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Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)

( Athlete, Boxer)

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Biography Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
photo Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
(January 17, 1942)
. He lost three fights (and that for twenty years!), . but in those episodes of "black lightning" is not hung helplessly on the shoulders of others, . no, . Ali always gave fights pathos, . showing off perfect ringovym education, . but it is his footwork - she's one of the aesthetes of the public aroused enthusiastic prichmokivanie.,
. It was a strange but wonderful creation of nature, which appeared to light on Jan. 17, 1942 in Louisville (Ky.) and received the name of Cassius Marsellus Clay - later Muhammad Ali.

. If you remember his style, it was something elegant, light and mysteriously beautiful, because, having in the heyday of 97 kg with an increase in 192 cm, Ali had the mobility of the lightweight boxer
. His sacramental: "flutter like a butterfly, Jaloux like a bee" - was an exception to what is usually grind this braggart and a bully.

. He lost three fights (and that for twenty years!), . but in those episodes of "black lightning" is not hung helplessly on the shoulders of others, . no, . Ali always gave fights pathos, . showing off perfect ringovym education, . but it is his footwork - she's one of the aesthetes of the public aroused enthusiastic prichmokivanie.,

. This, of course, was a genius in his own right, a fantastic figure, and outside the ring, perhaps
. Here, of course, felt the hand of Angelo Dundee, his trainer - a skilled and intelligent, with Ali (Clay) mnogonko walked in the big box. This Dundee thanked the Almighty, when not interrupted the conversation, he heard the telephone unfamiliar voice has broken youngster:

- Weight of Dundee, my name is Cassius Clay. You must take me. Two years later I would be Olympic champion.

. - In the deleN

. - And then I'll be the best in the world professional.

. - How old are you letN

. - Sixteen.

. Later, Angelo Dundee, said that at that moment he wanted sarcastic and hang up
. But suddenly blurted out something else:

. - Come.

. At the first appearance of Cassie in the hall Angelo for some minutes understood - it is a miracle!

. We boys had a great muscular talent, he mastered the most difficult techniques playfully boxing, had an incredible intuition, and already in the first skirmishes play with guys older than thought, subtle combinations.

. He is not in poverty in the gentle summer, his parents were very intelligent people, my mother taught Cassius draw, and his father - reading good poets
. Once they bought him a bicycle, but on the same day, a street hoodlum and rescued him, and even put eye bruise. Sobbing Kassi complained to the police, and he scratched his head, said: "This is so, of course, I look for ... But advice to you, boy, taught himself to fight ".

The officer - Joe Martin, not only gave advice, but also undertook to teach the boy fist case. He, of course, was far from Angelo Dundee, but most importantly he was able vtemyashit 12-year-old Clay: "Everything in the box decides to speed, it is. These were Dempsey and Louis, all great. "

In his yard Cassius has collected a pile of stones, and in the morning, the younger brother with all his might threw them in the young martyr. Two or three months he went to the bruises and bumps, but then the stones were flying around. His natural agility, development of various exercises, and later helped avoid major trouble in the ring. Sometimes, Mohammed Ali received no serious blows in the battle, his handsome face as such, and left.

But it was in his body, unexplained oddity, which horrified doctors. Pulse Ali struggled with a frequency of 55-56 beats per minute, indicating an excellent trenirovannosti, but even chop tossed heart reduction to 120, and blood pressure became downright ominous: the upper one to 190. After the first check-up, stammering with terror, offered Dundee immediately take Clay to the hospital, and upset the coach turned to the student: "What shall we do, synokN". I heard serene: "Let's go to the hall, and document advise not to make hysterics, I know, for all the sacrifice zone."

. In 1959, the 17-year-old Clay impeccably big amateur tournament won Golden Gloves, entered the U.S. team and a year later in Rome, became an Olympic champion at light heavyweight.

. Rumors of an unusually talented countryman had walked into all of Louisville, and the city fathers decided to fold, so that the young Clay had the opportunity to grow as a professional
. Among these eleven local patriots, and some were William Faverhem, he also singled out a certain sum. And it shocked Louisville. Millionaire reputed horrible meanie: Clay later humorously described his meeting with Louisville Plushkin. "He came to my training and suspiciously watched the scene to make sure that his money is invested in a sure thing. He gave me a paper with notes about my boxing exploits, but do not forget to take them for any cents.

