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Ludmila Braude

( Doctor of Philology, Professor)

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Biography Ludmila Braude
Doctor of Philology, professor Ludmila Braude little surprised when she represented "only a translator". Really, . Ms. Braude is a great literary and pedagogical work, . but most of us, . read in its time and about Pippi Longstocking, . and about Carlson, . and about the Moomin-troll, . and about the baby Cherven, . and about Niels Holgersona, . Ludmila Yulyevna really known primarily as a brilliant translator of Hans Christian Andersen, . Selma Lagerlц╤f, . Tsakariusa Topeliusa, . Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson,
And its international awards she has received primarily as a translator - a man who introduced millions of Russian children to the world of Scandinavian literary fairy tale. Even letters from her children and adults are especially thanked for the translation of these tales.

Retelling of public policy

There is accurate information that in the years of work in the editorial Marshak Detgiz tales were hardly transferred. Books in those years that are on the shelves of many citizens - and Andersen, and Labule, and Norwegian authors - this is not translations. Unfortunately, the publishing policy of that time forced the writers to retell the literary fairy tale, and not to transfer. This was probably due to the fact that a good national children's literature then was not so much that something had to publish, and the Scandinavian literature chosen, apparently because she was not too well known. But at the same time to obtain and tales of other authors. One of the few editorial staff Marshak, Tamara Gabbe, really knew the language - French, so her account is the closest to the original. The rest of the retelling someone else's pre-revolutionary translation.

Here you are, for example, has never seemed strange tales Asbernsena from the book "Ravens Ut-Resta" N What are the crows that sit on the rocks protruding from vodyN Where have you seen a crow on the sea letaliN Ravens in the woods and live mice eat. It involves Ludmila Braude, the case is that in the original it does not crow, and cormorants - sea birds. In one such instance to judge the correctness of these retellings in general. Incidentally, the famous Nils Holgerson with wild geese - it is also just a retelling. This Niels about 800 pages of text. The only narration, which meets exacting taste Ludmila Yulyevna is "Winnie the Pooh" Boris Zakhoder.

Pot word

Later, in the 60's, there was no retellings - became more translators. But, for example, the famous heroine of Astrid Lindgren with red hair and freckles on his nose'm not Pippi. She - Pippi. The fact is that when Lungina first translated "Pippi Longstocking", the virtuous Publishing Young Guard, and then Detgiz, felt that this kind of pot the word that children are sure to stir the relevant associations. So they altered Pippi in Pippi. The new translation Ludmila Braude tried to restore justice

. In general, the collected works of Lindgren with translations Braude in 6 volumes came out in 1994 in publishing the magazine "Star" - it, . sure, . was not very festive-looking, . but the publishing house "Alphabet" case corrected: it is shown in these 6 volumes, . then added two more - and today is the most complete collection of works by Astrid Lindgren in Russia,
. Because only about Pippi Longstocking - excuse me, Pippi - Lindgren has written several books. In the same edition includes many not previously published works Lindgren, and because she wrote not only a fairy tale - and there is a story for young people.

Good even sawdust in my head do not spoil

But the first book that Ludmila Braude transferred from Lindgren, was not "Pippi", a story "Mio, my Mio!", Published in 1964 in the journal "Fire". And in 1972 she released her translation of the story "We are on the island Saltkroka". Ludmila Braude was struck not only the charm of life in nature, on a small island - it drew attention to relationships between adults and children. How many of us can boast that their fathers had time with them igratN Fathers, from whom they were always short of time - working for the motherland at the time the children did not leave. And suddenly, Lindgren says, as they deal with adult children. When Ludmila Braude was often visit abroad, it was struck - as in different countries fathers are equally attentive to the children.
The children are so fond of, and Lindgren and Tove Jansson, perhaps because in their works not at all edification. Ludmila Braude believes that it is a tradition that goes largely from Anderson - she once wrote a book about the storytellers of Scandinavia in the 70 years and has built a number: Andersen - Topelius - Lagerlц╤f - Lindgren - Jansson. Apparently, children in particular are attracted to these books, and Jansson, Lindgren, and that, perhaps they still do not understand: the kindness of women writers. In general, children in this very sensitive. One girl, when the school wrote an essay on "make life with:" - and all the children wrote: "I make life with Gagarin and even with someone heroic, wrote:" I make life with Winnie the Pooh. And she put unimportant assessment. She was very upset, . even cried, . and when my mother told her: "Well, what do you this Winnie the Pooh, . he's stupid, . his head stuffed with sawdust ", . she replied: "But he's so good!" For child kindness is very important, . Ludmila Braude is felt by the letters, . receives from children and parents,
. Here's one mother, . apparently lonely, . wrote, . that her child was shaken books Jansson, . that he can not even imagine, . How can that be in my life: my father home, . he was not drunk, . You can invite friends to his, . not even just to be invited to visit, . what they can to stay in this house,
Children schizophrenia - protection from loneliness
And the child a sense of humor attracts authors - because when an adult speaks to children with humor, so he believes their peers. Ludmila Braude believes that our children's books, unfortunately, very little humor. And the children are very well perceive humor. When she stands in the children's audience, says something funny, so they were delighted. We no longer say that the authors have a rich fantasy.

As noted by Ludmila Braude, Lindgren's books have always met the needs of children in friendship, in a very close person with whom they can talk with himself as. Its merit is that it has made a hero of his works the inner world of the child. Now all of Western literature, after Lindgren, very common theme of child neglect, child of solitude - such children in their imagination create a friend. In psychiatry this is called "baby split personality". Here take Carlson - he ktoN He is a product of imagination Kid, but he is also a living creature. Pippi - the lonely girl, her mother - an angel in heaven, and my father - Negro king, she invents them. But friends come up with not only the lonely children - single elderly from them are not much different, particularly older women - they create a whole legend about her life.
. In Lindgren's books, and Jansson have to learn to read
. Now not all kids love to read - why read when you can watch movies
. Ludmila Braude knows many parents who complain that their children do not want to read. But on the other hand, many of her acquaintances, friends and other readers are grateful for what she has done translations, that by Lindgren, Jansson, a new translation of Selma Lagerlц╤f their children were happy to read. Perhaps the children who do not want to read, just as children do not receive the necessary literature.

Ludmila Braude believes that it is necessary to introduce a story in the school curriculum. That's before Andersen was introduced in the home reading program, it is now here and there remained. In some schools began to read and Lindgren. But the interpreter insists that Lindgren, as Jansson, must enter into the program at home reading in the lower grades, not to mention the nursery. When children learn to read, they need to give these books.

Ludmila Braude was a friend of Astrid Lindgren - was with her in the correspondence from 1962, and I met in 1987 when she arrived to Leningrad. Then they had met many times. Lindgren asked whether you want to re-translate "Carlson", and so he's very popular. But Braude said that every translator is entitled to his vision of the product. Lindgren did not know that the first translation of "Carlson" was subjected to very harsh criticism in Sweden itself: a well-known Slavic wrote the article, which listed the many shortcomings of translation. Ended the article about these words: "Carlson" enjoys great popularity in the Soviet Union, but imagine what would happen if it is good pereveliN "
It would seem, what new product perevodN It does not change. But Ludmila Braude would like to move so that it was Astrid Lindgren:
. - I said Astrid: "Here we are with you at the theater play" Pippi Longstocking ", you're pushing me and saying:" Lyudmila, is that I napisalaN "So I want to remain in the translation by himself.

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Ludmila Braude, photo, biography
Ludmila Braude, photo, biography Ludmila Braude  Doctor of Philology, Professor, photo, biography
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