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BURE Pavel

( Athlete, ice hockey)

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Biography BURE Pavel
photo BURE Pavel
Born March 31, 1971 in Moscow. Father - Bure, Vladimir V.. Mother - Bure Tatiana.

"If Pavel Bure following in the footsteps of his father, he might be made great strides in swimming. But hockey was luckier: Pavel Bure would prefer to deal with frozen water "- has written about Russia's most outstanding hockey American magazine" Sports Illustrated ". Father Paul - Vladimir Bure - was a famous swimmer, sprinter. At the Munich Olympics in 1972, won the bronze medal. Was trained by his father, Valeriy - also formerly known sportsman, Honored Master of Sports, a descendant of the famous watchmaker Pavel Bure.

Bure's family worshiped the sport. When Vladimir was born first-born, Valery V. sincerely worried that his grandson started to learn to swim too late - in the age of three months. According to him, begin append the child to the water should not later than one week after birth. Hockey Paul's career began at CSKA. By the time Vladimir left the family and upbringing of the younger son of Paul and Valeria's mother worked. In her memoirs, children's childhood was fairly harsh and low-income. But neither Paul nor Valery never worried about it.

. Data

. Right winger
. The game lefty / Height - 178 cm / Weight - 86 kg
. In ice hockey - since 1976, the school trainers CSKA
. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR
. USSR Champion in 1989
. European Champions Cup in 1989 and 1990
. World champion 1990, bronze medalist FM-91,
. World Champion Youth Championship 1989 and 1990, silver medalist of the Youth World Cup-91,
. silver medalist-98
. Stanley Cup runner-94
. Best player of All-Star Game in 2000
. During the Olympics-98 was awarded the Order of Merit

. Commands

. 1988 - 1991 CSKA Moscow (USSR)
. 1991 - 1999 Vancouver Canucks (Canada)
. 1999 - ...
. "Florida Panthers" (USA)

Success Story

In the big sports Pavel Bure made his debut 5 th March 1988. Although the match CSKA - Dynamo (M) and ended with a score of 4.3 in favor of the Dynamo, but Bure has already started the countdown career Gholam: Paul has appeared on the ice in the fourth and three by the first throw, the 4 th minute of the meeting, scored. Then he was only 16 years old.

And after 10 days, March 15, CSKA head coach Viktor Tikhonov decides to unite into a single three Pavel Bure, Sergei Fedorov and Alexander Mogilny. And in this game - CSKA - Khimik, CSKA Moscow ended with the victory 6-4, winning the puck threw Mogilny with the transfer of Bure.

. The triple-Fedorov-Bure, Mogilny was invited to the USSR national team to participate in the Youth Championship Mira'89 and, as it turned out, not in vain
. Our team won the gold medal, and Paul was named the best forward of the championship with the result of 8 washers, 6-speed (14 points) in seven games

. Later Bure hockey career in the Soviet Union could not have evolved successfully: Season 1988-89 - Rookie season, 1989-90 - "gold" in the youth team, . "gold" and the title of world champion with the first team of the USSR, 1990-91 - "silver" in the youth team and "bronze" in the adult World Cup.,

. Yes, in the 19 years he has already spoken in the top five USSR team
. Was honored master of sports and champion. He reached the ceiling in one, the old system of coordinates.
But it was not a real success.

NHL. For the hockey player is a four-letter word sounds music. National Hockey League. Terms of heavenly beings.

Now a few words about the motives, podvignuvshih Paul to leave the USSR. In early August the team gathered for training camp in Novogorsk. Before you guys made it a condition: the national team will include only those "who will sign a contract with any club". And then he suggested hockey players new contracts, mostly with increasing time. Thus, Bure made to sign a contract in which he, instead of one year was to play for CSKA three. Paul refused.

Then began a massive processing of hockey. He was denied the right to play for the national team, though it is not clear that the similarities between the work in the club and a place in the team. Were extensive negotiations and with his father Paul.

