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Naumenko, Viktor

( Veteran War Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Naumenko, Viktor
photo Naumenko, Viktor
(October 22, 1921 - ...)
Hero of the Soviet Union VP. Naumenko was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, World War I level, Red Star, more than 20 medals, including foreign ones.
. Born October 22, 1921 in the village of Novo-Pisarivka Sanzharskogo district, Poltava region, to a peasant family
. Father - Naumenko, Peter A. (1898 - 1982). Mother - Maria Naumenko Stepanovna (1898 - 1978). Married for the second. First wife - Naumenko Claudia V. (1922 - 1996). Second wife - Panchenko, Elena Pavlovna (1928. born.). Sons: Alexander Naumenko (1945. born.) and Vitaly Naumenko (1949. born.) both - retired colonel.

Professional soldier, defender of the motherland Victor decided to become as a child. After finishing school in Poltava, he entered Baku Infantry School. Then eight-month course was held in Saratov Tank School. In 1940 he received the command of a tank platoon in the part, which was situated in the village Choroszcz, which is 17 miles west of Bialystok (now Poland).

. On the morning of the memorable day of June 22, 1941 under the ship's part was in the assembly area at the border
. There, a platoon of T-34, commanded by Lieutenant Naumenko, in the other units of the 13th Tank Regiment entered the first battle with the invaders.

. Since then, decades passed, however, they did not shake the firm belief that the first, difficult months of the war were for a period of our soldiers not only forced to retreat, but also causing the enemy decisive counterattacks
. He judges it in the first place in his regiment, his fellow soldiers, received before the war, armored T-34. Fascist tankers frankly scared of our tridtsatchetverok, as they freely penetrated the armor of German tanks. From guns as the Nazis shells left on the armor of the T-34 only scratches or dents.

. From the first days of fighting in the daytime tankers under the protection of the infantry repulsed the attack of the enemy and ourselves counterattacked, inflicting considerable damage, but at night orderly retreated
. Of course, they lost and people and vehicles. As a result, when the 13th Tank Regiment, retreating from the fighting, came to Bobruisk, the platoon Naumenko of five T-34 tank was left alone.

At the Berezina Germans stopped. In our troops an opportunity for regrouping. Now Naumenko hit the 150 Tank Brigade, armed with old war machines of the BT-5 BT-7, T-26, equipped with 45-millimeter gun but a machine gun. Here our tankers carrying more heavy losses. But the fighting to the last.

Autumn of 1941, the company commander Naumenko had to war and captured tanks, captured in a daring night attack our soldiers in the area of the city of Ephraim. The Nazi T-III, after the relevant "patches" to the broken fuel tanks, other places, repair internal "stuffing", put into operation. The crew consisted of four people: the gun commander, driver, loader and tank commander - he's the company commander Viktor Naumenko. Captured tanks move quickly, maneuvers well, regularly fired at the advancing Nazis.

. Under the Mtsensk, in March 1942, where among other parts of the defense kept the unit Viktor Naumenko, an order came on the appointment of his deputy commander of the Third Tank Battalion 150 th Tank Brigade.

. Despite the difficult situation on the fronts of the command found a promising opportunity to send officers for training with the best
. So in. Naumenko at the end of August 1942 he was seconded to the Academy of Armored Forces in the city of Tashkent. Internship took place in July 1943 in the battle at the Kursk Bulge.
. In September 1944, after graduating from the Academy Captain Naumenko was appointed commander of a tank battalion of the 20 th Tank Brigade 11 th of a separate Tank Corps 1 st Belorussian Front.

. Viktor Naumenko participated in many severe, bloody battles and liberated many towns and settlements, often risking their own lives, rescued from trouble comrades.

. The main battle Captain Naumenko was held in autumn 1944 in Puе┌awy bridgehead on the Vistula
. In the resulting breakthrough came in the 20 th Tank Brigade, and expanding its offensive in the direction of Radom-TomaszцЁw, possession largest settlement Plets.

Tank Battalion Captain Naumenko was assigned the mission to lead the vanguard of the brigade. The battalion was reinforced by a company of self-propelled artillery SU-100, anti-aircraft battery of 37-millimeter cannons, tanks, amphibious company, a platoon of craft. Forces and means of the advanced detachment commander Naumenko distributed so that from any direction could repel an attack of the enemy.

