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Tom Monaghan (Tom Monaghan)

( Businessman)

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Biography Tom Monaghan (Tom Monaghan)
If there were 500 volumes Monagenov, they would have occupied all the positions in the 'Fortune 500', and competition in America would cease to exist.
. Tom Piterc "In Search of Excellence"
. "I intend to win, show the company to all new heights and win the competition"
. This quote from the biography of Tom Monagena 'Tiger Pizza', 1986. Such motivation is characteristic of all leaders, distinguished sverhdostizheniyami. The study of psychological motivations (Noyce, 1984) found that entrepreneurs are most at risk of stimulating the verge of foul. Arises in the most difficult moments of 'self-preservation' charging them with energy, and they continue to compete - whether work or play. The following excerpt from the materials research indicates the level of tension that accompanies the majority of entrepreneurs: "For me it does not matter with whom to play. I always beat. I play to win, and when the game ends, the first a desire to return the money ". The study found that outstanding entrepreneurs spur the spirit of competition, both in work and in play, and the observers found no difference in how they behave in these two different areas.

. A friend of Bill Gates described him as a person with passion racer, who from п¦я-п¦п¦ oxidized adrenaline is a "red mist" in the eyes of
. Ted Turner biographer called him <tireless player>. Akio Morita said: "Despite some negative aspects of competition, in my opinion, is the key to the development of industry and technology". Tom Monagen is a true player. From these positions, he describes in his biography of his childhood: "I am better than anyone guessed the riddle, the best to play ping-pong and marbles. I differ in any team sport ". After an unsuccessful attempt in 1989-90. sell 'Domino', Monagen resumed its activities. He told the media that "return to war for a pizza". Ted Turner, speaking of business, using expressions like win 'battle', 'game', 'battle' or 'war'.

. Energy competition - a consequence of the level of adrenaline gives us strength when we are faced with a choice between <battle or retreat>
. Personalities of the mentality of the players see the business as a battle, . and their nature is automatically revoked palpitations, . release of oxygen and glucose in the muscles, . expansion pupils, . quickening breath, . increase the number of red blood cells, . reserved in case of danger, . and reduction of the spleen,
. It happens in seconds, in the case of a threat, and entrepreneurs, generously endowed with the spirit of competition, tend to relate to the market and competitors as a mortal enemy. Entrepreneurs tend natural desire to <Suppression>. Seila has shown that some individuals 'reaction to the danger of' more pronounced. These personality provoked a stressful situation and use the nervous energy to sverhdostizheny and successful work.

Monagen believed that competition would be very useful for 'Domino'. Steve Jobs confessed to the same philosophy when he was chairman of the board 'Apple Computer'. Burton Klein's book 'The dynamics of Economics', written in 1977, focuses on the positive influence of the spirit of competition for success in a risky business. The author said: "When a company has no challenge, it has very little chance to remain dynamic". He proved that the most successful firms are faced with the need to actively compete and are not so fortunate than those who were not affected by the severe competition. Companies and people clearly improved during the competition, because it encourages them to conquer new peaks. Monagen confirms this, explaining the reasons leading for long 'Domino': "Competition makes us harder, forced to seek new solutions and prevents complacency and pochivaniya on our laurels.

. If there were 500 volumes Monagenov,
. they would have occupied all the positions in the 'Fortune 500',
. and competition in America would cease to exist.
. Tom Piterc "In Search of Excellence"

. Innovation: Pizza delivery to your home

. Tom Monagen believed in competition, but. In a fair competition
. He said: "The essence of life and work - is a battle for supremacy ... but, in my opinion, a victory in the business - nothing, if you did it for the sake of rules ". His ideal - Ray Kroc. He adhered to the philosophy of Machiavelli: "Kill or be killed you". Monagen refused to act not Christian, but always wanted to win, if it was legal and not contrary to moral norms.

Tom Monagen believed. He believed in himself and others, in God and in the hot, tasty, quickly delivered to the house pizza. The success of an organized network of pizzerias 'Domino' - is a consequence of his steadfast values. Only through constant pursuit of dreams, he became a true entrepreneur and innovator.

