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Margelov Basil

( War Veteran)

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Biography Margelov Basil
Consider - lucky
It was in 1939 in Western Belarus, shortly before the parade in Brest Allies - the Soviet Union and Germany. Intelligence Belorussian Front had received instructions from Moscow to get the Germans' secret mask. The task was very responsible - from the intelligence needed to trigger clean, leaving no trace, and time to prepare operations practically enjoyed.

After discussion, the candidates chosen for the Chief of Intelligence Division Captain Margelov. Captain - Commander of the military, savvy, saucy, let him try, and suddenly on the run from his boys get. Meanwhile, carefully prepare a few groups of scouts, for the safety net "- judged by a higher headquarters.

"Captain, or crosses in the chest, or head in the bushes. In general, the challenge to you is clear, proceed to implement immediately - ordered the division commander. And, realizing the deadly danger, and the great responsibility that fell to the lot of them distinguished young captain, added: - Ready to give you every assistance ... Your report waiting an hour ".
Since the time to prepare for the assignment was, and knowing that the Germans sent to the Chief of Staff and Chief of Special Branch Division, his father, carefully thought of everything, reported to the division commander decided. "The delicate, for its implementation requires one person, but with good cover, - he said. - I have a bold, well-trained intelligence officers, but nevertheless ask you to allow a task to me personally. I will go along with the captains in the location of German troops for the partition of the territory, and there - I will act on environment. Simultaneously, in his battalion put to task subordinates to simulate the operation ".

The division commander shook his hand and ordered the captain to prepare the way. "The car in half an hour, about pashem job bosses will know, but they can not help. All responsibility - for you. Good luck, Captain. I'll wait for your return, but if you get the Germans to rely only on themselves ".
Negotiations had been going on the first day. It went according to plan. Finally the tables appeared snack, drink. Began toasts, of which the father later recalled with a bitter smile. All this time, he quietly watching what is happening around. Suddenly, he saw past the open because of the heat into the yard door were two German soldiers with the right he masks.

Pretending a little drunk and portraying the shy smile, the father asked permission from the chief of staff to go "before the wind". Present smiled, joking to the weakling, and allowed him to go.

Captain unsteadily towards the camp-toilet, where the observed "their" Germans. One of them was just entering inside, the other remained on the street. His father, swaying and smiling, walked up to him and, as if losing his balance, fell in his direction ... knife forward. Then, cut a gas mask and hiding behind dead, tumbled to his friend. The bodies were dumped in a latrine, and making sure that they sank, went out. After taking two masks, he quietly got to his car, where they hid.

Returning to the "negotiating table", drank a glass of vodka. The Germans roared in approval and began to offer him a drink schnapps. But our commanders, realizing that reconnaissance work carried out, began to take leave. Soon they had already rolled back.

"Well, captain, dobylN" "For two," - boasted to his father. "But do not forget that we have helped you ... how could", - said the NKVD and belched. At chalnik headquarters silent. Outside, the trees quickly sped ahead - rivulet. Machine enters the bridge and ... sudden explosion.

When my father came to himself, he felt a sharp pain in the nose and left cheek. His hand - blood. He looked around: all killed, the car in the water, the bridge destroyed. Clear - hit a mine. And then he saw out of the woods toward the car jumping riders.

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Noticing stir, they began firing on the move. His pain, his father fired. Kills brain rider, then - next ... Blood flooded his eyes, prevented to deliver aimed fire.

And then the Germans, when they heard shots, came to the rescue. Repulsed the attack, as it turned out, Polish partisans, they took Russian capital to the hospital, where a German surgeon operated on his nose.

When he was brought, bleeding, wrapped in bandages, the location of our division, he immediately fell into the hands of the NKVD. The questions were just for the occasion: "Why only one left zhivoyN Why was brought nemtsyN Why they operated on you, . kapitanN "After that - three days of anxious waiting in the basement, . while officers of the NKVD on the testimony of the father has not learned from the privy corpses of German soldiers with a cut mount masks and not seen, . that the bullets in the bodies of the dead attackers riders had been released from his Mauser,

By releasing his operas in the rank of senior lieutenant, gritting his teeth, hissed: "Come, Captain. At this time, count, you are lucky ". No gratitude for a task his father had not received, but really with friends as it should be noted "freedom" in a local restaurant. The scar on his left cheek left the memory of those days for life ...

