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Valery Kharlamov

( Athlete, ice hockey)

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Biography Valery Kharlamov
photo Valery Kharlamov
(14.01.1948 - 27.08.1981)
By the standards of Canadian hockey, Valera was a "baby", and rivals especially angry when it Kharlamov repeatedly play with them, powerful and immense, on the ice. And after the historic "series-72" even professionals NHL recognized that such a "kid" as Kharlamov - an athlete, as the entire cast, from the muscles - can be a star in the game of powerful men ...
. Valeri Kharlamov was born on the night of 13 to 14 January 1948 in Moscow in a working family
. His father - Boris S. - worked as a fitter-tester at the factory Kommunar, mother - Arriba Orbat Hermann, or Begonita, a Spaniard by birth, came to the age of 12 in the USSR in the late 30's, - worked in the same factory. In Valerie's family Kharlamov was another child: a daughter Tatiana.

Ironically, in. Kharlamov was born in the car: a young mother were taken to the hospital, and the contractions started right in the cab. Kharlamov, Boris left his wife in the hospital, and himself with a bundle in his hands, which was her clothes, went to walk to the hostel where they lived when a young wife (station had already not working). On one street a lone traveler with a suspicious parcel noticed a police patrol. He was asked to go to the department, which he gladly agreed: frost was terrible and stomp to the house was already unbearable. The department Boris S. warmed up and gave police tobacco.
- My son was born today - he told his interlocutors again. - They called Valery, in honor of Chkalov.

B. Kharlamov, recalls: "Valerik was born very weak. Weighed less than three kilograms, and where to wait for the hero in what was then a card feeding. I washed, as usual, the legs with the guys in the hostel. We lived in that time with his wife Begonitoy quarters in a large room, separated from other families plywood partition ... "

At the age of 7 years Kharlamov first got on skates and with his father went to the rink. Ice hockey had already firmly established in our country and the popularity of football was not inferior. Many of the boys in those days dreamed to be like Vsevolod Bobrov and Ivan Tregubova. Dreamed about it and Valera. However, towards that cherished dream suddenly rose obstacle-health. In March 1961 Kharlamov ill with angina, which gave the complications of other organs: the doctors discovered he had heart disease and almost put an end to any activity of the child. Since then Valere forbidden to attend physical education classes in school, run around the yard, lift weights, swim and even attend summer camp. Otherwise, the doctors, the boy may die. However, if the mother Valeria reconciled with such a diagnosis, his father thought otherwise. Therefore, when the summer of 1962 at the Leningrad prospectus opened old rink, he took his son there - recorded in the hockey section. In that year, took the boys in 1949, however, Valery, to his small stature, he looked so young that it was not difficult to enter the second coach of CSKA Moscow, Boris Pavlovich Kulagina confusion about his age. Kharlamov was the only time of several dozen boys who took the section. And when the fraud was discovered after all, Valery had been so impressed by the coach, that of expelling him from the section could be no question.

Remembers A. Maltsev: "Valery somehow in the moments of our special spiritual closeness, admitted:" As a boy, I seriously cried only once. That was when I started to play in the youth team CSKA and I was the first time the judge removed in two minutes. Here, I wept - bitterly was that the guys left in the minority. But when pressed to the board, knocking on the ice - put up as if nothing had happened. "

In a short time Kharlamov has become one of the best players in junior sports school and CSKA became the darling of B. Kulagina. But CSKA head coach Anatoly Tarasov one time belonged to the young hockey player with a certain bias. I was to blame for this ... small increase in. Kharlamov. Tarasov in those years relied on the tall and powerful hockey players, never tired of repeating: "All the outstanding Canadian hockey players giants compared to our. How do we win them, . If our forwards dwarfs, . literally - with the meter kepkoyN "In the end, under the heavy hand fell Tarasova and Kharlamov: in 1966 he was sent to the second league, . in the army command of the Sverdlovsk Military Region - Chebarcul "Star",
. And there was a miracle. Pervorazryadnik Kharlamov, "put in the ears of all Chebarkul, failing in one season to throw the gates rivals 34 washers. Coach Major Vladimir Alfer immediately reported on the successes of the young "Varangian" from Moscow Kulagin. He first does not seem to believe. However, in the spring of 1967 in Kalinin Kulagin he saw Kharlamov in and realized that his place in the first team CSKA. The only thing that bothered - as react to this proposal Tarasov.

