Latin America and Europe, . well as by increasing the diversity of sectors and work, . including, . example, . appeared television.,
. In 1998, Villalonga created Telefonica Interactiva
. The following year, the unit has become the Internet portal company Telefonica and was named Terra. In Terra was turned on and bought Villalonga portal Ola - one of the first in Spain search engine. Ola was not the only acquisition of Terra: in 1999, the company has invested about 600 million. dollars in the purchase of portals firms in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and other Latin American countries
Buying in March this year by Telefonica for 5.3 billion. dollars powerful producer Endemol television production once again underlines its originality as a participant in the telecommunications market. Neither the corporation from this sphere of activity so far has not committed such a rapid breakthrough in film and television industry.
In November 1999, Terra became a public company, and its shares began to soar. However, outside observers could not know that inside the giant were disputes over the distribution of options among the leadership of the Telefonic
. Element totalitarizmaN
. Tendency Villalonga concluded transactions are not always brought the desired results
. For example, in early May of this year unsuccessfully completed its negotiations with the company from the Netherlands - KPN. This happened due to the fact that the shareholders of Telefonica and the Spanish government officials failed to agree on the terms of the transaction.
. In connection with this case, a U.S. Fortune magazine concluded that, . that if the former state-owned communications in Europe begin to unite - the fault of politicians, . they miss the opportunity to take a leading position in emerging markets wireless communications and data,
. They will take place quickly fast-growing mobile phone operators.
According to Fortune, when the Spanish government prohibited the merger of Telefonica with Dutch KPN (the cost of the transaction was to be 60 million. dollars), it proved once again that in Europe the policy outweigh the economic interests and common sense.
. Too many zahotelN
. Thus, the Spanish telecommunications giant has developed steadily, and yet the attitude of its leader, Juan Villalonga, with the government in 1999, gradually became more intense
. Still, no wonder the people of Spain are famous for beautiful passionate. It turns out that in the business world, this country's notion of love, honor and loyalty are not in last place. Relationships Villalonga and Prime Minister Aznar began to sour after Villalonga: parted with his wife, Concha Talhada - close friend of Aznar's wife, Ana Botella. New chosen one businessman became a brilliant Adriana Abascal, widow of the Mexican television magnate Emilio Askarraga, nicknamed Tiger, at 18 years younger Villalonga. (By the way, . If Askarraga was Tiger, . Villalonga it fit to call the Lion - for his thick hair.) addition, . in light of the approaching elections in Spain, Aznar disturbed at the rising Terra controversy surrounding the plan of distribution within the company stock options, . implementation of which promised to benefit most senior leaders Telefonica.,
. It seems that the government decided to punish Villalonga for his program to distribute stock options, which looked so profitable in the pre-election period
. The Government did not like that the chairman of Telefonica has acquired 16 million. U.S. options. But is not worthy of such remuneration, an increase over four years the value of his company in five razN
. In mid-June 2000 Villalonga harshly criticized in the pages of the influential daily newspaper El Mundo, which reported on his involvement in options trading within the company
. In various circles, quickly spread the view that Villalonga will leave the post of chairman of Telefonica (and, accordingly, Terra). At the same time Spanish Supervisory Committee for Securities launched an investigation into the involvement of Juan (resident, among other things, in Miami) to the machinations of options. Sources in the most Telefonica argued that for Villalonga not shown any misconduct. And, nevertheless, the situation grew tense, Villalonga felt growing pressure - required of him to leave the company. Shareholders of Telefonica accused him of single-handedly taking the most important decisions. According to Reuters Corporate Resources, . in the last weeks before leaving Villalonga government actively supports the main shareholders of Telefonica - Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria and savings bank La Caixa, . that they favored retirement Villalonga,
. As a result, July 26, 2000, Juan Villalonga was removed from the leadership Telefonica. He was replaced by Cesar Alierta, chairman of the Franco-Spanish tobacco group Altadis SA.
