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Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, countess of Lovelace)

( Mathematics)

Comments for Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, countess of Lovelace)
Biography Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, countess of Lovelace)
(10.12.1815 - 27.11.1852)
Byron was a romantic poet. The last time he saw his daughter, she is under a month. In this age are usually more difficult to say who would be like a child. But Byron, like any great poet, was a prophet: Augusta Ada was like a father's face, but addiction inherited parent.
Anna Isabella Byron in the best days of his family life has received from her husband's nickname "Queen of parallelograms". Their marriage did not last long: hollow-cheeked and exhausted madness of her husband, Anna returned to her parents. Daughters of Augusta Ada Byron was then about a month.
. Going to Italy in order to never return to London, Byron, a romantic, a rebel and a supporter of the Luddites, even suggested that the reserves in the cradle of future legend of cybernetics.
. Mother gave the child a newborn baby's parents and went to the Wellness Cruise
. Mrs. Byron had returned when the child could begin to educate.
First, Augusta Ada, was shortened to "Ada" to the house vanished forever mention of the girl's namesake - a cousin of Byron, with whom he had a more than kinship, immortalized in the "Stanzas to Augusta". None of the relatives and guests should not have to mention disgraced poet, and his books were excluded from the family library.
. "Queen of parallelograms" fond of mathematics - as much as befitted a secular and formally married lady
. His analytical abilities Anna wanted to find and develop his own daughter, as opposed to the romantic deposit, which could easily get all the girl from her father.

. Mrs. Ada Byron invited to his former teacher - was Augustus De Morgan
. He was married to the famous Mary Somerville, who translated in his time with the French "Treatise on Celestial Mechanics," astronomer Pierre Laplace. That Mary was for his ward that is now referred to as "role model".

The girl did not disappoint the expectations of a mother. Thirteen years of age she drew in his maiden album drawings of aircraft. However, there is evidence that Ada secretly wrote poems, ashamed of how some hereditary plague. His poetic inclinations, she realized much later. In thirty years, Ada wrote to his mother: "If you can not give me poetry, not Wilt thou give me the poetic naukuN"

Finally, all children in trouble and prolonged sickness behind us, Ade was seventeen years. She was able to travel light, and was brought to the King and Queen. It was assumed that one of the balls, she met a man who will devote his life. And so it was
The name of Charles Babbage's youngest Miss Byron first heard at the dinner table from Mary Somerville. A few weeks later they first saw.
Talking about the two legendary mathematician, it is impossible to overlook the numbers. Charles Babbage at the time of their meeting held the chair of Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University - Sir Isaac Newton for a half-century before him.
. For several years before taking office Babbage to complete the description of the logarithmic machine that could perform calculations up to the mark N20
. Drawing numerous rollers and gears that are driven by a lever, lay on the desk of Prime Minister. In 1823 the first grant was paid for the construction of what is now considered the first computer in the world and is known as "Babbage's Analytical Engine". Construction continued for ten years, the construction machines become more complex, and in 1833 funding was discontinued
Ada Byron was eighteen years old when she first saw Babbage. She was born in December 1815-th, hence, its familiarity with the professor at Cambridge University was held in the same 1833. So poor familiarity with mathematics easy euphoric aristocrat benefited and Babbage, and science.
In high society at that time it was fashionable to discuss the miracle machine. Delegations grand ladies in rustling gowns visited the laboratory scientist. Augustus De Morgan, not without pride in pupil describes the first meeting with Ada prakompyuterom: "While some of the guests in amazement looking at this amazing device the eyes of the savages, . first time seeing the mirror, . Miss Byron, . still quite young, . able to understand the workings of the machine and appreciated great advantage of the invention.,
. Passion, which is linked Ada and Babbage, was a passion for science
. He was older than her twenty-four years, and their relationship never went beyond the business cooperation. In 1834, Miss Byron married dvadtsatidevyatiletnego William King, who soon succeeded to the title of Lord Lovelace. Neither the husband nor the three children the same age did not prevent Ade enthusiastically surrender to what she considered his calling. Marriage is even easier for her works: she appeared uninterrupted source of funding in the form of the family coffers graphs Lovelace.

. The first letter Babbage "substantially" was written January 18, 1836, when Ada was pregnant with her first son - Noel Byron
. The correspondence continued until his death the countess.

