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Zarudin Yuri Fyodorovich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Zarudin Yuri Fyodorovich
photo Zarudin Yuri Fyodorovich
Born May 25, 1923 in the village of Ivanovka Loktevskogo district of the Altai Territory. Father - Theodore Zarudin Kalistratovich (1906. born.). Mother - Vera (surname unknown, died, when Yuri was still small). Wife - Tamara (1930. born.). Daughters: Galina Yu (1949. born.) - pharmacist, Maria Yurievna (1954 g. born.) - lecturer, candidate of pedagogical sciences.
Yuri Zarudin studied in the regional center. As soon as he graduated from Grade 9, as the war broke out. Which way to elect him, komsomoltsuN there was no doubt: as a volunteer at the front. But he offered another option: to Komsomol to go to Grozny Infantry School. There he studied from June to December 1941.

Of the Terrible path lay in Melekes: it was formed 58 th Infantry Division. Here Lieutenant Zarudin adopted a platoon in the 885 th Infantry Regiment. Soon the Moscow Offensive. 58 th Infantry Division was put in place. It was advancing in the direction of Kaluga, Tula, Sukhinichi, Yukhnov.

The fighting initially developed successfully. Later, the case has become complicated: the fascists have been reinforced. Platoon Zarudin considered one of the best. And the commander often praised. But April 22, 1942, Yuri unlucky: seriously wounded. Three soldiers carried him from the battlefield to the field hospital, at times he lost consciousness. The surgeon removed the shrapnel from the wound 18. A few days under the threat of gangrene: the doctors were preparing to amputate the leg. But in the end hoped for a strong healthy young man. And not mistaken: Zarudin recovered.

Yuri Fyodorovich still limping, was appointed commander of the platoon training courses political personnel of the Western Front. First they were located in Ryazan, and later they were transferred to Noginsk. Once on the course was Army General VD. Sokolovsky. Seeing how easily, dexterous act Yuri Fyodorovich when disassembling and assembling machine gun, he could not resist the praise: "Excellent, Zarudin! That's how you teach their subordinates to act."
. With rates of political personnel of the Western Front, Lieutenant Zarudin sent to the 885 th Infantry Regiment 290 Infantry Division
. Regimental commander, Major MG. Homulo - a man strong, strong-willed, understanding of the people - a minute or two to talk with Zarudin and said firmly: "I've got for you this case. Take a company. "

It was not a simple. Together with the Polish division named Kosciuszko was to attack in the direction Leninцў. Zarudin picked up his first company. Should be raised from the trenches of the Poles. Enemy fire, initially weak, the constantly growing. Soon all lay. Several times, setting an example kostyushkovtsam, Zarudin raised the company to attack. 50 - 100 meters ahead. Where dalsheN Lead downpour immediately pressed all the earth. For five days in the company Zarudin of 48 people in the ranks left only nine. Withdraw from the battle and ours, and kostyushkovtsev. Enlarged by technology, people. Again offensive. Now the Orsha direction. To press the Nazis succeeded. But again, not without loss. Roth once again displayed in the reserve regiment commander. Michael G. Homulo encourages subordinates: soon, they say, soon, go ahead.

A forward - it Khandogy. Towards a Nazi bunker. Was hoped the move to defeat. Zarudin already and plan of action figured: one platoon roll directly, bypassing the two platoons in left and right.

Only to destroy this idea. Barely rose at a signal Zarudin all three platoons, lead fire from the bunker of the attackers pulled to the ground. And no one can not raise their heads. Tightly managed to prepare the fascists on the defensive. How bytN - asked Zarudin subordinates. - How to destroy this rasproklyaty dzotN "All silent. A heavy silence is. Finally, someone says: "Shturmanut, the commander can. Yes, only we hardly remain ". Zarudin invited to burrow.

So we decided. Undermining not so long - 70 - 80 meters, but heavyish: not a ton of land pulled out of his trench. But what was happiness, when at 3 am, the men broke out of the ground, destroyed the guard and everyone who was in the bunker! And then there's the rub: commander has failed. In the decisive moment he took over command of Zarudin. By morning released Khandogy. On the battlefield, left to lie to a hundred fascists, the four captured.

Met Zarudin Mikhail G. Homulo. Smiles the captain, said: "I saw you in Eagle. Done! By the title of Hero of the Soviet Union present ".

But before the Gold Star did not get it then - somewhere lost documents. Fortunately, fell another case. Now on the Dnieper. Hot time was a week. June 23, 1944 Company Yu Zarudin without its losses, at a height of 192,2 destroyed to a platoon of German infantry. And when we went to the counter-attack enemy tanks, then zarudintsy together with a neighboring company, struggling violently, forced them to turn back.
The next day, even more tense situation is near the village of Chewing. Roth, on the run crossed the river Basyu, breaks into the first trench of the Germans. And here enters the environment. Everything seemed to be, a company in the trap. But it is within 14 hours continuously beats counter enemy tanks and infantry. And in the end the Germans retreat.

A company Zarudin goes on. She extracting three boats and several raft, forcing the Dnieper, the move took the German trenches, and almost continuous small-arms fire covers the construction of the river crossing. These days, company, despite the difficult conditions of action had serious losses.

. Yuri Fyodorovich Zarudin for these feats of July 7, 1944 was again presented to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.

. It was quite a few famous cases account Yury Fedorovich
. Like many veterans, he said after victory in 1945 took up the study. He graduated from the Military Academy of Armored Forces. After serving as Deputy Commander of the regiment, the regimental commander and deputy commander of the division, returned to school. At this time in the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR. After its completion was followed by 10 years of service in the east of the country - in positions from the division commander to the commander of the army.
. In the Far East, he went to Leningrad foggy the post of first deputy commander of the Leningrad Military District
. Six years in command of the Northern Group of Forces. In 1984 a new designation - the first deputy commander of the Southern Group of Soviet troops. In conclusion, the service S. F. Zarudin from November 1985 to December 1988 was the principal military adviser to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
. Colonel-General Yuri Fyodorovich Zarudin for his services to the Fatherland was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, . awarded two Orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . three orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Suvorov III degree, . Order of Patriotic War I degree and two honors World War II degree, . and two orders of Red Star and the Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces.",
. Lives in Moscow.

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Zarudin Yuri Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Zarudin Yuri Fyodorovich, photo, biography Zarudin Yuri Fyodorovich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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