Monagen taken too close to his heart troubles, as in personal life and in business. He survived, and each time was raised from the depths of defeat to even greater heights. The first twenty years of struggle for survival 'Domino' - Tom suffered a terrible fire, . which destroyed the shops and documentation, . three times was close to bankruptcy (the worst of which resulted in hundreds of lawsuits since 1500 creditors, . debt of $ 1, . 5 million,
. dol.), . lasted five years, the trial with Amstar, . claim rights to the name of 'Domino', . three of his associates conspired to deprive him of business, . and three, . miracle have not graduated from fatal, . private jet crash, . two of which he conducted himself.,

. Monagen overcome these difficulties and ascended to the pinnacle of success, becoming <King Pizza> delivered to the house for half an hour
. He did this despite a difficult childhood, lack of financial resources, and little or no formal education. Everything was against him, but he managed to succeed as a real entrepreneur in the spirit of Horatio Aldzhera. Tom still owns 97 per cent <Domino>, which now represents the world's largest network of companies to deliver pizza at the house (500000 units daily customers). He succeeded, because dreaming about it and created the perfect product and service that meets customer demands. He made a bet on the idea of home delivery of hot, tasty pizza, although its competitors argued that the project is not economically profitable and not worth the effort. Can not say that Tom Monagen was the ideal candidate for the role of the founder of the world's largest network of businesses to deliver pizza at home. In 1973, giving the business for thirteen years, he had 75 shops. Firm 'Pizza Hut' was more than three thousand shops, Pizza Inn ',' Little Tsezar's' and 'Sheyki' has branched network of stores across the country and inadequate financial resources in order to succeed in the pizza delivery to your home. These firms were in a better position and better meet the requirements of the new initiatives. The company was enthusiastic about the prospects opened up a new concept bystroprigotovlyaemoy food that meets <speed> lifestyles <I - generation> 70. But big industrial leaders were concerned about the protection of their market niches and were afraid to run high risks, as did an unknown market, Tom Monagen. They were older and larger firms, whose leadership has pursued a strategy of self-preservation and preferred well-trodden path. They lacked the determination to create a national network of delivery and to modernize the way that the customer receives the order a pizza on time, besides hot.

But Tom Monagena not intimidated by these enormous difficulties. He saw the prospects of this business and the competition is so carried away that he was ready to overcome all obstacles.

The basic idea of Tom Monagena was <guarantee of delivery pizza in thirty minutes>. He promised that in case of delays in execution of the order, the buyer will receive a discount. The idea arose in the early 60's. But to implement it across the country, he began at the dawn of the 70's. He preached the idea tridtsatiminutnoy pizza everywhere, wherever they appear. Thus the basic idea was accompanied by a host of other innovations, including trays, corrugated boxes and protective packaging for pizza, bags, insulated and conveyor ovens. Franchising system 'Domino' is also unique, and, of course, is the invention Monagena. It has a layered structure, which created Monagenu lot of problems with cash flow during the formation of firm. The threat of bankruptcy, haunted him in those years was directly related to the franchise system of multilevel. Multilevel - this double-edged sword entrepreneur - had cost him many crises, but eventually made him a millionaire.
Personal History

Tom Monagen was born March 25, 1937 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The death of his father four years later, condemned the boy to his childhood in orphanages and child welfare homes. Before school, he lived in different families. One of them was a very strict German family. At this time, Tom learned to mow the hay, milked cows, worked as a tractor driver and paperboy.

Bleak and dispensable youth were the reason that Tom turned to reading and spent much time in dreaming of better times. During the six and a half years he lived in a Catholic orphanage 'House SW. Joseph's Boys' in Michigan. Time spent in the orphanage SW. Joseph has had the greatest impact on the future life of Tom, his future career and success. This was perhaps the most difficult time in his life.

In his autobiography Monagen compares shelter SW. Joseph from prison, and his classmates with prisoners. Perhaps he is too exaggerate, because it is safe to say that his presence there has left an indelible mark on his future behavior - motivation and aspirations. His mentor was a nun at the orphanage - a Catholic sister BERAD, whom he respected and believed his adoptive mother.

