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Biography Pele
His record: 1281 goal in 1363 games played twenty-one year career in professional football. Thirty-two win a championship. Including three world. Ninety-time he made a hat-trick thirty times on the four goals scored per game four times - five, and once (in 1964, Gates' Botafoga "from the city of Ribeirao Preto) scored eight goals.
Its popularity is said, it seems, all. The whole world is spared picture of Robert Kennedy, embracing in the locker room "Maracana" in the shower lathered Pele. Like a beautiful legend Nevydumannye history of termination for one night raged in Zaire, civil war: opponents wanted to watch football with Pele. When Santos left, the war was renewed ... Much has been written about the poor, who padded through Africa from Cape Town to Casablanca to get to the match with the King (as it has for three decades are called in Brazil). In July 1995, another African hare in the hold of the American cargo ship crossed the Atlantic and set foot on Brazil to the King with a request to reconcile the belligerents in Rwanda of Tutsis and Hutus.
. One of the first award, which was awarded Pele, became a medal of the Ministry of Education of Brazil: Thousands of boys have begun to learn to read and write only in order to read his first book "I - Pele, which appeared after the World Cup 1958
. He went into the history of anecdotal case on a football match in Colombia: the judge who dared to expel Pele from the field, drove the enraged spectators from the stadium, then forced Pele to return and finish the fight.
. In November 1969 there was a funny incident
. In honor of the Queen of England, at that moment an official visit to Brazil, at the stadium "Maracana" a football match. We played teams of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. After the match Her Majesty handed the captain of the team winning the cup. He took it, of course, Pele. And, of course, hundreds of photographers tried to capture a historic moment. As always, the participants of the ceremony a hurry, the security service prevented, stands whistling, local officials have climbed to the forefront, trying to get into the frame next to the King and Queen. Tired of this mess, Her Majesty cynula Pele huge cup and met with a sigh of relief recede. But unsatisfied Photographers furiously cried out: "Where, where, the Queen! N Wait, wait! Get up close to him!" Note: next to him! Not "Pele, come closer to the queen!" And "The Queen, stand next to Pele!"
. Therefore, no one in Brazil did not bring a smile of doubt once published the headline: "The King and one of his fans"
. In the picture depicted Pele with the Pope.
His records are known to all: 1281 goal in 1363 games played twenty-one year career in professional football. Thirty-two win a championship. Including three world. Ninety-time he made a hat-trick, scoring thirty times in four goals per game, four times - five, and once (in 1964, Gates' Botafoga "from the city of Ribeirao Preto) scored eight goals.
. For years, our record-goleadorom was a great torpedovets Alexander Ponomarev: 148 goals in 244 games over two decades
. For comparison: in 1959, nineteen (!) Pele played for one season, 103 matches and scored 126 goals in them!
. Features of his football talent can be stated succinctly and accurately: any element of a football game, he performed better than any other footballer
. He just did not have weaknesses.
He ran faster than anyone else, above all jumped tremendously struck with both feet. For him, there were no secrets in football Technology. Hence the thrill that he inspired any opponents of any teams in the world. And no longer surprised, . when you learn, . once director, . who rented a movie about him, . asked him to get the ball to a certain point of the field: "In order not to spend the extra film and not run after you around the field, . we put the camera on the pavement on this side, . and you Zabey, . please, . over there, . from the right corner of penalty box,
. O'keyN "Gol flew it with the requested point.
His character fascinates. With an incredibly rapid ascent to the summit of Mount Olympus (he became world champion at seventeen, and two-time champion - in the twenty-two years) it did not touch the germs "star disease". He always admired all the friendliness, responsiveness and softness in its relations with others. Fan, who managed to get through to him through the chain of protection could be sure that the King will not refuse to autograph, greeted by his admirer, pat on the shoulder and wish all the best.
. But this almost angelic nature is strikingly different when the king went to the football field, where he has always been talkative and is very dangerous ..
