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Volkats Dina

( Kinolog)

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Biography Volkats Dina
At school, choosing a dog for work, Volkats showed its head office. Djulbars was so homely and ragged that she heard the ironic: "Worse than dogs found no udalosN Let me know on what grounds is it you vybraliN" "By the Eyes" - seriously answered Dinah.
In the frosty day in March 1943. the Voronezh airport sat Douglas. At lowered overboard jumped down the stairs at once dazzling red shepherd dog and girl military technician. In his buttonhole her coat shone like gold hammer and wrench - the emblem of engineering troops.
In contrast to the steep bank in the smoky halo cool down the city.
The airfield had already been cleared, but a few days ago it hit refueller. Again began prospecting. The mines were last year's favorites, and discover them in the frozen ground through the caked snow could not manage. The situation was nervous: who knows how many such surprises hidden throughout territoriiN order of Marshal Vorobyov, commander of the engineer troops in Voronezh was rushed to a specialist high-end mine-search service.
. Specialist called Djulbars
. In early 1943, Mr.. mine-detection dogs are only trained to work on the fronts. And the stories about them were taken for ordinary soldiers' stories.

... Djulbars shuttle walking along a wide band. Behind him, shifting the leash, slowly moving girl. Only the dog was exactly know where the danger. A girl see her featured one was to catch the state of the animal. Professional attention to the practice, to keep them from the only error. Five minutes later, the dog sniffed, emphatically wagged its tail and sat. He sat like a glove, slightly squinting at the hostess cherry eye, but managed to keep on the foreheads of the nose the desired odor. Shuddered at the spring wind Chestnut forelock military technician Dina Volkats, when it pierced the ground probe. And trembled signal flag: mine - here! Anti-tank mine NM-5 lying at a depth of thirty inches in a massive wooden box - the shell firmly defended the installation of detector, and the cold was keeping it from the probe. But after ten days of the airfield has been fully tested: Djulbars found several more minutes.
DINA BECOMES commissioned in July 1941. After passing the examinations for the second year of the Kharkiv Theater School and after leaving the theater, she appeared on the agenda to the place of formation of 9-th Army detachment in Malinovka. At the very Malinovka, which rattled the famous wedding. "Was" because it was in the military instructor dog-trainer.
At school, choosing a dog for work, Volkats showed its head office. Djulbars was so homely and ragged that she heard the ironic: "Worse than dogs found no udalosN Let me know on what grounds is it you vybraliN" "By the Eyes" - seriously answered Dinah.

. ... After studying at the Central School of departure in Voronezh was a kind of test, and for Dina and Djulbars
. And in May, 1943. They both went to the Kalinin Front. Military technician Volkats appointed commander of a separate platoon trainers, miners, 37 th Battalion. On the first day she went to see the dogs, which were placed on a sunny hill and met a new person friendly barking. German Shepherd than bloodlines, noble setters, hounds and big shaggy mutts - a breed not play the role: the dignity of work identified. Recommended that each dog by name orderly, and professional memory Dina remembered nickname, the dog, its characterization. Meanwhile, the soldier's "Information Bureau" distributed to the battalion the following information about the new commander.

- Female. Acquainted with the personnel and dogs. Dean was a little surprised when the sergeant called Kirin briskly already familiar to her dog another nickname. Not that what yesterday styled orderly. Dean remembered as a dog today was Ilse. And so again and again ... and more.
The newly minted "Ilse," Lada "and" found "did not respond to nicknames, at best, when he heard his new name, yawn. Looking at the innocent faces of soldiers and sergeants Kirin, Dina understood everything and ordered to leave their former Dynamo nicknames.

. Phenomenal opportunities canine sense of smell and the resourcefulness of the man gave surprising results.
. "Only a dog in a sufficient guarantee complete clearance of mines in the area more responsible sites, . in the vicinity of MP, . compounds, . major highways ", . - Report to the chief engineer troops of the Steppe Front, Major General Tsyrlin,
. Dogs are mine in every shell: metal, glass, wood and plastic. Dog odor of explosives in any complex - that could teach them. Above should educate people.
And Dina taught slaves, fought. Step by step they moved westward, occasionally losing people and dogs on combat missions mine. In addition, the platoon was ordered to prepare a group of dogs saboteurs for throwing in the rear of the enemy. Military dog handlers have long cherished dream of trained dogs, demolition, so that it could operate repeatedly. Even before the war was designed packs that a dog could lose yourself. Infinite sorry and dying dogs, but then the soldier, using a dog, lost "weapons" and is facing a choice: to prepare a new or remain an ordinary rifleman. And now to prepare and apply in practice dog-saboteur.

