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He was called the devil, and by the end of the life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was really like him. Absolutely naked, bony head - no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no mustache, thin lips in a thread and small, attentive, hard eyes.
. Wives of workers scared of children: "Do not cry, but then you pick Rockefeller!" Paradox is that the richest man in the world is most proud of his impeccable moral: it brought up strict rules, and he followed them all my life ...

Medieval French town, where the roof made of slate, a gray stone wall with ivy twined with white locks, bell, smoke from a fire - the smell of burning wood mixes with the stench of human flesh singed. Ancestors Rockefeller lived in France and were Huguenots. In the XVII century Rokfayl family fled to Germany from the Inquisition, the pogroms and the hunt for heretics Royal Dragoon - where immigrants have altered their name to the German style. They chose the harsh and ruthless faith: their god demanded strict internal discipline, hard work, thrift, renunciation of the pleasures of the flesh. But the Protestants saw themselves as the chosen people - they waited for the kingdom of heaven, and all others were damned, they could save nothing, and with them was not worth ceremony. Work, duty, loyalty to friends, and the cold indifference to others - all this, John D. Rockefeller imbibed with mother's milk. Triumph House Rockefellers (banks, . Railways, . Real estate and the legendary company, Standard Oil "was a victory for generations of Rockefellers and Rokfayley, . millers, . farmers and small traders, . lot and worked hard, . kopivshih, . denying themselves all, . and patiently waited in the wings,

... American Province of the last century: a hastily hired by, hastily put together the towns - houses made of pine boards, lumber yards, mills, churches. Rockefellers moved to the New World in the XVIII century and gradually moved north to Michigan. Things piled up in the creaking ox cart, the grandfather of the Rockefeller holds the reins, his wife and children wander after him, swallowing the dust of the road. They stopped in the town Richforde, New York: in 1839 there will be light at the John D. Rockefeller.

Hard, rational, not forgiving sinners, and weak god Huguenots rested on his grandfather and father. Godfrey Rockefeller, sweet and warm personality, he could not break through in my life. Moreover, he (then strong-willed grandmother Lucy contemptuously pursed lips) was not a fool to drink. And William Avery Rockefeller, father of the future multimillionaire, collected all conceivable vices - a libertine, the horse thief, a charlatan, a deceiver, a bigamist, a liar ... (But he did not take by mouth to a drop of alcohol, and even established the first temperance society in the town.)
. William appeared in the city separately from the family - a handsome man with light-brown beard, a new, brand-new, coat, and (unheard of thing in Richforde!) Carefully ironed trousers
. On his chest he wore a sign "I - deaf and dumb". Thanks to William, nicknamed "Big Bill, soon knew everything about every citizen.

Fluffy beard and hands on pants pierced the heart of a country girl Eliza Davison. She exclaimed: "I would have married this man married, if he were not deaf!" - And modestly standing nearby "cripple" I understood that there can be put across a good little business. Ears Bill worked no worse still to be invented radar, that the Father gives to Eliza and five hundred dollars a dowry, he had heard two days earlier - soon they were married, and two years later in the light of God has appeared, John D. Rockefeller.

In addition to the desire for sobriety God gave William the extraordinary charm: Eliza is not split up with him, even realizing that her fiance hears everything perfectly, and when the case is not worse than swearing drunken woodcutter. She left her husband even when he was brought into the house of his mistress, Nancy Brown, and she in turn was to give birth to Eliza, William Children.

Bill left for work at night. He disappeared in the darkness, without explaining where and what is coming, and returned a few months at dawn - Eliza woke up from a knock hit the window glass pebble. She ran out of the house, threw back the bolt and opened the gate, and her husband drove into the yard - on a new horse, in a new suit, and sometimes with diamonds on her fingers. Handsome man did a lot of money: he took prizes in shooting competitions, a brisk trade in a glass "The world's best emeralds from Golconda!" successfully posing as a famous doctor, herbalist. Neighbors called him Bill-devil: some thought William a professional player, the other - a bandit.

Bill thrived, and Eliza and the children lived from hand to mouth and worked hard. She was not sure whether her husband would return again, and ran the household setting aside every penny. Half-dressed in old sons ran from morning to school, then went to work in the field, and then crammed lessons. Houses reigned honest poverty and hard work, and Bill lived in sin and feel good. Vice of not want to be punished: Rockefeller Sr. began to prosper. He engaged in lumbering, bought a hundred acres of land, smokehouse, expanded the house ... Little John, a lover of soul-saving reading, music and church services, looked at his father and studied.