. Yes, it was very noticeable feature of his nature: elevated, to put it mildly, talkative on the field. For all his restraint, self-esteem, with the innate intelligence and gentleness beyond the football field during a game he has always been one of the most vociferous, and sometimes grumpy players. During the famous game with Vasco da Gama, where Pele scored his thousandth goal, his performance sounded such gems of folk art that can not be quoting in the press. So noisy, he played all his football life.
- Creek - is also an element of play. And very important - he once candid. - In Santos and Zito, I cry more than anyone. And helps. Even among his players are those who can play only when they prikriknesh. Starts the game, he sleepily, half-heartedly, barely moving. A zaoresh at him once or twice, but louder, so he looked, and ran. No shouting - this is the same weapon, as a feint, as the header, as a good pass, as the dash for the gate.
. Sometimes it seemed that it was very hard, even a rough player, but the rudeness physical - blows to the legs, tremors banned - it is usually not allowed
. In any case, did not start the first. But if you got, you could send in response to "aggression" on the hospital bed.
. Sometimes, . in response to rudeness, . a push in the back, . on the bandwagon Pele could gracefully and wittily, . even caustically humiliate the offender by a series of rapid, . openly mocking feint - and turned boor in a helpless fool, . wounded and stunned whistle stands.,
. Usually, he played a purely
. Respect the rules of the game. But let's not idealize the King! Could he shuliganit, and cunning. Once in a difficult match, . when the balance is tilting it one, . then the other, . waiting for the ball in the penalty area and unsuccessfully trying to get rid of it adhering to the Ombudsman, . Pele at the time of the angular, . when all, . including judge, . looked at the corner of the field, . suddenly and quickly put his head under the hand of his "caretaker" and yelled ugly voice:,
. - Hey, Judge! Referee! Look what he does with me!
. The judge turned around and saw something resembling a reception of the Greco-Roman wrestling, dutifully whistle and ..
. pointed to the penalty mark.
Tears of the King has repeatedly seen the football and not just the football world. He is extremely sentimental, and it costs nothing to cry. For the first time it happened immediately after the final match at the World Championships in Sweden: breathless he sobbed on his shoulder, smiling happily Zhilmara. He cried when he became a double champion, he shed a tear, winning the world championship for the third time - in Mexico in 1970. Having scored the thousandth goal, he sobbed, while journalists and fans wore it around the field on their shoulders. Then he cried in the shower, then sobbed, already sitting on a bench and wiping.
Of course, he dropped miserly men tear each time saying goodbye to football. But this process had dragged on for years, turned into a real "Way of the Cross". In thirty-one years, he parted with the team: cry sob. In thirty-four - parted with Santos: sobbing. In the thirty-six - said goodbye to the Cosmos: pouring tears like a child. Tell, . please, . could someone, . even the most thick-skinned and tough guy, . left without water in the eye, . when hundred thousand "Maracana" rises in unison, and somewhere in the sky, . planetary, . the constellation of the Southern Cross rushes thunderous: "Oh-Be-Xia!",
. His home - his castle, in which anyone can not access
. Pele, always delicate and careful, keep the inquisitive reporters to his life, which flows outside the football field. Shortly before the wedding to Rose-Marie asked: "Why do you, . Pele, . not previously acquainted us with his nevestoyN "" You know, . - Said Pele, . - I did not want to pre-announce our engagement, . because I thought: what if we have a Rose-Mary something proizoydetN we leave,
. And this girl will remain for life with the nickname Bride Pele, as with the stigma. Perhaps it would prevent her to arrange his life with someone else ...
Wedding with Rose-Mary was held in early 1966. A year later came a daughter Kelly Cristina, then the son Edin, then another daughter, Jennifer. The family that for years was regarded as exemplary, and therefore the news of which began in 1978, divorce proceedings Brazilians embraced with the same amazement and disbelief with which the French would have heard about the fall of the Eiffel Tower.