By long-standing account title of Olympic champion was approximately 9.10 rank of professional boxing. Clay rushed for championship belts, but he was not yet solid credibility. What is there: in general, many regarded him as a boy, if not casual upstart, who is about to be plucked to the long-deserved Splash. And then he knew what to do. He was shocked one and all, . he clowning and threatened, . yelling, . that will sweep away any, . and only Liston, . is an evil beast, . he would kill especially severely, . directly in front of cameras showed Cassius: backhand, . right, . and, . Finally, . top-of bonce Sonny, . it is like on the lid of the coffin.,

. Admire and for certain transcripts of its cool tantrums played out: "I am the most intelligent and educated
. The most daring, cultural and fun. I have no weaknesses ... I can not give interviews until you have run out of ink. I do have to emulate - I am great! ".

All were bewildered and confused, even the bosses had seen all of professional boxing: "Well, there were, of course, self-confident, hamovatye types. But this simply tinned Throat, and howls knows that - with all honest people ". One did not notice: Clay became a popular figure, although anecdotal. But he knew about it went tales and eatery, and at social events, and at street intersections.

. His path to the throne was fantastically fast and, in general, easier still, because an awful Liston, as the sheaves, cut down all more or less strong contenders, only one Louisville punk something there fluttering
. Only he. Others uninteresting.

In his misfortune, Sonny did not take into account that, apart from Clay's arrogance is another and most important: the art of boxing, fearlessness and greed is not full of young predator. Even Clay's victory over Archie Moore was not guarded Liston. This is so old Archie was almost twice as old bugger, but it was Archie - still quite capable in the ring, strong-willed and experienced.

. And boy, it is literally the first round began to smear the legend, he made fun of Archie, who in some moments of helpless - to tears of sympathy
. And the reporter sighed in the report: "Beside the young Clay, he looked Laden whiskey sailor, when heavy steps and ridiculous waving fists. And this is a great MurN It was just ridiculous, and all reached their collapsed.
About how Cassius Clay finished with Liston, was described in a previous essay. Everything seems to be revealed, passions abated, and most 22-year-old champion ought to calm down and look to new accomplishments. But it was in those days he was to pervosti shocked everyone by entering into a sect of black Muslims "... and changing the name, and soon started the scandal, which became the first of many, and in this sphere, he also never knew weariness.

But Ali went straight to the BWA, neither more nor less. Bosses of the Association offered him their nomination, which was instituted long ago - no one dared utter a word, but then they came down to kick impenetrable. Ali showed them to hell, and not shaped note, stating that the fight will only Sonny Liston - refers to a rematch.

His plan had its logic. Ali did not want to get involved in the fight, God knows whom, because Liston explained his defeat shoulder injury and demanded a second match. BWA President, Bob Evans and his colleagues have come up with anything intelligent to deprive Muhammad Ali world title, to which he reacted indifferently: "Everyone knows that I am strong, and the loss of championship belts, trinkets that can hurt a child".

The vacant place was occupied by a certain Ernie Terrell, a heavy, almost Meter fellow, pobivshy points on March 5, 1965 Eddie Machena, the same dismal candidacy for BWA. In essence, it was a "designated champion", and many references he did not appear. It is known as the brother of a popular soloist pop group "greatest", but he did not comply with Ernie this concept no singing, no boxing class.

. He knew he had what it poimel tooth removal from the throne, Ali!

. Meanwhile, Ali, . finishing off Liston, . but on the version of WSB, . the next year and a half crushed almost battalion really strong fighters - Floyd Patterson and Zora Folly, . Canadian George sack, . Englishmen Henry Cooper and Brian London, . and all those matches he won with remarkable ease.,

. Finally, came the turn of Ernie Terrell - February 6, 1967 in Houston
. Ali, impossibly furious, made mincemeat out of him. Before each round, he, . approaching Ernie, . gently asked: "Well, . fool, . you still remember my imyaN ", . and every time collaborator Ernie, . almost crazed from pain and hopelessness, . dutifully remembered, . then Ali made him a new mess, . not to go to knock,
. Ernie's tortures ended with a 15-round, his face and chest was flooded with blood and left eye, Ali closed his back in round 5.

