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Harrison, Thomas (Thomas Harrison)

( Trooper)

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Biography Harrison, Thomas (Thomas Harrison)
photo Harrison, Thomas (Thomas Harrison)
(May 1, 1823 - July 14, 1891)
. Lieutenant Frank Bechelor only drawback Harrison felt passion for drinking in the midst of battle, which "reduced the credibility of the soldiers and reduced our effectiveness in combat with the enemy."
. Thomas Harrison was born on 1 May 1823 in Jefferson County, Alabama, but he was reared in Monroe County, Mississippi

In 1843, Harrison moved to Texas, where he studied law at the office of his brother, William X. Jack. Having qualified lawyer, he returned to Mississippi and began to practice law in Aberdeen, which prevented the US-Mexican War. Harrison joined voluntarily in the 1 st Mississippi Infantry Regiment under the command of future Confederate President Jefferson Davis. After the war, he finally moved to Texas and settled in Houston, and in 1850 was elected to the state legislature from the counties of Harris.

In 1858, Thomas Harrison married Sarah Ellis, MacDonald, niece severokarolinskogo Governor John Ellis, who later bore him five children. In 1860, Harrison became the captain of rangers under the command of the famous William Cornelius Delrimpla and in that capacity participated in several skirmishes with Comanches.
. Since the beginning of the Civil War, Harrison was elected captain of the local militia company, . which tends to pass the federal part of the Camp Cooper, . whereupon he was transferred to 8 th Texas Cavalry Regiment, . went down in history as the Texas Rangers, Terry ",
. After the death of Benjamin Franklin Terry and Thomas P. Lubbock and the subsequent elevation of the new regimental commander, John Austin Wharton to Brigadier General, Harrison was promoted to colonel and led the Rangers, Terry "just before the battle of Murfreesboro (30/12/1862 - 03/01/1863
. Rangers Harrison fought mostly under the command of Joseph Wheeler and participated in the following campaigns Southerners: Chickamauga (August-September 1863), Chattanooga (October-November 1863) and Atlanta (May-September 1864)
. Harrison also actively opposed Sherman in defensive battles in Georgia and both Carolinas. Harrison was not particularly popular among his soldiers, primarily due to their strict measures of the establishment of military discipline that seemed unacceptable to the freedom-loving natives of Texas. One of the Rangers gave him such a characterization: "a small, nervous, quick-tempered man". Lieutenant Frank Bechelor only drawback Harrison felt passion for drinking in the midst of battle, which "reduced the credibility of the soldiers and reduced our effectiveness in combat with the enemy". In early March 1865 in a cavalry skirmish in Dzhonsonvilla, South Carolina, Harrison was injured. While undergoing treatment, he received an official communication from President Davis, the rank of Brigadier General. Entry into the rank of general demanded the oath, but Harrison was not able to bring her because of her injury and emergency surrender.
When at the end of the war, 26 April 1865 troops, Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to the northerners in Durham Station, North Carolina, then Harrison and his Texans have refused to follow the commander and decided to break through cordons at the federal west in Mississippi. There, in the town of Macon, Harrison and his men lay down their arms and received forgiveness from the federal. Back in Waco, Texas, Harrison took the oath of loyalty to the Union and engaged in political activities.
June 25, 1866 he was elected district judge in the counties of McLennan and Lampasas, but the occupation authorities have annulled the election results. In 1872, Harrison ran unsuccessfully for the presidency of the U.S. Democratic Party. Never got to the military defeat of the South, Thomas Harrison died July 14, 1891 in Waco, where he was buried with honors. A Ranger Terry "remembered more because of the war four years from this part is not deserted no man - thanks largely to the methods of" educating "Harrison.

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Harrison, Thomas (Thomas Harrison), photo, biography
Harrison, Thomas (Thomas Harrison), photo, biography Harrison, Thomas (Thomas Harrison)  Trooper, photo, biography
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