"It was a very quiet boy, - many years later, recalled one of the citizens - he was always thinking". The part of John seemed distracted: it seemed that every time a child struggles with some intractable problem. The impression was misleading - the boy differed retentive memory, a stranglehold, and unshakeable calm: playing checkers, he tormented partners for half an hour thinking over every move, and do not ever lose. "You do not think that I'm playing in order to proigratN .." The stern, covered with dry skin face John Davison Rockefeller and deprived of his boyish sparkle in her eyes really scary. Enjoy the life he could never.

But John was a very practical young men: he was able to benefit even from the weaknesses of their relatives. My grandfather was a weakness, warm-hearted and talkative, and the child once and forever etched in his complacency and talkativeness - he decided that these qualities are inherent in the hindmost. His mother is distinguished diligence, faithfulness and an iron will - he grew up, John will work from dawn until the first stars, the force holding themselves from Sunday's sessions accounting. A brilliant schemer, William Rockefeller fed soft, almost sensual love of money: he loved to pour out the banknotes on his desk and buried in their hands, and once went to the children, waving a cloth, sewn from the bill ... His passion was passed on to his son.

John D. Rockefeller became neither libertine nor dvoezhentsem on him, unlike the Pope had never filed in court on charges of rape, but nevertheless he learned from his father. From early childhood he was engaged in business: buy a pound of candy and divided it into small piles at a premium and sold the own sister, caught wild turkeys and fattening for sale. The money collected future billionaire folds neatly into a piggy bank - he soon began to lend their father at reasonable interest.

Few people knew the other, the human side of his nature. Natural feelings of man John D. Rockefeller put it in the farthest pocket and fastened it on the chin. Yet he was a sensitive boy: When his sister died, John ran to the back yard, jumped on the ground, and so spent the whole day. Yes, and matured, . Rockefeller did not become such a monster, . how he was portrayed: he once asked about the classmate, . which he once enjoyed (just like it - he was a young man of high moral character); learning, . that she was widowed and are poor, . owner of Standard Oil immediately appointed her a pension,
. To judge whether what he was actually almost impossible: every thought, every emotion, every desire Rockefeller subdued one great goal - always rich. He transformed himself into an ideal business machine, the apparatus for the production of business ideas, the exploitation of subordinates and the suppression of competitors. All that could prevent it, was discarded: John Davison had to or die from exhaustion or become rich. And what, . he has become not just a wealthy man, . and the richest man in the world, . Rockefeller was obliged brilliant intuition and supernatural business sense - qualities, . who could not even pick his own mother, . who knew John as his five fingers,

Quiet boy receives a secondary education - in the meantime his father seduces another maid, gets to court for fraud of creditors and leave the family. William Rockefeller goes to another woman, changing the name and hiding from his wife, sons, and those who had to. They never see - the funeral of his father, John Davison Rockefeller would not go.

It turns sixteen, and he went to Cleveland: respectably dressed young man with a bony face bypasses large firms and asking owners to meet. It lasts six days a week for six weeks in a row - John D. Rockefeller is looking for a place Accountant. It is very hot, but the young man in a tight black suit and dark tie, stubbornly walking from one office to another - to return to the farm Rockefeller did not want.

September 26 firm Hewitt Tuttle's End "took him to work for an assistant accountant - this day will mark the Rockefeller as his second birth. The fact that the first salary he was given only four months, had not the slightest importance - it allowed in the radiant world of business, and he strode briskly to the cherished one hundred thousand dollars.

John D. Rockefeller behaved as would lead a lover: it seemed that the quiet accountant in a state of erotic madness. In a fit of passion he wildly screaming in his ear peacefully working colleague: "I am doomed to become rich!" Poor bolted the party and on time - the triumphant cry is repeated twice. Rockefeller does not drink (even coffee!) And does not smoke, do not go to a dance and theater, but it gets kind of keen delight of a check for four thousand dollars - all the time he takes it out of the safe and sees again and again. The girls call him on visits, and the young clerk is responsible, which can meet with them only in the church: he feels himself to the elect of God, and the temptations of the flesh he was not concerned. Rockefeller knew that the Lord blesses the righteous, and turns his life into a permanent deed - he comes to work at 6.30 am, and leaves it so late that he had to promise myself to finish their accounts no later than ten o'clock. And God gives him what he wanted.

