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Biography Lady Ada
I swear the Devil, that within 10 years, as I suck the life blood of some of the mysteries of the universe, and as this would not be able to do ordinary mortals minds and lips. Nobody knows what horrific energy and strength are still unused in my little flexibility in being.
Let me present to you, gentlemen, a charming lady. Augusta Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace, the only daughter of the disgraced Lord George Gordon Byron, and the incomparable Anabella Milbank. Her exquisite morbid beauty won the hearts of many, mostly unworthy contemporaries. Scientific elite of Great Britain of the nineteenth century termed it as nothing but a diadem Circle, recognizing the unique talents and unearthly beauty of our heroine. Superstitious servants were whispering in the corners of the clear evidence of collusion with the mistress of the house by Beelzebub. U.S. Department of Defense in the mid 70-ies of the century adopted the name "Ada" as the name of a single programming language for the U.S. armed forces, and eventually for the entire NATO. So, Lady Ada, gentlemen. Welcomes guests.
December 10, 1815 Byron modestly noted the birth of his daughter, a year after the ceremony to celebrate a wedding, so that even a few weeks to leave forever. Dissolute father called his daughter, Augusta, in honor of the eldest cousin, which made him once a man, and vanished. Mother stoically endured the gap, and christened Ada crumb, sworn to protect the child from the poems and their writers. Obtained nine years later the news of the death of Lord Byron in Greece, under the circumstances rather strange than heroic, did not cause any particular emotion in a child, but made the young mind to think about the purpose.
. Thirteen years old Ada early expectations of the mother, more prone to the exact sciences than to empty philosophizing and the game of beads with derivatives speech
. Our little lady, our wonderful flower, dragged into the study of Mrs. Milbank neatly folder with a pile of drawings of military aircraft. Mother looked doubtfully at her daughter (in those days girls preferred playing with dolls, designing tools murder) and then to not child-like sketches performed. Lady Anabella said nothing, only patted his daughter on the head. Since Ada slept in a room not only to "Myths of Ancient Greece, but also the works of Monsieur Blaise Pascal, Sir Isaac Newton, honorable brothers Bernoulli and other mathematical grants. All other child excellent prospects.
However, subsequent events have brought nothing except the untold suffering of bigeye prodigy. The girl contracted measles, and, choking cough, held in bed for about three years surrounded by close Aesculapius, disconsolate mother and friends last mnogomudryh. Over the years, Ada was "academic home" education whish. However, the mother first and foremost worried about the health of the child. As for the doctors, they prescribed a girl "gentle" mode, and acknowledged her disabled. Well, . let them communicate with their peers, our pale, haggard dandelion was very limited, . but how she had with the teachers! Special contribution to training young lady made a very educated married couple: August de Morgan, . ACC in mathematical logic, . large dock in the occult mysteries, . and Mary Sommerville, . every lover of puzzles and the great interpreter of the Laplace,
. Secretly Anabella Mary acquainted with the works of Hell and forbidden Byron.
Papa's writings have left an academic girl more or less indifferent. Images vague, elusive sense, there is no geometrical proportion, and no subordination to a single algebraic formula. Few were aware that, unbeknownst to his mother, Ada wrote in his diary as if from nowhere came flowing lines. Record and ashamed of this weakness. However, it would be unfair to reproach Lady Byron for excessive dryness and inability to ordinary human feelings. Outwardly, she tried not to differ from the other grand vertihvostok, loved the outfits and family trips "to the court". All recognize its undeniable musical talent. Though music and served as her first "yet another language for the unearthly conversations.

In late autumn 1834 at a dinner party in the house of Byron was first uttered the name of Charles Babbage. Mary Sommerville, who had become a strict teacher in the closest friend of our heroine, enthusiastically depict unusual "analytical machine of Sir Charles". "It is not only able to predict the outcome of events, but also affect the actual outcome of. Babbage's machine is universal! This thing is applicable in science and in politics, and the sweepstakes'. A few days later, was an acquaintance "little Ada" and "Big Charles". By the time the intellectual Babbage's calculating machine existed for over ten years, but since those in power have not seen the world empire of practical sense in this invention, the funding under various pretexts refused. For this reason, to bring the design to industrial design was impossible. However, this unfortunate fact does not pushed insane Hell of poor inventor. She was able to appreciate the uniqueness of providing it with new horizons and made every effort to ensure that obayat professor at Cambridge University. So, admittedly, held its first programmer team.

Babbage's machine was, of course, the most progressive construction of its time. It could carry up to 60 adds per minute, she thought nothing pyatidesyatirazryadnyh multiply two numbers. In fact, this monster is a giant programmable calculating machine, equipped with a counter and storage devices. Agree, not easy to imagine the existence of such things long before the abolition of serfdom in Russia. Writing programs for such a cumbersome piece of iron was a matter of laborious. Neither Sir Charles, none of his three very smart sons, as a rule, do not have enough patience to make the car to make serious calculations. Nevertheless, they were great masters of absolutely fantastic compilation of algorithms, which even today can cause a respectful "hmm" Certified Programmer. Hell, as forces and with the blessing of the master, set about exploring glorious unit.
Meanwhile, it was time to go marry. Looking around, a twenty-Ada found next to him Willy, the eighteenth Lord King, who later became the first Earl of Lovelace. Self-confident handsome William Lovelace (in Russia representatives of this kind are often mistakenly termed "Lovelace") on the simple-minded and did not suspect that over the years become a docile pawn of his strong-willed wife. He not only served as a nurse (the first three years they have nastrogat three children), but also served as secretary and obedient, and meek banker and devoted husband. After achieving equilibrium in the family, Lady Ada, aka the Countess of Lovelace, neglected household chores, with three times the energy of the decree issued from the ladies, rushed into mathematical depths.