The first hour traffic unit has not met the enemy. But after passing thirty kilometers from the starting point, the battalion commander and his staff have heard in your rear, where the main forces of the brigade, echoes of the brutal battle. It turned out that they were suddenly attacked by a large force of tanks and infantry Nazis.

. Combat has launched a column in the opposite direction, and leaving in place a chief of staff of the battalion captain Korobov, the leading tank exploded at high speed to the commander of the brigade
. Approaching the locality Plets, Naumenko saw heavy scene: the surviving tanks, anti-aircraft guns, infantry, and even the staff headed by the commander of the brigade repulsed the attacks of tanks (about 100) and large infantry forces of the enemy.

. Success was clearly on the side of the enemy: the battle was already in the center of the village Plets
. Captain Naumenko on the move set the goals of the company commanders: attack the enemy in the flanks. Attack of the move was swift and unexpected for the enemy. Tank company of Major and Captain Mityukova Aleshin, using the terrain and shrubs out the flanks of the enemy tanks and shot them at point-blank. Differences and ACS estimates that with short stops were aimed fire on Nazi tanks. Marines hurriedly poured lead the enemy infantry, not letting it get closer to our tanks for precise shot bazookas. In short, the attacking team of the 50 Panzer Nazis were forced to retreat.

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet from 27 February 1945 Captain VP. Naumenko was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. March 1, 1945 in Moscow, had a son, Sasha. In the ward maternity ward of a Moscow military hospital, where his wife Claudia Naumenko, ran with a fresh number of "Red Star" hospital chief.
. - Captain Naumenko, Viktor Petrovich is not your muzhN
. - My - started young happy mom.
. - Congratulations! He - Hero of the Soviet Union! That's an order ..
. And with his son congratulations!
The long-awaited Victory Day battalion Naumenko met in Berlin.
After the Great Patriotic War, Viktor continued to serve. Until 1949 he held her in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany at various positions. Then in April 1950 was Chief of Staff of the Guards Tank Regiment in Ukraine, and from April 1950 became a teacher, later - the head of the course at the Military Academy of Armored Forces. Since 1958, he - the deputy commander and then commander of the 11-th Guards Tank Division. Later he was Head of the General Staff, USSR Armed Forces, since 1963, he - the head of the Omsk tank top engineering colleges. In 1971 he was followed by another function: Chief of the military-technical training and sports of the Central Committee of the USSR DOSSAF. There he was fortunate to serve under the leadership of three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marshal A. I. Pokryshkin. In 1978, Major-General Naumenko transferred to the reserve.
More than half a century gave the army a fighting general. But after the shot epaulets, he disclaimed responsibility for the security of the country. Three years have continued to work in Central DOSAAF Soviet Union, participated in the preparation of a worthy supplement to the Army.
VP still. Naumenko is a military-patriotic work, meets regularly with recruiting young people, students. Particularly worrying war general, which is in the city of Vladimir, which was formed 20 Tank Brigade. In secondary school N 23 of the city has a museum of military glory of the 20 th Red Banner, Order of Suvorov Tank Brigade. There are many materials and the Hero of the Soviet Union in. P. Naumenko.
In one of the schools in the city of Moscow created a museum of military glory 11 Panzer Corps, which comprised 20 Tank Brigade. Here, Victor Petrovich also happens often. He has something to tell students about their military comrades.
Hero of the Soviet Union VP. Naumenko was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, World War I level, Red Star, more than 20 medals, including foreign ones.
There are a veteran and Hobbies. He repairs and skillfully leads "Volga" with pleasure working in the country. Grown, as dreamed, excellent fertile garden.
Lives in Moscow.

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  • Hello Viktor! Brother of my grandfather Nurullin Husain Nurullovich St.Leytenant company commander submachine 20th Tank Brigade was killed 22.03.45g. Germany near the village of Ney-Tuhoband. I can not find this village on the map. If you ust what Lieb information or chtoto of memories of him please let me. I would be grateful for a lot!
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