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Bellutstso Richard (Richard Belluzzo)

( President and Managing Director (COO), the richest corporations in the market - Microsoft.)

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Biography Bellutstso Richard (Richard Belluzzo)
photo Bellutstso Richard (Richard Belluzzo)
At this time the change in the leadership of Microsoft did not occur at the highest level, but somewhere very close: between Gates and Ballmer. In 1999, the company conducted its own restructuring, during which the units were combined into four groups. Group Products for individual users, which includes units engaged in projects of MSN, WebTV, Expedia and MSNBC, led by Richard Bellutstso. At the head of the other groups rose Bob Mulyana, Paul Moritz and Jim Allchin. All these and some other managers - the so-called "people Steve". So, Richard is invited Bellutstso Ballmer, with whom he had known for more than 14 years.

. 47-year-old Bellutstso joined Microsoft in 1999 and has since become one of the main members of the group senior executives (Senior Leadership Team), the policy directions of Microsoft
. In the same year on the initiative of Steve Ballmer opened a new governing body - a group of managers (Business Leadership Team), consisting of 15 persons. The new structure replaced the executive committee of the company, from December 1996 to play the part of the supreme body of decision-making. Bellutstso is one of 15 heads of implementing strategic and business planning throughout the company.

Following the "products for individual users' Bellutstso led a group of" Personal Services and Devices. And now he was appointed President and Managing Director of the company. Steve Ballmer announced the appointment on February 14. Place COO Rick Bellutstso gave 58-year-old Bob Herbold, who decided to reduce the range of their duties at Microsoft.
. In Bellutstso responsibilities include the development of business strategy and operational management of the company, managing sales, marketing and business development, and also manages a number of new companies Microsoft, including the X-Box and MSN
. More on Bellutstso responsible for defining the company's strategy in the field of mobile communications and television.
Who VyN
Can not say that Rick Bellutstso - personality cult. But where he came from and what has earned the confidence of Steve Ballmer, and probably Bill GeytsaN

Bellutstso graduated from Department of Accounting Golden Gate University with a Bachelor of Science. He is known for extensive experience in management and finance. After Bellutstso worked at Hewlett-Packard for 23 years, during which he held various financial and marketing positions - before, in 1987, headed the unit for the production of laser printers. And for all these years Bellutstso not risen to the level of the CEO of computer giant. However, for many years working in HP Bellutstso gained valuable experience for Microsoft to create a powerful brand. At the time, Rick made a great effort to ensure that the printers and related products from Hewlett-Packard became the most popular among consumers. Strategy for promoting HP's products include their sale under the brands DeskJet, LaserJet, and ScanJet. Thus, . Bellutstso business with HP printers to produce successfully transformed from a sluggish Niche, . characterized by slow growth and high difference between the purchase and sale value, . the fast-growing gold mines printers, . Paper and ink,
. For Microsoft, a very useful analytical abilities Bellutstso: they help to choose the right partners among manufacturers of computer equipment, whose products are most suitable for Internet-based business Microsoft.

. In 1998, a surprise for all was the decision to leave Bellutstso HP
. It has puzzled many, choosing a new place of Silicon Graphics. True, there he was promoted to executive director, who was dismissed earlier belonged to the fall of 1997 Ed Mc Krakenu.

It remains not entirely clear why Bellutstso agreed to take the post of executive director of SGI. For over 23 years at Hewlett-Packard, he is well settled in the high positions in the company, managing its powerful unit. Rumor has it that Bellutstso could not put up with a strategy manager, HP Lewis Platt, too slow to transition to Internet-direction. At the same time, many analysts do not believe in a very thirsty activity Bellutstso and follow the next version of the reasons for his departure: Rick realized, . that he would never get to the HP position of executive director and decided to make this post somewhere else.,

. Obtain and sign it
. When in January 1998 Bellutstso came to SGI, expected of him saving the company for new ideas
. Then Silicon Graphics has been a lot of problems. Compaq Computer and Dell Computer with its low-cost computers hindered the company to arrange for the workstation market, and Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and IBM have pushed her out of high-performance servers.

. Bellutstso retrenched employees, has closed some areas of work and separated from SGI business connected with the production of microprocessors MIPS
. Yet the company continued to incur considerable losses. Over a half years in the post of executive director of Silicon Graphics, Richard was unable to win financial downturn, . when huge losses to undermine the once very successful company, and deprived of its leadership (in 1999, SGI has lost 830 million,
. dollars on sales of 2.3 billion. dollars).

When in January 1998, SGI announced the arrival of the company Bellutstso, its shares were sold at $ 12. By the time of departure Rica in August 1999, the share price dropped to $ 5. Of course, we can not say that Bellutstso not done anything good for Silicon Graphics. He gave the company a new name - SGI, highlighted the production of processors in a separate business, streamlined lineup of high-performance graphical workstations and servers, and (unheard of) released the "Silicon" with a Pentium
. Surprise ...
. In August 1999, SGI was decided to conduct an extensive reorganization aimed at restoring the company after two years of financial distress
. And when it seemed that a series of misfortunes for SGI has ended, to everyone's surprise, it was announced the departure of the company's CEO Richard Bellutstso. This happened 2 weeks after the announcement of "perestroika" of the plan.