Rockefeller lucky - Southern States announced its withdrawal from the Union and the civil war began. Federal government will need hundreds of thousands of uniforms and rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, mountains of dried meat, sugar, tobacco and biscuits. The golden age of speculation, and Rockefeller, who became co-owner of a brokerage firm with a starting capital of $ 4000, made a lot of money. And then he ran into a real gold mine, in the evening in every house, from the palaces of the Vanderbilts, and Carnegie to the shacks of overseas Chinese, lit by kerosene lamps and kerosene, as is known, is made from oil. Companion Rockefeller Maurice Clark said: "John believed in only two things on earth - in the Baptist faith and oil"; at night he dreamed of gaping in the land of oil wells. (Provernuv bargain, dark man in a black suit, jumped around the office, singing and hugging secretaries.)

True love sweeps away all obstacles: John D. Rockefeller was mad about the money, and they went to him jambs. When he felt that they could scare - Rockefeller became tender and vkradchiv when needed force - fighting for them, not thinking about the consequences. He was twenty-five friends thought he was always engaged with the bookkeeping. .. But in life there is always a place of miracles - one girl was waiting for John D. Rockefeller has been nine years.

Laura Celeste Spelmen was born into a wealthy and respected family. She read a lot, dabbled in literary editing and approached Rockefeller on all articles. Laura was typical puritankoy: dance and theater seemed to her the personification of vice, but in the church she was resting heart ... All the colors future Mrs. Rockefeller preferred black.

They met while in high school: he confessed his love to her - she replied that first he needs to achieve something in life, find a good job, become a rich man ... From the side of the story seems immensely sad, but the reality was different.

Bony boy by this time turned into a tall, slender and very charming young man, and Laura (home called her Setty) was a pretty girl. It is well versed in music (three hours daily lessons on the piano!). Rockefeller played music well, too (his exercises besili busy around the house Eliza). In addition, John D. Rockefeller himself failed to freeze completely - Setty knew that he could be a very good man.

For a diamond engagement ring Rockefeller paid 118 dollars - for him it was a real feat. Repeat it, he did not: the wedding was a modest house, which moved the young after their honeymoon, Rockefeller took off on the cheap, the servants they had no. By this time he owned the largest oil refinery in Cleveland, the bride's parents were wealthy and respected people in the city, but reports of the wedding has not appeared in the newspapers - he did not like to be talked about. Subordinate and competitors feared Rockefeller as fire, and his wife thought he was the kindest of men

Exactly at 9.15, he appeared in the "Standard Oil", gradually becoming one of the largest companies in the country. The high figure, a pale, clean-shaven face, in the hands - an umbrella and gloves on his head - a white silk hat, a black collar peep Onyx cufflinks engraved on them by the letter "R". Rockefeller quietly welcomed subordinates handle on their health and the black shadow leaks in the door of his office. He never raised his voice, never nervous, never changing in the face - to ruffle it is impossible. One day he burst into frenzied contractor, who screamed for half an hour without a break. All this time, Rockefeller was sitting bent over a table, and when enraged, red as a lobster fat plays out, raised the serene face and said quietly: "Excuse me, I did not catch what you said. Can you povtoritN .. "

He dined in once and set the time: when the milk and biscuits eaten happened, the owner of Standard Oil "on the beat of his possessions. Rockefeller went silent measured gait - a certain distance he always held for one and the same time. Before their desks clerks Rockefeller arose like a jack of snuff boxes, smiling sweetly, asked how we are working, and people were horrified. Rockefeller was a good host - he was paid a salary higher than anyone else, appointed excellent pension of the hospital - but with those who contradicted him, mop mercilessly. To his subordinates he has always been a kind word, and yet they are mortally afraid of his. The horror which he inspired, wore a mystical character - his own secretary insisted that he never saw the Rockefeller enters and leaves the building company. Obviously, he was on the secret doors and secret passages (detractors, there was talk that the millionaire flies into his office through the chimney). Frightened and his house: spartan furnishings, quiet voice, laconic, drilled children. To learn how to live together here, they knew only its inhabitants.

