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Vachner Linda

( Manager)

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Biography Vachner Linda
Linda Vachner reach of what many young girls only dream of. Even in the relatively young age, she was able to realize his childhood dream. Her success with a touch of drama due to its irrepressible energy, a tireless work ethic and the spirit of the type "A". She walked forward, despite the appalling inequalities in the situation, and is now a respected corporate leader in the field, where the dominant position so far has always been a man.
. Very few women have ever held the post of head of one of the five hundred companies in the rating of the magazine "Fortune", while Linda Vachner exercise sovereign control and dominate in such a company
. Vachner made changes to the company with a hundred years of experience, using his determination, perseverance and a unique combination of motivation and energy. These features are inherent in Linden, eleven years, since she was in a cast. At this time she gave a promise to be the owner of his own company. Vachner not only fulfill his dream, but also succeeded in this, as "Warnaco" is the largest company of this kind.

Vachner achieved this only with very little assistance from outside. She had a dream, and she worked hard to get it. It swept away many in its path, and most of these people never learn what caused their collapse. Vachner acted with lightning speed, in pursuit of its goal. This energetic woman measures its work "price-wage, earnings per share, profit before taxes and income on deposits. This magical Vachner barometer by which it measures success, and all who work with her know it.

The magazine "Fortune" for June 15, 1992, Linda called "the most prosperous business woman in America". Three-million income - the success rate of its control method. In total revenue Linda Vachner in 1991 close to twenty-three million dollars, taking into account government subsidies and other benefits. This first-class head type "A" - the first woman, managed to lead the company in a competitive environment, to reorient it and win the consumer market. As the director of "Warnaso, the largest company in the rating of the magazine" Fortune ", Vachner reduced the company's debt and increased equity to 75 per cent. It has invested $ 10 million to their own savings, and her desire to put money in circulation reflected in personal savings, which by 1993 were equal to seventy-two million dollars. Vachner, of course, referred to as a creative genius for what started as a lingerie buyer, she reached the top careers in this industry and has achieved this within forty-L
. Linda Joy Vachner was born Feb. 3, 1946 an elderly couple who lived in Forest Hills, New York
. Her father, Herman, was a fur trader in New York, her mother, Shirley, was a housewife. Linda was the second child in the family, but grew up as an only child, because her sister was eighteen years older and lived apart. Linda was born during the baby boom and grew up loving and indulgent parents how many children of the fifties. She recalls that his parents began to treat her as an adult very early. Linda Vachner occupied a central position in the family, and her parents, Jews by birth, brought up in it a priceless gift - self-esteem. Situation only child of older parents forced Linda to hold a lot of time in solitude or in society, adults. As a result, it has evolved into an independent person who is not accustomed to rely on the moral support of anyone else. Parents of Linda's daughter brought up in great esteem that often told her what she's wonderful and that she simply can not make a mistake. It so verilaetomu that by the time of her departure to college, their roles, according to Linda, has radically changed: "I was their support, I have always supported them."

. When Linda Vachner was eleven years old, one of my classmates in the school pulled out from under her chair
. This incident has changed her life. "As a result of this accident, I needed an operation, adjusted the spine, and I remained in a cast up to thirteen years." After Linda Vachner discharged from the hospital, she remained motionless for two more years. She recalls: "I was terribly lonely, I had nothing to do but think about the future, not knowing whether it will come. Sometimes, when I was very tired, I still see the contrast on his head "(" Working Woman ", 1992).

Vachner was an energetic man with a childhood. "The ruthless necessity compels me to do everything that needs to be closer to the goal." And so she continued to go forward. She graduated from high school at sixteen and entered the State College in Buffalo, where she specialized in the field of business administration. Attitude to work Vachner manifested even during the school when she worked at the New York department store during the holidays. She recalls: "I worked there as a clerk in each of the departments, which laid the foundation for my future career." Vachner was more active in social work, rather than in college. She also worked as a curator at the exams, the papers, worked in the office of the Dean. Vachner played tennis and skiing, are passionately in love for life. Linda graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in 1966 at the age of twenty years and began her career in the retail clothing industry products. She was launching a career "in his field," in New York, but wanted to realize his childhood dream - to lead his own company itself.