It is said that the conversation with Kulagina Tarasov over the fate of a talented hockey player had been long and hard. Tarasov went on to doubt the possibilities Kharlamov, considered him off in the "Star" random. But Kulagin continued to insist on a translation of 19-year-old hockey player in Moscow. And Tarasov surrendered. Since the summer of 67-th Kharlamov was summoned to a training camp CSKA Moscow to the southern base Kudepsta.

In the period 1967-1968 national championship team became the champion CSKA. Along with her the joy of victory on the right section and. Kharlamov. That's when the light was born the famous Army trio Mikhailov - Petrov - Kharlamov. In December the same year it was included in the second team of the USSR, which replaced the Czechoslovak team in the tournament for the prize of the newspaper "Izvestia" (she did not come to Moscow after the August events). In 1969, the 20-year-old Kharlamov became the champion of the world, thereby setting the record: before him like take-off at such a young age did not know a single hockey player of the Soviet Union.

"I like to play beautifully" - often repeated Valera. What is true is true: ice hockey in the performance Kharlamov was a true art, which has led millions of people by surprise. When he appeared on the ice, goalies trembled, and the audience vigorously expressed his delight
By 1972, Kharlamov already fully considered the best hockey player not only in the Soviet Union, but also in Europe. He became four times champion of USSR, three times - the world champion and twice - Europe. At the national championship in 1971, he became the best scorer, to drop the gate rivals 40 washers. In early 1972 in the USSR team he won the Olympic gold, was the best scorer of the tournament, to drop 9 washers. In the fall of that year, Kharlamov subdued and North America.

The famous series of matches between the hockey teams of the USSR and Canada launched Sept. 2, 1972 on the ice of the Montreal "Forum". Not one resident of the North American continent had no doubt then that the entire series of eight games will be won their compatriots with crushing for Soviet hockey players score. If anyone objected, he would call insane. And what happened at the very deleN In the first match damning account is not caught us, and Canadians: 7:3! For the "maple leaf" it was a shock. The best player in the Soviet team, they clearly recognized. Kharlamov, to drop the match, two washers. Immediately after the game someone from the Canadian coaches found Valeria and offered him a million dollars for the fact that he played in the NHL. Kharlamov then joked: do without Mikhailov and Petrov's not going anywhere. But Canadians do not understand humor, and immediately declared: we take all your top three. Naturally, no one went nowhere, and could not move. Not if those were the days.

Remembers A. Maltsev: "By the standards of Canadian hockey, Valera was a" baby ", and rivals especially angry when it Kharlamov repeatedly play with them, powerful and immense, on the ice. And after the historic "series-72" even professionals NHL recognized that such a "kid" as Kharlamov - an athlete, as the entire cast, from the muscles - can be a star in the game of mighty men. "

. Kharlamov was the only European hockey player, whose portrait adorns the stands of the Museum of hockey glory in Toronto.

. By 1976, Kharlamov was already a six-USSR champion, six times world champion and double Olympic champion
. He was probably the only hockey player in the country, which loved all the fans, without exception,. Kharlamov liked even fans "Spartacus", while the remaining army Spartak "fans" in the spirit is not digested. Kharlamov was no exception.

In 1975, Kharlamov's life became a girl, which was soon destined to become his wife. It was a 19-year-old Irina Smirnova. Their acquaintance was an accident.

On that day Irina friend invited her to his birthday in one of the capital's restaurants. Name day with the guests settled down in one part of the institution, and the other walked gay smoker. At one point, when once again the music began, young people throng approached the table name day and began vying with one another to invite the girls to dance. Il invited the short haired guy in a leather jacket and cap. "The taxi driver, probably," - thought to myself, Irina, but accepted the invitation. Then the young man who introduced himself by Valery, did not leave her all evening. When everything began to disperse, he suddenly offered to ride Irina to her home by car. "Similarly, the taxi driver" - came to a final conclusion that the girl, when settling in a new "Volga" numbered 00-17 IMB.