The owner of Standard Oil, he taught music to children, swam with them, to skate, and if anyone from the small whimper at night, Rockefeller immediately woke up and rushed to his bedside. He never quarreled with his wife, touching care of mother. Eliza grown old, began to ache, and when the occasion of an attack, Rockefeller threw everything and went to her and sat by her bedside, while my mother is not getting better. (But two of his children has gone to civil war, brother almost died from hunger, and he took their bodies from the family tomb: "I do not want them to lay in the land of this monster!" But really in the business he was quite ruthless.

It was rumored that Rockefeller capital is five million dollars. It was not so - in the eighties of the XIX century, his company was estimated at $ 18 million (the modern equivalent - $ 265 million). Rockefeller entered the twenty most wealthy and powerful men in the country and launched an attack on competitors: it has concluded an agreement with the railroad barons, and those inflated prices for transport. Small oil companies have gone bankrupt, . big capitalists Rockefeller assign their stakes: he soon became a monopoly in the oil market and could set their own, . exorbitant prices for oil, . which in the early twentieth century became a strategic commodity,
. Began drednoutnaya race: the great powers were building more huge battleships, which served as fuel for the oil extracted from oil. "Standard Oil" has become a global company, its interests have spread to the entire globe, the state of the Rockefeller amounts to tens and then hundreds of millions of dollars. At the turn of the century he was recognized as the richest man in the world: newspapers reported that the state of the Rockefeller approached eight and a half billion dollars. Its monopoly was called "the greatest, the wisest and most unfair of all that ever existed".

Rockefeller knew that the rich are getting richer, he does God's destiny - in the Protestant ethic prosperity was seen as a blessing. His staff remembered, . during one of the meetings, . which spoke of the gloomy prospects of the company (it was a matter, . that the electric lights will soon replace kerosene), . Rockefeller raised his hand to heaven and said solemnly: "God will take care of!" And he took care of - the First World War, . and all military fleets switched to oil,

According to the Protestant faith, wealth is not a privilege but a duty - part of what Rockefeller was earning, he began to distribute. When John Davison began his condition number in the thousands of dollars, and all the money went to the. Now, when he had hundreds of millions, it's time for godly charity. In the month Rockefeller came to fifty thousand letters asking for help - as far as possible, he answered them and sent people to check. He helped found the University of Chicago, has established scholarships, and pensions - all paid for the consumer, which Rockefeller forced to spread for kerosene and gasoline as long as needed "Standard Oil". Half of the American dream vytsyganit John Davison Rockefeller more money, the other half was ready to lynch him. Rockefeller getting old; passion, seething around him, acted on his nerves. Sometimes he sighed: "The wealth - or a great blessing or a curse".

Educating children was also committed: they were to inherit a vast fortune, but it was a big responsibility. Rockefeller knew that the gift of God not to let the wind and struggled to teach children to work, modesty and unassuming. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., later said that in childhood the money seemed to him a mysterious substance: "They were ubiquitous and invisible. We knew that a lot of money, but also knew that they were not available ". For the one to eight years, dressed in a girlish dress (the Rockefellers wore each other old things, and the second boy they did not have), the future billionaire put it very mildly.

John D. Rockefeller Sr. created a mock-up home market economy: he appointed his daughter Laura "Director General" and ordered the children to keep detailed books of accounts. Each child received two cents a dead fly, ten cents - for sharpening a pencil, and five - one hour music lessons. Day of abstinence from sweets cost two cents each subsequent day is estimated at ten cents. Each of the children had their own garden bed in the garden - the weeds pulled out ten one penny worth. Rockefeller, Jr. earned fifteen cents per hour for chopping firewood, one of the daughters received the money for that in the evenings went round the house and extinguished the light. In late for breakfast young Rockefeller fined one cent, they received one piece of cheese a day, and on Sundays they were not allowed to read anything except the Bible

. Setty went to his own patched dresses and in no way inferior to her husband: become generous Rockefeller was about to buy a bicycle for children, . but his wife said, . the extra bikes in the house do not need: "Having a bicycle for four, . they learn to share with one another ... ",

