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Hillary Rodham Clinton

( The most influential mistress of the White House in the history of the United States)

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Biography Hillary Rodham Clinton
(October 26, 1947 - ...)
The fact that Hillary Clinton is the most influential mistress of the White House in U.S. history, no doubt. It is vain woman, well aware of its competence and its significance. Friends of Hillary underline its ambition and its strong sense of purpose: "She knows what she wants and how this can be achieved". It is considered an intelligent, calmer and more prudent in the choice of words in comparison with her husband. Those who know her closely, appreciate her wit and sense of humor. It may be surprising to imitate other people. Hillary Clinton is independent and financially. In 1990, its annual revenues amounted to 190 000 dollars in 1993 already 250 000 dollars, the governor of her husband's income - 35 000 dollars per year. Money in the family disposes of it. She has a number of shares of stores "Wal-Mart, confection company" Liz Kliborn and other enterprises. The Clintons are among the most affluent people of America.
Hillary and Bill Clinton have been married for over twenty years. Together they invested in a professional career. Their friends claim that they only trust each other completely and are complementary in nature. Without the support of Hillary Clinton would never run for presidential elections. Secret of success Clintons, according to their friends, lies in the fact that both consider each other the most important person in the world. During the election campaign in 1992, Bill Clinton said once: "If they elect me president, in between his wife and myself will be unprecedented partnership even stronger than it was between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt."

. When Hillary was asked, . if she would like to become vice-president of her husband, . she jokingly remarked: "I am not very attracted by the prospect of taking part in the funeral of the world", . but seriously added, . that willingly would help solve many problems,
. She later denied the information disseminated on American television that had his support staff do not call her "First Lady", but only "Partner of the president."

. Before Clinton introduced his team, talked about the fact that Hillary could take the post of Attorney General, as she was known as a lawyer
. Her qualifications are much higher than it was at Robert Kennedy, whose brother had entrusted this post. These conversations are devoid of all foundation, . because the law to pay employees, . adopted in 1967 and popularly referred to as the "Law of Robert F. Kennedy", . prohibits the appointment of family members to posts, . subordinate to the person, . who carry out this enrollment.,

. Hillary Rodham was born Oct. 26, 1947 in Chicago
. Her parents - immigrants from England and Wales. Her mother, Roads, has already received education, when she married in Chicago for the seller Hugo Rodham, who later founded a small textile company. Dorothy Rodham was brought up three children and has never worked.

When Hillary was four years old, her parents moved to the area of the city Park Ridge, not far from the airport 0'Hara. Being older, Hillary considered herself a Republican and a supporter of the prominent conservative, Senator Barry Goldwater. As a schoolgirl, high school, she helped a local pastor to work with Latin American and Negro children in the neighborhoods of Chicago, South side, participated in organizing charity events for children of seasonal workers. Her dream was astronautics, she even went to NASA (NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration), but, to my regret, I learned that women do not take. Probably this was one of the reasons for her subsequent feminist sentiments.

Parents are admonished her words: "You're going to win, and then play again - but did not take to heart. The next morning, get up and fight on. "

In 1965 she enrolled at university women's Wellesley College. The atmosphere of the 60-ies contributed to the fact that her republican views became more radical. As chairman of the student government, she organized the first demonstration against the Vietnam War. Thesis on poverty reduction has been written already with the liberal position. In 1968, she led the election campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy, the opponent of the war in Vietnam.

Hillary was an excellent student. Soon gathered around a large group of girls. Its popularity has increased due to several victories in television at the College Cup.

In 1969, as the best student she was instructed to prepare a report about the end of the school year. Speech, in which she criticized the policy of the Nixon administration, made an impression on the journalists present, and was published in the magazine "Life" together with a photograph. Jeff Shields, in which Hillary was in love with those years, recalls that in his spare time, she preferred to endless discussions on social and political themes a movie or sporting events.

. While studying law at Yale, Hillary has been a supporter of Democratic Party
. She became editor of Eyl Lowe, had its own key to the library, where she worked until late at night. Professors remember her as an educated, intelligent and diligent student.

It was in 1970. Once, when Hillary, as usual, was sitting in the library on the books, she noticed a student, staring intently at her. In the end, unable to bear said: "Look, if you do not stop looking at me, I turn to you back. Or perhaps we should poznakomitsyaN My name is Hillary Rodham ". The student is so stunned that he forgot to give his name. It was Bill Clinton.

When he first saw her, she was his "madcap on two legs". Hillary, when asked what attracted her to him, said: "He was not afraid of me."