As a child Tom imagined the great leaders, of which discovered after spending many hours in the library. He grew up a loner and because a lot of time spent with books. His heroes were P.T. Barnum, Frank Lloyd Wright and the great world leaders such as Lincoln. He was captivated by the story of their lives - an ascent from the depths of poverty to unprecedented peaks, and he decided to compete with them. The desire to be among the <selected> determined his passion for the rivalry. The desire to improve their situation has become his dominant feature. Competition became his road, and the energy and desire to progress - a means of achieving dreams. Participating in a children's game, he was focused only on the victory and become the best player. This was his goal in itself and comfort. He became the best student on the basis of the second stage, and this, according to him, was the first and only time that education was important for him.

. When Tom was in sixth grade, his mother took the younger brother home, but Tom stayed in school closed
. This shocked the eleven children. His mother was forced to take home and Tom, but the financial situation of the family was disastrous, and soon he found himself in the public educational building. Constant movement and instability have led to the fact that the relationship between Tom and her mother became strained. This lasted until the ninth grade, when Tom was tired of the uncertainty, decided to become a priest. This decision seemed to yield a lonely child, to find its own identity and dreamed of security. In addition, he wanted to escape from the troubled atmosphere prevailing at home. He entered the seminary of Grand Rapids, but after six months, he was asked to leave her, explaining it by the fact that he has no 'calling' to be a priest.

. Monagen finally distanced himself from the mother while still a teenager, and after he had borrowed the car without permission, according to her statement, he was arrested
. Tom did not repent before her, and she sent him to prison. After her release, she put him in a closed orphanage. In his interview with 'Jay-Kyo', 1989, Tom said: "I forgave her everything, except this". After completing secondary school St.. Thomas in Ann Arbor (1955), he went to college 'Ferris', but dropped it after the first semester.

In 1956, Mr.. He was called to serve in the Marine Corps, where, of course, got a good school. He thought that would serve as ground troops, and hit the Marine Corps. Tom served in the East, and many dreamed of great achievements, he read Dale Carnegie, Frank Lloyd Wright, P.T. Barnum and other biographies of famous and successful people. The Marine Corps has trained him discipline and perseverance - two key features that helped him succeed. He was convinced that these qualities must The Marine Corps.
Business and personal survival

Tom Monagenu was twenty-three in 1960, when together with his brother, he bought 'Dominikc' in Ypsilanti, Michigan, took a loan of 900 USD. Convince his brother to take the matter he could only promise to give it to operate for a year Volkswagen 'Beetle'. In 1965 he renamed his company in 'Domino' and opened three outlets near schools. At this time he had to endure two major battles with rivals, which had almost led to the collapse. This has given his resistance to the onslaught of adversity. The threat of bankruptcy loomed before him, and in 1966, when a dishonest partner went bankrupt and left Tom a lot of checks. Eleven o'clock Tom was trying to cope with the situation until he found a man who vouched for him.

Monagen first franchise store opened in April 1967. A catastrophic fire in 1968 almost completely destroyed the shop and started the band crises followed one another. Less than a strong man would probably step aside. Monagen in 1969 and started all over again, getting credit, expanded its network to 32 stores, which were only the first step in its planned multi-franchise program. Expanding the company did not make him bankrupt. He was left almost penniless, and passed over a hundred trials with 1500 lenders lent him 1.5 million. dol. Monagen never lost his sense of humor and commented on his situation thus: "I became a millionaire inside". This phase he called the 'period of disasters'. The reasons for their failures, he saw a lack of management experience and a network of franchise stores.

. Administration, finance, budgeting and organizational work were his weaknesses and by the end of the eighteenth month, Tom was working with a debt of 1.5 million
. dol. These mistakes actually cost him control of 'Domino'. May 1, 1970 Bank, which financed the 'Domino', he took the company under his control; Tom remained president, but had no authority. He was not removed completely, because it was the only person willing to work fifteen hours a day, seven days a week in exchange for 200 dollars. week. In addition, the company has not yet been technically completed and is unlikely to be any other leader wanted for her to answer.