Sweden maintained neutrality

During the Soviet-Finnish War (1939-1940 gg.) Father commanded a separate ski Intelligence Battalion 122 th Division. The battalion performed daring raids on the enemy's rear, ambushed, causing great damage to the Finns. During one of them he captured the Swedish General Staff officers.

"Penetrate the enemy's rear was extremely difficult - White Finns were excellent soldiers" - recalled the father. He always respected the dignity of the enemy, and a single preparation of Finnish men valued especially highly.

The battalion were graduates of sports institutions Lesgafta name and the name of Stalin, an athlete-skiers. Once absorbed into Finnish territory for ten miles, they found a fresh enemy ski. "Ambushed. The first company - the right, the second - to the left, the third company is two hundred meters ahead and cut off the enemy retreat. Captured a few people, preferably officers "- gave the military orders father.

Returning to their enemy piste skiers had not noticed our masked men and they came under fire. In the short and fierce battle his father managed to make out that some soldiers and officers of the strange shape, unlike the Finnish. None of our soldiers could not even think that there is a possible meeting with soldiers of a neutral country. "If not in our form and together with the Finns, it means the enemy" - the commander decided and ordered to capture particularly enemies dressed in this strange form.

During the battle, six people were taken prisoner. But it turned out to Swedes. Deliver them through the front line in the location of our troops was a matter of very complex. Not only that the prisoners had to literally drag myself, it was impossible at the same time prevent them from freezing. If you were standing when the severe frosts in terms of immobility or stiffness, for example in case of serious injury, death occurred very quickly. Unable to make in these circumstances, the bodies of their fallen comrades.

Front line to overcome without loss. When reached his, the Battalion again got "the whole hog". Again, the NKVD, again questioning

. It was then, and knew who he was captured - Swedish officers who have studied the possibility of participation in the war on the side of Finland's Swedish Expeditionary Corps volunteer, had already arrived in late January - early February in the Kandalaksha area
. Attributed to the battalion commander then something like a political short-sightedness, . Mol, . "neutrals" is not recognized, . not those taken prisoner, . remembered leaving their dead on the battlefield, . generally, . not avoid it to the court-martial, . and most likely - shooting, . Yes army commander took command under the protection of,
. Most of the officers and men of the detachment were awarded orders and medals, only the commander remained unrewarded. "Nothing, - he was joking - but Sweden remained neutral ..."

. The defeat and capture of the first troops sent to fight against the Soviet Union, led in Sweden is so depressing resonance, which until the end of military conflict, the Swedish government did not decide to send a single soldier Finland
. Would know the Swedes, whom they are obliged to maintaining neutrality, as well as the fact that Swedish mothers, wives and brides do not have to weep for their sons and loved ones ..

. On the border of Austria and Czechoslovakia

. May 10, 1945, . when our soldiers are winning already there was talk of imminent departure for home, . General Margelov receives military orders: the border between Austria and Czechoslovakia, three divisions of the SS and the remnants of other units, . including Vlasov, . want to surrender to the Americans,
. Need to capture them, in case of resistance - to destroy. For the success of the operation had been promised a second Star of the Hero ...

Giving the military order, the colonel with several officers in the "jeep" went straight to the location of enemy. Accompanied his battery of 57-mm cannon. Soon he was joined by Chief of Staff on another machine. They had to machine gun and grenades on the box, not including personal weapons.

Upon arrival, the father ordered: "Set direct-fire weapons on the headquarters of the enemy, and after 10 minutes, if I did not get out, open fire". And loudly ordered the nearby SS: "Immediately Take me to your commanders have the authority from the high command to negotiate".