In 1972, still students, they went to Texas to lead the election campaign of George Mak-Gavena, the candidate of the Democratic Party. This work brought them together even more.

Two years later, a graduate of the Faculty of Law moved to Washington. She worked in the legal commission of the House of Representatives, which was preparing an indictment against President Richard Nixon, implicated in the "Watergate". The commission, she got on the recommendation of Judge John Dora, a specialist in civil law, who had known her in high school.

Bill returned to Arkansas, which has unsuccessfully sought seats in Congress. He asked Hillary to join him. Reason told her to stay in Washington or to move to New York to work in a prestigious law firm. She already had some very good suggestions, but my heart was drawn to Bill. Mind and heart struggled for the right decision. She toured law firms in Washington, New York and Chicago to determine how much it will lose, if not to cooperate with well-known lawyers. Losses would be negligible, so decided to her heart. In 1974 she moved to Arkansas. Initially, she taught law at the University of Arkansas, and then passed into a law firm, Rose Law Firm ".

October 11, 1975, Bill and Hillary were married. Bill was then 29 years, Hillary - 28. At the wedding ceremony was attended by twenty people, but at a wedding celebration attended by more than one hundred guests. In the honeymoon the young couple went to Acapulco, Mexico.

. In 1976 they moved to the capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, where Bill became Attorney General of the State.

. Since 1978, Bill has repeatedly been elected governor of Arkansas
. Hillary accompanied him on trips during the election race, Arkansas traveled the length and breadth. Together they developed a strategy for the campaign. Residents of the southern state of disbelief greeted Hillary, for them it was a "Yankee" and also a feminist, ostensibly indicate her maiden name Rodham. In the role of First Lady of Arkansas Hillary not feeling very comfortable. Her brother Hugo Rodham said: "This role is very tedious and too provincial for you". Initially, feminist installation, which she always tried to show, came up against the American South at the negative attitude of voters. Not surprisingly, Bill, worked for two years, lost the election in 1980.

In 1980, Hillary gave birth to "Genius Child," as she used to say. Chelza was born three weeks early, after cesarean. Hillary claimed that the premature birth occurred only because she as a lawyer was too emotional on the process of the right of guardianship.

. But neither the role of First Lady of Arkansas, nor the birth of a child could not get Hillary to give up a career lawyer
. Its activities in the "Rose Law Firm" has caused controversy when it emerged that the firm ranked fifth in terms of the contracts concluded with the State of Arkansas, the governor whose husband was Hillary Clinton.

As a lawyer, Hillary has made great strides. Since 1988, she entered in the list of the best lawyers, published in the "National Law Journal and, moreover, ranked among the hundred most influential lawyers of the United States. She specialized in family law and real property rights. In 1974 in the journal "Harvard Edyukeshinal Review" published an article entitled "Children of the outlaws" in which it was felt the need for more effective legal protection of children. Americans involved a long tradition, were against the concept of. They believed that justice should not be so openly interfere in the affairs of the family. Further development of the idea of Hillary Clinton got in an article published in 1979 by Columbia University, entitled "Children's Rights: Legal Perspectives. As First Lady of Arkansas, she proved that she can find time for her husband, daughter and work and, in addition to social activities.

Voluntary Work Hillary was varied, but primarily dealt with the care of children. The organization, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, founded in 1977, joined lawyers, who served in the State of Arkansas to protect parental rights for good medical care and schooling of children. And in 1976, Hillary Clinton became a member of the Presidium of the Fund for the Protection of Children CDF, from 1989 to 1992-th - its chairman. She was interested in not only the problems of medical support of children and preserving their health, she fought for the rights of children to school. In her view, need to invest more in health and education of children, if the nation wants to secure a good future.
Hillary started the campaign against child abuse and neglect of parental rights. She was particularly worried about cases where parents are in an extreme situation took a decision that is harmful to the child. She believed that in these cases, the problem must be solved not through the court, and conversations with parents, helping them to find a sensible solution. Hillary participated in the commission established in the southern states, which developed a program to reduce neonatal mortality in the United States is very high. Until now, she is a member of the Board of Trustees of Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Fighting for the rights of children, Hillary studied the experience of other countries. To this end, in 1990, she traveled to France. The results of this trip were published in The New York Times, April 7, 1990. The article said that the need to adopt the French system, linking the daily observation of children with preschool education and health services, and adapt it to American conditions of life. It stressed the responsibility of the State for its young citizens. In Israel, she saw the house parents carry preschool education. This program "was called" Home Instrukshin Program pho Preskul Yungsters ", or abbreviated as HIPPY.