. We must pay tribute to famous couples: divorce process they also proved to be exemplary - not whipping utensils without washing in public, without hysterics and public accusations
. Rose-Marie and the children get a decent compensation, and all ended quite decently and safely. Unless, of course, in such a situation we can speak about welfare.
King regained freedom. I immediately got the highest rating on the tacit fair most eligible bachelor. True, he constantly repeated that is not going to marry again. Kaleidoscopic dance of his friends became more abundant. At each annual carnival Brazil acquainted with the ordinary passions of his idol, appearing with him in the governor, of course, the bed. This continued up until April 1994 is not the inevitable happened: pyatidesyatitrehletny King took the same under the crown of thirty Assyria Seixas Lemos, a psychologist.
Wedding was played in Recife, the hometown of Assyria. The city authorities have carried out promptly repair the streets through which the motorcade was moving. They have been re-paved, and buildings - painted. At the altar, the groom shed traditional male grudging tear, the bride radiant with happiness. At the festival was attended not only relatives but also three hundred invited guests from across the country, of which one hundred and seventy police officers shielded from the hundreds of thousands of fans stormed maiden Episcopal Anglican Church.
. Marriage with Assyria enriched society columns of another piquant detail, which is a devilish stubbornness began grinding to a high-society receptions and in pubs throughout the country: Assyria stated desire to have children from a beloved spouse
. And while a lot! She, however, already had a three-year Zhemima from his first marriage. But the alliance with Pele should be sealed with children
. But it turned out that another seventeen years ago, immediately after the birth of third child - the youngest daughter, Jennifer - King made his operation, which experts call spermectomy
. This is only reliable method of birth control: so Rose-Marie in the final segment of his married life was spared from unnecessary trouble. Just like all friends of the King. But this unexpected request Assyria ...
Following consultation in one of the best clinics of the U.S. decided on artificial insemination. The operation was successful, and within the required nine months of Assyria gave birth to twins: a boy and girl. All are Kings!
Solving this problem, the King was faced with another, more delicate. He suddenly found out ... illegitimate daughter. She was born as a result of fleeting romance with the King of his housekeeper back in those years when he was single and just beginning to Santos in his football career. Modest and quiet anisotropy Machado, learning about regrettable consequence of the novel, has disappeared from the house of Pele. He did not know then about the birth of a daughter, Sandra Regina. She said, when she was already late twenties: the family had experienced difficulties, and the girl tried to persuade daddy to finance its entry in the Institute of Physical Education (also because the voice of blood!).
. Then King came not as a queen: categorically refused to acknowledge paternity
. In this he encouraged the lawyers, frightened almost to death: how many more may declare a self-proclaimed heirs and naslednikovN especially given the turbulent youth and irrepressible temperament of the King ...
The matter went to court. Genetic analysis has removed all. However, even without an analysis of everyone who saw them together in the waiting judges, all doubts vanished - it was so strikingly similar in appearance.
Alas, Sandra and left without recognition and without paternal care, despite the court's decision. But found solace in politics: in Santos was elected to her local municipal assemblies
"And the Academy, and the hero and explorer, and carpenter - that's about it. (However, instead he became a navigator balloonist - the planes circled over the world.) Perhaps, there could be a sphere of human activity, where he has not shown itself to. No wonder they say that the talented person is talented in all.
He played music - composed and performed for friends lovely "muzykini" reminiscent of the mood of our bard, and the rhythm - the classic "bossa nova". And even released a couple of drives. Here we must pay tribute to him: demonstrating an enviable ability to objectively self-assessment, he realized that he was unable to cope with competition from the classics of the extent of Tom Jobim and Chico Buarque. I stopped to enrich the national musical culture of his masterpieces.
He often appeared in films, there was even a hero of TV series. One day - a bachelor between two marriages - even managed to appear in erotic film. (At the time, Rose-Marie categorically denied he received an invitation to test his talent in several sex scenes with the very Brigitte Bardot.)