. Vachner start with the same, with what is common to all creative geniuses, that is, with zero
. It took purchaser in the trade organization in New York for $ 90 a week. Her first post - the representative of market research - and indeed the only girl on an errand, in the language of business management. One of Linda's first tasks was to study regular customers at a department store floors. It was an invaluable experience which she will never forget, as she watched the main action, the critical time of purchase. This practice is reflected in Linda, and today she still insists on feedback from each manager on each floor of the store. At the first work, Linda has refined the technique survey of buyers and learned to recognize, . What product sells well today and why: "What do you want to buy segodnyaN PochemuN", . "Why did you buy it is plateN", . "What you would prefer kupitN" - and so on.,

. Vachner flew across half the country to get to the opening of the store Houston Foley in 1967 and be there as an assistant buyer
. Again, she spent much time studying the floors of the store and found out that people are buying, and gradually improve their experience of an expert on consumer demand over the next year and a half. Company "Macy's" hired Vachner in 1969 purchaser bras and corsets, and she again returned to New York. Reputation Linda Vachner as "women on wheels" grew, as she never hesitated whether to accept a new job. Distance and time does not frighten her, because it helps to approach the lofty goal. Vachner achieved one of its original purposes: in the age of twenty-two years she was one of the youngest buyers for major department store "Macy's" on 34th Street, Manhattan. Vachner become an expert in the field of production of garments for five years in the "Macy's" from 1969 to 1974.

. While working in the "Macy's" Linda met her future husband, Seymour Applebaum during the flight from Miami to New York
. He played in the "Pharaoh" with himself across the aisle from her, and at some point, Linda, true to his inimitable style, said: "This is not a card!" Seymour Applebaum ignored her remark - as it turned out later, she did not make sense in this game. But thanks to this phrase was an acquaintance, which ended in marriage. Appelbaum Vachner became a mentor, and she still speaks of him with unusual respect: "My husband was the first who told me that I can achieve anything, any goal. I think hard and believe it. "Appelbaum encouraged Vachner desire to make a career, and in 1974 she went to work in the company" Warnaco ", where she worked for three years until 1977-th. Vachner first destroy prejudice the status of women in business, and in 1975 was appointed the first woman vice-president for all the centennial history of the company. However, the president "Warnaco" told her when she was promoted: "You have advanced in the service, but you should not expect something more" ( "Working Woman", 1992). He subtly hinted Vachner that she, as a symbol of women leaders, will not advance their own careers more. But this kind of statement was not for Vachner. Eleven years later, she will revenge, becoming the owner and manager of the company in a competitive environment.

. In "Warnaco" Vachner met with Mary Wells, chairman of advertising company that will manage their own accounts of the firm "Warner"
. Wells has gone from a simple typist to the top of Madison Avenue, and because it was close Vachner. Wells was a bright, tough and energetic, these same features were characteristic and Vachner. Wells became a mentor Vachner in the business world, and Linda remembers her as the first ray of light in his life: "She was one of the first who believed in me". So it was. Linda Wells presented Vachner David Mahoney, chairman of "Norton Simon", the founder of the company "Max Factor". In 1979, Mahoney offered thirty-three Vachner president of the American branch of the firm "Max Factor", having the main office in Los Angeles. It was an unusually young age to engage in important leadership position in a company with a multi-million dollar capital, especially taking into account the fact that Vachner had no experience of presidency. This post served as Vachner key to the realization of his dream. She felt that this was a real breakthrough in the business world as a significant person. Vachner said: "Many people have given me support. But David Mahoney made me president of the firm "Max Factor", and this was the biggest breakthrough ". This should serve as a challenge to the nature of thirty-three Vachner. The losses of the firm "Max Factor" in the year amounted to $ 16 million, and the staff of the company was submitted, the team of the good old boys ". Vachner been able to stop the decline in the first year, and the second - to reduce losses at $ 5 million. In the next two years Vachner deed, changing the situation from growing losses to increase profits. The company introduced a new fragrance, "Le Jardin" and "Max Factor", which received three awards in 1984. Vachner achieved this by conducting a series of changes in governance, as well as by nature: stubbornness and developed instinct for self-preservation. Vachner became known as the "hatchet woman" because of the mass purges of personnel firm to destroy the spirit of "good old boys club".