. Hillary Clinton vigorously advocated for increased education in Arkansas, was chairman of the Commission of Arkansas to develop guidelines in the education system
. The commission proposed a number of changes in teaching children in school. Despite fierce resistance from teachers, she managed to obtain political and public support for the introduction of tests in which more demanding, not only to teachers but to students. On her initiative program was developed, enabling parents to take an active part in the spiritual development of children, because it is in the preschool years is particularly strong influence of parents.

. Barbara Bush, in his book "The First Teacher" appreciative of the participation of Hillary Clinton in the further development of preschool education
. In an interview published Aug. 14, 1992 in the magazine "America today," Barbara Bush expressed appreciation for the activity of Hillary in this area and invited her to the White House to exchange views.

. Hillary Clinton has always been interested in the situation of women in society and in politics
. Only under pressure from voters and not to harm the career of her husband, despite her feminist beliefs, she always appeared under the name of the spouse. It supported the struggle of women for the post of director of the school, because, in her view, with promotions in the school education of women avoid. Together with other authors, in 1977, she published a handbook "Handbook on legal rights for women of Arkansas, which was released later in 1980 and 1987, each time with additions.

. From 1978 to 1981, Hillary was a member of the Presidium Office, which finances hospital for the poor and often feels the attacks of American conservatives.

. With daughter Chelzoy Hillary is in close contact as possible
. When she leaves, then faxed helps her cope with their homework, often talking to her on the phone. They usually spend holidays together.

Chelza studied in eighth grade, when her father won the presidential election. Parents tried to save her the trouble the campaign trail. This time she spent with my grandfather and grandmother, who protected the press it against meddlesome. But the media attacks on Hillary, accusing her of that duty wife she puts politics above the duties of motherhood, but these accusations have not changed the views of voters. According to the poll, only 14% of respondents were of the opinion that Hillary is too little care of the family.

When the whole family gathers together, while they spend, usually in the kitchen or at the piano. All three are playing, but as Hillary said "none of us did not succeed in this". Willingly, they play cards. Several years ago, Hillary's parents moved from Chicago to Little Rock to be closer to his daughter and her family. Recognition of social activity Hillary was the title of "Young Mother of the Year", which she won in 1984 in Arkansas. Various organizations and institutions, among them "National Law Journal, University of Arkansas and the National Economy Vumens Allens", awarded for its efforts to improve the living conditions of families and children of America.

. Hillary managed to win over business people to support its social programs
. Large firms such as Wal-Mart and Tyson Food ", financed some of its beginnings. Hillary was able to achieve such success in Arkansas, of course, due to the fact that she had a great influence on the governor's spouse. Between spouses there were disagreements, but they are very little was known other. As governor, Bill Clinton supported the proposal that the girl, interrupting the pregnancy, should in any case to put parents in popularity. Hillary opposed it.

Hillary could stand as a candidate for governor. In 1990, she was thinking about it, when her husband decided to abandon the election to that office for a fifth term. He wanted to prepare for presidential elections. When Bill Clinton once said that some people have questioned, allegedly a member of the family is not the Clintons sitting in the governor's chair, he calmly replied: "I think so". And when asked whether he was not afraid that his wife had preceded him, said: "I've always liked strong women ... It does not hurt if people think that my wife will be a good president. I myself say it.

. From the outset of the presidential campaign of 1992, it became clear that Hillary Clinton will not be satisfied only in order to accompany her husband on the campaign rallies, joyful smile and admire, when he holds it
. It is often asked what it sees as its task, if her husband wins the election. She replied that she would not influence the decisions of the president, and devote himself to public work.

Hillary belonged to a small circle of advisers, strategists and staff in the election campaign of her husband. The best recognition of her work was the claim that she was likely to enter the government.

. Polls Research Institute Yankelovis, . held from 27 to 29 March 1992, . in the initial period of election campaigns for the presidency, . showed good results for Hillary: 41% of respondents rated it positively, . 24% - negative, 55% thought, . that it serves as her husband's trump card, . 24% believed, . that it prevents him, . 84% had nothing against the working of the First Lady,
. A further survey in April 1992 showed that 38% of respondents were of the opinion that Hillary strengthens the position of her husband's presidential election, while 30% expressed the opposite opinion.