. March 22, 1971 the bank decided that the 'Domino' has no future, which means that the company will be subject to insolvency proceedings
. Monagenu offered to return his share in the capital of the company in exchange for ownership of shops <Domino>. But he did extremely decent, promising to pay off all debts owed to creditors, regardless of how long it takes. He found the right way: collected all the checks and amortize them over several years, paying 2 per cent per month for checks, face value of more than $ 1000. and 4 percent of checks, face value of up to $ 1000. He carefully paid for each check each creditor. This lasted until September 10, 1977, after nine long years he had settled with the latest lender. We must pay tribute to the ethical principles of Tom Monagena.

In 1975, Amstar 'Domino Sugar' (Domino Sugar) brought the case, presenting the right to use the trademark <Domino> and won. Again <Domino Pizza> waiting for a dubious future. But Monagen was a true champion. He appealed, and April 10, 1980, after five years of struggle, the Federal Court overturned the original decision. This event marks the beginning of ascent 'Dominoes' pizza in the market.

Monagen believes that he managed to succeed thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and idealism. Largely helped by faith (he attended Mass every day) and the Golden Rule. The magazine 'People' found his commitment to regular workouts strangeness. Monagena very surprised by this conclusion. He said that he has resorted to training in order to streamline their lives. This statement reveals to us the inner world of relentlessly moving forward man, who, observing a healthy lifestyle during the workweek, on weekends to ask myself the tremendous physical load. Program, under which Monagen trained, also reflects his desire to always do the heights. Monagen developed a program, organically combines the load on all muscle groups and relentlessly followed her:

. Six days a week, I spent forty-five minutes doing exercises on the floor, including 150 consecutive pushups, then run over six and one-third of a mile
. Twice a week I finish jogging at the sports center of our new office 'Domino Farms' doing it in an hour. In addition, I am engaged in the simulator (Nautilus) - make heavier weights and running, including a car at such speed, which can move. A coach helps me to develop each muscle group to exhaustion. (Monagen, 1986)

This is no ordinary walk in the park, being done by other managers. He explained his obsession with the words: "I do not like mediocrity>. I confirmed this as their attitude to sport and daily work. Working in Pizza Tiger ', he identified himself three days off a year - Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter - and followed it for twenty years. The first ten years, he worked seven days a week from 10.00 to 4.00 the next morning. He did it for 125 dollars. week and for the dream. By 1970, he raised his salary to 200 dollars. week.

Individual traits

Monagen - introvert, motivated by internally. He has the temperament of Prometheus using intuitive, right-thinking to evaluate existing prospects. Psychologists say that his thinking is metaphorically qualitative rather than quantitative. He "first jump, and then looks". This is supported by virtually all of its business decisions and tricks on a plane. It develops solutions through rational or logical thinking, not trusting the senses. He prefers to open to the outside world the way decision-making and allows the events to take their course, to eventually catch your chance. Friend Monagena Eugene Pouer (the founder of University Microfilm Interneyshnel ') told him:

I watched you at the meetings of the Board of Directors, Tom, and came to the conclusion that the thoughts you intuitively. You do not go step by step through the logical construction of the facts, you're one bound to overcome the distance between a problem and its solution. (Monagen, 1986)

Monagen describes himself in the early years of the 'Domino': "I was shy, self-confidence but I was not to take". During the engagement, he told his wife: "I'm going to become a millionaire by thirty years since" - and did it. Davis, Hanks, the designer, who now works with Monagenom, said: "He wanted to keep things fast. He always looked to the future, always dreamed of ". Hanks also said that Monagen "indemnify his adolescence, which was deprived of toys, making incredible acquisition ( 'Jake', July 1989). In addition to the 'Detroit Tigers' - worth about 53 million. - He had three aircraft, five boats, island, two houses and 250 classic car models. One of the cars, 'Bugatti Royal' in 1931, worth 8.5 million. dol. In addition, it invested 30 million. dol. artifacts in the Frank Lloyd Wright. Now Monagen pays more attention to spiritual life, and gradually gets rid of most of these toys for adults.

