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Legoshin Vladimir

( Deputy Chief Tsentrospas MES of Russia.)

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Biography Legoshin Vladimir
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Vladimir Legoshin - Deputy Chief Tsentrospas MES of Russia. In my eyes it is also called "rescuer N 1". Or rescue from God.
This summer, Vladimir Legoshin named a Hero of Russia. While he was the only action the hero of Russia among the rescuers. (The first was Andrei Rozhkov. The title given to him posthumously: he was killed while testing the equipment at the North Pole.)
He is one of those who first stood at the origins of MES and the birth of rescuers as a profession and as a people with an iron will, a clear mind and heart alive. For 10 years, managed to go an entire era, a whole life: an earthquake in Neftegorsk, Spitak, Iran, Turkey, all local conflicts and wars, two of the coup at the White House, teaching in Rwanda. Endless traffic accident, fire, pain, grief ... Danger collapsed unexpectedly, as to fight it, no one knew. Over these 10 years yesterday, volunteers managed to become a first-class professionals who clearly know what to do and how. And yet during this time had time to reach an understanding that not everything can change and you are not omnipotent ...
Vladimir Legoshin: "To become a hero in our lives, need to die. And then resurrected
Vladimir Legoshin smokes a lot, says little about himself breathless on the other and his dog - a spaniel Lena briefly looks photographs, gives an explanation. All with the utmost clarity and openness. By the end of the conversation look heavier - tired. And, as I thought, not only on the conversation ...

- What was the most difficult vnachaleN

- When you were little, you are probably afraid of the funeral, you are scared. We have a 90% rescue operations - it is the body and fragments, different dismemberment, mash. It is not even a corpse in the coffin: a man well-groomed, pomaded, which simply is not breathing. We have to deal with the fact that it is impossible to know. This is not a man. This body, a piece of meat, often foul. Then had to step over your body, it was necessary to force myself to understand everything ... Understand that this is our job and it needs to be done. Later, however, it became clear that much harder to deal with people living. There are situations where only the very person to person and you realize that he is doomed to death, that he should die, that he lives "yet", thanks to some exceptional features of the human organism.
And your task - to make sure that he died peacefully. Honestly, I've never been able to do it ...
- You sometimes do not feel like BogomN
- What are you, God forbid. I'm just a little grain of sand cat's want hands, but not God.
- Here so many pictures, so many accidents, operations. Surely there is nothing than you personally would be proud of - "And yet I did it" N
- You know, we try to get rid of these photographs, we do not want to see it. Neither myself nor any other rescuer in any case do not want to ascribe the glory of the Savior. See, the rescuer - is primarily a technology. How am I going to live on, if my mind will be driven by the fact that I saved someone that I have something for somebody else did and that this man, God forbid, something to me dolzhenN with this you can not live. This is just an episode in my life. After it will still be dozens of similar.

- Well, one way or another, it is still remembered ...
- In dreams. After each emergency, from Neftegorsk. Come home, trying to sleep, but you have insomnia. And a strange and furious. You're like a half-asleep, and before you unfold the different situations. Do you remember the man who died before your eyes. You see what I could do so, and acted differently. You see, I found not so skillful action that would allow you to save man. Although the objective at the time you've done everything I could. You are already able to steel himself. But in a dream, everything is different: you appear superpowers, sverhinstrumenty, you do not feel tired, stale air. That's right, he will be saved. And then you wake up and realize that it's morning. A man is still dead.
- Certainly in the work you often encounter with the police ...
- Even more than we would like. Unfortunately, our police today - it's laughter and tears. For all his experience I have never seen any police officers tried to save a life. There are also basic things that everyone knows. For example, if there is blood, you should treat the wound and bandage Zelenkov. Meanwhile, it turns out that the police can not identify a living person or not. Or maybe just do not want. I do not know whether there are any courses in first aid for law enforcement, but it seems to me that such courses in any case there must be. I wish that such knowledge is taught to everyone who decided to go to the police. Moreover, as in higher and secondary educational institutions.

- And what about the famous dveriN far as I know, among the rescuers there is even such a notion: "Criminal door".

- This is a complicated case. From the door we are trying in every way otbodatsya and leave in place only if the human life that any threat. Sometimes we really call the police. But here our task is narrow - to open the door. And no bullet at this point over his head did not fly. I have never seen someone to shoot at our police. There are no such. Another thing - local war. There will be no deal, rescue you or not. In "Red Cross" shoot first. Because the car with this logo can save a life, after some time he will rise again in operation and will be your enemy.
- It turns out that you are caught between two fires ...
- In local wars - yes. A bullet can also be obtained from the other side, and from their.
- How takN..
- I will answer the question on the question: why good beat, why the best people die pervymiN And those who have done nothing to die slowly from senile dementia. Life is not fair. Outstanding people, such Yesenin, Vysotsky, Chekhov, leave very early in life.
- A spasateliN
- Fortunately, no such statistics, but I know that 6 people already are. And it is enough.
Of course, we are trying to make work safer, but all this nonsense. The situation of death is always unexpected. And always has a stupid color. Death can come and on a sunny day, and overcast, but in any case the person does not wait for it.
- You are so often communicate with the death of that learned her ponimatN
- But who will understand it until pochuvstvuetN And how you chuvstvueteN God forbid. Very often we hear about people who feel its approach. I think this is nonsense. The only thing I can say, this may be typical only of very old people who die in a few days.
- And you do not fear, for example, the same smertiN
- I'm not afraid of death comes. At my age, much more important to look for a carpenter friend, not a doctor. But in general it is a complex question, philosophical.
Life - it is like chocolate, you eat it, not noticing. And watching how many are dying grandmother and grandfather, you know that there is no chocolate left, one foil. I now understand that all the best years are behind us ... I was not afraid of anything ...
- People who you have saved, have you ever tried you otblagodaritN