. The results of such an education were quite contradictory
. Rockefeller, Jr. had nearly pined away: when the boy grew up and we were talking about the university, it became clear that he was constantly ailing and also suffers from a variety of neurological disorders. The yard was winter, but John immediately sent his son to a country house: a sick boy, uprooted stumps, burning bush and chopping wood for the stove - the day he worked up a sweat, but at night, shivering. John survived, graduated from the University (pocket money he was not, and he always shot his friend a few dollars) and entered the family business. My father broke his will: the heir forever remained his shadow, suffering from this, and yet without a murmur of duty. He was tormented because he was less talented businessman than his father, that four years was afraid to talk with my girlfriend, that journalists write about shit dear papa ... Johnny Jr. has saved his marriage to Abby Oldе?ich, cheerful and charming girl, the daughter of a senator from the state of New York - her father was generally known bonvivanom. Rockefeller was about to organize alcohol-free wedding, but the bride's father said that he would rather shoot himself. Champagne flowed freely, and the pious Setty, said the patient, did not come to a sinful act ... Abby taught John Jr., to enjoy life: he served his time at work and hurry home - stock quotes, questions led him to despair, and among children it bloomed. (Incidentally, John was brought up by their offspring as well as raised its. Accidents grandchildren, John Davison Rockefeller received ten cents for each caught a mouse.)

There were more substantial costs of upbringing: his sister Bessie, John D. Rockefeller went mad and spent most of his life in bed. (She decided that her family was ruined, and spent time lataya old clothes.) Times before it reached the record straight, and the poor woman joyfully informed nurses that now she once again have money for guests. And Edith Rockefeller became legendary motovkoy. At 21, she fell ill in hospital with a nervous disorder, and then married a man who grieved father - Harold McCormick refused to swear on the Bible that never in my life will not drink or take in his hands cards. McCormick, too, were millionaires, they also raised the children in the severity and taught them to help the poor: Harold and Edith were a beautiful pair. They admitted to the wind than a dozen million - Edith Rockefeller pedigree has withdrawn from the French aristocrats La Rochefoucauld, acquired a coat of arms, antique furniture, a collection of diamonds and eclipsed his wedge wasteful Vanderbilts. She was always short of money, and she was forced to live in debt, but one of the balls noble lady appeared in a dress made of a silver of the highest standard. With my father she preferred not to meet - to all appearances, Edith Rockefeller was ashamed in front of him.

Yet John Davison Rockefeller felt great. A heavy blow was the loss of his beloved wife ( "In my life there was only love, and I am happy that I had it."), But he pulled himself together and lived almost a hundred years: this period Rockefeller set for myself and not have lasted up to him some two years.

By this time, America became a country of cars (and gasoline, as is known, is also out of oil), and the wealth of the Rockefeller grew up absolutely fantastic size. John Davison aged, but remained hale and hearty "It's compensation for refusing to theaters, clubs and frivolous entertainment, which had long since undermined the health of many of my friends."). Now he could afford something that was denied in childhood: Rockefeller was carried away in sports, learned to play golf well and mastered a racing bicycle. The old man went to releasing the steering wheel and holding an umbrella over his head uncovered; surrounding gasp, and then he jumped with both feet on the saddle. He loved women: during road trips, it was usually accompanied by two beautiful companion - their knees were covered with a shawl, prudently, from under which Rockefeller did not take out the hands of the end of his life he was like a cannibal.

Rockefeller was ill alopecia, and he fell all the hair on the body. Without eyebrows, eyelashes and mustache, he became a truly terrifying: around shied away - it seemed that they were marching towards death. More charm picture attached that Rockefeller took to wearing a wig: his collection was opened to all hair and all shades. In addition, he was a great dandy: now his favorite costume consisted of a yellow straw hat, a blue silk jacket and bright Japanese vests, the ensemble completed sunglasses. One day, Rockefeller did not recognize his own vice-president, who gave a dinner in his honor, "What's the matter, Charlie?" I am Mr. Rockefeller! "). Journalists have hinted that the multimillionaire had fallen into senility, but it is not even remotely resembled the truth.

With age, the mind has not changed the Rockefeller. He rules with an iron hand of his empire: one only "Standard Oil" brought three million dollars a year (today they would equal fifty million). He owned sixteen rail and six steel companies, nine firms that sell real estate, shipping companies, six, nine banks and three orange groves - and all this gave ample cash crop. Having all dreamed, and now he wanted to live to a hundred years: the cherished date was close, and the problem seemed to be achievable. Death appeared to him in the same business partner, like everyone else - it too could circle around your finger. In 1935, Rockefeller celebrated his ninety-sixth birthday, and the insurance company sent him a check for five million dollars. This was the first time in the history of the firm - a statistic that age to die, only one person in a hundred thousand.

