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Ian Fleming

( Spy)

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Biography Ian Fleming
photo Ian Fleming
Casinos in Lisbon. Normal, unremarkable evening. But for Commander Ian Fleming, Senior Assistant Director of British Naval Intelligence, this evening promised to be successful. Opposite him at the gaming table were agents of the German intelligence. If the card goes and the game will drag on for a long time, he has every chance to fleece them to the last penny. He has represented himself as a stalwart strikes appreciable gap in the budget of the German military intelligence. He made his bet, and the game began.
Unfortunately, Fleming was gambling, but the unlucky player. The game actually lasted a long time, but the card was not hard. In the end, Fleming lost in tatters. He just shrugged his shoulders lightly: as they say, no harm in trying. Fleming returns to London. In his mind there are many original ideas as to complicate the life of the Nazis.
Eternal student
Fleming joined the exploration in 1939. - In the same year, when the Second World War. Handsome, hot and poor youth, he was looking for such a job that would satisfy his imagination. At first he acted as a reporter in the newspaper one day he was sent to cover the trial uncovered spy. Fleming was shocked: what is the intrigue, what drama! And when he was offered a modest position in British naval intelligence, he agreed without hesitation. Employees of Department of Naval Intelligence between themselves called their headquarters 'cabin 39'. In fact, the village was quite sad, but Fleming breathed into the daily routine of a new life. Some of his colleagues laughed at his zeal, calling him an eternal student. However, his original, and often simply delusions brought amazing results that irritated his colleagues

. Fleming majored in broadcasting in the so-called 'black propaganda' - information, fabricated with a way as to deliberately knock the opponent confused with his active participation was opened by a radio station alleged Germany
. It broadcast news, in which true information alternated with an elaborate fake.

Poor evening at restaurant

However, not all designs Fleming have been so successful. Fleming was fluent in German language, . and he had a wonderful, . his view, . idea: why not invite two friends of German officers in a restaurant, . say, . in Scott's Club, . One of the most reputable clubs LondonaN where he was going to drink and vyznat all, . that they were aware of plans germanskogo command.,

. Unfortunately, Fleming did not bother to warn the leadership
. And he also does not take into account the vigilance Baker, a senior waiter Club. Baker heard that the drunken trio speak German, and became suspicious. Soon, Fleming noticed that all the permanent members of the club, had dinner in the evening in a restaurant somewhere gone, but the tables sit strangers who only pretend to eat. By the way, if Fleming had not been vyznat no secrets. Later, he learned, . that night the club was almost half of the undercover officers a special department of the British political police, . and he himself was almost arrested as a German spy, . besides severely reprimanded for the initiative.,
. Mr 'very calm'
. Soon Fleming sent to the U.S. as a curator of one of the courses in the School of Intelligence
. It was particularly interesting, because in the beginning of the war, he participated in the drafting of guidelines for the American secret service.

. Future American agents - students of the course offered the job, for which needed to demonstrate resourcefulness and creativity
. For example, put a bomb on an imaginary power. Students performing a task, attempting to enter the power station, hidden in trucks loaded with coal or under the guise of servants station. But all of them 'uncovered'.
Fleming decided to show how to work. Dressed in his best suit, he called the CEO of power and a commanding voice that would tolerate no objections, asked for him to receive. Leaving the 'bomb' in the office, he calmly went back to the Lond
. Assault 'unit 30'
. When in the course of the war there was a fracture and allied forces launched an offensive on the German-occupied territory, Fleming came up with a plan comply with the requirements of the changed situation
. He offered to collect commando unit (commando squad of marines. - Per.), A kind of 'vultures of intelligence' that go along with the best troops to seize the books that contain clues to the enemy codes and ciphers, and other important documents before the Germans manage to destroy it all. The plan was approved. Detachment received the official name of 'assault force of 30' or simply 'unit 30'.

The success has exceeded all expectations. By the end of war 'unit 30' has collected numerous 'collection' of secret documents and technical devices. Perhaps the biggest of their success can be called the seizure of the first German submarine, designed for one person. The boat was taken to London, and proudly showed the fleet commander. At first he thought it was just a toy, but then looked through the periscope. Right on it 'staring' dead German submariners, whose people Fleming forgot to remove from the boat.
War ended. 'Order 30' was dissolved, and Fleming returned to civilian life. His work in naval intelligence, he always remembered with delight. He liked the world of espionage - all these cunning tricks, covert operations and complex technical devices. He has long carried with him his favorite 'espionage trick': fountain pens, which shoots cyanide, a poisonous gas.
Fleming knew how he used his intelligence experience in peacetime. This terrific idea came to him in France, where he had gone to visit his 'detachment of 30'. They sat at a road and chewed dry rations, and one of the men asked what Fleming thought to do after the war.
"I'll write a book. Spy novel. Best of all spy novels, "- said Fleming.
And so he did. In 1953, Mr.. released first novel about James Bond, '007', the most famous hero-spy in the history of literature.

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Ian Fleming, photo, biography
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