. However, it was necessary to highlight the positive and negative traits Hillary Clinton
. As its positive features identified: intelligence (75%), determination (65%), a model for women (48%), feminism is in the best sense of the word (44%). By the negative traits attributed: the desire for power (44%), molestation (36%), the centrality of the family (28%). Clinton was interesting to see how voters evaluate their marriage: 53% thought their marriage was "a professional contract, and only 22% described their marriage is" real. "

. Friends of Hillary underline its ambition and its strong sense of purpose: "She knows what she wants and how this can be achieved"
. It is considered an intelligent, calmer and more prudent in the choice of words in comparison with her husband. Those who know her closely, appreciate her wit and sense of humor. It may be surprising to imitate other people. In her purse she always interesting book with quotations from Scripture.

Hillary Clinton is independent and financially. In 1990, its annual revenues amounted to 190 000 dollars in 1993 already 250 000 dollars, the governor of her husband's income - 35 000 dollars per year. Money in the family disposes of it. She has a number of shares of stores "Wal-Mart, confection company" Liz Kliborn and other enterprises. The Clintons are among the most affluent people of America.

At election meetings, Hillary made presentations on the most important social, economic and political topics. Sometimes at rallies, where she was supposed to represent her husband, her speech was longer than the speeches of Bill Clinton. Impression that it is not her husband, and she is a candidate for the presidency.

In the election campaign in 1992 personality traits Hillary, her irrepressible activity caused dissatisfaction. When she was criticized for being too professional, . she replied: "It may be, . I sit at home, . bake pies and to organize afternoon chayN "Republicans immediately pounced on her for those words, . Considering, . that she was offended millions of women, . who consciously chose to be housewives, . instead, . to make a career,
. Hillary tried to reverse this ill-conceived sentence, . adding, . that it respects the right of every woman to choose their own way of life, . and that she had no intention to offend those women, . are fully devote themselves to maintaining the house,
. "My lawyer's professional activities pursued only one purpose - to help women make a free choice: career, motherhood, or both together."

. Singer Jennifer Flowers told the press that she had an affair with Bill Clinton, which lasted for twelve years
. Typically, such a scandal mean political collapse of presidential candidate. Hillary has saved her husband's career, touring with him in the popular television show "60 Minutes". When lead was pushing Clinton to confess an extramarital affair, Hillary joined vigorously: "I do not think that we should pull out into the light of public privacy. This is only our business ". In press reports, she sees only the dirty methods of political opponents, which can not affect their marital happiness, she added. Republicans sought to discredit the system of values, which represent Hillary Clinton, and ridicule it. She criticized the fact that marriage is equated with slavery, demanding the right of children to bring parents to court, standing up for group sex free couples, and that she was better in the office of chairman of the society of lawyers than in the kitchen with family. Richard Nixon assumed that the intelligence and activity Hillary will turn her husband in the "weakling". The presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Patrick swelling talked about the presidential firm of Clinton and Clinton, who wants to strengthen its position in defending abortion, gay rights, and the possibility of encouraging women in the army.
. Conservative writer Daniel Wattenberg called Hillary Clinton "Lady Macbeth of Little Rock"
. A newspaper Humenne Eventa "awarded her the title of" Evita Peron of American politics ". Time magazine wrote: "It rarely happens that the wife of presidential candidate so thoroughly discussed, and so sharply criticized the political opposition". Republicans are so venomously attacked Hillary, that Bill Clinton has publicly stated: "One would think that George Bush is fighting for the post of First Lady of America". All attacks against the Republicans, he felt "totally unfair" and Hillary has rejected all the criticism as "absurd" and as "pathetic distortion of my intentions". "The only reproach that I really agree and that the truth lies in the fact that I - middle-aged woman" - she said.

. All the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton explains the different views of Americans on the role of women in modern society
. Wife of Bill Clinton represents the image of a woman who is opposed to the traditional image of his wife, which was Barbara Bush. Conservatives feared that with the arrival of Hillary Clinton in the White House distribution of forces in American society can shift in favor of feminism.

. Conservatives often quoted saying Hillary 1979, . that parents should not interfere in the affairs of children, . if it would be a "motherhood, . abortion, . schooling, . cosmetic surgery, . treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and the choice of profession ",
. In Hillary, of course, was the intention to give the children opportunity to decide on important matters relating to their future. As an example she cited the case of the life of their own family. When Chelze was eight years old, she and Bill asked the daughter to decide what religion she wanted to belong, to be Baptist, as a father, or a Methodist, as a mother. Chelza joined the mother religion. Hillary attended a service in the United Festus techniques clearly in Little Rock, her husband went to Immanuel Baptist clearer.