. Subtle ways over the years of marriage Ada attitude to mathematics has changed significantly
. Care from the care of the mother helped her to forget imposed aversion to poetry. In its purely scientific texts and letters of the time sounded deafening metaphorical. According to contemporaries, mathematical monologues Countess of Lovelace while most fiery speech reminiscent of ancient Roman Tribunes. Sir Charles Babbage was once very annoyed by the phrase: "The car - not the Creator. It is - only a servant, obeying the orders of Mr. ". But at the same time, Lady Ada took an active part in promoting the ideas of Sir Charles.

In the early 40-ies of the century again a vague glimmer of hope for state support of the project crazy. We had to make another attempt to convince the stingy Society. The role of the advertising agent is much more suited seductive socialite than weird elitist university professor. And Ada undertook to defend the rights of someone else's child with all the ardor of many children the mother. Lord Lovelace had badly shaken Moе?nov. But Babbage himself did not waste time, for little pay, he lectured on his invention in front of students and teachers away from schools. One such lecture was heard in Turin engineer-mathematician Menabrea, . future Prime Minister of a united Italy, . year after posting the first article in French, . devoted entirely to the creation of Sir Charles, . Outline of the analytical machine, . invented H,
. Babbage ". It's unfortunate that Professor Babbage was not born an Italian, or at least the Frenchman!

Ada Lovelace undertook to translate the essay Menabrea the language of Byron (see laurels friend Mary did not give her rest). Translation turned out well, as everything they touched the magic pen of our little lady. Babbage approved the transfer, but because he was not enthusiastic about some passages of his unexpected promoter, offered to provide the Ada essay Menabrea some notes. As it often happens with a certain percentage of diligence, the comment resulted in an independent work, work which took about one year. Babbage closely, and even with some jealousy watching the efforts of his pupil, each chapter, he exposed the ruthless adjustment. July 10, 1843 in a letter to Ada mentor flashed seemingly innocuous phrase: "I want to insert in one of my notes, something about the Bernoulli numbers as an example of, . as an implicit function can be calculated from the machine without a prior decision with the help of the head and hands of man ",
. After nine days of Ada Babbage said that the self "has compiled a list of operations to calculate each coefficient for each variable, ie. wrote a program to calculate Bernoulli numbers. These few pages and contained, according to many experts, an example of "first in the history of the computer program".

The text notes to the article Menabrea was hidden coherent theory of programming! It is almost as incredible as the image of the spacecraft among the rock carvings. Lady Ada has introduced the concept of "cycle", . "working cell", . "distribute map, . determine the relationship of recurrence formulas and the cyclic processes of computation, . described the basic principles of algorithmic, . resembling developing from A to Z computer program, . course project worthy of today's student cybernetic institute,
. In addition, she predicted the possible areas of practical use of computer technology: a composition of musical works, construction of complex graphical objects, and even computer games!
. After the publication of "Notes" Charles Babbage began to call Ada Lovelace, my dear interpreter "
. He was unaware that a half-century glory hardworking "interpretatorshi" force fade not only the glory of the creator of the computer, but the glory of the author of "Childe Harold". Meanwhile, he certainly thought highly of his colleagues and intuition, as a man who discovered the treasure, he was afraid of losing the location of Lady Lovelace. But Hell and not going to throw his "dear friend", she was determined to "stay in the service of great goals". Having become one of the sponsors is very popular in the enlightened world, brochures, it is ready to advise everyone on issues related to the invention Babbage. Its goal - to release the creative power of Sir Charles to receive: "What a gold or silver". What is this nonsense lady, fascinated by ancient manuscripts of alhimiiN Far. Desire for nazhiveN part.
Couple Lovelace decided not to wait for favors neither the nature nor from the government and persuaded Professor Babbage search of practical application possibilities of his miracle machines. So, our trio came to the idea of developing and testing the correctness of win-win bets on the races. The main problem of this kind of "scientific" activity was the need to regularly test new scenarios on the practice. But horses, obeying some primal urge, and not the laws of probability theory, fled once again from all the unpredictable. Men of the game three, feeling a fair relief in purses, refused to complicity in the development of "systems". But the countess had not seen the way back. Istratov, almost all of their personal funds, she appealed for help to a Friend. But neither Albany Fonblank, editor of the influential London magazine "Examiner" or David brewsterite, inventor of a kaleidoscope, or maestro of magnetic effects, Michael Faraday, or a famous writer Charles Dickens was not given money. The latter did not regret his literary talents to write carping, which prohibits the Countess of Lovelace to continue to visit his hotel room. What disturbs that Dickens motivates so harsh tone that "after visits to the lady in the house had got the devil". Desperate, my Lady loses caution and opens the purpose of his business entirely to strangers. So it falls into the hands of fraudsters and becomes the victim of vile blackmail. Far from being a noble band of brazen bookmakers need to pay for their silence. Or money, or win-win scenario rates (!). The countess was inconsolable. Oh, if she only knew that for this episode of her life in the future will be given more, and the title of "world's first hacker!
Salvation was an unexpected and tragic. Cancer. Within months of illness Lady Ada melted and lost interest in what is happening around. She died before the age of 37 years, as her father. They are buried side by side, in the family vault in Byron Nottingempshire. Therefore, disputes about the ratio of their popularity among the masses, more or less meaningless, arriving at the grave bow both. Charles Babbage did not wait for recognition, although it survived his favorite pupil, almost twenty years. After his death the car was sent to the Museum of King's College London. Once a month, an employee opens a plastic cap to wipe it with a damp cloth. However, a remarkable mechanism is too complex for such operations, and the age-old dust and rests in an iron heart

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Lady Ada, photo, biography
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