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Biography Alan SHEARER (SHEARER Alan)
photo Alan SHEARER (SHEARER Alan)
From the very start of his career, football was for Shearer in the first place, all the rest - on the second. Many stars, such as Gascoigne, Beckham, pose a popularity through numerous scandals. Shearer - not one of them. It is no coincidence about his personal life, in contrast to the "Spice Boy" Beckham, little writing in the British press. "Shearer - is a superstar without the character a superstar" - so at the time spoke of the 9 th issue of "Newcastle assistant coach Don Howe.
. In 14 years, Shearer left his native Newcastle and went to Southampton to become a professional soccer player
. This was the only work which he then wanted to do. At school he studied Shearer does not matter, especially a lot of problems he had in spoken English. But Shearer and did not want an academic career for himself. He wanted to become a footballer. "Football at the time was everything to me" - says Shearer.

Shearer's debut in the English championship matches held on 9 April 1988 and has turned downright phenomenal. Southampton met with Arsenal, and 17-year-old Shearer managed to score in this game just three balls! "I do not think that at that moment I realized the size of what did, - says Shearer. - But the fact remains: after this I was summoned to the club and offered a professional contract. I knew that if I was interested in more and Newcastle, but I do not want to go anywhere ".

According to Shearer, the match with Arsenal is best remembered for the reaction to his hat-trick fans. - "In the heat of the game I did not pay attention to the noise of the stands, but when I replaced, I experienced an amazing feeling. The whole stadium - and the chanting my name! It was just a fantastic feeling ".


Shearer's debut in England in February 1992 in a match against the French. But then because of a cruciate ligament injury he was unable to gain a foothold in the team.
Shearer is not stopped. He continued to hammer - already for a new club, Blackburn Rovers, three times in a row became the best scorer of the English championship. And in 1996, Shearer has come to the recognition and at the level of team.

5 goals to the European Championship allowed him to become the best scorer of the tournament. After his graduation Shearer was appointed captain, it happened on the eve of the first qualifying match FM-1998 with the national team of Moldova. Glenn Hoddle called Shearer and down then asked him: "You want to be captain, Alan?". "Not before he could finish his sentence - recalls Shearer - as I said to him:" Of course, yes! For me it is a great honor! ".

The question of who should be captain, then discussed in virtually all the British media. Former captain David Platt had already played her in the press constantly awash with the names of Tony Adams, Stuart Pearce, David Seaman and Paul Insa. "When Glenn Hoddle called me, I did not even know what he wants me to say. And when he offered the captain's armband, I was amazed and at the same time very proud. However, Hoddle then put forward one condition. "I'm afraid, - he said - that the additional responsibility will affect your bombardirskih qualities, but I would not want this to be sacrificed as a. So I intend to appoint you captain of a temporary, three games, and only then decide whether you wear the captain's armband permanently! ".

"When in Moldova performed our national anthem - recalls Shearer - I ran the whole body shiver ...". The stadium then gathered, though, just something around 15 thousand spectators, but, nevertheless, this time, according to the striker, he does not ever forget. "Like all teenagers, who raced with me the ball in the yard - continues Shearer - I certainly wanted to play for England. But the fact that once I become its captain, I even had no idea. And I was ready to savor every moment of my stay at the captain's office, even if it ended after three games of the most ".

In the first half the match with the Moldovan national team to the British, despite all efforts, could not manage to distinguish. For two tried Shearer himself, but, nevertheless, and he was able to note only hit the crossbar. But in the second half of the game forward coped with the excitement and scored a goal Moldovans. The British eventually won - 3:0. "While the football, we have shown then - says Shearer - and was far from ideal, but it was quite a good start for Glenn Hoddle as the new coach and for me as their new captain.

But in the next game with the Poles, which took place on a crowded Wembley, Shearer has shown itself in all its glory. The two sniper shots he managed to turn the tide of the emerging unsuccessful fight, and eventually his team won - 2:1.
"Appointment to the post of captain had no impact on my attitude to football - says Shearer. - I was going to continue to do the same things he had done before - to score goals ". "I do not like shouting and waving their fists in the locker room as Tony Adams and Stuart Pearce - continues Alan. - His task as captain I see that in some moments suggest partners, somewhere to cheer their. However, everyone has his own character and Adams with Pierce will behave, regardless of whether they are captains or not ".