. But most clearly (at least, no less bright than on the football field), the multifaceted and diverse talents of Pele emerged in the field of entrepreneurship
. We can not but admire his virtuosity, suffering, and honed the two bankruptcies ability to make money. The ability to earn on all that can be associated with his name, Pele brought to the true artistry and put on stream. He promoted all, . your heart desires: Tape Sony and Bank of Campina Grande, . Motorcycles "Honda" and bicycles "Monarch", . Cottages on the beach at Guaruja Sao Paulo and candy "Drops", . Airlines Panameriken and vitamin drink "Taffman", . Computers "Cobra" and the costumes Pierre Balmena (where he even appeared at one time male model), . Bank Unibanko "and stores" Duca ", . Batteries "Rayovak and airline Varig", . petrol station "Shell" and jeans own brand "Pele.",
. Pele signed advertising contracts with a variety of firms, except those which are advertised alcohol and tobacco
. He himself never drank nor smoked. Even now, going to his sixtieth birthday, which he will celebrate next year, Pele does not allow himself no frills - except, perhaps, sip champagne on Christmas Eve. He adheres to this rule since then, once (he was still moonlighting as a shining shoes, driving the ball on vacant lots Bauru and dreamed of becoming a pilot) who is a senior buddies made him drunk some poison. Boy turned inside out, and his father - the old, and were not able to rise to the top division football Dondino - met with wildly (as it was called parents) soul-saving conversation ...
Initially Pele simply sell your name to advertisers. However, it soon realized that I should demand a percentage of sales. Imagine how his income increased, when he began to receive one percent of clothing exports, the firm "Sparta" or five percent of sales of football boots firm Puma!
. However, throughout this multi-year advertising fever have occurred Pele once curious and unexpected failure
. Swiss firm, which sells about all world famous brand watches "Tempest", and decided to conquer the Brazilian market. To this end, the King was awarded the contract for which company won the right to sell their products in Brazil under the name "Pele". Instead of "Tempest". But the trouble - the Swiss did not take into account the striking feature of the Brazilian national temperament: frivolous, even care attitude to the time. In this country nothing is done in time: no solemn acts, or film screenings, no official visits, or a lovers' tryst, or wedding. Brazilians are nowhere in a hurry and never come to the minute. They will not do the job today, if it can wait until tomorrow, or even better on "later".
. And Brazilian suited to the counter, sees a watch brand "Pele" and, of course, immediately thinks: "So it's - products of national production
. And surely they will watch for ten minutes a day late ... "And, on reflection, is sent to look for other times: the Japanese, Swiss, or even Hong Kong. But not his, my dears. A few months later the Swiss had to remove the name "Pele" and return the mark "Bure". Hours are in demand.
By the end of his football career, Pele earned on contracts with advertising firms far more than football. Goodbye to the great sport, . He created his own advertising agency firm, . that has not stopped the activity even, . When Pele year and a half called for public service: President Fernando Henrique Cardoso invited him to the post of Minister for Sport.,
. Next year, the King shall be sixty
. He remains in good shape in recent years did not put on weight or pounds, full of strength and energy. Its business extends to all continents except Antarctica, he had friends in all the leading capitals of the world. He, as before, charming and ... available. He is always on the go. And always surrounded by security agents. He - a welcome guest at social events and film premieres, in government lodges stadiums and poor neighborhoods, where, as Minister, he opened the sport ground. Open them near the stadium "Maracana" playground has helped reduce crime in that God forsaken area and drew thousands of kids from drug abuse and bullying.
. Incidentally, during his recent visit to Moscow in January 1997, he promoted the coffee brand "Pele", who, he assured us, is the best in the world
. But we know that the best production stamps "Pele" was his legendary football victories, his famous goals, his triumphs on the green fields all over the world.
. Has been more than twenty years since, as he said goodbye to football, but for us it remains - the starting point
. Fans just can not stop debate on an eternal theme: will there ever footballer, who can stand next to him. It was close! And above! Above - excluded.

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