But after that Mohammed Ali is not calmed down. Another scandal occurred when he refused to wear a military uniform and take oath. At the commission of psychiatrists, he mowed a nice debila, calling Shakespeare's U.S. president and placed Sydney in Canada. Then the Americans fought in Vietnam, and Ali, dressed in military uniform, was needed as a successor of the line of patriots since the time of Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis.

But he refused. And it was a matter not only BWA, but the entire nation. Bob Evans announced that the Association is the second time denies Muhammad Ali world title, and a month later he was brought before the court and was sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of 10 thousand dollars, although neither one nor the other did not materialize.

. In the series of controversial actions Ali - and his visit to Moscow that happened in the summer of 1978, against the background of the height of the Cold War
. This was an action of our spokesmen, moreover, the capital of the whole getting ready for the Olympics, so any sports contacts welcome.

The high guest was impressed. Getting up after arriving at 5.30, Ali from the Metropole Hotel went for a run that ended at the Red Square, where he walked around the mausoleum. And then came close to the entrance, curiously watching the changing of the guard. In those days it was still a PE: half-naked dark-skinned giant with a gloomy face and unclear goals oshivaetsya near the holy of holies. And the same day, in a building on Lubyanka stir up. A little reassured, decided to oblige the translator Yuri Markov - the then executive secretary of the Federation, to spend the night at the Metropole and tushirovat all sorts of tricks from the unpredictable guest.

Took him to the highest kind, as evidenced by a meeting with Ali L. I. Brezhnev: the great boxer came out of the waiting room with "Little Land" and the clock. Immediately went to the press conference, where the summer rolled his savage dressing down to one accredited in Moscow, an American journalist for the question of Vietnam.

. All those days with him was Veronica, his wife, a beauty feast for the eyes, but when the couple returned from Tashkent to Moscow, Yuri Markov on the big secret whisper told me: "Well, Veronica - a sort of Sonka the Golden Pen"
. It turns out that after each meal is very quietly, collect the silverware and put them to production in a big bag. Uzbeks embarrassed glances, but the comments do not dare. In short, clean them, this sultry lady pretty. Later, during a divorce, she fleeced and Ali, but that is a cross of many famous and wealthy Americans.

Finally in Hall CSKA Mohammed Ali spent demonstrations rounds with Gorskovym, Zaev and the Vysotsky. I just stood near the ring and saw everything in detail.

At that time, Ali looked potyazhelevshim, if not flabby. Round with Gorskovym out most inexpressive, and Ali all the time loudly otfyrkivalsya. And during a break in his second towel was wet with sweat. But he held out against the fearless Zaeva, always reminding the fox terrier, and a powerful Vysotsky, with whom Ali has grabbed seriously guessing that our nokauter intends to showcase round-stands him from the heart. Nothing terrible happened, but two strikes Ali reached the jaws of Igor.

All this idyll was over quite quickly. What we went into Afghanistan, and Ali harshly attacked for this action, senseless and unsuccessful.

. But as he evolved a professional ringeN

. In general, Mohammed Ali spent 25 title or qualification to them fighting, and it would be a record, do not be Joe Louis, who has such a one more
. A first defeat (there are three), he has experienced in March 1971, in New York by Joe Frazer, who was a pronounced power style called "black Marciano.

. After a year and a half, Joe flew to Jamaica, where he was waiting for George Foreman, the future pastor of lunoobraznym good-natured face harmless uncle
. But not in the ring ... Joe radiates energy and confidence, but in the ring turns out that God is indifferent to him: in the second round, Foreman knocks out the spirit of Joe.

. Now the whole world is waiting for the match Foreman-Ali, and this fight is necessary to allocate special, masters of professional boxing firm in the opinion, saying that it "as a great and unforgettable"
. Following this match were created musical hit "rumble in the jungle" and the film with the same name.