Doctors prescribed a diet Rockefeller, and he gladly complied with its. They prescribed dose physical activity, and he feebly pedal bikes, listening to the sermon on the radio. Until a hundred years, John Davison Rockefeller missed quite a bit: 23 May 1937 he died of a heart attack.

Before they chatted with Henry Ford: up to mischief Rockefeller appointed interlocutor meet in heaven. Ford chuckled and replied, that, if there is something they do not meet. About where now talking Rockefeller and Ford, only God knows (or hell - if they depend on his department), but the Rockefeller empire thrives.

His educational method swept the descendants of the Rockefellers, as a steamroller: those who managed to withstand it, nothing terrible. Neuropathy, and outsiders moty precipitated (Winthrop, beloved grandson of Rockefeller, ozverev home from drill, he waved his hand at everything and went to the oil fields in Arizona, where he lived for seventy-five cents per day). But those who are able to adopt these rules, multiplied marital status. Small Rockefellers still toil without spending money, a little grown up, they knocks at dozens of classmates in order to reduce the girl to the movies. Then the pope gives a visual signal - and the offspring of all limbs grabs in the family business: the relative value of the total capital of the Rockefeller family is still considered the richest in the U.S.. Two hundred heirs of the old Rockefeller owned by the state, estimated at more than six billion dollars. Among them is former U.S. presidential candidate, former nonkonformistka, fighting for the rights of the poor, scientists, bankers and former playboys. Looking at this close-knit, secretive, obsessed business clan with clouds (or a hot frying pan), John Davison Rockefeller, Sr. to be happy and contentedly rubbing their hands. He wanted to live a hundred years, and became immortal - in dozens of banks, oil companies and brokerage firms are sitting are the same as he, the Rockefellers: quiet, virtuous, lean, ready at all ...