. It was while working in "Max Factor" Linda Vachner began to use his principle in the management "Do it now"
. She believes that every leader must be a kind of diary, like a schoolboy, to record problems and new opportunities. Its principle of "Do it now" became the motto of the company and written on the memorial boards in all offices. Bill Finklsteyn, . inspector in the firm "Max Factor", . spoke about her style: "Work Vachner as a starter for the rest." While working in the "Max Factor" Vachner acquired a reputation, . rigidly defining the task and meticulously controlling everything that happens,
. Vachner not afraid of what it will take self-absorbed or insensitive to personal criticism. Some call it talent, others - worst managers ever met them ( "Fortune", 1986). One man, who was a victim of her management style, said: "It has many features of the head of the hard-men". Another remarked: "You get mad if it lyudiN Yes. But they do it and respect! It is primarily the head, not a man or woman "(" Fortune ", 1992). Other characteristics of the female head is not so soft. Here is one of them: "She knows the business from before, but she is impatient and cruel". It sounds like a description of strict head-men.

. Here is what she Vachner about his work in "Max Factor": "If you want to fundamentally change the company in order to protect it from total collapse, you have to get tough but fair"
. Not everyone thinks so, especially the "good old boys" with flying dust during the tumultuous break-up of management. Style Vachner - exclusive total control. She was interested in the results. If they did not meet its requirements, the employee responsible for it, subject to immediate dismissal.

. Work in "Max Factor" gave Vachner experience necessary to attract capital for transactions required to establish his own firm, which in the end and it was vital to
. Vachner cherished dream of becoming the leader of his own company, and in 1984 this dream come true. Vachner in "Max Factor" received the green light to increase the working capital to purchase the company. But the Board of Directors was shocked that she took off for the $ 280 million from the account of the investment firm in New York. And he changed his mind on this issue. Vachner resigned. She decided to perform this operation yourself by buying a controlling stake.

Altogether Vachner and another investment firm invested 905 million dollars to buy a controlling stake in the company "Revlon". The deal was actually completed, when Ronald Pelmen, head of the firm "Pantry Pride", ahead of them and bought the "Revlon" for 1.8 billion dollars. But Vachner, however, has not receded. She persuaded the investment banking firm "Drexel Burnum Lambert" to help her buy "Warnaco". It was a company that existed over 100 years, and has worked there Vachner. So she became vice-president. She managed to acquire a controlling stake in the company for 550 million dollars, 500 of them - to recover a debt company. This was not a hasty step. No one could ever be accused of timidity in Vachner.

Such a purchase was unprecedented - the first time, controlling the firm, a member of the 500 largest companies in the rating of "Fortune" was purchased by a woman. It was quite risky. Vachner to gamble everything she had - ten million dollars to purchase 770 thousand shares of the company prepared in advance with the contract to acquire another 1.3 million shares in the future at the price of 4.66 dollars per share. When Christine Donahue of the journal "Ms." (1987) Vachner asked about her decision to buy shares "Warnaco", Linda told her: "I risked everything they had because it was supposed to buy this company. I have invested their money in the pipeline ". Then she added: "This proves what I already have the right to go home again.

. Vachner acquired full ownership of the company increased its production by 30 percent, revenue by 145 percent and reduced its debt by 40 percent over the next five years of leadership
. In October 1991, she again bought the shares at $ 25 per share, after which their rate rose to 35-ty dollars. In the end, this venture has brought Vachner income. She risked all his savings, which accounted for 10 percent of invested capital. In 1993, its revenue increased to $ 100 million. Linda received a "Warnaco" $ 3 million a year - the result of the fact that she continued to use his magical style of. She had no family, and it is without much grief acknowledged that the company - it's her family. When the "Cosmopolitan" in 1992, asked about her personal life, Vachner replied: "It would be hard to meet someone who understands that in the first place for me is business."

