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Egor Titov

( Athlete futbolistLider Moscow 'Spartacus')

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Biography Egor Titov
The leader of the Moscow "Spartak" Yegor Titov named the best player in the championship of Russia on football. This opinion was expressed by trainers of the top division teams during the traditional survey conducted by "Soccer-Review". On the second and third place clubs mentors withdrew metropolitan railway Dmitry Loskova and Ruslan Nigmatullin. Victory Titov was obvious: it was named the best 13 of 16 coaches. Total Titov received 43 points, far ahead of competitors.
. The fact that Yegor Titov will play in the team, his first coach Anatoly Korolev said the future captain of "Spartacus" when he has mastered the basics of football.
. - Yegor came to me in sparakovskuyu school in 83-m, - recalls Korolev
. - It was seven years old and he already stands out brains. So the first thing I thought, looking at him: "We need to take."
- What does "stand out brains" N
- It's easy to see, but hard to explain. The coach must intuitively feel the potential of nature. You see, the boy already had this little soccer player: correct, "football" movement, the correct approach to different elements.
. - Which of his qualities evident after the first workout brighter vsegoN
. - The great ability to assimilate all new
. Some boys have to swot, chew each item several times. They understand that they are required - but a year. Egor is all caught on the fly.
- But surely have been with him and minusyN
- He was not very strong physically. I knew from the start that Yegor - Ruff born, but at first he simply lacked Silenok play in the middle. So I put it in the attack, although the rigid framework is not driving the. And he did not like to beat opponents one in one. We had to make.
- Titov, incidentally, is often accused of that, he avoids fighting. What do you skazheteN
- I must say that he's no fool, and for obviously losing the ball will not fight. Why nothing riskovatN Now and again we hear, as coaches, even in the top division, praised the player going head on the ball to the opponent on his leg. They say - "Hero". And for me, this is not the heroism and stupidity. But coward Egor has never been. If you feel that would be the first on the ball, goes to the end
- Now your pupil is in Spartak captain. Leadership him also with detstvaN
- It depends on what you mean. There are people who believe: the captain is obliged to yell, put pressure on partners. Egor this has never been. He has a different temperament, different background. Yes, and I tried to do everything that he did not become a boor or insolent. The credibility of the partners must earn no arrogance, and game. Yegor succeed.
- Remember how parted with nimN
- In 93 th we played with CSKA Moscow, while a very decent team and won 6:0. Then he said that Yegor worked wonders in this match. In fact it was, as usual, at their level. Well, maybe a bit better. All this happened in front of Oleg Ivanovich (Romantseva. - Notes. GK). He then was much more free time, and he managed to attend matches the school and youth teams. Titov him ponrailsya. A few days later I announced Yegor that he must go to the team masters.
- You were prepared for such a development sobytiyN
- Course. I remember in training often told him: "Try to do such and such. TrudnoN And in "Spartacus" and the national team requirements are even higher. That's when you'll play in the USSR national team, still remember me! "
- A onN
- All "chi-chi" yes "ha ... He laughed at my words. But on "Spartacus" wanted no less than the others.
- Becoming a star, Titov had not forgotten the first coach
- Communicate regularly, though not often. Yegor now have a family, the little daughter. Yes, and I have not much time. We meet at weddings and birthdays of friends in common. I am very pleased that the guys still play well, as Egor always ready to help old comrades.
- What besedueteN
- What can futbolistyN talk about football, of course. Sometimes, forswear remember about him, but after five minutes of conversation still switch to the familiar themes. Football for all of us - life, and life - football.
. - Tips Yegor daeteN
. - No, in his "Spartacus" is from whom to get advice.
. - In general Egor reserves for growth ostayutsyaN
. - Yes, he did not have reserves, and Klondike!
. - Now in Spartakovskaya school has kids, even remotely comparable to TitovymN
. - Such bright - no
. But some guys can learn. Only the names I will not name: God forbid, even arrogant. And they must be working, and not one year. Unfortunately, to enter the field and start playing with the sheet in the Champions League can not nobody.
- You are probably upset that the pupils of the school in "Spartacus" remained only Titov.
- Yes, for example, Melyoshin and Movsesyan - also my students. But were still Dzhubanov, Rekuts, Burov, Gunko ... Speaking for a double, smashed all in a row. But mostly composed of single and did not play. I understand that at the heart we put results overnight. But remember, as Nikolai Starostin said to me: "I want to live up to the time when the" Spartacus "will play 11 of our guys. And I answered - "It is better to have all 16 (so could be included in the application for the match). I still believe: as long as the team will not be at least five or six school pupils, serious progress is not achieved. His players - are carriers of team spirit. They play not only for the money.
Recall how to revive the team twenty years ago, when it came Rodionov, Cherenkov, and other. That "Spartacus" had a face, it went to people. We have chosen the same path "Zenith" and "Rotor". I really hope that we will ever turn toward their school.

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    Egor Titov, photo, biography
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