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Carl Rehnborg

( Inventors Network Marketing (MLM).)

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Biography Carl Rehnborg
"If to us for the purchase comes a couple of your friends, you get a discount". Surely SlyshaliN. So, when you hear it, you're dealing with a special distributor technology - network marketing (MLM). The combined annual turnover of MLM-company reaches $ 25 billion. and growing at 20-30% annually. And with technology today, MLM can sell all. And invented this "golden technology" Carl Rehnborg.
20 s. China. The revolutionary forces of Chiang Kai-shek and intolerance of all the machinations of imperialist sharks. Across the country, hundreds of prisons. The most famous - an internment camp in Shanghai. In its walls - thousands of foreigners: the French, Germans, Americans. Terms monstrous. Among the prisoners is serving his sentence 35-year-old American, Carl Rehnborg.

The prison - not the best place for scientific experiments, say his friends, for hours on end and he tells them about their experiences in the field of healthy nutrition. "Forced prison diet - a unique opportunity to experiment on his body," - joking Rehnborg. And somehow restless chemist convinces the Chinese guards regularly bring him the different plants that can get around the prison. The guards, smiling, yet weed forest-field and every day on the plank beams blaming strange zek Chinese flora: bamboo shoots, fresh fern leaves and roots of ginseng. And he know me for hours sitting in the corner and plane sharpened piece of iron nails. "The body need iron," - smiling chemist and adds rotten meat sawdust rusty nail. His experimental dishes Carl absorbs himself and invites neighbors. Many wrinkled his nose and refuse. A year later, the camp came just those who sat on a diet Rehnborg. Others to liberty did not survive.

Rehnborg was born May 15, 1887 in Florida, in St. Pitersberge. From early childhood, he read voraciously and therefore always amazed surrounding erudition in various fields of knowledge. He is well versed in philosophy, religion, history, politics, astronomy, mathematics, aerodynamics, chemistry, human rights. He knew several languages, including Chinese. Although Rehnborg was not religious, many years he spent on the study of Christianity, made a pilgrimage to Palestine, Israel and Egypt. But the special interest of his life still in his early years - the study of world population of plants, food reserves of the planet and technology of conservation of natural products. His first love was the science of nutrition. "The idea was attractive, answered my ideals, and I was Assertive" - later recalled Rehnborg.
. In 1915, the 27-year Rehnborg, already a doctor of chemistry, concludes a contract with an American oil company and moved to China, in Tianjin
. However, working as an accountant. A little later - the controller in the shipbuilding company, then - the representative of the American Dairy Company, and finally - the representative of Colgate Products Company in Shanghai.
And around the terrible poverty. The Chinese are struggling to make ends meet. What healthy pitanieN! Would rice cakes, soup and water scarce. Not far from the plant Colgate - the factory kitchen for Chinese workers. At noon, a crowd gathers people in grubby overalls. All with tin bowls. Who received his portion of turbid liquid - lucky. It almost royal dinner. Behind all this and watching Carl Rehnborg. It was then that he understands the need to create cheap food additives, which can somehow diversify wretched Chinese food. He carefully studies the literature on nutrition, making records of their observations. His key findings: human health depends, first, not on what he eats, and what does not eat, and secondly - on special diets. On the first withdrawal is still possible to argue, while the second was proved in the Shanghai camp.

In 1927 Rehnborg returned to the U.S. without a penny in his pocket and was satisfied with odd jobs. His business in China was a success, but the war disrupted commerce majority of foreign firms, including companies, where he worked Rehnborg. "I returned to the United States without money. Who do have to earn bread and butter. At this time I heard about the filmmaker who made a fortune for the second time. When his friends expressed their condolences to him that he broke, he answered that it is not broke, but broken. In the same way and I "- later wrote Rehnborg.

Ideas born in China, did not leave him. Littery He rented a loft in the city of Balboa Island in California, and built there a small laboratory, where he continued his experiments on plant products. There he began to develop methods of concentration of nutrients from plant. "When I was in the attic, where he lived and worked, and started doing this thing, I only thought about it, and nothing else. People asked why I do not work, but I had a job that took all my time "- he recalled.

In the attic Rehnborg spent several years. And in 1931 at the chemist was enlightened. Once he found a plant which contains almost all minerals and vitamins, a lot of protein and many other useful components. It was the alfalfa, which in China is called "the foundation of all wealth". Soon he invents a new dietary supplement, in addition to alfalfa, which includes water cress and parsley, and in 1933 began to check its effect on friends. And more precisely, the case was this: Rehnborg asked friends to try these drugs, and they hid their little boxes of powder away in the locker. However, after some time, they confessed to Carl that we do, and decided not to dine magic potions
Then Rehnborg comes to mind banal idea: to free products people are not serious. If he would appoint to supplement some price, people will use them if only because they paid for it. So Rehnborg did, and his medications were given first, truly stunning results. Ladies freshened eyes, and weary of the Great Depression, the collapse and bankruptcy of the gentlemen mentioned on their faces in the morning beginnings blusher. And no bad thoughts. About the mysterious products Rehnborg rumors, friends of his friends asked them to arrange a meeting with a chemist, a benefactor. And then Rehnborg had the idea to create a fundamentally new business strategy.

