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Stall Andrew

( The director and choreographer, and artist dolls.)

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Biography Stall Andrew
Doll, . which the actor was carrying arms, . a child, . slid down and, . contacting bony hunchbacked old man in a dilapidated cloak, . croaked: "The whole day waiting for a minute, . go down to the basement where my secret, . to correct chests: "Or is akterN said the man's face and the face of dolls, . such different, . but those who create a single image, . flashed a searchlight beam,
. Two beings come together on stage, playing the tragedy of avarice. And nothing beyond doubt: no basement, . seemed hell, no man-doll, . which, . bent on their chests terrible, . Cerberus barked, nor his solemn, desperate cry, . when, . knocking the sword on the floor, . a stick, . He proclaims: "Samuel!",
. Andrew stall he built him, and then played, sang, danced almost all the characters in "Little Tragedies", including Laura with Donna Anna, Salieri and Mozart
. I remember as a living Mozart after the scene of poisoning goes behind the scenes, and his puppet-boy, curled up on the lid of the piano, goes to sleep eternal sleep. In the dream, the sound of "Requiem", revives, sits down at the piano, playing: I think that is it creates great music.
Some of the Mohicans Obraztsova, whole life is behind a screen, emerging from a severe crisis after the death of the Master, seeing her on the stage of "Little Tragedies", said: "It seems the new born King". Thirty years ago, during the opening of "The House of the living clock" in the seventieth year of his creator, I heard from Sergei Obraztsov paradox: "If after me would be someone who will follow my footsteps, this theater die. Repetition is always worse than the original ".
But it seemed that the puppet world Obraztsova - forever. These amazing watches to see who tried every "guest of the capital". This winter garden in the foyer, where the trees grew, the birds sang and swam a live crocodile. Tremendous performances, . grotesque, . eccentric, . fascinating movement speaking dolls, . operated behind a screen, brilliant actors - Semen Samodurov, . Irina Mayzing, . Zinovy Gerdt: And yet the creator was right: repeats were even worse, . than he thought,
. Seemed Obraztsova empire collapsed.
In June 2001 the first graduation in the play "The early years of King Louis XIV, the centennial of Sergei Obraztsov, current graduate GITIS Andrew enclosure by removing the screen, troupe brought directly to the scene. In his play Andrew - and co-author Alexander Dumas, and director, and choreographer, and artist dolls: And, of course, is king.
Dumas King - one of the characters of the political detective, decorated with amorous adventures. We Dennikova - absolutely the main character. His entire performance - of the monarch, who knows everything that happens in his country and to answer for everything. Hand on heart, I confess: I like a king.
He, of course, lucky. He went where he was really needed.
- I was amazed at the theater Obraztsova feeling of past grandeur. The corridors are empty, no soul. On the small stage in total darkness. At large - dark and silent for five minutes before the performance - no one. Then reluctantly dragged actors on the faces of depression, boredom. Beginning of all ostochertevshy performance. Imagine a Christmas tree hung with toys that talk to each other. And so a half hour. But this "Nutcracker! I was shocked. In the theater, where a decade ago tried to get the whole world, the actors have become a gray mass:
Andrew brought with him and showed the "Small Tragedies" - as a call to the creative freedom of the actor, panting behind the screen. Arts Council rejected the theater play, claiming that it destroys the concept of heritage Masters. Fortunately, the view turned out to be other people - from the Union of Theater Workers, the Ministry of Culture, supported the young director. A renowned theater producer David Smelyansky and does little intimidated: "I buy this play!" It completed the viewers to read in the "MK" ecstatic cry of Alexander Minkin: "Hurry to see!" At the premiere of the room stood to applaud Andrew Dennikovu. That was his triumph. And he needed a spectacle that will be a triumph for the entire theater.
- When I read the play by Dumas, immediately decided: put the play about a king and his subjects, who are happy with their king. And let this be possible at least in our theater. Many of the actors themselves asked to be "Louis".
Junior King develops his throne, and this is associated with the theatrical fate of the Andrew. The boy who sang in the choir, seen a priest and called to the altar, where he serves six years. In those same years in a children's dance ensemble of television and radio have Popova. In ninth grade, came to the theater, the granddaughter of Catherine Masters Obraztsova. He studies the game the actors behind the screen, the production of dolls in the shop and since then, draws, designs and sews her own.

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  • Tanya for Stall Andrew
  • Andrew stall - my favorite director and actor! If someone else like it, write!
  • Wolfgang for Stall Andrew
  • Stall for much helped me open my eyes. Thanks to him! He is not only a great director, but also kind-hearted man.
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    Stall Andrew, photo, biography
    Stall Andrew, photo, biography Stall Andrew  The director and choreographer, and artist dolls., photo, biography
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