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Eddie Chapman

( Spy)

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Biography Eddie Chapman
photo Eddie Chapman
The Germans were very pleased that they managed to recruit such a valuable agent. They and had no idea that Chapman is going to 'fooled'.
Police officers from Littlporta, a small quiet town in eastern England, wary glances at Eddie Chapman. The war, and this suspicious character literally fell to him from the sky - landed by parachute in a field outside the town. At the police station Chapman put on the table suitcase. It was portable radio, pistol and spare ammunition. Ripped seam in their pants, Chapman pulled out a small brown capsule - a pill with poison. Then he took off his belt, filled with money: 1 thousand. pounds in packs, otmarkirovannyh seal the Berlin of the German National Bank. "I need to speak with someone from the British intelligence" - he said quietly.
Criminal record
It was December 1942. Eddie Chapman had just completed an intensive 14-month training and labored now as a German spy. However, he was not going to be limited only by that - he wanted to be a double agent.
In the 'civilian' life, Eddie Chapman, is unlikely to have appeared at the police station on their own. A native of Northern England, 32-year-old man, stern and collected on the form, he started his 'career' as an ordinary thief, but soon had the reputation of high-performance safecracker, known all over London. Once he was almost 'prischuchili' crime scene. Fleeing from the police, he fled to the Channel Islands, where he was soon arrested and sent to prison. But in 1940,. Germany occupied the Channel Islands, and at Chapman the opportunity to be released
Plan Chapman
Chapman came up with a very intricate plan. At first he tried to convince the Nazis that wants to be a German spy. That was easy: they believed he had many reasons to hate the UK.
In October 1941. The Germans sent Chapman to study in razvedshkolu second part of his cunning plan Chapman, of course, not shared with anyone.
. He was going at the first opportunity to escape to the UK and offer its services there as a double agent in exchange for a full pardon of all his previous crimes.
. Razvedshkola, where he studied Chapman, situated on French territory, also occupied by the Germans
. In school, Chapman, along with the other trainees were shooting, . close combat, . manufacture of bombs and explosives, . and science: how to derail train, . how to destroy ship, . unnoticed in the engine room dragging sacks of coal, . 'stuffed' with dynamite.,
. This was much more interesting than sitting behind bars in a cell
. Germans are well paid Chapman and even awarded him the rank of an SS officer, the elite unit of Nazi army.
Appointment home
The Germans were very pleased that they managed to recruit such a valuable agent. They and had no idea that Chapman is going to 'fooled'. First, they helped him get out of jail, and now with their help, he wanted to return home. Soon, his hopes were fulfilled. Chapman said that it would drop with a parachute in England. He was ordered to report to management about the situation there and to conduct subversive activities 'on the spot'.

. German instructor Chapman, a stout, portly Colonel von Gruner, sympathized with his charge, Fritz - von Gruner said, referring to Chapman his code name, - I genuinely unpleasant to give it to you
. - He gave Chapman a certain little pill. - It's poison. If that happens, and suddenly you're caught, it is better to kill themselves quickly and painlessly than to endure torture.

Trapped in the sky

Chapman carefully prepared for departure. He packed his parachute and went to the airport. On the runway it was waiting for a small two-seater plane, which was to take him home. It has two seats - for the primary and co-pilot. Additional passengers - in this case, Chapman - had to lie on the floor. The plane took off and acceleration. It was a tiring flight. Around all the buzzing, it was cold and uncomfortable. On approaching the British fired their ground anti-aircraft guns. Chapman felt more than uncomfortable when around their tiny plane exploded shells.

Chapman looked down through the gap of the hatch cover, which lay spread-eagled. Then the pilot gently tapped him on the head, let me know that they reached the goal. Luke opened. Chapman began to fall down. Unexpectedly, the fall ended: backpack with a folded parachute got stuck in the hatch.

Chapman spun desperately trying to escape. In front of a deafening engine roared aircraft. Downstairs at breakneck speed rushed pictures faraway land. Then Chapman felt a kick in the back should be, the pilot pushed his foot. Chapman flew down. The parachute opened. The thief turned-spy, under cover of night slowly descended on the field in East Anglia.

Operation 'Zigzag'

Now was the most difficult thing: to get to the police station. And get yourself. If it is caught early, he simply no one would believe. That's how Eddie Chapman was a police station in the small town Littlporte and laid out all their possessions in front of the frozen in amazement police.

. He conveyed to the headquarters of the British intelligence service, where he was thoroughly interrogated
. Fortunately, the information he told his fellow-Englishmen, convinced them that he speaks the truth. He was given the new code name - 'Zigzag' - and gave the nod to work a double agent. As expected Chapman, he was forgiven all his past 'sins' before the law. Only choose

Chapman worked tirelessly. He sent to Germany and arranged false information 'show' acts of sabotage, carefully planned British intelligence. Everything seemed to be going well, but there was one 'but'. If Chapman will remain in the UK, the Germans suspect him of treason, and then his life is not worth a brass farthing, and. And if he will return to Germany, do not exclude the possibility that he will never more be sent on a mission to England.
Chapman still runs the risk of return. In May 1943. He salitsya on a ship bound for Portugal. There he meets with the German liaison. The meeting took place like clockwork. No one is suspected. Moreover, he is automatically raised wages, and - quite amused Chapman - was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. Chapman again to pass a course. He taught how to organize sabotage a submarine and how to photograph secret documents, and he had to memorize details of the UK military technology, which the Nazis wanted to know more.
. With criminal past is over
. In the summer of 1944
. Eddie Chapman gets a new job. Again in the UK, it passes the British Intelligence valuable information about the working methods of the enemy, while continuing to send false data to Germany about the British. But when the British leadership has learned that Chapman had ycpel tell about their adventures of half of the London criminals, it was decided that in terms of security 'Zigzag' very unreliable. Chapman quietly, but firmly, 'chased' from the secret service.
However, Chapman did not upset. Now he could take up management of their personal life and start your own business. Perhaps now he will not face trouble with the police.

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Eddie Chapman, photo, biography
Eddie Chapman, photo, biography Eddie Chapman  Spy, photo, biography
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