- Yes, but we did avoid, avoid, and we will try to continue doing so. The main reason I have already explained. Unable to live with the feeling that you are someone saved. And besides, the human psyche is a remarkable quality: forget these situations. I remember a long time we took out of his dam a little boy about five years old, had one leg amputated, there we all wept, until fetched. And the day had passed, flying in an airplane, I leaned over him, asking: "Little Johnny, as tyN" And I see that he did not know. Thank God that is in the nature of such quality. The ability to forget - a gift from above.

Then, consider a slightly different point of view: the man is in trouble, even in an accident, he had blood in the urine in the vote, and God knows what he is helpless, pitiful, said nobody knows what. This alone will make him strike out this piece from memory.

- Probably so. Not so long ago you received the title Hero of Russia. Did you feel when etomN

- This I will not speak. Not want to remember. When our lives to be a hero, you need to die first, and then rise. I'm not a hero, I'm like everyone else.

- But you have managed to become a living legend. They say that you first started to coach a dog to find people under the rubble, the famous "Time of Silence" - also one of your development that you have during the conflict in Abkhazia managed to take over the line on two fronts 2,5 thousand. Tell us about it. It all began with Neftegorsk. We arrived with my spaniel Lenya on obstruction, and a bulldozer had gone dub obstruction. The dog starts to bark and dig their paws a lot of garbage. "Lenya, you disgrace me, next". And he still barks. And then there is a gap between the plates, and through it to see how it stirs two human fingers. Just imagine, soon had to come bulldozers ... "The hour of silence" - is also our development.

In the same Neftegorsk we had only 2 dogs. And they are not human and can not work more than their strength. He insisted: "No, child. And there heel sticks, a small, rosy. Touched - я?п?п©п?п?пҐя?п?п°я?. Nobody knows anything: how they had arms and legs, we see only pyatochku. Dragged. Dali drink - all dirty, filthy, three days under rubble. Drinks, frowns. Popil, asking: "Another drink hocheshN" He: "Uh-uh" - still can not speak, and thoughts expressed intonations. We stand around 15 men, and as soon as he grimaced: "Uh-uh" - all the tears. Then they began to look for, someone he. They said that Glazkov. Writing Zelenkov on his stomach: "eyes" and send to hospital. However, it later emerged that it was not his name. The boy then his father found in Khabarovsk.

As for Abkhazia ... Indeed this was. We first dropped leaflets, they say, a helicopter we have only women and children, do not shoot ... where persuaded, where requested, because people and taken away.

- I also know that you all Chechen campaign, worked in the republic. How do you differ whether these two wars each drugaN

- Proceeding from the view of man in the street, the second is a more organized. Normal War: normal thugs urinate normally. And at first fought for the sake of the process. The second campaign all very competently done. Only public opinion, unfortunately, not supplied. It is wedged in the war on civilized terms: pressing on the realization that not all wet in a row. Government, MPs make our well-trained forces to reckon with the bandits, who must be wet on the spot. It is clear that this will be killed innocent people. But this is war.

- A little strange to hear it all from the rescue ...

- When you see a mad dog, that you should sdelatN must take a gun and kill. If you do not kill it, it bite many. This is also one of the interpretations of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill".
- While working in Chechnya, you said that you could have been killed and their. How can it poluchaetsyaN
- This is war, and they kill everything that moves. Does not matter who you are - your own or not ... We even do not wear body armor, watching to ensure that no military paraphernalia and a trace was not, because only in this way has a chance to survive. Otherwise - Khan. Our behavior was such that none of us did not even hurt.
- So after all the other party could kill.
- No, they have not touched. That war. Because then no one knew who we are, rescuers MOE. Now we clearly stand on the federal position. What is happening there, right. This train. But, unfortunately, not all provided. There were old, sick, destitute people. And now for us, no nationality. We illegally who they go so far, fulfilling the old debts, removal of people who promised to take. For my money. It helps us and the correspondent of "AIF" Lyudmila Proshak ...
We want to take my grandmother born in 1910, she did not want to leave, and all her family here in Moscow. Her daughter is already all the steps obila, the brother she has to cut off his foot - also need to remove. This is done simply: you take a vacation or write a letter of resignation. This is the case, if you are killed. And going. In his private time.
- Do you want your son fate spasatelyaN
- No. You know, you can not help someone in trouble, if it does not itself prochuvstvuesh. Constantly you take someone else's grief in his soul, is going through ... We are people just like everyone else, just pretend to the brave. I have no one of this "happiness" does not wish, even the son. Let it better be really happy, and healthy ...
We were selected as an astronaut. We were not healthy, we were completely healthy. It took 5 years. And on health have only the word.
- So go away ...
- And do not get. I must ...

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Legoshin Vladimir, photo, biography
Legoshin Vladimir, photo, biography Legoshin Vladimir  Deputy Chief Tsentrospas MES of Russia., photo, biography
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