Life in CSKA at Bure expired in the spring of 1991, he was discharged and to compel him by force to play for the army club could not. Perhaps the only reason why the leaders of Federation of hockey of the USSR and CSKA Moscow failed to impose sanctions.

In fact, not Bure was the initiator of his departure in the NHL. Paul stated repeatedly that he is ready to play for CSKA for another year, placed on his old contract. But a common language with him and did not find, than actually provoked a hockey player in the contact with the company of Serge Hanley in the summer of 1991 year.

. In Canada, Pavel Bure left nine years ago: the young striker CSKA and USSR team was selected NHL Vancouver Canucks in the fourth round draft pick-89
. Now we can state with confidence - Bure made the right choice. Its popularity is comparable except that with the popularity of show business stars. The first two seasons, . by his own admission, . enter the pitch was pretty bad - in America in fact not too zhaluyut European legions, . especially those, . who takes off the bat and, . notwithstanding authority, . played up on the site all five rival,
. Nevertheless, Paul does not efface himself before the goons with pood punched and repeatedly struck the gate. Later Paul, . responding to a question about his first steps in the NHL, . consistently noted tremendous support from more experienced comrade Igor Larionov and parents, . followed the ocean after his son: "I arrived in Vancouver 20-year olds, . all there was a stranger to me - language, . people, . Even hockey,
. If I did not feel the constant support from their relatives and did not receive practical help on the ice from Igor Larionov, my path to recognition in overseas sports would be much more difficult. "

. Debut Bure in NHLovskom marathon took place in the match against "Winnipeg Jets"
. Although he failed to throw the puck in this game, all the experts unanimously considered the absolute beginner talent. The way Bure disposes of the protection of "Jets", enthralled the audience experienced, and that happens rarely, a game Russians appreciated the fans of both teams. No wonder that such memories remain with the player for life: "I was worried about that night is incredibly. And what else to expect from the boys yesterday, which was released on the ice before the twenty thousandth auditorieyN What was I to know at the time of the legendary hockey league, the football fans in North AmerikiN Yes absolutely nothing. But as soon as I stepped onto the ice, my inner uncertainty vanished without a trace and I played in their usual manner. And to this day each of my way to the ice produces a similar effect - everything except the actual game, relegated to the background and there as if in another dimension. Not surprisingly, the match against "Winnipeg" I think one of the most important in my career, because then the question was squarely - or pan, or missing. Much depends on how will debut. If your impression of the game is not so hot what can be a long time to sit down on the bench, and for the young hockey player it could be a knockout blow. "

. In his first season overseas Pavel Bure had 65 meetings, and clearly felt the taste of abandoned washers - 34 goals in the regular season, plus 6 in the playoffs
. After the successful launch coaching staff Canucks began to have more confidence in Russia's legions, and therefore directly proportional to the increased load on the player. After the 1992/93 season, the American hockey community had to admit that in the face daring newcomer from distant Russia League has a league player. In 83 meetings Bure 60 times distressed rival goalkeepers, but given the assists, his figure was still the best for his career and totaled 110 points. Press showed rare unanimity in the discussion of the future prospects of the player, the undisputed leader attacks "Vancouver" was obliged to withdraw in the next season the club on a qualitatively new level. And Paul worked full issued him advances. Many people remember the most intense Stanley Cup Finals 94-year between Vancouver and New York Rangers ". Only in the seventh meeting of "Ranger" managed to scratch out victory from the team Bure. In many ways, this finale was marked by rivalry between two great hockey players - Mark Messier and Pavel Bure. To the 60 puck in the regular season Bure superimposed 16 goals in the playoffs. After such a showy end of the season, despite the fact that the main trophy of the NHL sailed to New York, Pavel Bure was almost an idol for Canadian fans. This number of images on the front page of hockey magazines and directories in all sorts of sports that was not awarded one. As they say, commentary is superfluous.