. Their fight took place on October 30, 1974 in Kinshasa, and locals still unconscious of Ali, since he insisted on the candidature of the capital of Zaire
. Here, . sure, . and became an exotic decoration: imagine the thick tropical night, . stars and spotlights on the ring - the only white spot in this assemblage, . excited, . shining faces of the audience, . enthusiasm and naivete were so charming, . that infected and grated bosses of professional boxing.,

. Seven rounds of Ali, Foreman led inexorably to a spectacular denouement
. His opponent this way and that was chosen to Ali, but all to no avail. In the middle of the eighth round, Ali held a combination of false and sharply struck Foreman's jaw, that in some strange way made a complete turn, then two or three steps on giving way under his feet and collapsed on the pavement. The enthusiasm of the public, I give the reader to imagine ... Oh, yes, and it was George Foreman, a fighter and strong willed, a few years ago he returned 42 years on the big ring and beat many of the current. What, then, the masters, he and others were at the time of its heyday, and what, finally, the force represented by Ali, if you send any of them on the floor!
. The victory of Ali over Foreman
. This struggle, this "rumble in the jungle" might be called the most-itself, but it was also "The excitement in Manila" - the so-called other title-game masterpiece, Ali and Joe Frazer October 1, 1975

Then Ali was 33 years old, but he vykomarival, as before. At the last press conference, he brought a toy gutta-percha, reminiscent of Frazer, and began banging on it, explaining that it will be so in the ring. Joe smiled, but through the power. Ali was released from the dressing room in a luxurious white robe, yelling at the whole room that soon some people need a doctor.

All 14 rounds, Ali fought "number two". The low - 182 cm, with sloping shoulders and thick, short legs, Frazer was pronounced fighter, besides, with remarkable endurance. It is exhausting every soldier, reminding initiated against any term of the car, and, of course, Ali, in open battle would transcend did not break this marathon.

Freshness left, Ali heavy and could not, as before, frolic in the ring. Instead came the experienced, the understanding of boxing, and in Manila, the world champion had a really fantastic, if not absurd and suicidal plan, but, for any other.

He once walked listlessly around the ring, stopping Joe outstretched arm. Several times in general, crouch in a corner and closed glove, allowing a candidate to do what he wants and can. And Joe, for his untiring little steps walked and walked on him and beat and beat, not realizing that a huge reserve of energy to melt, and soon will be equal to the possibilities of Ali, and even then would break out of reckoning hour.

. Ali always had the ability to be the ring master - even in cases where he had a tightly
. Here in Manila, he was lenient with Joe, and when after a melee that fell away from the champion, Ali gesture would call him to her: they say, where are you, come to me. All this annoyed and tired of Frazer, he had the advantage of killing activity, and strokes - enough to swear, one vanity.

In this no-no, but the old lion woke. And then the explosion - a short, tough series, and all in the goal! Of the victims, Ali instantly transformed into an avenger, forcing visitors to enter the cries. Even the most inexperienced felt deep thought in the actions of the champion, and that he fought a battle, he made him great.

Victory Ali on Fraser eighth round was the turning. Ali entered on the protection of Joe. Joe has performed a great job, but he is in despair, in some episodes he does not know what to do ... The beating started in the 13 th, when Ali went to the open box, and it looked like meat grinder. Wondered one thing - why not Joe padaetN In the next round - the same picture ... But after the second of a gong and a doctor shrug: Joe Frazer is unable to continue the fight.

This match was great. Perhaps the greatest in the history of professional boxing. This is so, the blood and fall of bodies was. But at what level, what intrigue, battle of minds!

This battle has become the top for both. Joe parted with the idea in general to compete for the title of the strongest in the world. His successful rival even sat on the throne, but the highest quality boxing, Ali has not shown. In the autumn of 1980, after a long break, Ali, pokryahtev, went to Las Vegas against Larry Holmes, and was a bit in 10-round bout.

Life is extinct "stars" usually does not cause an acute interest. But this is not about Muhammad Ali, his tragic fate to this day is not indifferent to humanity.

. He was not yet forty years old when he was struck by Parkinson's disease with all its humiliating symptoms: the more recently the mighty Ali began to shake hands, his gait became unsteady, and incoherent speech
. Outwardly, it looks like a moron, in fact, this disease does not strike the mind.