From the most capable trainers and the best dogs Volkats selected its special group. At night in the area Toropets our engineers themselves without knowing it, meticulously pressed training mine dogs tale. In the deepest secrecy and in complete darkness preparing trainers.

. Was nothing unexpected in that the dog-saboteurs included in the review of the achievements of individual 5-th Engineering Brigade: 37-th separate battalion was in its operational control.
. At the review himself arrived front commander, General Eremenko.
. Weather disgusting
. Recently discharged from hospital after being seriously wounded, leaning on a massive stick, dark, closely monitoring the work of Eremenko.

For ordinary team Kirillov lets Jack in the model railroad. Jack runs to the goal-all closely watching the dog. Suddenly, half way Eremenko moves at a brisk pace across the path, . raises his stick threateningly, . brandishing it at the dog abruptly and shouted: "Get out!" The peace-loving and trusting Jack, . tooth tronuvshy not a single person, . troubled and, . regardless of the name and rank, . with a menacing roar ..,
. turned into an attack on the Commander ... Kirillov had ordered: "Phew!" Jack stopped and reluctantly returned to the conductor. In the second start-up, no one interfered with the dog, and she clearly met the task.

"We stayed in the dark - no revocation of the dogs was no general. The mood we had prepoganoe "- recalls Dean. And the more unexpected the battalion received the order: urgently send a group of saboteurs to lift the rear of the enemy.

Dean never once doubted - she was flying with kids. Excitedly pat Djulbars: "Interesting я€п°п?пЎя?п?п° to me, Rogue". But ... battalion commander, Aleksandr Pavlovich Mazover clearly explained Lieutenant Volkats, why not adopted its report. Group prepared adequately in order to accomplish the task independently. We need you in the battalion - to prepare the staff ... "Actually it was all right, but late on a single platoon commander cried, burying his face in a furry neck Djulbars. After all, Dinah was only twenty years!
Five men and four dogs sent to the rear of the enemy. And after a protracted suspense cheered very brief summary: "have worked Dina-1.
Almost six months later, in January 1944, returned home last guys in the platoon. Ripe, slightly determined by its partisan zhitem, they are alive and healthy, took place in the ranks. Then, and told his comrades, as all happened.

... There is no possibility of access to the goal of the night was not. Forest cut down, mowed the grass at a distance of visibility patrol towers loom. All night working headlights, and reinforced patrols dogs. We decided to go on a double risk - the day!
Since the morning the sun shone and soared before the next rain. At the heated wet earth languished in his pack dogs - Dina and Jack. Ahead of two German soldiers peacefully sawed wood, exchanging lazy replicas. Desperately wanted to drink and smoke, flies bite, but the move was impossible, but lie had to know how many.
Finally - the long-awaited sound of the approaching train, but in the ways of leisurely walking patrol. It missed the two-tier. Dogs lie, lying on the ground, because it kept trying to jump on a familiar noise. I must not have applied to emotion voice.. And patrol passed, tyazhelogruzheny of creeping toward the fate. Filatov lets Dean. She slipped the shadow of the sun glare for a moment was lost in the rubble emerged, he immediately went into a ditch and ... again seemed to climb a mound. Stepped between the rails towards the engine and stood still, ears pricked the dark and looking in the back of the patrol, as if thinking - to work on or to escape from prying glazN
Suddenly, the engine roared. Driver, taking Dean for patrol dogs, reported on the risk. Hooter its hurried. Spent movement she pulls the handle. Firing mechanism comes into action: a very brief click - and the acrid smoke of smoldering cord crawling along the embankment.
Bird dog rushes down. She knows that in the same place no one: as soon as the cargo was dropped. Bychkov and Filatov darted to the marsh. For jerked back, and crept over the forest of black smoke. Running was difficult, swill crept into his boots, no one noticed, but when it was out of breath Dina was attached to the leg Filatov and sedately trotted beside. Only two days later they arrived at a guerrilla base.
It successfully ended the first and so far only in the world practice the operation using the dog-saboteur. All participants received awards. During training dogs saboteurs platoon commander, Lieutenant Volkats awarded the Order of the Red Star.
BEST WAR Quadrupeds after the Victory was brought to the Central School. On a personal pension lived there and the famous Dina. Once the students brought Dean to the nearest railway station and photographed against a background of wagons. With snapshot looks at the current cadets nice dog, educated and well-deserved.
Dina Volkats actress did not become. Only record in the military ticket reminded of failed civilian profession.

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Volkats Dina, photo, biography
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