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Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods)

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Biography Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods)
(30 December 1975)
He envied Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Shaquille OHNil, his love Cindy Crawford and Bill Clinton, to pray for him, Nike and General Motors.
What happened in Monte Carlo on the night of 22 to 23 May, for the vast majority of sports fans in Russia was a complete surprise. One of the most prestigious awards in the world of sports, . Laurens World Sports, . awarded the best athlete on the planet last year's results, . inherited quite unknown in our golfer Tiger Woods, . who managed to get ahead of such luminaries, . a swimmer Ian Thorpe and Formula One racer Michael Schumacher,
. So what does this have created an American, if it - the representative of non-Olympic sport - in the year the Sydney Olympics was named the most luchshimN
. At 25-odd years he became a legend of modern sports, like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Pete Sampras
. In just a few seasons in professional golf, Tiger managed to ensure, . he could not none of his predecessors, and that is unlikely to repeat any of his successors: he became the first winner of Grand Slam golfiynogo, . won over hundreds of tournaments and, . Finally, . golf deduced from years of stagnation, . threatened one of the oldest sporting pastimes imminent collapse.,
. Rich also are on the ears
. And this handsome mulatto with a modest, almost youthful smile has managed to become the highest-paid athlete on earth
. Only during the last season he earned 90 million. As much as receive a year the top five NBA players, ten of the best-Star Game and all the first hundred male Tennis Tournament. It is no coincidence that at the beginning of the year Yevgeny Kafelnikov picked up fur fly over the low wages of tennis players, the evidence he referred to as the time at Woods: "If you knew how I envy Tiger. He played two times less than we do, and receives ten times more than the first racket of the world ". And this was the case when the ever-grumbling tennis N 1 in Russia was right

. Really, . against the backdrop of fabulous incomes Tiger, . fees and downright astronomical lift (for one only agreement to come to a tournament Woods usually gets at least 2 million, . whereas the rate of that Andre Agassi does not exceed 200 thousand) tennis players look just beggars, . miserable failures,
. And it's hard to believe that all that Tiger has managed to achieve for some four years, although, in truth, his road to fame has taken much longer.

His first record Woods set the age ... nine months and 16 days, when the clatter of cameras, with difficulty waddling on fragile legs, poked fitted on his rostochku stick and white ball, and he slowly rolled into the hole. So, . that itself is not aware, . baby went into the famous Guinness Book of Records, . becoming the youngest golfer in the history of mankind, . to the greater joy of his father - a retired colonel Earl Woods, . has decided to make his son with such a memorable name Tiger superstar and has taken on the task with determination and perseverance, . inherent Marines,

The first face of the onslaught gallant colonel could not resist the American television. "Cub" was only three years old when he first starred in the TV show's most popular comedian Bob Hope, acting as a coach of a minor celebrity. Then there were other roles and shooting in numerous advertising campaigns, allowing the younger Woods, the 12 th anniversary accumulate your first million. But it was a saying, but the real history of Tiger just begun. Plenty to amuse the audience, the company "Woods and son returned to the big golf course and began to conquer the peaks one after another. First, Tiger has won the U.S. Junior Championships, which allowed him to move from the category forward to the next level - the promising. And after he won three amateur championships of America (now adults), the management of the Association of Professional Golfers had no choice but to issue a 20-year-old Woods is a professional license.
Do not be born beautiful, and be born half-breed
Waited all his debut in America with no less eagerly than the exit continuation of "Star Wars". Even the most loyal fans of the "Tiger" experienced great fear: for in the history of golf have been many examples where young talent broke after the first failure. But Woods is quickly dispelled all doubts on his account and that is called, with only one goal won the tournament, then another and another. In short, experts and journalists have not managed to look like a boy broke on top and won first place golfiynogo world rankings, causing at home an unprecedented surge of interest in golf and a real taygeromaniyu.
They say people in the know, this incredible Woods was obliged to take off his skin color. Happily for him, he was born mulatto, half-breed, so that did not cause any sharp antipathy among whites nor blacks. Moreover, young handsome Tiger looked favorably against other golfers godivshihsya his father, and sometimes even in the grandparents. That is why the phenomenon immediately took the turnover of the leading companies in the world - Nike, General Motors and Standard Oil, signing a multimillion-dollar contracts with him.
How much rope or veysya ...
So famous and rich man could not be hunted by the most beautiful women on both sides of the ocean. What tricks did not go only to these beauties, to tame Tiger. In the notorious Duchess Sarah Ferguson, . example, . woke up TV reporter, . and, . forgetting about their daughters, . she went to America to make a movie about the phenomenal golfers, . and top-model Tara Banks unwound Woods on a series of demonstration lessons on the pretext of collecting funds for Kosovo refugees,
. But all of them outdid tennis player Monica Seles, who for the sake of Tiger not only left her lover of many years - billionaire Paul Allen, but specifically has lost 9 kg.

However, none of these stars have not managed to unleash Tiger more than a kiss on the cheek. Meanwhile, superstars were exhausting struggle not so much Tiger touchy as between themselves, suddenly burst into the limelight of a dark horse and, as is often the case, took the grand prize. This proved to be lucky 19-year-old student at the University of Chicago on behalf of Joan of us are reminiscent of the bad name of the association - Berries. It was in her arms, according to American tabloid the Globe, 24-year-old Tiger has finally parted with the innocence.
Previously, he could not - interfere overbearing father, son, constantly saying that sex and love are not compatible with a successful career in golf. However, according to friends with the clan Woods people and пЎя?п°я€пЎп?п°я?п?п? Yagoda would never have managed to lure Tiger to bed, if not a cancer, which forced the vigilant Colonel for a long time to go to the clinic. And while he took a course of irradiation, deft Joanna took full control of not only her famous boyfriend, but has left a paw on his condition. When, . ochuhavshis, . Papa Woods tried to get rid of uppity rival, . is always such a mannered and calm Tiger for the first time in my life (!) denied him: "Father, . you just do not be offended, . but it's time to retire! And if I have to choose between you and Joanna, . I choose it!,
. The current season began Tiger is shaky the motions, while winning all three tournaments, which, however, did not prevent him in the world ranking score three times more points than the closest pursuer
. I, . seems, . Today miracle golfer has only one competitor, . and then distance, . - Formula One racer Michael Schumacher, . which, after the closing of a major advertising contract has recently been away from Woods, the title of the highly paid athletes world,
. But, . who knows Woods and his bride, . no doubt, . that the German leadership not last long and soon Tiger not only return to its rightful first line in the rating of sports super-rich, . but also become the first billionaire athlete in envy Kafelnikov, . Jordan and the rest of the less lucky superstars.,
. Tiger Woods
. Tiger ready to pounce?

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