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  • Nick for Forex & John
  • Yes, protevorechivym was this man named John ... or do we only think so. This one only God knows.
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  • There is a lot to learn, is to aspire to ... but somehow, I think, "overdid things" old John, but in general a striking example for the occasion to think about.
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  • This man-devil and his descendants still worse
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  • Why have so much money, . and there is no possibility of going to polzovatsya.zachem patched dresses, . when there were opportunities to dress with dignity, . Why children are cast-offs ... it's a shame, . everything has predel.pouchitsya can only commercial acumen and force of will and all,
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  • To succeed, you need to be very enthusiastic. John was like that.
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  • Well, yes of course "quiet, virtuous, lean" nonsense is all .... no words .... some emotions
  • Anonymous for Forex & John
  • The capitalist, capitalist, the whole family of their own nazhilo billion in world wars, only on the first world war their family earned about $ 200 million at the time is big money.
  • Kitten for Forex & John
  • anyone knows what happened to them now??
  • Anonymous messages for Forex & John
  • Brilliant people)) .. most people are counting every penny and wearing "rags" and achieve such success .. and discipline, and once again discipline)))
  • Paul Smith for Forex & John
  • Nicholas Rockefeller is working on creating a world government posredsvom third world war, . has participated in the preparation of the attack on September 11, . involved in the economic crisis in 2008, . owns finrezervom U.S., . gives money to the government in debt ......,
  • Arthur for Forex & John
  • In fact, now owned by the Rockefeller clan, not 6.5 billion, and about 9.10 trillion dollars
  • Anton for Forex & John
  • LOL! Watch "Zeitgeist (Zeitgeist)", this man is not as simple as it seems ... Agrees with Aturom, it is believed that he had no less than 9 trillion. dol. closer to the pieces.
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  • takim dolgen bit kagdi 4elovek kotori xo4et dosti4 ver6in vlasti i pokarit ves mir. tolko tryd i naporstvo dvigaut mir k samosover6enstvovaniu. ja toge me4tau stat takim kak on.
  • Danil for Forex & John
  • Here's an example - A man has made himself! I admire John!
  • Stanislav for Forex & John
  • Everyone chooses his own way, the religion of his wife in the end, but this man chose the money and treated them with great privyazannostyu.I money just felt it, poured themselves into his hands.
  • Sarvar for Forex & John
  • This man - Legend!
  • Ramon for Forex & John
  • Genius, such one in a billion.
  • leader for Forex & John
  • Well, what can I say man was intelligent, had tseo in life and reached its
  • Protista for Forex & John
  • You admire this man. I do not know what you know about it. But I know one thing, all your dreams come true, he has already got in your meaning of life. You exchange your labor for debt bill for you that you would not buy, you definitely got a duty! Think Read Plato's "The Cave". If you do not understand what it was about, you've already eaten a system that hour after hour restricting you, forced to watch only the shadow of events.
  • name for Forex & John
  • as an example of a man who accomplished much, D. Rockefeller certainly valid, but not so on the principles which he supported and implemented. David Rockefeller, . son John, . presumably attributed to the phrase [2] said at the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, . Germany, . in 1991: We are grateful to 'The Washington Post', . 'The New York Times', . magazine 'Time' and other prominent publications, . whose leaders are almost forty years attended our meetings and observe confidentiality,
    . We would not be able to develop our plan for world order, if all these years we had turned the lights spotlights. But in our time the world experienced and prepared to march towards a world government. Supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is certainly preferable to national self-determination practiced in past centuries. [2]
  • Arthur H for Forex & John
  • One may have different attitudes to the D Rockefeller, . You can not navidet, . prizerat, . envy, . imitate, but thousands of people die each day in the world, leaving behind only the cross on the grave or debts, . a unit of legends! By die, we do not know, . and D Rockefeller had inscribed his name in world history, . so, . that he was at least as worthy of respect!,
  • Rockefeller fag for Forex & John
  • Enter the name of Rockefeller in the history and potsyluyte it in Licking ass fucking. Such as the Rockefeller exploit such fools as you. Uvazhaye him and pray to him, stupid bastards.
  • cat for Forex & John
  • How many Licking. Rockefeller ass licking.
  • Cat for Forex & John
  • And no one eccentric was found who would say that Rockefeller, a tyrant, all were assholes, Licking. Fools on your humps, those seeking to enter into paradise.
  • people for Forex & John
  • agree with Cat. I do not understand these idiots who admire them. Ugly civilization produces its "heroes". It's like a modern society generates in its bosom maniacs. Such as John - is a mirror of society. Ask: what are we? Answer: Here are these (pointing to John). And all these kretinskie ecstasy "made himself", "worthy of respect" .... Such as John an organized last two world wars and the third organize
  • Davizhida for Forex & John
  • This is a common scum on which millions of corpses .. Cursed be his tribe foul
  • Gide for Forex & John
  • Scum ebuchaya
  • Anonymous for Forex & John
  • OH Mad! conqueror of the world fucking!
  • bogach for Forex & John
  • Kopek ruble cares!
  • Anonymous for Forex & John
  • arkadija for Forex & John
  • Unhappiest man ... He did not serve God, he served as money.
  • Sergey for Forex & John
  • People! John D. Rockefeller and his descendants are the messengers of the devil! Through the biblical concept they control the world. This clan is one of the principal in the Hasidic community-promasonskom. All the other people they take for animals and slaves, alternative path of development of The Society for the fair concept contained in the materials of the Concept of Public Security (CRR), with it you can learn on the websites: dotu.ru, vodaspb.ru!
  • Cergei for Forex & John
  • arkadija you what an idiot he served as the devil, and not money. Global money it controls peoples and nations! I'll Recommend LOG IN Googl and find information about the EP USSR!
  • I for Forex & John
  • He worked all his life knew no rest, not like some of you anonistotv!
  • Ivan for Forex & John
  • You know only as the Rockefeller miliardera, . I know him as a man, . who wants to destroy the entire Slavonic nation, . by sex, . porn, . Drug Medicine, . everywhere where one can vredit.Tak the same can not remember and Rothschild who currently lives in London, . and from-there naset takoyzhe damage throughout miru.Ved financial crisis, . a pre-planned imi.Vy more of them will hear Ned only to God.,
  • Ivan for Forex & John
  • You know only as the Rockefeller miliardera, . I know him as a man, . who wants to destroy the entire Slavonic nation, . by sex, . porn, . Drug Medicine, . everywhere where one can vredit.Tak the same can not remember and Rothschild who currently lives in London, . and from-there naset takoyzhe damage throughout miru.Ved financial crisis, . a pre-planned imi.Vy more of them will hear Ned only to God.,
  • Maxim for Forex & John
  • Only a madman wants to be Taim John possessed power but that he wanted to feel like a little god
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