SGI itself has not commented on Bellutstso withdrawal, saying only that it was his personal decision. Analysts again had no unanimous opinion about the act Bellutstso. Of course, many had not like the decision Bellutstso. According to them, to leave the company on the verge of global change, when it most needed the support of their leader, was not very nice. Among analysts predominated two views on care Rica: either he realized the futility of their two-year effort, any forthcoming changes in the degree of difficulty exceeded his expectations. Realizing how rumors cause his departure from the company in such a crucial moment, Bellutstso also commented on his act. And it was like: "I just felt that we have achieved very significant progress in the development of SGI. We have defined the way for its further promotion. Now and in the company, and I've had a good opportunity to give impetus to a new beginning. "

. The importance of professional growth
. So, even in the summer before last year Bellutstso was captain of a sinking in the waters of the Silicon Valley of the ship under the name of Silicon Graphics, but then Microsoft itself had invited him to lead the company's activities in the field of Internet
. Feelings Bellutstso be akin to as if he died and then ascended into heaven. And no well-behaved citizen should not reproach his current well-being: it to Microsoft, Richard experienced real torture.

. Bellutstso promise to complete the restructuring of the SGI, but forgot about it as soon as an old friend of Rick Steve Ballmer asked him to do the revival of the project Microsoft Network
. When Bellutstso remembers himself at the decision to move to Microsoft, he said that while the times "are at a stage career, when he really wanted to leave with his head on the Internet, and the new work could give him this opportunity."

. Selecting candidates Bellutstso provoked conflicting responses
. Bellutstso, of course, a good leader, but he is not one of those who grew up on the Internet, or participated in the creation of some major Internet companies. But according to Finance Director Stephen Homo SGI, anyone could succeed in such a wonderful base, like Microsoft, but too Bellutstso with his experience and talent - even more so.

. As reported, Bellutstso was not the first nor the only one elected representative of Microsoft and, moreover, had no experience in the field of Internet
. Nevertheless, he managed to prove its superiority over the other contenders. With professional skill, is shown at the conclusion of transactions, and practicality Bellutstso created the story of Pygmalion - turned a few clumsy at first service in different MSN Internet portal.

. MSN began in 1995 as an online service to rival America Online
. It was expected that it will replace the Internet users even. When the initial plan failed, MSN has become an ordinary online service. But this new idea is not justified itself. By the time the Microsoft Bellutstso Rica in September 1999 (after 7 months of searching for the head of internet directions) MSN was able to find ways to most effectively with its main competitors - portals AOL and Yahoo.,

. Bellutstso decided to make MSN "Web every day" - a portal that will facilitate the process of committing users to online shopping, paying bills and communicating with friends
. The most attractive under the new strategy were mail service Hotmail, a powerful new search engine, advanced messaging services - MSN Messenger, and a site for small businesses wishing to work on the Internet, - bCentral.

. Also in Bellutstso Microsoft in order to increase traffic to its portal struck up partnerships with companies such as NBC (joint venture appeared MSNBC) and Ford Motor
. At the same time, the corporation has continued to get rid of those parts of MSN, which demanded too costly (Expedia, etc.).

. In February last year in connection with the launch of MSN launched an advertising campaign and introduced a new logo of the service - a multi-colored butterfly
. All this fun cost Microsoft at $ 150 million. U.S.. However, judging by the number of new subscribers MSN, cost justified themselves. Today the services of the portal used in 33 countries, people who speak 17 languages. Yet before Bellutstso remains a problem to make a profitable Internet business Microsoft.

Analysts expressed mixed views on the first year of Bellutstso in Microsoft. Some recognize his success in the resuscitation MSN and in the future Rica assign a key role in the leadership of Microsoft. Others say that they expected much more from a man with such a professional luggage. And, nevertheless, went for the second year of his work in the company, and his new position as the envy of many. Bellutstso believes that the current situation of Microsoft in the market opens for her tremendous opportunities for growth, and this year, Rick is waiting for new products and services.
. Deja vu
. In principle, the arrival of Microsoft to Bellutstso - is to some extent return home
. It still working at HP, Bellutstso constantly searching for the ground for an alliance with the giant. And so, being in constant search for common interests, Bellutstso became a fan of the strategy Microsoft, aimed at promotion of its operating system. In mid-1997, some newspapers even wrote (though, on the basis of their own reflection) about the imminent appearance of HP-UX - versions of Unix from Hewlett-Packard. A year Bellutstso already worked in Silicon Graphics, and trying to turn a producer of workstations based on Windows NT. Strategy Bellutstso was not justified, but Microsoft has to look at Rico as a dedicated man in his camp (if not in his pocket).

. In addition, over time Bellutstso was just such a specialist, who was Microsoft needs to implement its strategy for electronic commerce.

. The newly president and COO, Bellutstso becomes a potential successor to CEO Steve Ballmer, in his time who succeeded Bill Gates
. Now from Bellutstso expect that it will close the development and promotion of the company's business connected with MSN, and add to the network about 3 million new users.
. Bellutstso became the main man in the company entrusted with helping Ballmer to do business in the Empire of Microsoft
. It seems that Steve is already quite "enjoyed" all the charms management giant, and he has a chance to prove himself as the CEO. Ballmer is going to pass Bellutstso the bulk of administrative work to devote more attention to the development strategy.
But we can not say that with the regular personnel reshuffle in Microsoft history repeats itself. The fact is that when Gates handed the post of CEO Ballmer, he obviously wanted to remove their everyday concerns and engage in his favorite thing - developing programs. This is not to say about Ballmer: It transmits Bellutstso only a portion of their business, but it should be noted, the most complex. So, . example, . Bellutstso has the responsibility to decide all questions, . associated with litigation in the case of the monopoly of Microsoft (at this stage, the Ministry of Justice is particularly interested in 135-million investment in the company Corel, . whose WordPerfect tough competition for package Microsoft Office).,

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Bellutstso Richard (Richard Belluzzo), photo, biography
Bellutstso Richard (Richard Belluzzo), photo, biography Bellutstso Richard (Richard Belluzzo)  President and Managing Director (COO), the richest corporations in the market - Microsoft., photo, biography
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