Vachner become a guardian angel products "Warnaso and personnel. Activity "Warnaco" consisted of the production of linen - 60% of the income the company, clothing for men - 32% and the content of several retail shops - the other 8%. Production lines for clothes easily recognizable, as included clothes from such firms as "Valentino", "Scaasi", "Ungaro", "Bob Mackie", "Blanche", "Fruit of the Loom", as well as underwear from "Warner & Olga ". Lines for the production of men's clothing made clothes from the "Christian Dior", the jacket "Hathaway", "Chaps", sportswear "Golden Bear" (Jack Nicklaus), "Puritan" and "Valentino". The company produces garments for private firms, such as "Victoria's Secret", $ 30 million a year, in addition to the production contract with "Wat-Mart" (the production of cheaper clothing consumer).

. Vachner achieved its goal
. She led the companies included in the rating of the magazine "Fortune", while still quite young - at 45 years. Now it is - one of three outstanding women ever headed the firm and ever identified in the rating of "500 Companies". Other - this is Mary Kay Ash ( "Mary Kay Cosmetics") and Katharine Graham ( "Washington Post"), who occupied the same position. Linda Vachner next target was to achieve reasonable prices for their clothes, "so that it could buy as you can buy Coca-Cola. This desire to be a difficult but worthy works. And shareholders Linda Vachner love her style because she never avoids talking about what really matters - on the profit after taxes. When Vachner was a little girl, encased in plaster, she promised herself that someday will pass through the Triboro Bridge is not in an ambulance, but on his own Cadillac. She lived to see how to fulfill its promise. Now, if she wanted, she could buy the company for the production of a limousine.
. Vachner - a classic example of "pathological control", because for it to complete tranquility necessary to monitor everything that happens around
. It so happened that loneliness and diffidence in childhood resulted in an unquenchable desire to succeed. Her self-esteem is inextricably linked to success in the business world. She is obsessed with the idea to win at any cost and confirms the classic "disease rate, which is inherent in this type of personality. Fast rate of speech, quick movements, speed of work and even in food. Calmness does not apply Vachner. It is difficult to keep constant attention, she had a short conversation, especially when it comes to neglect any of his subordinates. Vachner - a person who feels guilty if you go on vacation or even just watching TV. It combines film viewing with the study of the business magazine, and sunbathing on the beach working on the budget of the company. Vachner not tolerate mediocrity or the negligence of someone else's work and think she is in a hurry, even when sitting on the ground.

Vachner tried to work only in the office, but her inimitable style was difficult in general to leave office. She said: "I do not take home work, I remain in office until the finish ... The problem is that sometimes I do not leave the office ". Vachner not like small talk and avoid useless talk. Like other notable figures Vachner obsessed with the desire to always win. Success for her - not a game. Many men with the type of character Vachner belonged to the category leaders by calling. Vachner largely corresponds to this definition. She intuitively felt, when the production works well, although, of course, in business, it operates in numbers.

Vachner sympathized with the needs and capabilities of new businesses, it is a pleasure to conquer new peaks. The passion to conquer the new gives the key to her nature, receiving pleasure from search. Vachner even learned to fly a plane, in defiance of his going beyond the average propensity to take risks. But sitting in her Manhattan office, you can not see in Linda Vachner slalom or pilot. This Rukovoditelnitsa companies in the imperialist and challenge the city, and the brash style of its life as individuals and in business. These traits helped her succeed where men have always dominated. Linda often ignores the feelings of others, because its goal higher than this. Vachner said: "I know that I push very painful, but I did while not beating stronger than himself". Even if it did, at Vachner a weakness, a kind of sympathy for women, that softens the hard look. It introduced a surcharge to female subordinates who have children in the case when they are forced to stay at work late
Between family and career
Vachner - typical creative person who puts his career above all else. She donates the presence of children for the sake of their profession and in the same way any man's essence, it preferred its activities in "Warnaco" since her husband died in 1983. Vachner married Seymour Applebaum at the age of twenty-seven, when he was 59. He became her mentor, lover and confidant - in short, a person having replaced her father. Applebaum was the thirty-one year older. Vachner recalls: "I thought that we would fight for his life all the time". In the end, he died at age 71 in 1983.