In the period of sharp criticism from Republicans Hillary has changed the behavior of. If the primary elections in the spring and summer of 1992 during a public event, it was often half a step ahead of her husband, now we can say it has come to step back and consciously retreated into the background. In the 1992 elections, they represented a fairly traditional picture: Clinton spoke, and his wife never took her eyes at him as an icon, she smiled, nodded and clapped. These scenes were supposed to reassure the people of old traditions. Hillary is not ashamed to show the public that she knows how to bake pies. Journal Fameli Casale, "asked Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Bush give the recipe for home-made pastries. Poll of readers had to decide whose recipe is better. 55% of readers voted for the recipe Hillary, as reported in the next issue.

Magazine "Glamor" asked 300 journalists to select a woman, the. Clinton won. Barbara Bush came in third place, Teppi Torr, the wife of U.S. Vice-President - the sixth.

The attacks on Hillary Clinton have not found a large response. In a survey of opinion conducted by Time and CNN, Al, 74% of respondents said that the views of Mrs. Clinton could not have influenced their beliefs. 9% responded that their opinion of Hillary Clinton will serve as an occasion to make to vote for her husband, while 14% admitted that, taking into account the Hillary they will vote against Bill Clinton.

. Hillary, in comparison with her husband, better organized, make decisions quickly and precisely expressed
. Interest in Hillary seemed limitless. After winning the Clinton journalist Frank Mariefot of "Concorde" in New Hampshire, announced the publication of a newsletter called "The Kingdom of Hillary Clinton". The newsletter should contain information about the activities and impact of Hillary on American politics. The Washington Post predicted that the U.S. will begin to develop the cult of Hillary and a kind of "mania for Hillary."

In November 1992, the Clintons have been invited to the White House. Barbara Bush warmly welcomed successor, had it on all cabins and on the first floor of the residence, where the living quarters of the President and his family, gave good advice. One of them concerned the journalists: "Avoid them like the plague", - said Barbara Bush. "In this I already have some experience," - said Hillary Clinton.

In a conversation with reporters about Barbara Bush's successor said the following: "It is amazing and really good man. I hope that you will treat it just like me. Wait it will make the first mistake. You're waiting for my first error. Give her a break and ".

Immediately prior to assumption of the Clintons gave an interview to Time magazine. They asked both. And if you do not know which of them won the presidential election, then on the responses it would be difficult to determine. A reporter from "Time" asked Bill Clinton among other things: "When Kennedy was elected president, he probably thought much about those who are better to invite into his office to address important issues. And he chose his brother, Robert Kennedy. And who would have chosen vyN "-" Hillary "- said the new president briefly and clearly.

They could often talk, argue, and surprisingly complement each other, explained the Bill and added: "I really respect her. On many issues it has a wealth of knowledge and experience ". Hillary added: "We think alike and are guided by the same values."

. Even before the entrance to the White House, Hillary announced that everywhere on official documents, it will raise and maiden name: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

. At the inauguration ceremony in 1993, she, according to tradition, stood behind her husband, but it was obvious that the White House, she would not play a secondary role
. She immediately took the office in the West Wing of the White House, near the Oval Office. So far, Bureau of the president's wife and her staff were in the East wing of the residence, far enough from the office of President. The representative of the press President Dee Meyer said that Hillary will take office in the West Wing. "The President expressed his wish that she worked there. It will deal with various domestic political issues, while working with other advisers'. Everyone caught my eye, that the Oval Office of the President first came along with Hillary. "Time" wrote that "the current president than anyone in the White House has no more influence than Hillary Clinton."

. In the first press interview Hillary Clinton said that during the presidency White House spouse would be more accessible to the public than it was previously
. In her order in all the rooms of the White House was a non-smoking. The Clintons have never smoked, and say that such a ban was imposed in the Governor's residence in Little Rock.

Hillary changed the menu at the White House. French cuisine is not as refined changed American. It reintroduced broccoli, which he did not like George Bush and therefore excluded it from the menu of the White House and the presidential plane. "We love broccoli. We are generally happy to eat vegetables and fruits, "- said the new owner of the White House.

The Clintons love to eat in the kitchen. By this they are used in the governor's residence in Little Rock. When this custom they would enter the White House staff was worried. One evening, the Clintons' daughter, Chelza, felt unwell and asked for an omelet. Hillary began to prepare the dish as she loved her daughter, but employees in the kitchen will certainly want to cook delicious omelet. Hillary insisted on having her, and all three were eating eggs in a small kitchen on the first floor of the White House.

