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Thomas Green (Thomas Green)

( Trooper)

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Biography Thomas Green (Thomas Green)
photo Thomas Green (Thomas Green)
(July 8, 1814 - April 12, 1864)
In 1874, in honor of Thomas Green was named County - Tom Green County.
Thomas Greene was born in County Bekingem, Virginia, July 8, 1814 in the family of Nathan and Mary Green (Field). In 1817 the family moved to Tennessee. Thomas Greene was in college in Jackson Tennessee and Princeton College in Kentucky, which gave him the opportunity to further continue their studies at the University of Tennessee. After receiving a degree in jurisprudence, Green started practical work under the guidance of his father, a distinguished judge in the state. When the uprising began in Texas against Mexican rule, the Green joined the volunteers, and in January 1835 enlisted in pravielstva Republic of Texas. Being enrolled in the company of Isaac Mourlenda, he distinguished himself at the battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836, and a few days later was promoted to lieutenant, and in early May, was promoted to Major and became adjutant, Thomas J. Rusk.
In 1837, Thomas Greene has decided to settle down and settle in Texas, getting to that time, in gratitude for military service of land and the chief surveyor in the city Lagrandzh, Fayette County. With the help of friends-veterans of Greene has over two decades to hold responsible positions in the legislature and the Supreme Court of Texas. Occupation policy and law does not prevent him from taking part in numerous military campaigns against the Indians, the Comanches and Mexicans.
. Since the beginning of the US-Mexican War, Greene scored a company of Texas Rangers, who have joined the 1 st Texas regiment of mounted riflemen, commanded by John Hayes
. The Texans played a crucial role in the capture of troops Zekeri Taylor of Monterrey in September 1846. After the war, January 31, 1847, Greene married Mary Wallace Chelmers, which later gave him four daughters and one son.
. After the separation of Texas in 1861, Thomas Green, was elected colonel of the 5 th Texas volunteer cavalry regiment, which composed the brigade of General Sibley at the beginning of 1862 invaded the territory of New Mexico
. It was there, in the battle of Val Verde in February 1862, Green won one of his most brilliant victories over the Fed. During the severe retreat in Texas Greene put his men on board a river steamer 'Beyo City', and January 1, 1863. Yankees stole city Gelvston. In the spring of that year he took command of the 1 st Cavalry Brigade and took part in the Louisiana campaign. 20-May Thomas Greene was given the rank of brigadier general, and in June he was forced to surrender a large Federal garrison in Bresher City, but soon afterwards was defeated in an unsuccessful siege of Fort Butler on the Mississippi River.
. In July - November 1863 Green team defeated the army of northerners in the battle with Coke Plenteyshn Sterling Plenteyshn and Bayo-Burbach, causing losses to the enemy in more than three thousand people, and losing 600 soldiers of their own
. In early April 1864, having received the command of the cavalry division, Green defeated Major-General Nathaniel P. Banks in the Battle of Mansfield and Maj. Gen. William X. Emory in the battle of Pleasant Hill (in the campaign for Red River). April 12, 1864, leading his cavalry in an attack on the federal gunboats, patroliruyuschie Red River in the area Blers Landing, Thomas Greene, was fatally wounded and died without regaining consciousness. He was buried in Austin, Texas. In 1874, in honor of Thomas Green was named County - Tom Green County.

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Thomas Green (Thomas Green), photo, biography
Thomas Green (Thomas Green), photo, biography Thomas Green (Thomas Green)  Trooper, photo, biography
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