Villalonga himself never ceased to deny the internal trade securities and said that was the victim of slanderous conspiracy. A week after the forced departure of Villalonga Telefonica Spain administering Exchange stripped him of fraud charges with securities within the company. National Commission of Securities Market announced that the investigation was "insufficient evidence" to prove that Villalonga used confidential information to trade in options in 1998. Combining giants
In May 2000, Telefonica, the fourth-largest telecommunications company in Europe, made perhaps his most spectacular step: for the 12.5 million. dollars (equity capital, or 97.55 dollars per share) it acquired the U.S. portal Lycos. This step for Telefonica launched its Internet portal Terra market access to United States, . where 30 million people speak Spanish, . and also made it possible to access those parts of the world, . which has never set foot Terra - for example, . Asia.,
. At the time of unification in the new company had about 50 million unique visitors and 175 million page views per day
. Juan Villalonga except for presidency in Telefonica and Terra headed and association TerraLycos. Under the deal, it was attended by the German Bertelsmann AG, the third largest in the world media company. She agreed to five years to buy from TerraLycos various services by 1 billion. U.S.. In turn TerraLycos gain access to privileged conditions of books, music, TV shows, movies and to the rest of media content Bertelsmann.
. Combining Terra and Lycos has led to the creation of the world's first truly global Internet company, whose work is conducted in 40 countries
. Under the name TerraLycos it owns 122 sites in 19 different languages. In the month it is visited by about 91 million visitors who browse around 7 billion pages.
New chairman Villalonga called "active and valuable member of the Board of Directors of Telefonica and Terra". Regarding his departure in an official statement, he said: "In our discussions on how best to create wealth for the company in general, . shareholder, . customers and employees, . we decided, . that at this stage, . after a very successful implementation of several strategic initiatives, . it is time to replace the chairman of Telefonica ",
. Telefonica In a statement dated 26 June stated that "the board of directors of the company and Juan Villalonga today decided that come the time for a change in leadership". So.
Alierta - a former banker who worked with investment. About him say that it is the head of mid-level professional with a good reputation among international investors, as well as people with ties to the government of Spain. He became known through participation at the end of last year in talks to merge the Spanish state tobacco company Tabacalera and the French Seita, a result of which was subsequently founded Altadis. However, immediately after the merger the new company's shares fell below their value at the time of the transaction. Thus, the question arose about the management style Alierta. Analysts believe that most likely he will continue to work within the framework of agreements reached at Villalonga. An acknowledged master of his September 22, 1999 New York University and the Spanish-American Chamber of Commerce awarded to Juan Villalonga, then chairman and executive director of Telefonica, the award "Business Leader of the Year". Thus, both organizations recognized the leadership Villalonga and his success in establishing business relations between Spain and the United States.
. Last year the award "Business Leader of the Year" was given to the first time, and she went to persons who have made outstanding contributions to strengthening the Hispanic-American business relations
. Handed out awards organizations noted that "when Juan Villalonga Telefonica has made great strides in forging trilateral business ties between Spain and the United States and Latin America. Telefonica on its own strengthened the relationship of these three regions, as the company maintains access to advanced technologies in the Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking world. "
. In Spain, the analysts call him a visionary colleague added: "prescient 10 years ahead"
. For example, when many said that Villalonga overpaid for Endemol, he confidently parried: the cost of the transaction does not reflect the current and future value of the company.
. Like any visionary leader, Villalonga sometimes do not notice any immediate things
. Thus, he was genuinely embarrassed showered in his accusations of conflict of interest when, in July last year he was able to bring to work as an adviser to a former member of the EU Commission, Martin Bangemanna.
. Sometimes his mind, . if I may say so, . tired from the ideas, . from potential allies, and quite often from employees: by Telefonica has witnessed the punitive measures against the executive staff - periodic changes in its ranks.,
. When Villalonga Telefonica became large enough to adequately respond to the actions of competitors abroad, and international enough to resist intimidation by the government in their country
. 60% of investors Telefonica - foreign investors.
However, in November this year, executives Telefonica has made the first change in the strategic plan developed by Villalonga. November 16, it was decided to postpone (and later, possibly undo) Issue of shares following offices of the company: media, data transfer, laying of submarine cables and phone center. After preparing the current issue shares of its own "hot" unit - mobile telephony, Telefonica decided to stop here for the time. To be exact, as the new chairman Cesar Alierta, to "the moment when the IPO will not be necessary to demonstrate the value of the company."
. Juan Villalonga recently lived in Miami: there he had a new home, . new wife and, . like talking, . will soon be a new work in one of the largest U.S. technology companies, . transition in which he promises, . according to preliminary agreement, . 25 million,
. dollars.

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NAVARRO Juan Villalonga (Juan Villalonga NAVARRO), photo, biography
NAVARRO Juan Villalonga (Juan Villalonga NAVARRO), photo, biography NAVARRO Juan Villalonga (Juan Villalonga NAVARRO)  Head, Telefonica, photo, biography
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