Were it certain regret for his hard decisions no longer have a family. Most of her marriage her husband had ever hurt the heart. Vachner said: "Whether at home or in hospital he had always had problems with heart. All the time I thought it worth to have a child with such a sick father. How I was wrong! It would be much better, . If I now had a child! "Linda Vachner explains his desire to renounce motherhood journal" Working Woman "in 1992:" I do not think, . that I would have enough time, . to raise a child and do business, . using the same male stranglehold, . as is usual for me. ",

. Vachner tried briefly to formulate his philosophy regarding the most important in her life in an interview with "Cosmopolitan" in June 1990: "I think I have done my business to my family
. Work continued to be for her passion. Linda hardly slept and worked so much, leaving little chance for a pastime in men's company. She observed a single tradition - on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas skiing. She said all new associates: "Business First". But Vachner, however, can not be called "girl, forgotten in solitude on the dance floor". When she was invited to dinner, she said: "Many of the men invited me to lunch and to learn about my acceptance, immediately began to behave as if they like me so that it is ready to fly across the country for dinner with them. If I only suspect that someone of them lack a sense of humor, well, they completely cease to interest me ". This spirit of commitment to women's powerful brokers who have no doubts about the choice of "personal" or "professional" in the style of life. Professionalism always wins.

She lost her husband just after twelve years of married life in 1983. She lost her father when she was 23 years, then only sister Barbara - in 1981, and eventually his mother in 1987. After the misfortune to her, I decided to succeed. According Vachner, it looked like this: "When I could not walk, I learned to give a little oath, for example: if I ever get up on my feet, I never tire of walking, I know I could do more. - It was a kind of psychological self-hypnosis "(" Cosmopolitan ", June 1990).
This hardworking creative individual has achieved the highest success due to the internal aspiration for victory at any cost. She is obsessed with the desire to succeed, and never allows the feelings or competitors to get back on its way. Style Vachner creates a lot of deadly enemies during her promotion to the post of head of a successful and rich women. The magazine "Fortune" (June 1992) called it "the most prosperous business woman of America". And then continued to describe her relentless assault on the vertices of success over the heads of many male managers. One former manager recalls: "Many people are" moved "by Linda. She will do anything to reach the finish line victorious ". Linda's first chief of the Joint Trade Corporation describes her style in a general way: "She set to work straight. I think that her candor and straightforwardness keeps people away. "

Effect of Linda Vachner in the business world like the sensation. Any work for which it was taken, was executed with enviable ease and perfection. Linda has managed to surpass even the purpose of his youth, ambition was her skate, and style of work, which includes work on holidays and weekends, for many inexplicable. Success Vachner let her have a habit peculiar to rich people: it is a fan of skis, it is the owner of the modern cottages in Aspen (Colorado). She also has homes in Los Angeles and New York, but she lives in them are rarely. She walks to skiing in the company's oil magnates, Marvin Davis and Helen neck Brown, talks with Barbara Uolterc. It allows for the unusual scheduling of work, but it can not sympathize with those leaders who can not adapt to its irrepressible pace. Linda said: "I am full of extraordinary energy. I and the lark and the owl at the same time. I can not stay two or three consecutive days at the office while I worked. "
Salary in the $ 3 million a year doing Vachner one of the highest paid leaders of America and the highest paid women executives in the world. Revenue Vachner in $ 23 million in 1991, struck executives on Wall Street. Vachner ascended to the top of the, . that once called the "club of good old boys", . unless, . No one will refuse to classify this club its very, . because it requires high self-esteem by male managers of firms, . within the top 500 companies, . published by the magazine "Fortune",
. Vachner destroy prejudices, but left their remnants. It has withstood several attacks and difficulties, but this has not stopped her in front of goals and the desire to seize "Warnaco".
. Vachner gained experience in corporate America and then decided to withdraw from the corporation and establish his own company, investing their $ 10 million
. For this magazine "Ms." called her "Woman of the Year" in 1986. Advantages Vachner speak for themselves. Linda Vachner considered one of the creative geniuses who changed their view of America's women leaders.

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