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Michelle Obama

( The wife of U.S. Senator from Illinois)

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Biography Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama nee Michelle La Vaughn Robinson was born January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1981 he entered the Faculty of Sociology at Princeton University and in 1985 graduated from training with honors, receiving a bachelor's degree Sociology. Michelle defended her dissertation on the topic: "Blacks, . been educated at Princeton, . and the black community "(" Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community "), . in which it reviewed the situation of black graduates of Princeton after the completion of training,
. Later, during the presidential race in 2007-2008, this work aroused considerable media interest. Then, Michelle continued her education at Harvard Law School and in 1988 received a doctorate in law.

. After training at Harvard law school, Obama began to build a career: she got a job in a law firm "Sidlo Austin" (Sidley Austin), . working group, . majored in marketing and intellectual property law,
. In 1992, Michelle decided to leave his career in the law firm and engaged in social work, . for that she came to the town hall: became first assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (Richard Daley), . and later - Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Development,
. Since 1993, Michel has devoted itself entirely to the work of nonprofit organizations: she was executive director of the Chicago office of Public Allies - the youth organization, develop leadership qualities. In 1996, she accepted the offer to become assistant dean of student affairs, University of Chicago (University of Chicago). Since 2002, Michelle served as executive director for Public Affairs of the Academic Medical Center at the University of Chicago (University of Chicago Hospitals), . and since 2005 it is vice-president of public and foreign policy.,

. While working in "Sidlo Austin Michelle appointed mentor of Barack Obama, who has joined the company in practice
. Young people are the only African American in a firm, began dating and were married in 1992. The couple had two daughters - Malia (Malia, 1999) and Natasha, also known as Sasha (Natasha "Sasha", 2001). The press noted that, despite active public stance, Michelle - first and foremost a wife, mother and daughter. It is for this reason she stayed with her daughters in Chicago, but did not go for her husband in Washington.

Obama has successfully combined household and social activities. Since May 2007, when her husband announced his intention to run for president, Michelle began to actively support him in his election campaign. In one interview, she expressed the view that lack the necessary expertise to run the country, which accused her husband, not a problem. Since the main interest has always been Michelle's family, the wife of presidential candidate, announced that the Government should spend money not on war in Iraq, health care, child protection and to improve education. We know that Michelle helped make political speeches of Barack. She directed all its efforts on ensuring that policies to create an image that you can trust: "He's a gifted man - one of the prominent politicians who can be seen - but ultimately it is just a man". Media compared with their wives Michelle former Presidents of the United States and that it is an ideologist, find features, Eleanor Roosevelt, in the manifestation of a dangerous influence on her husband - features Nancy Reagan, and that "it's not like we" - features Hillary Clinton.

. Michelle and Barack for a long time been one of the congregations of Christian churches in Chicago - Trinity United Church of Christ but in the end of May 2008, the couple announced the release of the church
. Spouses have, . what, . one hand, . Church may suffer from the election campaign, . On the other hand, . all said the pastor may be correlated with Barak and stop him in the presidential race, . as happened after one of the sermons of St. Michael Pfledzhera (Michael Pfleger), . allowing himself to the racist remarks against Hillary Clinton.,

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Michelle Obama, photo, biography
Michelle Obama, photo, biography Michelle Obama  The wife of U.S. Senator from Illinois, photo, biography
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