At the headquarters of the enemy, he demanded the immediate unconditional surrender, promising to return life and preserve awards. "Otherwise - the complete destruction with the use of fire weapons division," - he ended it. Seeing the complete hopelessness of the situation, SS generals were forced to surrender, stressing that this shall only brave combat generals

. No prizes promised his father not received, . but the consciousness, . that scored a major victory without firing a shot and without a single loss, . captured war booty, . but at the same time save the lives of several thousand people, . yesterday - the enemies, . afforded him satisfaction of higher order, . than any, . even the highest, . Award,

Vasily F. Margelov was born December 27, 1908 (old style) in the city Yekaterynoslav (now Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine. With 13 years of age went to work at the mine konogonom N drove trucks loaded with coal. He wanted to learn at a mining engineer, but the Komsomol was sent to the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army.

In 1928 he joined the Association of Belarusian military school after BSSR Central Executive Committee in Minsk. After successful completion of its appointed commander of the machine-gun platoon of 99-th Infantry Regiment, 33rd Infantry Division.

From the earliest days of the service chiefs assessed the ability of the young commander and his ability to work with people, send them to their knowledge. In 1931 he was appointed platoon commander, Regimental schools, and in January 1932 N platoon commander in his native school. Taught tactics, firepower and physical training. Passed positions from platoon leader to company commander. Was Lmaksimistom Б¦- Б¦- 1 (gunner with a machine gun system, Maxim), beautifully shot from other weapons, was Lvoroshilovskim marksman ".

In 1938, Margelov already captain (at the time of the first rank of senior officer), battalion commander, 25 th Infantry Regiment, 8 th Infantry Division of the Belarusian Military District, then Chief of Intelligence Division. Just in time for this period and is the first episode of its rich front-line biography.
. During the Soviet-Finnish campaign as commander of the ski Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of the harsh conditions of the Arctic has made dozens of raids on the rear of White Finnish troops

. Great Patriotic War began in July 1941 and passed it to the end, . from major to major general: commander Ldistsiplinarnikami Б¦-, . who protected him with their bodies during shelling, . separate regiment Baltic sailors at Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts, . Rifle Regiment Stalingrad, . at the turn of the river Myshkova break the back of the tank army stein,
. As commander of the division, crossed the Dnieper, with a handful of fighters for three days without rest and write kept occupied position, provided transportation for his division. He participated in the liberation of Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria. He graduated from the war brilliant bloodless capture of the three selected German SS divisions: the head LMertvaya Б¦-, Б¦- LVelikaya Germany and LPolitseyskaya SS Division Б¦-.
The brave commander of the division, with 12 of Stalin thanks, was honored to command the N 2-composite battalion of the First Ukrainian Front of the Victory Parade in Red Square. His battalion was the first, and in the first rank firmly minted step ten of the best soldiers and officers of his 49-Kherson Guards Red Banner, Order of Suvorov Infantry Division. Eight wounded at the front, two of them heavy N. His wife, Anna, surgeon-surgeon, Guard Captain of the Medical Service, also took place throughout the war, he operated on the battlefield. Many times Margelov life hung in the balance, not only during encounters with enemies, but in the course of the investigation of the NKVD. After the war, N General Staff Academy, after which the age of almost 40 years, he unhesitatingly accepted the offer to become commander of the Guards Chernigov Airborne Division. Shows an example of youth in the commission of skydiving. Since 1954, the commander of airborne troops. Father did not give to meet the 50 th anniversary of the troops as commander of airborne N Afghan saga began, and he had his own views on the use of airborne units in the tactical and strategic plan. Since January 1979, Army General VF. Margelov continued to serve in the Panel of Inspectors General of the USSR Ministry of Defense, overseeing the airborne troops. March 4, 1990 Vasily F. did not become. But the memory of it lives in a paratrooper in the hearts of World War II veterans, all who knew and loved his people. He is an honorary soldier in one part of the Guards Chernigov Airborne Division. His name is given to streets in Omsk, Tula, Union teen clubs landing Profile. Ryazan Airborne School also bears his name.

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