Hillary is a good, caring mother. She always tried to create, it is now seventeen year old daughter of the possibility of "normal" conditions of life, as is at all acceptable to the president's daughter. Chelza student at a private school in Washington, DC. She does her homework, takes with him to shop, allows to meet with friends.

In the first weeks of the Clinton presidency, Hillary had a reputation in the United States, ubiquitous. Portraits of the First Lady appeared on the covers of popular magazines. Serious newspapers, The New York Times and Washington Post, published articles on the activity of the First Lady. In his articles "The Washington Post has represented her as an honest and serious women seeking to combine" their physical, psychological and political life "in a whole. It is like the musicians in the orchestra, performing the same work. The New York Times "was written quite short and clear:" She - the strict man, and it has power. "

Newsweek called it "the First Lady plus. "Given the important decisions, Mrs. Clinton has more than just the First Lady. It has its own organization, which extends not only throughout the country, but also on the new government. It brought together around a staff of higher rank than the vice-president Al Thor ... This gives Hillary unprecedented strength and power ... The only problem is that one day someone will ask, who actually has the right to vote in the Oval Office ". Probably, this organization even called the "Friends Hillarn". Hillary does not deny its influence in the White House, but protests against the reproach that it is "Lady Macbeth". In an interview for TV NBC-Sea, she said that her influence on the president no more than a dozen of his closest aides.

. In summer 1993, America entertained the following anecdote: "President Clinton gave Hillary additional protection
. ZachemN And if she falls victim to assassination, he would have become president of the United States. "

At the beginning of his presidency, Bill Clinton, everywhere there were rumors about family disagreements presidential pair. Some told us that Hillary threw a vase at her husband, others argued that it was the Bible, but mentioned and ashtray. Allegedly, during this family scandal, one of the presidential guard stood in front of Hillary and told her: "We must protect the President from you."

Fidel Castro, Hillary gave a good description. Despite the fact that only saw her on television, said that it produces a "good impression", and added: "If I was not afraid to cause jealousy Clinton, I would say that it is a beautiful woman". Barbara Bush thinks its intelligent woman. "While I do not share her political views and convictions, but in this one of the reasons why my husband was defeated in the elections."

In March 1993, father Hillary Rodham Hugo, paralysis, he was 82 years old. Sixteen days had Hillary at his bedside. His condition has not changed, and she returned to Washington to his duties. Two days later came the news of his death.

April 7, 1993 Hillary began her crusade for the spiritual renewal of the American nation. In her view, the Western world must change. America is suffering from "spiritual sleeping sickness". She believes that today Americans can no longer be content with only economic development, prosperity, democracy and freedom. They are trying to find the meaning of life, want to belong to a single community.

One of the major problems in the U.S. is the lack of universal health insurance. Medical services are too expensive. More than 40 million Americans in general are not insured. During the election campaign in 1992 Clinton promised to make radical changes in this area. And in January 1993, after a few days after he was elected president, he convened a commission to develop health care reform. Chairman of the commission, consisting of 500 people, he appointed his wife. This decision is justified because: "It is great to organize and direct the people who are developing a plan for solving the problem from A to Z".
. Hillary has promised in the preparation of this reform to advise all those touches: Congress, doctors, insurance companies and other public organizations
. On health care in its present form, she said that it was "we were literally ruin - financially, spiritually, morally, and the public". The Commission decided to hold meetings in secret. In March 1993, a Washington judge Rous K. Lambert still dare to say that to hide the discussion of cases involving the whole society, is illegal and demanded the publication of the proceedings of the meeting. In April, the appellate court, convened by Mrs Clinton, annulled the decision of the judge and decided that Hillary, enjoying all the rights of public servants can maintain the confidentiality of material held its meetings. The most serious resistance to reform health care doctors have. Hillary tried to reassure them. "The vast majority of people believed, . that problems in public health arose because, . that physicians take a lot of, . and maintenance of the hospitals are too expensive, . premiums are high enough, . and general, . everyone pays a lot, . so you need only take a little of all, . and all problems will be solved,
. I also know well, like you, that this is not so. One of our tasks will be to the true state of affairs to communicate to people ". All this she spoke at the congress of doctors.

The Commission worked for seven months. At the end of September 1993 adopted an opinion in which it was proposed over 10 years in a U.S. universal health insurance. The survey revealed that 57% of Americans approved the plan, only 31% expressed a negative. It was a great success of Hillary Clinton and perhaps the most difficult assignments, which she ever received.

The fact that Hillary Clinton is the most influential mistress of the White House in U.S. history, no doubt. It is vain woman, well aware of its competence and its significance. At an election meeting in Los Angeles, she said: "Even before 2010 a woman will be president of the United States."