While Ada at the time of distraction to his new family, the clouds are gathering over Babbage. His incomprehensible machine went out of fashion at home, and the inventor was forced to go with the sermon on the continent. In 1842 the Italian scientist Manibera acquainted with the analytical machine, was delighted, and made the first detailed description of the invention. Article was published in French, and that Ada has undertaken to translate it into English. Later, Babbage invited her to provide detailed comments on the text. These comments give a reason to call the descendants of the first computer programmer Ada Byron planet. Among other things, she told Babbage, that was the plan of operations for the analytical machine, with which you can solve the Bernoulli equation, which expresses the law of conservation of energy of a moving fluid. "Business Plan" - is not it the same one the world's first computer programmaN "Analytical Engine, - wrote the Countess, - will be able to weave algebraic formulas, such as Jacquard machine can weave flowers and leaves. Second passion after Ada mathematics was music. By combining their addiction, the first programmer suggested that over time the analytical machine to compose musical works. Well, now we are in a position to evaluate its correctness and accuracy of forecasts.
Contemporaries suspected Ada Loveless in cahoots with Lucifer, and Charles Dickens seriously believed that after her visits to the house remains plume of evil forces. Beyonder suspicions arose not because Satan told her something like the secret of gunpowder, and not because she was diabolically clever. Most likely, the London world was frightened by the attack, with whom the woman begged for his protege money. Ada herself was not averse to demonstrate his demonic nature - yet she was the daughter of his father. In a message to his guru from July 4, 1843 it is not without coquetry wrote: "My dear Babbage, I work for you as the devil (which, perhaps, I am)". It is widely known both her statement about himself: "I swear to the devil, that within 10 years, as I suck the life blood of some of the mysteries of the universe, and as this would not be able to do ordinary mortals minds and lips. Nobody knows what horrific energy and strength are not yet used in my little flexibility in being ... "
So, it was first sponsor, and then a vigorous public-relations manager and producer Charles Babbage. But whether she was a scientist, . matematikomN not exaggerated if its analytical sposobnostiN Maybe, . mythical character "Ada Byron" has appeared only to, . so little to revive the non-fiction books, . like "Mathematicians are people too (including biographies of seven women and representatives of different ethnic groups).,
. All the encyclopedias, from Britannica and ending with the Great Soviet, Augusta Ada King Lovelace appeared as an English mathematician
. As the main scientific work is her translation of an article indicates Menabria "Elements of Babbage's analytical machine" and annotations. Just Ada, in contrast to the plebeian Babbage, tolerably well known French. She translated the letter and became famous throughout the world. And does she not agreed to the Bernoulli equation, indispensable in hydraulics, but merely suggested that it can be solved by analytical machine
. Another proposal, which has made Ada Babbage, nearly ruined his academic career
. Lady Lovelace was sure that the machine can already solve very practical problems, namely - to predict a win-win bet on the races. However, whether the machine that something was wrong, whether with nature, but the horse stubbornly refused to run on the system devised for them. Losing their money and the money her husband, Ada desperately looking for some extra cash flow, but only finds a group of professional blackmailers. From complete ruin family Loveless, sadly, saved only by sudden death from cancer Ada. Babbage lived through it for twenty years, but his mechanical computer was never completed.
In 1991 British scientists built on Babbage's drawings of a mechanical calculating machine. One operation of division or multiplication takes her 2-3 minutes. The speed of modern computers is 10 in the 8-th degree per second.
In 1975, in the bowels of the Ministry of Defense decided to start development of a universal programming language. The Minister read a historical sketch prepared by the Registrar and unhesitatingly endorsed the project itself, and the intended name for the future of language - "Hell"
Ada died some 123 years before. The fate of his father, the influence both of which wanted to save Adu's mother, strangely enough, is reflected on the fate of his only legitimate daughter of. They were like: Black hair idealists with burning eyes, ready to die for the freedom of a foreign country or distant to sacrifice everything for the sake of the invention, which no one takes. Ada Lovelace and Georges Gordon Byron had never seen in life, but both died at the age of 36 years and buried in the ground Nottingempshira, in the family vault Byron.

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Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, countess of Lovelace), photo, biography
Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, countess of Lovelace), photo, biography Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, countess of Lovelace)  Mathematics, photo, biography
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