16 th game of the season in 1995 was for "Russian Missiles" fatal. In the collision with the player, "Chicago" Steve Smith Pavel Bure got a serious knee injury. Such injuries cost many athletes career - at Bure had torn all possible knee ligament. The player, at least, good-bye to hockey until the end of the season. Phenomenal hard work and dedication have allowed Paul to recover from this trauma. Much of the credit for this belongs to his father Paul, Vladimir. Vladimir Bure - formerly known athlete, a member of three Olympic swimming team of the Union, as no one understood the need in these moments support injured Paul. Under his leadership, Paul on a specially designed program engaged in the swimming pool and even trained with a parachute.

Season 96/97 was supposed to answer to fans and experts whether Bure justify his nickname and a high salary. Many skeptics expressed approximately in the following manner: "The best game Bure behind. After such injuries to expect from him something outstanding, funny. From "Russian Missiles" was only a pale shadow ". The first half of the season left a dual impression - in a single match Paul shone in another was absolutely no noticeable. But nevertheless, it seems that Bure on forces recruit former form. In 63-x matches the regular season, he threw 23 washers and 32 made the transfer. In the last 19-year-match of the season Paul again was unable to participate due to injury. At this time in the optional collision damage Bure got back.
Season 97/98 was completed for "Canucks' regular season, with the chance to get into the playoffs with the team Bure was practically no. Despite the presence of a number of hockey ace, like Messier, Paul was unable to push through an outsider Western Conference in the Stanley Cup. Despite this lamentable result of the season for the club, striker for Russia this year as a whole can be called very successful: 51 abandoned washer, in addition to a substantial increase in salary, returned Bure confidence. Famous Messier had not his best season and was unable to create with Bure that attacker supertandem had expected Coaches.

But in 1998 except the season in the NHL was still Winter Olympics in Nagano. Before this global sporting event, many invited by Russia's players have questioned the wisdom of his arrival. And Pavel Bure answered reporters: "If the coach thinks I can help the team at the Olympics, I definitely will accept his invitation. I will make every effort to ensure that the team of Russia reminded the entire planet who is who in the world hockey. Our Hockey School is one of the strongest, and we just have to prove that victories in the international arena ".

Especially popular among journalists used the phrase Bure, delivered at a press conference. On the question of whether it nice to play a team with brother Paul said: "In this team to play with me 22 brother, but not alone". Several snobbish, but the attitude to the team shows Bure accurately.

In Nagano, a former armeets eclipsed all ice Knights. Except, perhaps, the phenomenal Czech goalkeeper Dominik Hasek, helped maintain its neprobivaemostyu gold medal team Czech Republic.

. Russian forward also became the best sniper of the tournament - 9 goals in 6 games and was named the best attacker Olympics
. In the semifinal match with the Finns, he threw 5 washers (!), Which earlier in the Olympics could not be anyone. With this achievement Rossiyanin entered the Guinness Book of Records.

- We played against the genius, - replied to the success of the captain of the Finnish team leader of the Russia-Star Game Tiemu Selцєnne. - He was such a night, which we, hockey players, all of us can only dream of.
Among the Russian athletes who were awarded for outstanding achievements at the Olympics in Nagano, the Order of Honor, entirely champions Games. With one exception. This award is awarded silver medalist and Olympic White - captain of Russia Pavel Bure Hockey. And it is unlikely someone from sports professionals and fans flashed even a shadow of doubt about the appropriateness of such an exception. Pavel Bure on the Olympic ice has become a national hero.

In summer 1998, Pavel Bure decided on a final and irrevocable break with the club "Vancouver". Discussions that Bure had requested guidance on the exchange, were long, but Paul skillfully and easily avoid this severe problem in his interviews. But as it turned out, this is just the case when they say - there is no smoke without fire, and the summer of 1998, the flames burst forth. It's no secret that the NHL - especially big business, and each participant acts, guided primarily by self-interest. The club did not want to part with superforvardom, and Bure longed to change the Vancouver registration.