. Tendency to picky

. Tom Monagen embodies the same attitude to risk, and that most of the great innovators
. He rushes into the unknown with a passion for the experienced sailor, without considering the consequences. Take, . example, . events of the late 70's, . when, . not wanting to waste any more time traveling between their stores, . acquired aircraft 'Cessna 172', . to be able to quickly control their franchisees, . and began to take lessons piloting.,

. After finishing training, novice pilot decided to fly from Detroit to Vermont through the Appalachian mountain range
. He felt that it needs no flight plan, and all of its navigation strategy based on an ordinary road map, which he bought at a local gas station on the way to the airport. Tom decided that he could follow along the road, if you get lost (this can go on just an incredible optimist or delusional idiot). In the area of Buffalo, the weather conditions deteriorated sharply and he was in a very difficult situation with zero visibility. He went on the air asking for help, and 'manager gasped'. Service monitoring air routes helped Monagenu to land at a maximum of cloudiness on the emergency lane. Monagen said: "I drove up and stopped the plane near the ambulance and fire, who expected me to gather up the pieces". In Burlington, he went on the bus.

During the trip to Indiana in April 1969 Monagen landed on a completely ice-covered airplane and he had to hack his way out. But this game of death was a case that occurred in the summer, during his flight to Pontiac, Mich., when the clouds just closed in front of him. His description of the incident:

I lost control of the airplane. He suddenly went into a tailspin. I forcefully leaned on the control lever, but could not move it from place. Plowed fields were advancing on me, and I realized that I had no choice but to pray. I forced myself to calm down, closed his eyes and folded his hands under her chin ... "Lord, please help me". Spinning stopped and suddenly the plane began to climb again. (Monagen, 1986).

Instructor Monagenu argued that he used the right tactics in order to align the aircraft. But it was impossible to convince. Deeply religious Monagen still believes in the intervention of higher powers.
Success in competition
Monagen created the world's largest company by delivering pizzas at home, based on the principles of simplicity and efficiency. He did not bank on sandwiches or any other product that is satisfactory to control its stores, to protect them from the difficulties associated with the need to prepare the best pizza, and besides as soon as possible. Pizza take-away was his business and full belonged to him, beginning with the first contours of ideas. His strategy worked, and statistics in 1989 showed that the offices 'Domino' produce more than half of all pizza in America. It is an absolute guarantee of delivery within thirty minutes, put him in the market leaders. In the early 80's at Monagena was five hundred stores, and the end of the decade, more than five thousand. The innovative spirit made him the 'king of pizza', delivered to your home.

Indomitable Tom Monagen survived and won the war for a pizza. His company is now prevails in the American market pizza delivered to your house and is constantly expanding its presence in most international markets. In 1993 the company 'Domino' was already more than 6000 stores, and its total annual revenue was more than three billion. dol. In 1989 Monagen decided to sell 'Domino' and devote the rest of his life of philanthropy and laziness. But the firm did not support this decision and in mid-1991, he announced in the media, that renews 'war for a pizza'.

. In 1984, Tom Monagen realized his childhood dream and become 'Detroit Tigers' (Detroit Tigers) for 53 million
. dol. He was awarded six honorary doctorates and the title <Entrepreneur of the Year - 1984> (Harvard Business School). In the same year he received the most honorable award - Award Horatio Aldzher, which provides individuals, embodying a true entrepreneurial spirit. Monagen was worthy of comparison with Horatio Aldzherom and received the award for their perseverance and rise to the heights of American business. Then he was awarded 'Napoleon Hill'. Tom Monagena guileless approach to business has proved that the key to success - is the maximum dedication. He was going the right way, putting myself new goals and striving to achieve perfection in all.
Tom Monagen - an excellent example for anyone who tries to create a new business or to transfer foreign experience on the national soil. In its reply to the letter the author wrote that "the creative ability is brought up through a huge shock.
Everyone creativity. And so it is necessary to express themselves in actions and thoughts. I think that the lack of formal education was a decisive factor in creating 'Pizza Domino' and in the process of introducing many innovations that have become key tools in the production of pizza.
. Monagen believes that formal education is not essential to achieve great success in business
. This belief is widespread even among the most educated entrepreneurs. Monagen wrote: "Formal education is certainly not essential, and sometimes even an obstacle to building.

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Tom Monaghan (Tom Monaghan), photo, biography
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