It was a difficult time for Ali, perhaps - unbearable. He pretty pokurolesil in personal life, leaving from three marriages, eight children. His wives were young, glamorous and, alas, the spoiled wench. Each fleeced Ali, who in his best years did not know the account money. For several years he lived the life of a lonely, almost a beggar man.

Fortune smiled on him in the form of Lonnie, who lived in his native Louisville, a minute walk from the house Kleev. She was younger than his 15 years, and he paid attention to this neighbor girl. But for her, Ali became a kind of fetish, . another seven years Lonnie said parents, . would get married just for him, . she has her, . This dark-skinned Cinderella, . become by the time high fascinating woman, and most importantly - her maternal instinct combined with the qualities of the mistress, . if not a business woman,

Now they live in Michigan, on a ranch in the area of 30 hectares. They are receiving a six-year-Assad's son, who by some mysterious coincidence becomes a copy of Ali. He himself was engaged in business in its own glory. Sometimes speech brings him to 150-200 thousand dollars. He also frequents charity evenings, children's hospitals, the National Fund for Parkinson's disease.

But the main thing for Ali - to prove that he does not give the disease, that his intellect is not affected by. Therefore, recently, Ali was furious when one reporter recorded an interview with him on tape, in order to inform the decay of his personality. Those who frequently communicate with Ali, see him as a living, thinking and witty companion.

Before his victory became an event for all mankind. Now Ali is happy if the breakfast is not shed from a cup of coffee, but completing this action, smiles and winks to the other party: one more small victory, one more proof of his capacity.

. At one time, only just too lazy not to laugh at his enthusiasm for Islam
. In fact, Mohammed Ali took seriously their new faith. He strictly followed the precepts of the Prophet, five times a day praying, her face turned towards Mecca. The recently published his pamphlet "The Healing", in which he condemns hatred.

"Yes, and I hated many, and not only his rivals in the ring. This feeling was so strong that I could not eat and think about something else. But now I realize that this is a bad feeling ". Significant part of their current income Ali pays hospitals for the poor and shelters.

Often he is asked to show himself in bygone way - "dancing boxer". And then a miracle occurs. At any moment his body seemed to cast a disease: his hands and legs work like in a real fight, and his eyes flashing frightful luster. But, after finishing, every time he falls lifelessly to the substituted chair.

At the Olympics in Atlanta, he was given the great honor. In his trembling hand put the torch with fire, and Ali brought it to the bowl. This scene touched many to tears.

Muhammad Ali: the height of the peaks and black butterflies

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  • Azat for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Ali bil i budet lutchim v MIRE boxserom / ...i ne kakie tam bratya Klichko, taison, valuev, maskaev emu ne pomeha .. on bil i ostanetsya lutchim boxserom MIRA!
  • Dmitry Micrykov for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Ali samii lu4shii Boxer v Mire. Ego tehnika - nomer 1. On VELICHAISHII BOXER. SAMII SAMII!
  • yi-go-go for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Ali inaccessible. He is the King of the ring FOREVER!
  • Tikondrus for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Ali genius! He "Parkhaev like a butterfly and stings like a bee"
  • Mamed for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Ali - a legend of boxing which will be remembered always!
  • About for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • only great honored to pass your way clearly and brilliantly despite all the hardships of fate
  • aziz toylyyew for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • MOHAMMED ALI greatest at all times. I'll be like Mohammed ALI.VOT SEE ! ! !
  • AZIZ TOYLYYEW for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Mohammed Ali flit like a butterfly and sting like pchela.ALI samyy silnyy ! ! !
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  • ya tokshto napisal chto budu kak Muhammad Ali pust eto prochitayet wes mir ya otwechayu za slowa kak Muhammad Ali.Muhammad Ali korol ringa.Fedor samyy silny na pride ! ! !,
  • Sergey for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • I admire Ali, up for today's the day I was not interested in either boxing or Ali as a person, but after watching a film about Mohammed Ali, my opinion has changed to boxing as a sport and to Tomuzhe Ali. MOHAMED ALI, THE LEGEND !
  • Anonymous for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • This is a legend, the remaining words do not!
  • Sukhrob for Ali Muhammad (Ali Muhammad)
  • Muhammad Ali Luschy boxer of all time !
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