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Dmitry Svatkovsky

( Athlete Pentathlon)

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Biography Dmitry Svatkovsky

(November 27, 1971)
If a child is born in a sports family, the way he has one - in the footsteps of their parents. Anyway, . with Russia's Dmitry Svatkovsky pyatibortsem, . Olympic champion in Sydney 2000, . what happened - my father, . Master of Sport athletics, . put his son on skis, . learn to skate, . and mother, . saw him the conqueror of water paths, . resulted in a section of navigation,
. Here only the Dima dreamed of a more courageous, in his opinion, sports - football, hockey ... With Dmitry Svatkovsky talk Irina Vasilyeva and Elena Yavorskaya (agency "Info-line" specially for "Alphabet).
- I owned a good ball. Anyway, so I'm told acquaintances. So, not long thinking, he went to the football section at the Luzhniki Stadium. At that time it was very difficult to break through not only a good coach, but in this sport in general. Nevertheless, agreement was reached on viewing. It was a match-dvustoronka, where the boys were determined to further study football. And we must train this to happen, I have twice played a hand, for what my team scored two penalties and we lost. So this sport had to put a cross, and in others it was too late to go - I already turned 11. Parents, despite his enthusiasm for sports, I "watched", and for figure skating or hockey, I have not approached. So could give me only in swimming.

- What are you dreaming of detstveN

- When I started to play sports, then not dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion, and just get into the country and the team to the Olympic games. Although, if you tell the truth, just wanted to start wearing a suit with the inscription "USSR", and all. Olympic medal - it was so far away and unattainable, the Olympians seemed like people from another planet.

- How a child you byliN

- Shebutnym, hooligan, often fought. I lived in a new area of the city of Moscow - Yasenevo, and the yard had to assert its authority. And the yard we had a difficult, although I would not say that the bandit. Hooligans, but fun.
- It kakN

- At the construction site to blow up something, because we always in the area to build something. Since all the childhood and went on building sites, attics and basements ... Well, when we became older, fewer hooligans, some sports do, and indeed there were other interests.

- Now you have something left from the malchishkiN

- Yes, all the same. How I was a man of active life, and remained so. For me rest - it does not mean lying on the bed, watching TV or lying on the beach. For example, I dreamed of after the Olympics to play tennis, because in preparing for the Games were forbidden to do so, get in football, parachute jump, go skiing, bowling, beach volleyball ... But see how everything turned out: playing tennis - torn Achilles.

Despite the fact that the limit of children's dreams Dmitry Svatkovsky was a form with the inscription "USSR", probably in the depths of the soul beginner athlete dreamed of a greater. Perhaps the victory in Sydney and became so great, why he went all my life. After the final discipline pentathlon - running - Svatkovsky, who won gold, Russia grabbed the flag and raced with him in a circle hopping, happy as a boy ...

- This victory was given as expensive, that I myself can not appreciate its. What we had to go through with a coach, through which pass: So, when I realized that was the Olympic champion, delighted simply trying to convey that joy to other. And when he went to Sydney, the most experienced not for the fact that I can speak poorly, and that bad speech grieve their friends, relatives, coach ... I would be ashamed to look after them in the eye, because they all expected me some medals. But, frankly, no one believed that it would be "gold".

- In general, classes pentathlon started for you in Section Navigation. Yet you often repeat that this is your least favorite type ...

- Navigate something I love, and even train like. But the most difficult - is to get into the water. When you're already in the water business for small - to loosen up and spend a full training. Sometimes I come and stand, stand, standing ... 15-20 minutes, until the final freeze ... In summer, however, simpler, but the winter hard: In addition to swim in the pool a little chore, evokes nostalgia - skirting on the right, skirting the left, you do not see anything. On the run even though you can talk, listen to music in the player, and swimming alone with a.
- Most of all, I know you love fencing. Do not want to retrain in epee fencer and the next Olympic Games to win in this distsiplineN

- Probably not work. I often compare their skills with a mastery of Pasha Kolobkova. He went to this 20 years, and you want to, I went all the way for three years. The only thing that may be real, it is to prepare and get into Russia's national team just for the trip. Theoretically it is possible. But almost ...

Fencing I wonder in itself. Not just a vehicle mechanic, and my head works, you have to constantly think. Very often, people look on TV: there are two fencers and do nothing. But in fact between them is very strong psychological struggle. Fencing - is an internal fight.

Immediately after the Sydney rumors that Svatkovsky going to leave the big-time sports. Moreover Dmitry injured and permanently incapacitated. Back he plans only to August, speaking at the World Cup final in Moscow. However, on retirement from the sport Svatkovsky still thinking, believing that he could express themselves in business or politics. Of course, have to learn a little bit, but it does not bother him.

- What you could do as politikN

- I do not know very well the policy from within, but guess what there reigns the mud, so I would like to restore at least some clarity. You know, too many promises, promises. But the words sound just to make people choose, that he could enjoy the benefits, privileges. And my perception of the policy is: idealistic. Look, our policy for some reason all live very well, and their voters - very bad. It's all over Russia. I want to correct something.

Dmitry Svatkovsky: "At the Olympics, I was treated"

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