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Kovtun, Valery A.

( People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Kovtun, Valery A.
Born in 1942 in Kerch Crimea region. Father - Kovtun, Andrei Ivanovich (1915 g.rozhd.), Radio. Mother - Kovtun Tamara Lavrentievna (1914 g.rozhd.), By profession - master. Valery Kovtun has grown - in the Black Sea, in the edge of the "thrilling romance, lofty dreams". Valera liked to go to the sea, look at the white ships. He dreamed of being captain of a large ocean liner. In their small town, as in the Soviet Union, was then quite a few holidays, when people wear the best clothes and went for a walk. In parks, on dance floors the music played: "Rio Ritt," "May Blossom", and the king of music was accordion.

Mom decided to give her son to a music school, has accumulated money and bought Valera bayan. Since tool guy went to a music school, but there were many who wish to learn from the Bayan, and he was invited to do a course accordion. Seven-year Valera stood for several hours at the commissary, hoping that someone will be for sale by accordion. He was lucky: on the happiness of a married couple needed an accordion, and they changed.
His first teacher was Grigory Gordeevich Chimiris. After graduating from music school, and then a music school, Valery Kovtun served in the Soviet Army, the military brass band. Having been discharged, the young artist worked with Mahmoud Esambayev, Iosif Kobzon, Yuri Bogatikova, as a soloist and musical director. Name Valery Kovtun became known in many parts of our country. Subsequently, he graduated from the Institute of Culture (1991), where he specialized in directing massive representations.
Talent Valery Kovtun enviable. Since 1980. he created an instrumental ensemble, which included over the years played Ivan Yurchenko, Vitaly Khrenov Eugene pockmarked and (drums), Igor Kantyukov and Nazyf Shayhlislamov (bass) and Michael Kochetkov (guitar). Creation of the team and its head enjoys great popularity and acceptance in Russia. Musicians always performed solo concerts on television and radio, participate in television programs and shows.

The repertoire of the quartet are established by Valery Kovtun processing and arrangements of many popular classical and jazz works by domestic and foreign authors. Among them: "Saber Dance" (Khachaturian), . "Bulgarian Horo" and "Domino" (P. Vladigerov), . "Czardas (V. Monti), . "Sirtaki" (M. Theodorakis), . "La Cumparsita" (Mattes J. Rodriguez), . "Liber Tango (Astor Piazzolla), . Ave Maria (F. Schubert), . "Venetian Carnival" (N. Paganini), . "Flight of the Bumblebee" (Rimsky Korsakov), . Devils Mucho "(Gonzalez), . "May Blossom" (A. Polonsky), . "Champagne Bubbles" and "Burnt by the Sun" (Yu Petersburg), . "Aria" (J. Bach), . "Beloved" (G. Gershwin), . "Fernandez" (D. Ross), . "AdiцЁs, Navarre Nanino" (A. Piazzolla), . Tico-Chico (Ebryu), . "Carousel" (Yu Shakhnov), . "Possadobl" (Lepin), . many nations of the world ringtones,
. Valery Kovtun performs music and original compositions. Many of his songs into the repertoire of famous Russian and foreign music groups and accordion. This: "The notion of Paris", "Moldavian tunes," Dedication LM. (Waltz woman) "," Carnival in Cuba "," Geneva Waltz, "" capricious woman, "" Revelation ", many others. V. Kovtun wrote the music for the musical "Dr. Zhivago", which will be executed in Germany. All he has composed over 50 tunes.

Beautiful melodies, great arrangements and brilliant execution accordionist Kovtun are the basis of his work. He passes through the soul, emotional experiencing all that plays his amazing instrument, and people respond to him selfless and sincere love.

Valery Kovtun - a musician from God. It is unique, it is rightly considered "the Golden accordion of Russia". The style of his game is used in textbooks for music schools and colleges and universities. Charming force Kovtun in the, . that his manner of performance and an unforgettable smile was a reminder of the light, . net heroes - his favorite actors of the national cinema - idols of several generations: Peter Aleinikova, . Nikolai Kryuchkov, . Mark Bernes,

Music performed by Russian musician ovation greeted in every corner of the planet: the United States, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Yugoslavia, Korea, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary and many other. Valery Kovtun was involved in many show-programs in Poland and Germany. During a tour of the famous artist in China, he became a real idol to many Chinese women. Already recognized musician V. Kovtun, a few years playing in the gourmet restaurant "Imperial hunting", where once met Boris Yeltsin and Jacques Chirac. Within 4 hours a musician performing Russian and French melodies for the two presidents. For three years he led the music program "Stars of the Accordion" at the radio station "Mayak", and is absolutely free of charge. In October 1997, Mr.. on stage concert hall "Russia" has passed its jubilee program music for an encore. Valery Kovtun has released two plates of a giant, 8 laser discs with different arrangements of songs and their author's works.

In 1990. Valery Kovtun was awarded the title Honored Artist of Russia, and in 1996. - People's Artist of Russia. He is the winner of the competition of folk music (1977), the competition of folk art "Rainbow" (1982), winner of festivals "Sopot-89" and "Song-90".

The most important thing on earth for Valery Kovtun - music. This is his first love and passion for children's accordion was the meaning of his life. That music, especially classical, jazz, folklore, and he trusts all the secrets, it is drawn to her in moments of joy and sorrow. He loves life, loves women, loves all professional. Is a fan of Russian actors, like Yevgeny Leonov, Petr Aleinikov, Grigori Abrikosov, Michael Yanshin, Oleg Borisov, Faina Ranevskaya, Marina Neyolova. House V. Kovtun has collected a large library. He likes to reread the Pushkin, is fond of history, antiquity and philosophy. Sea - his second love. He loves sports (football, basketball), is an avid fan of "Spartacus". Very fond of animals.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Grand for Kovtun, Valery A.
  • Valery A., . certainly, . great musician, . regenerating brilliance, virtuosic playing the accordion us, . Soviet, . not a chance to see / hear yes / legendary Frosini, . Deir, . Camilleri, . Gala Rini But, . I think, . Kovtun in their company would not get lost,
    . But why not publish sheet music artist compilations least of his works, transcriptions and oranzhirovok. Thousands of fans of accordion and accordion, fans of his work, would be very grateful to him for that. We look forward to this, Valery Andreevich As a performer you have nothing to prove, and the musical heritage is not only a CD ... health and further creative successes!
  • Anna for Kovtun, Valery A.
  • Valery Kovtun cool! , a real man, a super concert! Got lots of fun, Bravo!
  • Anonymous for Kovtun, Valery A.
  • Valery A. makes such wonderful treatment of well-known melodies, so delicious ... Good luck, Valery Andreevich. Accordion love you!
  • Anonymous for Kovtun, Valery A.
  • Shamil for Kovtun, Valery A.
  • 21 February were at a concert in the Kremlin V. Kovtun, tremendous sight! Great band, great music, all without phonograms, today it is a rare phenomenon! A huge thank you Valery Kovtun! We look forward to meeting you!
  • Anonymous for Kovtun, Valery A.
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    Kovtun, Valery A., photo, biography
    Kovtun, Valery A., photo, biography Kovtun, Valery A.  People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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