. Arriving home, the girl, as it should be, told her mother, Nina Vassilyevna that the restaurant met a young man, a driver by profession
. "You see, my daughter, no one knows what he is there a driver ..." - Considered a boon to warn her daughter Nina. But the daughter had missed her remark deaf ears.

Meetings Kharlamov (as these "driver" was he) and Irina continued for several weeks. The girl's mother finally broke down and asked her to show her cavalier. "Should I know who found my daughter" - she said. "But he was afraid to come here", - said Irina. "Then let me see it from afar, on the street" - found out Nina.

This show was held in the park near the Bolshoi Theater. Mother and daughter hid in the bushes and began to patiently wait until the place of meeting will pick holder. Finally, his "Volga" stopped near the sidewalk, and Nina stabbed in the eyes of its owner. She stared at him for several minutes, but apparently left it is not too pleased and said: "I must go to him and talk". And then her quiet daughter literally boiled: "If you do that, I'll go home. You promised only to see him ". And the mother had to accept.

Shortly after this incident was finally revealed incognito Valeria. When her mother Irina learned that her daughter is a knight of the famous hockey player, she became a little easier: after all, not some unknown driver. And after some time Irina said that she is pregnant. In early 1976, has been born a boy, who was named Alexander.

The most surprising is that until that time, parents Valeria never seen his daughter and her mother Irene is not met internally with a future son in law. Their acquaintance took place on March 8. On that day, friends Valery drove Irina home and took her son to get acquainted with the groom's parents. And after that Kharlamov came acquainted with the future mother-in.
. Yet this happy event was quickly overshadowed by an incident which almost led to tragedy: the same spring Valery and Irina got into a car accident.

. By H
. V. Smirnov: "For some time after the wedding with Valerii Il lived separately from me. One day, call me at work: do not sit there tomorrow with a little Sasha - they are somewhere in the guests gathered. Provided that they are called back. The next day I'm waiting for the call, I think, may have found someone to nurse, when suddenly a familiar ring, and said that they were on their "Volga" broken. Valera more than a month treating broken legs and ribs. And Ira also had a broken leg, the fragmentation of the heel and a serious concussion.

And that's reminiscences about the same in. Tretiak: "Returning home at night by car, Valera was unable to cope with the management and ... car was shattered, and Valery and his wife were taken to hospital. Bad things have been Kharlamova: fractures of the ankle, ribs, concussion. Only a married man, and so on you - "honeymoon" in the army hospital. For a long time doctors were not sure whether Kharlamov again to play hockey. For two months he spent in a hospital bed.
Only in August Kharlamov stood up and took first steps on the House. But to go on the ice, before that he was still oh, how far ... "

Yet the fall of 1976 Kharlamov back on the ice. Many people doubted that he will be the same Kharlamov, rather than its pale copy. But Valery did the impossible. After the first game, with the "Wings of Soviets," coach "wings" B. Kulagin, said: "We should be proud that our country lives a person and hockey player, as Kharlamov!"

In 1977, Kharlamov, CSKA became the seven-time champion of the USSR. In the same year to the leadership of this illustrious club came a new coach - Viktor Tikhonov. Here is how he described his impressions: "As all the people associated with hockey, I've heard a lot, of course, the" iron "Tarasova, his incredibly strong character, the" iron "discipline in the army club. However, not only heard about Tarasova, but I know him for many years.
I assure the reader that none of this was in CSKA, which got me. There was not only the "iron" discipline, but the unit - in terms of claims made in today's sports ... "