July 26, 1997 came another turning point in the career of Shearer. In a pre friendly match against Chelsea striker unsuccessfully reached for the ball on the wet field and as a result of seriously injured ankle. Photos Shearer, who was with wry grimace of pain a person carried off the field on a stretcher, then went around the band of most British newspapers. The initial diagnosis was disappointing - projected doctors, . Shearer was back in operation not earlier, . than eight months and, . thus, . He remained a minimum of time, . to recruit the best form for the World Cup in France.,
. "It was the most difficult period in my career - says Shearer
. - Nevertheless, I tried to drive away all the bad thoughts away, suggesting to me that professional footballers are injured and more serious. "In the first weeks after injury Shearer practically could not move without assistance. Two months later the plaster was removed, but the leg still felt a sharp pain. "I well remember the words of the doctor Newcastle, Rob Gregory. "You will be very difficult, Alan, - he said. - Do not expect miracles and hope for a slight recovery. Therefore you must endure! ". And Shearer suffered. He worked on simulators for six hours a day, to add jogging, gradually increasing the load.

"Every time after that I returned home feeling completely shattered. But it was the price to be paid in order to get back on the field ".
And Shearer is back! His return was held on 17 January, in a match against Bolton Wanderers FC - 2 months earlier than initially predicted striker doctors. "Are you sure it is fully ready to play?" - Shearer said on the eve of the meeting, head coach of Newcastle Kenny Dalglish. "Yes, I'm sure," - the answer. "Then I say you in the store". "It is hard to convey my feelings at that moment, when I again found myself in a familiar locker room and saw a native T-shirt with number 9, - says Shearer. - At that moment I realized that back! ".

Shearer and Manchester United

Most English fans adore Shearer, but there are those who literally hate him. This - fans of Manchester United.
Shearer double could be at this club, but both times chose the other - first "Bpekbern" and then "Newcastle". Fans "MJ" that he was forgiven, and at every opportunity tried to offend strong catchword. Sam Shearer once told of one case, which crashed into his memory.

"It happened during the match England and Ireland. Due to the collision of fans in the stands the game was interrupted, and the judge decided to divert the team from the field. We sat in podtribunnom room and waited for the official announcement of what will happen next. At this time the ambulance under his arms held by us young Irish fan, who was in very serious condition. The guy on the form was about eighteen, not more. He looked in our direction and, recognizing me, through clenched teeth: "I hate you, Shearer". I thought that guy strong complaints of pain. But when one of us approached him and asked him how he feels, he abruptly snapped: "Do not touch me. I am fan of Manchester United! ".

Why is he going ...
The upcoming European Championships to be Shearer's last major tournament at the level of national teams. Eighteen months ago, striker said that after his graduation, he left the home team of the country.

According to Shearer, he was thinking about leaving the team for a year. "It was very hard to make this decision - says striker. - I thought a lot and over the last few months constantly consulted with relatives. Nevertheless, I am sure that this is the right step. "

Shearer said that he just soberly assesses the situation and their own capabilities. "I prefer to take a decision independently, without waiting for a couple of years told me that I could hardly drag my feet and point to the door". In many respects the decision of Shearer's influence and personal reasons. The wife of England captain is waiting for a third child, which should be born in September, and Shearer said that he intends to spend more time in the family. "I have two young daughters, five and seven years - says Shearer. - A family - this is so important! ".

Shearer - born goleador. "I would compare it with the Brazilian Careca. Knowing that you have to compete with such forward is unlikely to fall asleep the night before the game, "- said at the time of Shearer defender AC Milan, Alessandro Costacurta. But the goal that Shearer most frequently recalled was scored not by himself, as a partner in the attack in Newcastle Les Ferdinand.

It was a goal against Manchester United, who "Magpies" smashed - 5:0. "I almost from the corner flag hung on the Forest, - says Shearer. - And he, jumping all the defenders of Manchester, head drove the ball into the net gate. As a sign of rejoicing, I raised my hands and ran towards the fans. Fans rejoiced together with me, but did not know that my joy mixed with pain. Once I did this same shed, I felt a sharp pain in my leg. But then he tried to convince myself that my injury - a mere trifle, and it should not ignore.

In the future, I just tried to play. I still regularly scoring. And soon made my first hat-trick for Newcastle - in a game with Leicester. One of the goals when I scored with a penalty kick. This blow, as I remember, was given to me with a terrible pain, but it was worth it ". But when Shearer admitted after Ronaldo and George Weah third European player in 1996, himself forward not very fond of remembering. It is no accident when he refused to participate in the banquet, which took place after the celebrations. "For me there is only one place - the first," - said about this myself scorer. - Second and third places content to let others ".

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Alan SHEARER (SHEARER Alan), photo, biography
Alan SHEARER (SHEARER Alan), photo, biography Alan SHEARER (SHEARER Alan)  cportsmen, football, photo, biography
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