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Yuri Kovtun

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Yuri Kovtun
(January 5, 1970 - ...
In a recent match in Moscow "Spartak" with Samara "wings" Yuri Kovtun has created a real miracle: scored the decisive goal strike from thirty meters, in the style of its namesake Nikiforova. And although before quivered in the net, the ball landed first in the bar, and then in the back of the goalkeeper, achieving Spartak defender this fact does not detract from. Samara goal was for Yuri only eighth in the big leagues, where he played for more than two hundred games.
Among the admirers of the player's "Spartacus" and the team of Russia Pavel Kotelnikov, probably the most careful and exacting. And how could it be otherwise, because he, his first coach.
- You, Pavel Petrovich, the general public are not well known. A few words about myself.
- I am an ordinary conscientious campaigner Russia coaching corps. Pull strap shall have 33 season. Interestingly perhaps that was born in 1946 in Vienna, where he served in that time my father. Attacks are usually: a sports family, football played at the regional level. He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Training in Stavropol, the coach was in Azov.
. - Not being modest, not given to everyone to find and train a team player.
. - Actually, my children, at different times of speakers and presenters in teams of artists of different divisions, - 18
. Prior to Kovtun's greatest success has made Vladimir Galayba, defending the colors of the Moscow "Torpedo". Incidentally, he now lives in Sweden. In Rostselmash played Bulashenko Alexander and Sergei Ivanov. All of them are pets first-class sports Azov. Kovtun - from his second release.
- When Yuri was in your field of vision
- I knew Kovtun, Sr.. Also the wing back Azov Mashinostroitel, hard, rock-ribbed. Yura, of course, a match not miss. He came to us in the sports school and trained with the more senior guys, and therefore easily entered into the clip in his age. The way, the 80 thousandth of Azov - the city football. From our Coach came out, incidentally, famous trainer Alexander Irkhin, now working with the Krasnoyarsk Metallurg. So childish championship is traditionally held us for three age groups - the teams have everything, without exception, schools. At the time Galayby and Kovtun, we have regularly competed in the championship of southern Russia with their peers from Novorossiysk, Maikop, Krasnodar, Vladikavkaz, Nalchik, with 14 years there were a good test run.
. - What was interesting young KovtunN
. - He started it in my defensive midfielders
. They, kovtunovskaya, breed strong. Jura, like his father and older brother, Victor, never on the field is not shy, in difficult moments, not afraid to take the fire on himself. Always carefully, I would say - scrupulously carried out tactical tasks. High, coordinated, often with the "standard" scoring head. Enjoyed enormous prestige from the comrades. Never raised his voice does not, and listened to him, the captain, without question.
- As he was then with mustard plasters "N
- And you are there too! Yura by nature very good, but in the dedication game brims over - does not spare himself. Even talking about it, say so, nezrelischnoy manner. Crap! Look closely, for their growth Kovtun technical, tactical outlook in order - what else nadoN
- When you gave George in Rostov sportinternat what feelings ispytyvaliN
- Joy. Then it looked very prestigious: Boarding gave "products" such Khidiyatullin, Bubnov, Glushakova, Eremenko, Jidkova, Goncharova and others. To give orders as Kovtun in good hands - worked with him there Vladimir Gavrilov, a specialist high-end, himself a former great defender.
. - Really worried when watching matches "Spartacus," team with his best uchenikaN
. - Sami matches, of course, are rated by professional
. But the heart, soul - next to Yuri. Always worried. You know, because now with his reputation seemed to be martial arts boor in the forwards do not mind showing off, go to the provocation, arbitrators sometimes come across. In general, the Jura proud.
- New talents today in the Azov estN
- Of course, there. But the bad thing is that a well-established system in the past Youth Academy - boarding school - the team masters weakened in middle tier. Our boarding poor, from the province, as before, the guys can not take. And it was the backwoods generous for talent. But we are not losing optimism, except rabotatN
- Do you have any coaching zvanieN
- No. Only category. When Galayba became the champion of Europe among young men, I hesitated to draw up documents, they say, 32 years, where the "honored" to youth leztN Maybe poskromnichalN What zhaletN now! To work not for the titles. There, you see, almost everyone passing by a kid with me hello, so from our sports school. That is, probably, is the best for the coach award.

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