. Among the main violators of the sport mode in CSKA Tikhonov hereinafter called Alexander Gusev, Vladimir Petrov, Boris Alexandrov
. Kharlamov on his list is not, but it is fair to say that he sometimes allowed himself to "relax". His colleague on the USSR team Valery Vasilyev says: "Here is the case: we fly across the ocean. Coach was Boris Kulagin P. ... Well, right in the plane "tyapnul" we Valerka Kharlamov. Kulagin caught red-handed, took a hundred dollars and the first game did not deliver. Then just ... We have to ask him: "Have you ever Take away all the money, just let play. We're not for money - for the motherland ". The money, incidentally, returned ...
We almost always forgiven. Why netN We drank a professional. Did - when and how. At the game does not reflect - that's the main thing. Here is another case. Shortly after the team was headed by Tikhonov (1977), with me and Kharlamov again suffered embarrassment. They drank, and a lot ... The next day we play with the Czechs. Score on the go, 0:2 not in our favor. Viktor all white with anger walks along the bench, and mutters through his teeth: "Enemies, enemies ... Removed from the game ". But the guys for us to Kharlamov interceded: "Stop, Victor, let them try to rehabilitate". Tikhonov surrendered. What zheN We went with Valerka, and then we called the main characters of the match. Kharlamov threw two washers, I made a transfer ... As a result, team won.
Tikhonov said later: "There is an idea: maybe those two authorize pitN Exceptionally, aN" And then minister of sport Pavlov made a more interesting suggestion. He came to us with Kharlamov and said: "Listen, guys. If you like, take the keys from my dacha, drink it. But the fees still not worth. It is not good ... Others will see, too, will begin ... "True, we thanked him but refused.

In 1978 and 1979 Kharlamov in the USSR team once again won the gold medal in world championships and European. During these years, CSKA became the champion of the country twice. However, Kharlamov and other "veterans" of the Soviet hockey has become increasingly besiege the talented youth. Yes, and forces "veterans" were not unlimited. At the Olympics in Lake Placid in 1980, celebrated trio Mikhailov - Petrov - Kharlamov played underachieving. Do not leave early from the ice rink, not scoring even one goal, this trio then spent almost all the games to Nil. Even in the final match with the Americans, they never managed to hit the gate rivals. At the Olympics, our team took the "silver", which in those days was considered a tragedy.
In 1981, Kharlamov, announced that this season will be his last. Finish him he wanted dignity, and in many ways he succeeds. CSKA became the 11 th time champion of the USSR and the holder of the European Cup. At the last tournament he was named the best forward. Now, on a high note to finish his career in hockey, he needed to win the first Canada Cup, which was supposed to start in late August in Winnipeg. And then something unexpected happened: Tikhonov said Kharlamov in this tournament is not going. For all professional hockey players and fans, this news was from the category incredible.

Recalls in. Fetisov: "Valera trained furiously, he was in great shape, and feel that is waiting for a tournament of such high rank, knowing that he will be the last for him. We pack the suitcases, when Tikhonov summoned Kharlamov. Half an hour Valera out of coaching. Without any explanation, he shook the guys hand, mumbled something about the victory, turned and went. As it turned out, Tikhonov "unhooked" Kharlamov for any past violation of the regime ... "
But how he explains what happened in. Tikhonov: "Valeria was not in the lists of candidates for the national team, when we held a training camp. However, he brilliantly played the final match of the European Cup, so we invited Valery in Scandinavia, knowing, of course, beforehand, that the Cup matches in Italy's nothing compared with what will face in Canada, do not go.
. Kharlamov in the team is not trained, he was preparing the plan CSKA - not the beginning, but by the end of September, when the championship starts on country
. However, the level of skill, the strength of his character, his courage Kharlamov always worthy performances in the national team, the character he has, as they say, for three. But on the operational readiness ... Valery did not get more forms, and the backlog of its partners was great. There was still one motive power, thanks to which the brilliant striker managed to work everywhere.
We talked with him extensively. Valeri said in conclusion:
- Victor, I understand. I'm really not in the form ...
Then came Vladimir Yurzinov. The conversation lasted three. Valery complained that he did not have enough strength to play. We told him what to do, proposed a program of action:
- Hike to have twenty to thirty minutes every day. Then, in November-December, you'll be in good shape. Play in the tournament "Izvestia" and begin to prepare for the World Cup ...
Kharlamov said:
- I understand everything, I gave you my word ... Why do you entrust me to work with young people, I understand ... I will do everything to play ... "

Thus, according to Tikhonov, Kharlamov missed the team because of poor functional training. Frankly, to hear about this amazing. On the one Canada Cup in the team got a few players, training and level of play which caused a far more professional criticism, but they went to Canada. A player in the superclass. Kharlamov stayed in Moscow. And as it turned out - to their doom.