In the conflict with the club Bure has chosen the only possible and extremely radical version - and took a strike for seven months. How much money is lost - scary to think (about 5 million dollars), but its made - "Russian Rocket" hospitably took sunny Florida. Besides, there appeared in the southern 28-year-old defender Brett Hediken and 19-year-old Canadian newcomer Brad Franz. As compensation, "Vancouver" has received four Canadian players: 23-year-old goalkeeper Kevin Weeks, . two attackers - a 34-year veteran Dave Gagne and 19-year-old Mike Brown, . as well as 22-year-old defender Ed Zhovanovski, . as well as the right choice "Florida" in the first round draft pick 2000.,

. Leaders "Florida Panthers" no secret that their main hope is connected to Tempest
. With the advent of Paul's game "Panther" has become more saturated, and Russia striker reminded everyone of his nickname - in 11 games Bure gave up 13 pucks and gave 3 assists. It seemed that through the efforts of Russian Missiles "team from Florida will be able to jump on the bandwagon passing of the playoffs, but, again, a relapse of an old knee injury prevented Bure ended the season on a positive note. "What happened to me this time, nothing more than an unfortunate accident. I quickly rolled over and elementary sprained foot. At this speed, it is extremely unpleasant. As a result, the gap cruciate ligament, although the injury could become more serious, "- Paul comforted alarmed fans. How can you not complain of bad luck.

Incidentally, the contract for "Russian Missiles" such that an inexperienced person and it is easy to lose my head. For doigrovku 1999 season Bure counted out $ 3 million, and further five years to 2004 (inclusive) Paul purse replenished more 47.5 million. U.S.. In the agreement there is another interesting point: if Paul decides to pursue a career in the "Florida Panther", for the sixth season it will pay 10.5 million. U.S..

Regular season 1999/2000 can be regarded as one of the most successful hockey career of Paul. Bure had 74 meetings, which scored 58 washers, made 36 transfers. Paul was the best sniper of the championship, and 6 February in a match of "All Stars" in Toronto, he scored a hat-trick (World - North America - 9:4) and received the prize "most valuable player" game.

. But if the regular championship for Paul was on a positive note, all that was after, except as a "black stripe" name does not get
. In 1 / 8 final of the Stanley Cup "Florida Panthers" could not even oppose the future Holders of the New Jersey Devils, . losing series 0:4, . and at the World Championship in St. Petersburg, our country's ice hockey team won the 11 th place - the worst in its history,
. "After two defeats in a row match with Latvia became for us a decisive. The team held two meetings: one - with the coaches, the other - without them. On the ice went out with one desire: we'll break them, crush!.. In any case, personally I felt before the game is such a sense. But what happened, you have seen. Third washer, which fell into our gate on the back of goalkeeper after a ridiculous bounce, defies logical explanation. Actually, I do not believe in mysticism, but when we do one's climb to save the game, but in our gates fly these washers, involuntarily start to think: maybe someone up there still estN After the defeat of Latvia I came apathy. As if everything collapsed. I felt ashamed and hurt. I even could not imagine that we have with such a composition does not come out in the quarterfinals.

But do not forget that the failures - it is part of life, rather than the whole of life. In June of 2000 at a ceremony awarding the best players of the season Pavel Bure was nominated for the best player along with Chris Pronger and Jaromir Yagrom and awarded Morris Richard Trophy "as the best sniper the regular season. Rapid flight of Russian missiles "still delights lovers of hockey in all corners of the globe and leads in awe Goalkeeper-rivals.

About his personal life Paul chose not to extend. He said only once: "I have too much time given to the work. And, naturally, would like to return to the cozy house, where I was waiting with dinner. I would like to have children. But the institutions of the family only when we realize that he is ready for this ". The terms of Paul's interests are very diverse. He plays well in tennis. He wants to learn another language (except English), professional master computer. He reads a lot. (In school, even dreamed of becoming a journalist.) This is mainly history books, memoirs, diaries. From detective literature prefers Chase, from the historical - Dumas. Likes sauna, fight backgammon. Prefers Russian music. Holidays Pavel Bure always holds in Moscow. Do not hide the fact that very bored in Russia and only need to work keeps him in America. P. Bure was awarded the Order of Merit. At the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, he was in the national team of Russia won the bronze medal.

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