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Pierre Richard praised the Crimean wines and told about the intention to come back to the Russian Federation

Pierre Richard, Not so long ago committed a tour of Russia, would once again face a Russian audience, said the Actor at the beginning of his anniversary.
by the end of 2013 Pierre Richard brought to the Russian Federation's own autobiographical one-woman show " Pierre Richard III ". He went on tour across the country - from Moscow to Vladivostok. on August 16, the actor turns 80 years, ITAR-TASS reported." It seems to me that the more I traveled to Russia, Than the citizens of Russia - jokingly said the French comedian.- in every city I was in for an amazing reception. I am very grateful to the Russian audience and again wished to come to you tour ". However, According to the actor, already have a General outline of a new show, But it's All about organizational issues." Can't find a suitable producer", " He complained. In response to the question, Not whether It is going to follow the example of his longtime close person g?rard Depardieu and buy vineyards in the Crimea, Pierre Richard just shook his head." Gerard buys vineyards around the world. This is a real wine merchant, said the hero of the day.- I have a different approach to winemaking. I have enough of my farm in the South of France (Chateau Bel Eveque). I put my all into it ". Along with this, Richard said that he had a chance to try the Crimean wines." some of them are pretty good, " He admitted." However, the existence in the Crimea ancient winemaking tradition, No wonder, " added the Artist.- The local climate is very similar to that in the South of France ". Explaining formed around Ukraine the situation, Pierre Richard said that concerned about the General climate of distrust and division, established in relations between Kyiv and the capital of Russia." This is a very sensitive issue, " said an eminent Artist.- I cannot stand on the sides as equally well belong to the Russians, and to the people of Ukraine. But what happens today me and, very concerned about."" You know, it happens in my household come at the same time Russian and Ukrainian travelers. They speak the same language, and no animosity between them is Not felt. All of the problems of policy, " added Richard. Own anniversary Artist will celebrate with family in their own winery." The Grand celebrations I don't plan, with a smile He said.- Only family members and closest friends - only twenty people ". To the question, What is the secret of its vitality and creative work, the Artist replied simply: " the less I think about the years, the better I feel! If I daily remind myself that I now get up to 80 years, then, perhaps, I had No strength to even get out of bed "." It is necessary continuously to keep the interest of the outside world, to discover fresh sources of inspiration, and to allow life to surprise yourself, " added Richard.- This is probably the most valuable advice that I have the opportunity today to give young ".


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RICHARD, Pierre (Pierre Richard)
RICHARD, Pierre (Pierre Richard)
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Crimean Agafangel Yefimovich
Crimean Agafangel Yefimovich

Pierre Richard praised the Crimean wines and told about the intention to come back to the Russian Federation
 -  Знаменитости Pierre Richard praised the Crimean wines and told about the intention to come back to the Russian Federation
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