August 26 Kharlamov went to the airport - to meet his wife and young son, who returned from a holiday in the south. A few hours later he brought them to his dacha in the village of Pokrovka bowl, then lived with his mother-in-law and daughter, four-Begonita.

By and. V. Smirnov: "Ira came from the south a little hoarse, and went to bed early. At this time in the country lived a family of my older sister, so we had to stay in another room all together. But Valera went at once, something else the boys fiddled, and then joined up close with Sasha on the bed. I offered to take his grandson to his sofa, but he did not agree. He slept badly, get up several times, but did not drink or smoke. Just sit, sit, and lie again.
In the morning they rose early, breakfasted. Ira with Valerii zasobiralis in Moscow. Ira said: "Valera, you do not get enough sleep, come on I'll take the car". Then I heard, protested: "Do not let her wheel, she no rights, and the weather out how gloomy". Valera reassured me: "Do not give, we must hurry, I want to train at eleven in time, so that he will lead. But even Seriozha go home drop off ". With them went to Sergey - my nephew, he was already a family, recently returned from the army. In short, Valera sat behind the wheel, and they left.
I soon went to the store for fresh bread. Since I still had a sister with her grandson. Go down the street, when suddenly a police car drove up, and my sister asked where, they say, mother-in-law lives Kharlamov. I understood: something has happened. "
The tragedy occurred at seven o'clock in the 74-th kilometer of the Leningrad highway. Today it is difficult to ascertain why, just after driving from the village, Kharlamov suddenly let his wife sit behind the wheel of the Volga, but the fact remains: in the fateful moments behind the wheel was Irina. The road was wet, and the woman apparently lost control of. Car bore the oncoming lane, according to which dashed at great speed vehicle. Everything happened so suddenly that the driver failed to properly respond, just turned the wheel to the right. And Volga bumped him in the side. The blow was so strong that Valery and Sergei died almost instantly. Irina for some time, was still alive, and when called in to help drivers carried her out of the car and laid on the grass, she moved her lips. But after a few minutes and she died. Ten minutes later the place of tragedy came to the police, who identified the man, who was sitting in the front seat of the Volga, Valery Kharlamov. Within an hour after the news of the death of the famous hockey player spread around Moscow. In the evening the same day, world agencies reported: "According to Tass, in a car crash near Moscow this morning killed a famous hockey player Valeri Kharlamov, thirty-three years, and his wife. They left two small children - a son and a daughter ... "
Hockey players USSR team learned about this tragedy in Winnipeg.
Recalls in. Fetisov: "In the morning including a TV, but there Valerkiny portraits. But then none of us really in English did not understand. So do not realize that what. Even then, when poured into the street and we began to approach strangers and say something about Kharlamov, we realized: there was a trouble with Valerii. In the evening we arrived hockey chief Valentin Sych, and said that Kharlamov died. We were shocked. All together, and at first wanted to throw the hell this tournament and go to the funeral. But then somehow it turned out that we decided to stay in whatever was to win the Cup and dedicate the victory Kharlamov. So eventually it happened. "
The funeral of the dead in a car accident took place a few days at Kuntsevo Cemetery. Tribute to a great hockey player attended by thousands of people. Soon after my mother passed away Kharlamov were not able to postpone the death of his beloved son and daughter -
P. S. August 26, 1991, the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, a 74-kilometer of the Leningrad highway memorial sign was installed: 500-pound marble puck, which was engraved the inscription: "Here rolled Russian hockey star. Valery Kharlamov ". The most amazing thing that has put the sign does not state, and private person: a kind of Michael, who is an avid fan of hockey and talent in. Kharlamov.

20 years without Kharlamov

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