At that time the U.S. economy reaped the fruits of severe crisis. Thousands of failed banks, factories, massive unemployment. Needless to say, that many were looking for opportunities for self-realization in small business. Rehnborg made friends the first to its distributors: "Give these drugs to their friends, and I'll pay a commission after they buy them". He called this pattern of sales marketing recommendations. (Meaning the same as the terms "multilevel marketing" and "network marketing" appeared after the death of Rehnborg.)

. The essence of the scheme reduces to the fact that by selling goods, trade representatives (distributors), the company also offers the buyer a distibutorom
. And so on to infinity. Thus, every newcomer has the opportunity to build your own business, its own distribution network. The company's mission - regularly provide each distributor product and pay him a commission for the product, which sold itself distributor, and for goods that are sold borrowed them sales representatives. As a result of distributor, which is located on top of a huge network, may personally have nothing to sell, but will still receive life-long interest from sales of its network of distributors. And since the network can grow almost indefinitely in some network marketing companies, such interest is called interest from infinity.

. In addition, Rehnborg first invented and developed a very important in today's multi-level marketing principle sponsor
. The word "sponsor" in the translation from the English language means surety. For your business Rehnborg interpreted this concept as follows: under the sponsorship in the marketing of the recommendations means that, . that company sales representative, . bidden in this business beginner, . not only helps him throughout, . not only teaches him everything, . and is responsible for its future work.,
. The scheme worked, and in 1934 Rehnborg creates Balboa Island company California Vitamins Inc., A in 1939, after moving to Los Angeles and the emergence of the names of Nutrilite in its preparation, will rename its business in Nutrilite Products
. The first years Rehnborg invested in the business almost everything that earned: "By creating a company, we collected the crumbs of income and all profits invested in the business. For example, when the company has grown to $ 20 thousand. net profit in the year, I was paying himself a salary of $ 300 per month, ie $ 3600 per year. When we began to make millions, they are also after-tax spent on land acquisition, cultivation fields, equipment, production and t. n. ". In 1946, the right hand Rehnborg irreplaceable, secretary and treasurer of the company becomes his wife, Edith Rehnborg. In fact, it has created a solid financial foundation upon which not only drew the entire scientific and production activities of the company, but which is allowed to invest and lend to many thousands of distributors.

. In 1949, the company Nutrilite appeared two talented young man - Rich DeVos and Jay Van Endel
. After the first success in this business, they have created in Rand Rapis, Mich., a trading company for marketing products Nutrilite and called it Ja-Ri Corp. "Rich, but you know what that marketing plan, which invented Rehnborg, absolutely universalnyyN him because you can apply to the massive sales of any products!" And Jay offers a companion to secede from the company Nutrilite.

. In 1959, Sun and Endel create his own company, American Way Corporation, . or AmWay, . which, . Unlike Nutrilite, . not limited to the implementation of food additives, . and distributes more and household goods for home,
. As a result AmWay not simply repeated the success of Nutrilite Products, but also surpassed its partner. Even in terms of sales of food supplements most Nutrilite. As a result, in 1972 AmWay bought a controlling stake in Nutrilite. According to marketers, today AmWay is the largest network marketing companies in the world: the volume of its sales of $ 2 billion. year.

Invented by Rehnborg principle of sales, was borrowed and other. Today, using the strategy MLM worldwide spread over 25 thousand. items of goods and services. The best-known companies, which at one time been active in promoting products through multilevel marketing, this Coca-Cola, Colgate, Gilette, Visa, Lipton, Ford, Xerox.

. But there were in the victorious march of multilevel marketing and serious failures
. The growth of network marketing in the late 60's - early 70-ies was markedly inhibited because of the unpleasant event, having held out the pioneers of this business in suspense for nearly four years. While in the U.S. violent color bloom fraudulent financial and trade "pyramid". They collected money from gullible citizens, promising them for this huge dividends - up to 1000% pa. The U.S. government was seriously concerned about this problem, and in 1975 the Federal Trade Commission released a number of the structure of "pyramid". The main target for attack has been selected by AmWay, which as a scapegoat has been prosecuted. Above MLM threatened with ban. However, during a lengthy investigation involving a huge number of specialists has been established, . that the activities of the company is not a "fraudulent pyramid", . a method of sales promotion, . called mlm, . is quite acceptable and permissible.,
. When the company Rehnborg unfolded, he began to live in clover, surrendering his many hobbies
. Now he could afford to devote some time to one of the enthusiasms of youth - Astronomy. Fortunately enough money. He is a fancy little observatory in the California mountains, where he spent his time studying the starry sky. He has written extensively about his observations and preparing a book on star worlds, and their discoveries in astronomy. Sometimes he withdraws to Tahiti, favorite vacation spot, where his own house. In general, Rehnborg during his lifetime became a celebrity. Among his friends were many political stars - King Paul of Greece, Jawaharlal Nehru, Winston Churchill, Pope John XXIII. This gave him considerable, including the lobby, the possibility. Thus, in the mid-60's Rehnborg met with Eisenhower and use it to quickly dismantle the country's ban on the use in food of some components.
. Carl died Rehnborg, as it should be a fan of that lifestyle, absolutely (or, as the doctors say, almost) healthy in 1973 on the 87-th year of life, leaving behind a huge empire.

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Carl Rehnborg, photo, biography
Carl Rehnborg, photo, biography Carl Rehnborg  Inventors Network Marketing (MLM)., photo, biography
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