. Among the American people, Hillary Clinton enjoys increasing popularity, though in 1994 the media has increased the number of critical remarks in her address.

. In early 1994, the American press reported in detail about the case Vaytvotera, which dealt with the suspicious real estate transactions
. Took part in them, Bill and Hillary Clinton when Bill was governor of Arkansas. Mrs. Clinton first said that her husband lost to the transaction 69 000 dollars. Subsequently, it changed the testimony and said that they both lost "a lot of money". When she pointed out the inconsistencies in her explanations on the matter Vaytvotera, she agreed that "of course, made a mistake."

. In the spring of 1992, it became known that Hillary Clinton's participation in the affairs of trade exchanges in Chicago, for ten months, from September 1978 to July 1979, investing U.S. $ 1 000, received 99 537 dollars profit
. These record profits were suspicious. Attempted to determine whether this excess income is just pure exchange happiness, dexterous speculation or the result of any other factors. In any case, the story created around the first lady of America is not very pleasant aura. It still is very seldom that an inexperienced newcomer to the stock exchange was able to get a hundred-fold return. April 22, 1994 in the White House, Hillary gave an interview to American media. The journalists' questions, she answered quietly and patiently. She denied the main charge that passes through bidding firm Madison Guaranti Saving End Lohan "from Arkansas financed her husband's campaign for governor in 1984. In this case investigations conducted Robert Fix. In this process, he was invited as a prosecutor for special cases.

In May 1994, Hillary invited all live the First Lady of the United States in Washington. It was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush. For activities raise millions of dollars to create a national park in Washington. Gains all except the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who at the time of the forthcoming operation.

In his address, Hillary said: "There is no recipe or a book where you could read how to cope with the role of First Lady. First Lady carries out this role in accordance with their wishes and ideas, . But regardless of the individual interests of all the first ladies were walking towards one common goal: they wanted to encourage, . to this beautiful country to be better understood and appreciated. ",

. In an interview for some European newspapers Hillary felt on issues that affect whether the attacks on her husband on their family life
. "Almost there, - she said. - Were the events, very painful to have affected me. This is - the death of his father-in-law and our friend, Vince Foster. All the rest, the prosecution and the attacks were politically motivated, it is obvious. We appreciate them and, as the desperate attempts by people who can not compete with her husband in the exchange of arguments. One of my friends said that we are talking about the adulation with the opposite sign, ie, we represent a large enough threat to the right-wing political forces of our country. These forces do not share our opinion that people should have the right to effective health care, to work out what they need to provide more opportunities. From our point of view, this is part of the political struggle we are waging. "

Asked how they relate to each other with open political controversy, Hillary answered quite diplomatically: "We have similar views. My task is to give effect to its undertakings. Therefore, to reform the health system we are working together. He well represents its goals and expects from us, we will find ways to implement them, but the final decision himself, campaigned for him for the Congress, convinces people that the proposed changes deserve support. In the end, is just what he wants to do, and we are trying to help him understand it. "
. In early 1995, it became clear that the ambitious plans for health care reform proposed by President Clinton and his wife, will fail
. Influential lobbyists have blocked this reform. Hillary Clinton, led the entire campaign to prepare the reform, had to admit that approached the issue too "naive and stupid.

President Clinton sent his wife to various missions abroad. She represented the United States with the introduction to the post of South African President Mandela in 1994. In spring 1995, went to the nine-day trip to South Asia, where it took the presidents and prime ministers. Its task was to provide a "human face" of American politics. In August 1995, participated in the meeting, the United Nations, carried out at the Summit in Copenhagen. In his speech, Hillary emphasized that for the further development of society should give women more rights to education. In September 1995, speaking at the International Conference of Women in China, Hillary, though very cautiously, but still clear, criticized the Chinese government for human rights violations.

. Summer 1996, eleven days, Hillary traveled to seven countries in central and eastern Europe
. The American press thought that this trip to Europe, Mrs. Clinton sought to lift America's image and thus help to her husband in the presidential elections in 1996.

. Hillary decided to follow in the footsteps of Eleanor Roosevelt, and from June 1995 to be published regularly in the press commentary, entitled "Let's talk," which came out in 150 U.S. and foreign newspapers simultaneously.

. In the same year appeared her book "The talk in the village and other lessons children, reaffirm its special interest in children's rights and family relationships in contemporary American society.

