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Kharlamov made an official statement

Famous humorist and showman Garik Kharlamov gave a candid interview in which he expounded on the work, overweight and daughter. Similarly, he made a statement, according to which requests not to come to the Comedy Club performance those who do not close their humor.

Garik Kharlamov does not hide that he long ago came an overdose of humor. "It turns out when the Comedy Club was in its infancy, no one imagined that would be the size of the work and written so much material. I annually thought more not to joke about something. Already the ceiling, we joked over all the situations in life that are possible. It is politics, and sex, and internal Affairs. But life throws something new all the time. We have such a smooth body, it keeps pace with time," explained showman.

Resident Comedy Club reports that there were topics that their humor is not affected. "Some religious scenes. Initially, it is inherent. We have international team, everyone has their own faith, and we try not to make jokes, I make no claim about the Church is an institution. There is a sacred thing - mother, grandmother. We have this internal censorship" - listed Kharlamov.

Similarly Garik said that, say, their humor is "below the belt". "I truly believe that humor below the belt is not present, is not present humor above, right and left of the belt. There is either a caricature or unfunny humor. If you laugh, it's humor, if not laugh - not humor. And granulating it to bad, excellent or unreal green. Every person, from their point of view perceives. It depends on upbringing, environment, friends, where you grew up. Same joke in a town hall explodes, the other doesn't. What is the definition of "below the belt"? Our obscene ditties that have long existed, below or above the waist? For me gone is the transfer of "sell-out". Matter, in my understanding of what a mediocre, low-quality created. Matter is when you come in and see the hack. And to say "Ugh, how terrible for you, he was kidding about the pussy it's below the belt" and with all this giggling, not matter?

When you get this humor did not come to our concert! This is my statement. No need to torment yourself, do not waste cash on us for no reason! We do not take. And if he came, then... be patient. We honestly show the poster the age limit is 18 years. Children can't look. My own daughter grows, she is not allowed to look" - quoted Kharlamov "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Regarding his personal life, Garik confessed that she wants to lose weight. But the result of the tour is not obtained. "Family life she look fat. When a daughter Nastya was born, I wanted her to spend much time. While she was falling asleep until waking up several times a night, had to stay in the nursery and something to do. To play the iPad I can't believe she didn't Wake up in consequence of this the machine was munching on some chips terrible. Later this affection long been forgotten," said Kharlamov.

Garik said, and daughter Anastasia, which for a year and 3 months. "Every day something new happens. She already says "Mama" and "Papa". We all of these factors with his wife every day on the phone remove. She probably thinks we're crazy - every day on some gadgets are rolling. Try to remove what it can do. This bliss, not to say. It's a pretty sharp turn in life, when there is a baby, you know it's your baby, see how it develops over time, is man. This, of course, awesome. Runs in the morning and in a whisper says, "daddy, daddy", so I didn't Wake up. I told her not so long ago a baby stroller presented. And here she rides in the stroller and the stroller carries. Funny. From time to time godfather Timur arrives. At Easter he brought a toy that says a thousand words. It is in this project, well done, generous, not greedy.

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