. In April 1995, the president and his wife were questioned under oath in the White House, the independent prosecutor, Kenneth W. Starr, who was investigating the case Vaytvotera about their financial ties with James B.Mak-Dongola
. The Senate committee formed to investigate the case Vaytvotera, was interested and Hillary's involvement in the case.

In early 1996, congressional committee resumed its hearings on the case Trevelgeyta ". And here a question about the role of Hillary to the sudden dismissal of department employees, who formalized the travel of staff of the White House to make room for favorites of the presidential pair. These events led to the fact that as a result of the poll, conducted by "USA Today" and "C-CNN" in the middle of January 1996, 51% of Americans expressed a negative attitude toward Hillary Clinton. According to another survey conducted by radio and television network, ABC, BBC, 50% of Americans assume that, speaking to the general public, the wife of the president does not always speak the truth. And only 33% believe Hillary.

. One of the leading American commentators, William Safir, called the First Lady of America "congenital liar" to which Clinton replied that if he had not been president, "hitting" to him.

. Republican senator from New York, Alfonso D'Ameto, chairman of the commission in the case Vaytvotera, drew attention to the fact that the testimony of the First Lady of many aggravating inaccuracies
. Apparently, Hillary Clinton has avoided telling the truth. He further said: "The fact is, when someone deviates from the truth, trying not to think about the most important cases, can be interpreted as dishonesty or breach of the oath". January 26, 1996 Hillary Clinton to testify before the jury. Most of the questions posed to her regarding her financial dealings in Arkansas at a time when her husband was governor of this state. And Hillary was invited only as a witness. The prosecutor who conducted the investigation of the case, Kenneth Starr, has asked Hillary to give oyasnenie circumstances in which six months ago at the White House mysteriously appeared register of companies in the Rose Law Firm ", where Hillary was a legal adviser. These documents unsuccessfully sought bodies, leading the investigation into the cause Vaytvotera. Hillary replied that she did not know how these documents came to the White House, but glad that they found, "because they confirm my previous statements."

. Then Mrs. Clinton has chided the Republicans is that they delay the consequence of purely political considerations
. She strongly opposed the rumors that she and her husband were enriched as a result of the suspicious transaction. In one interview she said: "Is it not surprising that we will soon, under fifty, and we still do not own domaN My husband goes to the" Mustang "release in 1968, and I have" Oldmobil "1986.

. In addition, the president had to defend themselves, and from charges of sexual harassment made by Pamela Jones.

. But rumors of bankruptcy seem to be greatly exaggerated.

. Hillary Clinton is not only educated man, a professional lawyer who is financially independent, having a higher income than the President
. Only in 1996, it received almost 750 000 dollars in royalties for his book "The talk in the village". 590 000 dollars from them, Hillary has donated to charity.

. After working for thirteen months, . Senate committee issued an opinion on the investigation of the case Vaytvotera, . from which it followed, . that Hillary Clinton, . likely, . managed to prevent the identification of the causes of suicide presidential adviser Vincent Foster, . to conceal documents, . that could put Clinton in a quandary,
. Immediately after the death of Foster, it may be forced to remove its staff from his office politically dangerous documents. Members of the Senate Committee belonging to the Democratic Party, rejected this conclusion as politically motivated, seeing in it the symptoms of a witch-hunt ".

. Despite various controversy surrounding her persona, Mrs. Clinton took an active part in the election campaign of her husband
. In August 1996 she attended the Democratic party convention in Chicago and gave a speech about health care reform and social system that her husband had planned to implement during the second term of presidency. She talked about family values, fighting crime, the education of children, parents who can not access medical care of sick children. This speech was received with great enthusiasm.
Autumn Hillary traveled four or five days a week and said a lot of speeches. Wherever she appeared, gathered around the huge crowds.
. Bill Clinton defeated rival from the Republican Party, Bob Dole, and January 20, 1997, was sworn in for another term.
. But victory in the elections did not protect the Clintons from further suspicions and accusations of Republicans involved in the "business Vaytvotera"
. In March 1997, was, for example, found that one of the closest collaborators Hillary in the White House has received from businessman John Chang of the California check for 50 000 dollars in donations for election campaign. The bureau Hillary in the White House Chang visited 21 times.
. June 23, 1997 U.S. Supreme Court, . that the White House must pass the prosecutor, . the examining "case Vaytvotera", . Protocols interviews, . waged by Hillary Clinton with the legal advisers of the Government, . But the White House still refuses to issue such documents, . arguing, . thereby be violated legal protection trusts,
. This requirement of the Supreme Court may be viewed as a defeat for Mrs Clinton as a victory for the prosecutor, Kenneth Starr ...

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